My Brother, My Slave

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A/N: This series contains (or will contain) gay male sexuality, vampires, incest, BDSM and bondage. Throughout the series there may be instances of non-consensual sex and/or reluctance. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, do not continue on. You’ve been warned.


I drummed my fingers restlessly against the dark wood of my desk. Waiting impatiently.

I’m a prince, I shouldn’t have to wait. He should be here by now.

I looked at the full length mirror by the doorway to my office and smirked into it. My blonde hair was tousled; it didn’t look messy, but rather rugged. A dangerous kind of sexy. My gold eyes shone evilly back at me. My pale skin stood out against my all black suit. The only flaw to my perfect appearance, were the dark purple circles under my eyes. Glaringly obvious signs of an improper feeding schedule.

I hissed. He should be here.

The circles under my eyes gave away my weakness. I hadn’t fed in a few days. I was in a vulnerable state. It was an unusual situation for me to be in, but with the increase of deaths in the area, and the pressure to keep everything under control, I couldn’t very well go out and hunt for my prey.

My fingers tapped more aggressively against the desk. My teeth clenched. Already my fangs were protruding from my mouth in anticipation. What was taking him so long?

A soft knock reverberated off the door. The handle turned slowly, and a sinister smile spread across my face.

“Alexander, you called for me.” Jacob opened the door all the way, standing awkwardly in the frame.

“Brother,” I said, my deep, silky voice filling the ornate office, “Come.”

Jacob bit his bottom lip, before giving me a small, anxious smile and walking in quick strides towards me. I rose to meet him.

I took his face in my hands, before taking Jacob’s bottom lip between mine, kissing him passionately on the mouth. Our kiss was slow, soft and surprisingly tender. My tongue flicked at Jacob’s lips, tasting him. He tasted like sweet vanilla. I knew to him I tasted like fire and ash. My brother’s lips parted, and his tongue met mine.

This was nothing new, but it still made my lifeless heart pound painfully against my ribcage. I’m in love with him, but I’ll never admit it.

I had known I loved him since the day he was born, just over eighteen years ago. I was six then. As soon as I’d held him in my arms, I was infatuated. Back then it was innocent, loving him only as a brother loves a brother. But over the years, it grew, manifested, like a painful disease. And I was terminally ill with it.

My hands ran down his neck, holding his jaw up with my thumbs. Jacob’s hands ran over my shoulders, down my chest, feeling my strong, flexing muscles.

I pulled away from his lips, and began pressing kisses along his jaw. Jacob was panting softly. I smirked. He was so pathetically weak, so much so, that if it weren’t for his gold eyes he could easily be mistaken for a human.

We’re opposites. He’s pathetic, weak, submissive. I’m strong, aggressive and dominating. The perfect combination, some might say.

As I kissed his neck I could feel his pulse, faint, beneath his skin. I held back a snarl, and instead began nibbling my brother’s ear. He whimpered softly against me, his hands gripping my vest, holding me to him.

“Tell me, brother, did you feed properly this morning?”

There were too very different ways to feed. The first, was to hunt down and drink the life out of your prey. It’s a very personal, exhilarating experience, tasting their fear as you suck the life out of their bodies. The second, is to drink pre-packaged blood from a bottle. Much like wine, each bottle can have its own very distinct taste. The way you prefer to feed says a lot about you. Those who prefer drinking from the living are generally sadistic and cruel. Those who prefer drinking pre-packed blood generally don’t take part in any killings at all. I’m the first kind.

“Yes, my love.” Jacob breathed softly, shuddering against me. My teeth gritted together. He was lying to me. I could tell easily. His skin was pale, even paler than mine. The circles under his eyes were a dead giveaway, and his pulse was faint.

“You drank a full serving?” I asked, pulling away. He looked up at me earnestly, nodding his head. He looked so innocent, so naïve. So deliciously malleable.

“You remember what I do to people who lie to me, don’t you, little brother?” I asked, smirking arrogantly.

“You hang them in the dungeon by their ankles.” Jacob said quietly, his gold eyes searching mine.

“That’s right, my pet. Do you want me to hang you in the dungeon?” Jacob’s eyes widened in fear.

I’d only ever hung him in the dungeon once or twice before. I only did it when he was extremely disobedient, this wasn’t cause enough, but he didn’t know that.

“Please, my prince, I’m telling the truth.” Jacob urged. I snarled, my hands moving quickly up to his hair, gripping it tightly. He gasped quietly, antalya escort his head craning backwards into my hand to decrease the strain on his scalp.

“You have one more chance, tell me the truth.” I was already being far too generous. But I’d much rather play with him than lock him up for the night.

“I’m not ly-“

I pulled his head back, revealing his shockingly pale neck. With a snarl, I sunk my fangs deep into his skin. He cried out, instantly falling against me. I caught him of course, and held his small body against mine.

Vampires hardly ever shared blood between one another. It was a sign of weakness, or extreme trust, to share your vein. It made you extremely vulnerable.

When drinking someone’s blood, you can easily enter their stream of consciousness. You can taste their emotions, read their thoughts, watch their memories. If you were a weak vampire, there was no stopping the hunter from accessing your brain, knowing everything. Jacob is a weak vampire.

It was simple to scour through his memories. I watched him pour himself a small glass of blood, and drink it quickly, frowning. He was taking only enough to survive, not enough to live. My anger flared up again. I couldn’t feed from him, I could risk killing him if I took too much.

“Tell me brother, why aren’t you feeding properly?” My thought echoed in his mind.

“I was hoping you’d let me have some of your blood if you saw how weak I was.”

One of the best things about feeding (other than the health benefits, of course) is that the prey is incapable of lying.

I retracted my fangs, pulling completely out of my brother’s neck. His blood trailed down his skin slowly, creating delicious red streaks down his white skin. If I licked at the wound for a few more seconds, it would heal almost instantly. I wouldn’t though, I wanted the marks to stay there, remind him who he belongs to.

“I didn’t mean it, Alexander.” Jacob said quickly, breathelessly. He was exhausted. I, on the other hand, had a new magnificent burst of energy.

I held my brother against me, stroking his hair gently. Coaxing him into a relaxed state.

“Oh, my love, when have I ever let you draw blood from me?” I cooed. He whimpered quietly, his arms loosened around me.


“And why is that?” I released him, confident that he could once again hold up himself.

“Because you are The Prince.” He pulled away slightly, looking up at me. There was fear in his golden eyes. My cock stiffened, looking at his terrified, pathetic frame.

“And you are…”

“Worthless.” He said. It was true. Vampires of nobility for the most part only ever had one child. The first born got their name, their status, their land and their wealth. Once I choose a partner and get bonded, Jacob will have to leave the castle. And when that happens, he’ll have the status of a common vampire, nothing more.

“That’s right, pet.” I said, looking at him. He looked sadly down at the floor, he seemed to sort of cave in on himself, making his already small frame appear even smaller.

“I just wanted to feel closer to you.” He whispered. I reached out and stroked his cheek gently once more.

“You’ve been greedy.” I said softly. He nodded.


“I forgive you.” I said calmly. Jacob looked up at me, shocked at my mercy. Or what he thought was mercy. He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.

“Thank you.”

“Unfortunately, I still have to punish you.”

Jacob’s eyes widened in horror, he dropped my hand and took an unsteady step backwards.

“What?” He squeaked.

“If I don’t punish you, how will you learn?”

Jacob began stepping backwards, his hands raised defensively in front of him. His eyes were tearing up. I smirked, following his slow, unsteady footsteps. He didn’t realize that he was trapping himself between my desk, and me.

“Please, I didn’t mean it.” He said. I just grinned. “I won’t ask again.”

He gasped when he backed into the desk. I placed my hands on the desk on each side of his hips, boxing him in. His head turned wildly back and forth, as he realized that there was no way to get away from me now. He tried one final, desperate plea.

“Please don’t put me in the dungeon.” He whimpered. I chuckled darkly.

“I won’t put you in the dungeon, pet.”

My lips were on his again. But this kiss was nothing like what we’d shared only minutes ago. This kiss was rough, me showing him who was in charge. I bit at his lips, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. I pressed my body against his, my erection rubbing forcefully against him. He whimpered against me, his hands moving to my chest once more.

I felt his chest, my hands dancing across his dark purple vest. I tore it off easily, the buttons clattering softly as they hit the hardwood floor. My fingers ran up his shoulders, and I dug my nails into his crisp white shirt, tearing it off of him easily. It fell, tattered, serik escort to the ground. Jacob was helpless against me.

I kissed down his neck. I licked at the savoury trail of blood on his skin, waves of pleasure crashing through me as I tasted him. I sucked and bit at Jacob’s neck and shoulders. He writhed and moaned against me, both in pain and pleasure.

Without warning, I grabbed him roughly and turned him, slamming his hips against the desk. Jacob cried out in surprise and pain. I chuckled again, running my fingers delicately up his spine, making him shiver with anticipation. Then I aggressively pushed him, pinning his chest against my desk.

“Stay.” I commanded, moving my hands to Jacob’s trousers. He obeyed, resting his chest against my desk, submitting to my will. He titled his head up, looking out my door, which was still wide open. His cheeks tinted a deep pink.

I hardly ever bothered to shut my door when my brother and I were intimate. I’m not so self-conscious to care if a servant catches us. Everyone in the castle, including our parents, knows that Jacob and I are lovers. While I try to hide it from my parents, more so to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable than to actually keep any sort of secret, it is completely their fault if they come into my wing of the castle and see something they don’t want to.

I unzipped my little brother’s trousers, letting them fall to my office floor. Jacob whimpered helplessly, as I exposed more of his body to the cool air. I began fondling my brother’s erection, smirking as I felt it harden in my hand. I clicked my tongue patronizingly. What a pathetic whore.

I know that Jacob loves me. He’s as obsessed with me as I am with him, only he’s much more open about it. If he had a choice between having me beat him every day for the rest of his life, or me never touching him again, he would choose the first one, just to feel the warmth of my hand. Absolutely pathetic.

Jacob whimpered, this time with pleasure, as I rubbed him through his underwear. He arched his back, pressing his ass against my erection. I pulled my hand away, and easily tore off his underwear throwing it to the floor.

“Oh pet,” I murmured, my fingers trailing up my little brother’s spine. He shivered against my desk, but didn’t say anything.

My brother has a beautiful body. If I was a loving man, I’d spend hours fawning over him. Kissing all the bruises, massaging out all the knots of stress, licking at every cut and bite. I’d stroke him slowly, listening to every delicate sigh and whimper of pleasure. I’d bring him to his climax, hold him against me as he came.

But I am not a loving man.

I brought my hand down hard on his left ass cheek. A loud slab reverberated off the walls of the study. My brother cried out, twitching against the desk, tears springing up into his eyes. A satisfied smile came across my face as his cheek turned a wonderful shade of pink.

“Why am I punishing you, Jacob?” I asked, positioning my hand above his right cheek, preparing to strike.

“Because, because, I lied to you?” He asked cautiously. I smacked his ass, and he screamed with pain.

“That’s wrong my love, guess again.”

“Because… because I was disobedient?” Jacob’s clenched his ass together, awaiting the next blow. He was panting, his voice thick with tears.

I slapped him again, the sound echoing down the corridor.

“Wrong again, my sweet. Try again.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please tell me!” He sobbed, completely unreserved.

I gripped my brother’s hair tightly in my hand and pulled it, so his back was pressed against my chest, his ear next to my mouth.

“I’m punishing you because you need to learn your place.” With that, I licked a stripe up his neck, tasting the sweat that formed there. The sweet taste of Jacob filled my mouth, and I relished it.

I abruptly pushed him back against the desk again and began slapping his ass with fervor. Jacob screamed with pain, twitching and writhing against the desk, the tears flowing steadily as I punished him.

“Tell me you love it Jacob.” I ordered.

“I-I love it, I l-love it!” He gasped, his fingernails clawing tracks into the desk. I laughed. My hand was stinging from hitting him, I couldn’t imagine how his ass was feeling. My cock was rock hard, listening to him cry out.

“P-please, please, mercy, mercy.” Jacob begged, sobbing into the desk. I sneered, but stopped my brutal assault on his bottom. He sucked in air shakily, panting.

“Thank you, master, thank you.”

I loved it when he called me that. I guess he is learning, after all.

I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands, massaging them. His butt was firm, and round, and just fucking magnificent. It was even more beautiful at this moment, as it was a delicious shade of pink.

“Mm, your ass is so fucking red, brother.” I murmured, squeezing his cheeks again. Jacob whimpered, side escort his body finally relaxing once more.

I spread his cheeks with my hand, revealing his tight knot. I spat on it, then moved my index finger to his hole, circling it.

“Please, brother, please not today. I’m so sore from last night.” Jacob whispered. I smirked. I had been rough last night. But I couldn’t help it. There was something so sexy about having my cock buried deep inside his little ass, fucking him senseless while he cried out in pain and pleasure.

Jacob was only eighteen, and wasn’t very used to having anything inside of him. I tried to be somewhat gentle when I took his virginity, but since then I’d only been rough with him. No matter, he’d get accustomed to having my large prick inside him soon enough.

I crouched down behind him, so my face was level with his bottom. I kissed his right cheek softly, my hand moving to the left to rub it gently. Jacob sighed appreciatively, his legs shaking slightly in anticipation.

My fangs started to elongate again, as the bloodlust took over. I let them, feeling them grow into the delicate tapered points that jutted out just past my lower lip.

Jacob gasped loudly when I sunk my fangs into his thigh. He shuddered, surprised at the invasion.

I drank greedily, quickly searching through my brother’s mind. My mind was flooded with his pain, anguish and arousal. He was so weak. I should go easier on him. He couldn’t handle it rough right now.

Reluctantly I pulled my fangs from his thigh, licking up the blood trails that trickled down his pale leg.

“Get on your knees, brother.” I said, standing quickly. Jacob complied, unsteadily moving to his knees. He was still hazy from the quickly severed connection. I stood in front of him, with my hands on my hips.

“Suck me.”

“Thank you, brother.” Jacob murmured, looking up at me. His cheeks were tearstained, and it made my cock twitch. He moved his hands to the zipper of my pants, pulling it down slowly. He didn’t unbutton my trousers, maybe he really is learning. I liked keeping my clothes on, it gave me an even larger advantage over my brother.

He pulled my cock out, his eyes widening slightly as it was fully erect. He’d seen it before, sucked me off before, but it always shocked him to see my dick. It was 9″ when fully hard. Jacob’s cock was only about 6″.

Jacob sucked in a deep breath, before flicking his tongue over the head of my cock. He looked so nervous. He didn’t really need to be. He’d sucked my dick countless times before and he was good at it. He’d become good at sucking me off unusually fast.

I loved to train and teach Jacob, even though he’s generally a very slow learner. I started teaching him about obedience when he was five. To this day he still doesn’t fully grasp the concept. I taught him how to give blood when he was thirteen. He had his first kiss when he was fifteen, it had been with me. And now that he’s eighteen, I’ve wasted no time in teaching him how to be a good cocksucker, and how to take a dick up his ass. I’ve been his first and only in every aspect of his sexual life, and even though I’ve never said it aloud, it’s something that I cherish.

“Mm, yes, little brother.” I moaned softly as Jacob wrapped his lips around my cock, and slowly bobbed down on it. He looked up at me, his beautiful golden eyes meeting mine. His tongue eagerly lapped at the pre-cum on my tip, before he pushed his head down further, taking more of me into his throat.

I moved my hands to his hair, tangling my fingers in the blonde tresses. Apart from a smirk, I gave Jacob no warning before roughly plunging my dick down his throat. He gagged, trying to jerk away from me, but I held him still. I pushed more of my length into him, holding his face steady as a few stray tears spilt from his eyes.

“That’s it, brother, you can take all of it.” I murmured. I kept pushing into him until my dick was buried to the hilt inside the warmth of my brother’s mouth. I held him there for a few seconds, feeling his throat constricting around me. Finally, I let him go.

“You look so pathetic, pet.” I said, looking contemptuously down at him. He was panting, gasping for air as spit ran down his chin, onto his bare chest. His face was bright pink, his eyes teary.

“You better get your lips around my cock, brother, before I change my mind and fuck your tight ass instead.” Jacob looked up at me, his eyes widening in horror. He quickly returned to lavish my large prick again.

His lips wrapped around my member, his dominant hand moved to the length he couldn’t take and he stroked me quickly. I moaned softly, tangling my fingers in his hair once more. I pumped my hips, fucking his face quickly.

I picked up speed, fucking his face without abandon. His hands slid down my trousers, and he gripped them, holding on to me while I used his mouth like a little fuck-hole. He was choking, gagging and moaning around my prick, sending wonderful vibrations all around my cock. Jacob was taking what I was giving him though, eagerly. He was such a good, submissive little whore.

“You want to jerk yourself, don’t you brother?” I asked, ramming into his throat. He looked up at me, moaning. I chuckled.

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