My Co-Worker and Her Daughter – Part 2

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Yesterday, Saturday, I had taken my co-worker of several years to a bookstore and dinner.  Anne, I found out, is in an open relationship with her husband.  She invited me into her home, and after getting out of our clothes and some playful banter, I proceeded to go down on her on the living room couch.  That’s when her daughter Tammy unexpectedly walked into the house and caught us.  To make a long story short, I serviced both of them orally while they did things most mothers and daughter don’t.  They then returned the favor ending with Anne giving me the best deep throat I had ever experienced. After that, Anne demanded that I stay the night with them.  It is at this point that this story starts.Anne had said that she wanted me to sleep between them and that is exactly what happened.  All of us still naked, Anne led Tammy, and I to her queen sized bed, and we wearily climbed between the sheets.  Each of the naked women took a side and placed their head on my shoulder and threw a leg over each of my thighs.“Bill, kiss me goodnight,” Anne said.In the dimly lit room, I turned to look at her.  Our lips met.  Our tongues met.  Her hand caressed my chest as we hungrily devoured each other’s mouths.  I could feel myself beginning to become aroused again as her hips moved and her crotch slid wetly across my leg.  “Bill, kiss me goodnight too,” Tammy said.Breaking my kiss with Anne, I turned to her daughter.  Her mouth attacked me with tired hungriness.  While Anne continued to stroke my chest, Tammy’s hand went lower, and she took my not so flaccid cock into her fist.  She did not stroke me but just held me firmly in her hand as our tongues entwined.  It is true that daughters follow in their mother’s footsteps.  Tammy was just as slick as Anne, and her wet cunt slid effortlessly up and down my thigh.Tammy broke our kiss to say, “Mom, would you kiss me too?”Both beautiful women rolled into me, pressing their breasts to mine as they brought their lips together above me.  The sight and sounds of newly discovered lovers added firmness to the meat which Tammy held.  They kissed and traded with each other for a long time before they parted and again rested their heads on my shoulders.“Tammy, are you still going to have the pool party this afternoon?”“Of course I am Mom.  It’s too late to cancel it now.”“You know it’s supposed to rain,” Anne said to her daughter across me.“If it does, then we’ll just stay inside and play board games or something.”“I have an idea,” Anne said, “but we’ll talk about it in the morning.”“Okay,” Tammy whispered as she began drifting off to sleep.Moments later I felt her hand relax.  Anne stopped caressing my chest, and both women departed from me for their own dreamy destinations.  In a matter of seconds, consciousness left me too.I awoke confused and alone in an unfamiliar room, dimly lit by overcast sunshine.  The events of the night before crashed back into my mind, and the realization of where I was and who I was with brought a smile to my face.  I heard noises coming from another room and rose to find their source.  Naked, but not afraid, I ventured out of Anne’s bedroom and found mother and daughter in the kitchen standing together talking.  Anne wore a silk robe that just managed to hide the firm ass I had enjoyed touching so much the night before.  Tammy’s button down shirt covered more, but with the top three or four button unfastened, a spectacular and inviting view of her breasts pleased my sight.“Good güngören escort morning sleepyhead!”  Anne said as I entered.“And a bright and cheerful good morning to both of you!” I replied with similar enthusiasm.I gave both women kisses before Anne said, “Here, take this coffee and go grab a shower.  You can use hubby’s stuff to shave and brush.  Tammy and I have some plans for you today, so you need to be quick, but you need to be squeaky clean.”As instructed, I showered, shaved and brushed.  As I came out of the bathroom and into Anne’s bedroom, she met me with a quick kiss.“Your pants, shirt, and shoes are here,” she said indicating my clothes on her bed.“Where’s my underclothes?” I asked.“You won’t need them today.  Get dressed and let’s have some breakfast.  We have some errands to run.”With that, Anne left me alone to dress.  Back in the kitchen, I sat at the table and enjoyed the breakfast that she and or Tammy had made.  Both my new found lovers wore sundresses, and it was obvious not much else.  Their nipples were hard and promised that Sunday would truly be a better day for all of us.“This is what we’re doing,” Anne said.  “First, I have to hit an ATM for some cash, then I’m taking you shopping for something special to wear during Tammy’s party.  The place we’re shopping at is about an hour and a half away, so I hope you have enough gas.  She’s staying here and is going to get things ready.  By the time we get back, her girlfriends should all be here.”“What is this place we’re shopping at that we have to drive a three hour round trip?” I asked.“It’s worth it, you’ll see,” Anne replied.“I only have two girls coming over,” Tammy said.  “They’re friends from college, and since it’s going to rain, and since we need four for a couple of the games I have planned, mom is going to be the fourth, and you’re going be the kind of host.  Is that okay?”“Sure,” I said, “it’ll be my pleasure, although I was hoping to get some time with just the two of you if you catch my drift.”“Oh, you will,” Anne said while smiling at her daughter.I knew they had something planned but had absolutely no idea what it might be.  What kinds of games college-aged girls, or young women, played was entirely outside my area of expertise.After breakfast, Anne and I headed out on our errands.  We hit the ATM and then Anne gave me an approximation of where the store was we were going to.  As we drove the highway, we talked about work and what was happening there.  I found it very difficult to keep my eyes off her smooth legs and slightly parted thighs.  So much skin was showing,  all I could think of was getting back between her thighs and parting her lips.  At this point, I did not care if it was with my fingers, my tongue or my cock.  I just wanted in!Anne noticed my anxiety and said, “You know, Bill, I had every intention of taking you to my bed and having you fuck my brains out last night.”“I was ready for that last night too.  I still am,” I said placing my hand on her naked thigh.“Then Tammy came home and the night kind of took on a life of its own.”“I take it you and Tammy never did anything like that before?” I said half as a statement and half as a question.“Never.  To be honest, the thought never even crossed my mind.  When she walked in, with the two of us naked, the first thing that came to mind was something our boss always says.  ‘When faced by an adversary, ask them bağcılar escort to join the process.’  So, that’s what I did.”“I have to admit, watching you two kiss and fondle each other was a real turn on for me.”“I could tell,” Anne said putting her hand on my lap and reaching for my raging hard-on.I slid my hand up her thigh and found that Anne wore even less than I thought.  Her bald pussy met my fingers and greeted them with her wetness.  She slowly stroked my cock through my trousers, pressing its hardness with her palm and toying around my glans with her fingertips.  I teased her lips with my fingers, gently rubbing up and down through her slick slit.“There, that’s the place,” Anne said pointing to an erotic bookstore and novelty shop a short distance from the highway.I looked at her quizzically as I pulled off and drove into the parking lot.  She merely smiled back at me with that little twinkle in her eyes again.“What the fuck is this?” I asked with a half chuckle.“This my dear sir is where we are going to shop for what you are going to wear during Tammy’s party.  You’re the host, and you need to be both disguised and dressed appropriately.”I parked the car and just stared at her.“Well, come on, close your pie hole and let’s get shopping,” Anne said.I got out and went to her side of the car and opened the door.  She swung her legs out one at a time putting herself on complete display to me.“Jesus, Anne!  I’m ready if you are.  Just lean back!”“Ready for what, fucking or shopping?”“Open your legs again, and I show you what for.  Look at my fucking cock, you’ve got me hard as a rock.”“And I’m gonna want to fuck that rock later,” she said getting out of the car, “but for now, shop!”An hour later, we emerged from the store with a red devil’s mask that would only cover my forehead and eyes and a couple hundred dollars worth of men’s g-string briefs, pouches and a sling complete with a cock ring and straps.  Now I knew the kind of hosting duties I was going to perform.  While most of the items would cover just my essentials, several left me on full display either through mesh or, as with the sling, fully aroused and held up for visual and digital inspection.“Are you sure these girls are going to be okay with me parading around in this stuff?” I asked when we were both in the car.“Tammy assures me they will not only be okay, but they will also fully enjoy it.”We started to head back home.  Anne immediately put her hand back on my cock and started rubbing me.  I was hard again in no time, and she wasted no time opening my fly and taking me in her hand.  My fingers easily slipped through her wet pussy, and she opened herself to admit me.  She moaned as my middle finger plunged deeply into her and the heel of my hand rubbed against her clit.“We’re not going to want you hard as we walk in the door are we?”  Anne asked rhetorically.She lowered her head to my lap and took me in her mouth.  I moved my arm around her, lifted her dress and entered her again from behind.  Her tongue ran circles around me as she alternated nibbling, kissing and licking my pecker.  Her hand went into my pants, and she began playing with my balls as her mouth entertained the lance that so desperately wanted to be embedded in her hot, wet cunt.  She orgasmed twice, small quakes, but quakes nonetheless while she toyed and edged me for almost an hour.  “Why are you doing this to me!” I exclaimed.  merter escort “I want to fuck you so bad.”She made no reply but took me deeply into her mouth.  Her throat closed around me, and she swallowed me over and over again.  I put my flashers on and pulled to the side of the road knowing that I was getting close and would soon lose control of both myself and the car.  I lowered my seat back.  She lifted her face until just my head was on her lips and she beat my steel unmercifully until I emitted a long deep groan and exploded my seed into her mouth.  Anne took all I had to give and sucked me for more.  She completely drained me of cum and energy.  “Has anyone ever told you how talented you are?”“Yes, but I’ll never stop enjoying you say it!”  She replied clutching my arm.It was several minutes before I could sit upright and drive again.  Anne put me back into my pants and closed me up before taking my hand and placing it back between her legs.  Still wet and her clit was still exposed, she had another small orgasm just as we pulled into her driveway.  I pulled near the garage and turned off the car.  “Now,” she said stopping to take my hand and suck her juices from my fingers, “you’re going to put on that little devil mask, and we’re going to go in and greet your guests.  Then, when Tammy tells you, you’re going model the things we bought.”“Any particular order I should wear them in?”“I’ll lay them out in order on the counter.  When Tammy says to start, the first thing is to remove your shirt and come out.  The next time, no shoes.  Then you’ll start wearing the things as I’ll have them layed out.”“And you’re sure this is what you want?”“Oh yes, both Tammy and I want this.  Your reward will come later.  Are you okay with that?”“I am,” I said.  “In fact, I think it’s really hot what you’ve planned.  It’s going to be hard not to be hard walking around in those things in front of strangers, and girls for that matter.”“We’ll see,” Anne said.“You most certainly will,” I replied getting out of the car.Again, Anne gave me the full display as I helped her out.  I got the bag from the back, donned the mask, and we walked in the back door and into the kitchen.  Tammy came into the kitchen, gave her mother an affectionate peck on the lips and then looked at me.  Tammy smiled and said, “I love it,” before giving me a full on passionate kiss.  Her tongue slathered against mine and then sucked me into her mouth.  She face fucked my tongue for a moment before stepping back.“Show me what you got!” She said excitedly to us.“No,” Anne said, “you get to see when the others do.  Now, take Rod and I in and introduce us to your friends.“Rod huh?  Okay, whatever,” Tammy said as she turned and let us by the hands to meet her friends.“Jill, Courtney, I’d like you to meet my mother Anne and a friend of ours, Rod.  Mom, Rod, this is Jill,” Tammy said indicating a pretty short haired blond, “and this is Courtney,” indicating a gorgeous little brunette.  “Rod is going to act as our host, so if there’s anything you want or need, just let him know.”“What if what we want isn’t on the menu,” Jill asked.“Everything’s on the menu girls,” Anne replied to cheers from the girls.For the next half hour or so, I got them snacks and refills as they played a board game.  Tammy called me into the den and motioned me to come close.As I bent close, she whispered, “I think this would be a good time to start.”“Got it,” I said.As I stood back up, Tammy said, “And Rod, could you get me some more white wine?”“My pleasure,” I said turning and striding from the room.When I returned, without my shirt, I was met with catcalls from the four of them.“Mm, service with a smile,” Courtney said.“I’m sorry,” Anne said, “could you get me a little more red wine?  I should have thought to ask sooner.”

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