My Co-workers Feet Ch. 05-07

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Big Tits

Chapter 5 Jeff and Kelly travel again.

Hey guys! Welcome back!

I was content to leave the story alone and keep the rest of the details of my travels with Kelly private. I thought I covered enough of the fun parts to make it entertaining, and I hope I told a story worth reading. However, after reading some of the comments, I thought I might continue telling you more of my story. So, without further delay, here goes!

After the sweaty foot domination and worship session (which again, was fucking amazing (excuse my language)) she left to shower, we ate dinner, and we retired to our respective rooms for the evening. It was only then that I realized we had another two days of travel and another night in another hotel in another town. I was nervous yet incredibly excited. I’m not sure why I was nervous, honestly, I had just smelled and licked her sweaty post workout feet and it had been her idea. I don’t know how to platonically be more comfortable around a person.

“What can we possibly due for an encore tomorrow that will top that?” I said out loud, to myself, sitting in the office chair while sipping on my rum drink alone in my room. I had no answer for my open ended question posed to the empty room.

The next day passed uneventfully. Similar to the previous mornings after our foot play, we met for breakfast and we both acted like nothing had happened. I was surprised how easy it was to pretend nothing happened and carry on professionally. She had no issues either, which surprised me even more.

It felt odd that it was so easy to compartmentalize the foot games and that weird intimacy that came with them. We all know that when two people are dating or screwing it’s usually obvious to everyone in the room. Right? We all know the signs, don’t we? She showed none of them. Not. One.

No extended eye contact. No flirty laugh at things I said that weren’t that funny. No quiet conversations in voices so low that only we can hear. She didn’t even put her bags next to mine in the breakfast area when we ate the continental breakfast after checking out but before leaving, she put them on the other side of the table, opposite where mine sat.

All of this was good for both of us, we both knew that no one at work or any bank we visited could be allowed to suspect something was going on.

Anyway, that day passed uneventfully, just like I said, and we left that town to move to the next town near the bank we were set to visit the next day. It was a longer workday than expected, and after the drive and a quick fast food stop we didn’t arrive at our hotel until past 8. After checking in, I got bad news.

“Ok Jeff, it looks like I’m in room 238. What time do you want to meet for breakfast tomorrow?” she said in the elevator.

“I’m in 318. I don’t know, 7:15? That puts us at the bank by 7:45? Will that work?” I replied, worried about being the one to approach the foot worship subject.

“Perfect!” she said casually. She didn’t say anything else. The silence in the small elevator was deafening. It then dinged at her floor, she got out and turned around.

“Ok, see you at breakfast.”

I paused. I didn’t know what to do. Ask her up to my room for drink? Ask her if she is going to the pool? Leave it alone? Be careful not to scare her off? Be careful not to be too needy?

‘Dammit Jeff, think fast!’ I told myself, but words refused to come as the doors began to close.

It was then that I think she picked up on my inner monologue and the fight with myself that was unfolding in my head while I probably stared awkwardly at her. She kicked out her foot to stop the door, smiled at me, and spoke again:

“Jeeeeffff….” she said musically, “..see you at breakfast?”

She finished with that upward inflection letting me know it was a question and not a statement.

“Yeah, breakfast sounds good.” I said, unsure what to say but just happy to hear words leave my mouth.

“Ok, it’s getting late, I have to call home anyway.” She said. I may have deflated a bit, so she quickly followed that by saying “I am sure we will…. travel… again Jeff. I enjoy our…. travels…. too!”

She sounded out the word “travel” like she was using her air quotes again, but her hands were full of bags so there were no air quotes. Her meaning was obvious: “travel” meant foot play and we would both have to wait until next time.

“Ok, I look forward to it!” I said as the doors closed and she smiled at me again.

“Boo-freaking-YAH!” I whispered excitedly when the elevator moved upwards to my floor. “She likes it too, that’s fricking awesome! Next time! Come on next time!” I continued in excited whispers as the door opened to my floor.

I found sleep hard to come by, I was so insanely excited about the conversation and the fact she gave words to what we both knew. We both liked our little foot games. I knew it. She knew it. But she gave words to it when she didn’t have to. Our goodnight wishes as she walked out of the elevator were enough, she didn’t have Maltepe Escort to add that she likes to “travel”.

It reminded me of that moment early on in the dating game, very early on. It was that moment when she first kisses you in front of her friends, showing them all that you are legit boyfriend material. Sure, she can show you affection when no one is around, and that is huge too, but kissing you in public in front of her friends is a big step. We all know it. We may not talk about it, but we all know it. Right?

This weirdly felt the same, but alas there would be no games tonight.

I hooked up with my “friend” on Friday of that week, and it was more of the same. She texted me the night before to make plans, we ate at a decent restaurant, had some pretty great sex, and went our separate ways the next morning. We also made plans for the next Saturday, which was both new and nice: we had never made plans like that before. All of our meetings/dates were set up by phone call (we are in our late 40’s after all) or text: this was our first date planned in advance. I was excited it may be a sign that this could be moving forward, but I tempered my excitement to avoid disappointment.

The next week came, and Kelly and I were scheduled to travel again: two nights in a town a few hours away. Another person was supposed to join to “add redundancy” to the process, but lucky me the powers that be cancelled that idea. So, it would be just Kelly and I. I was insanely excited, and I started thinking about a few things we could do with two nights in the same hotel. My hopes were dashed, however, on the drive to the hotel.

It turns out our destination was 25 minutes from one of her best friends, Tara. It seemed they went to high school together, played volleyball together, and went to the same college. Also, this friend was free and would be coming over to see Kelly.

Kelly asked if it was ok if Tara could join us for dinner after our workday was over. I was so disappointed. If her lifelong friend was going to be here, then certainly dinner and catching up would take hours and there was going to be no time left for our foot games.

‘Talk about a real kick in the dick…’ I thought silently as Kelly talked about Tara coming over for dinner. But what could I say? Any real friend would be excited for her and her chance to see her old friend, and I was going to act like I was excited for her too.

“Yeah,” I said “that sounds like a lot of fun, it’s great that work sends you so close to an old friend and she is free. That’s so cool.”

“Great! You are the best!” She replied.

“There is some fast food within a few minute’s walk of our hotel, I should have plenty of options if you take the car.”

“Wait, what?” she replied in a confused tone. “I didn’t plan to ditch you, you are more than welcome to come, when I brought this up, I just assumed you would be joining us.”

“Really?” I responded, honestly surprised that Kelly wanted to bring me along.

‘Why would two old friends in their early 30’s want the 49 year old co-worker guy tagging along?’ I thought silently.

“Well… yeah. Unless you don’t want to go?”

I paused, honestly unsure of what to do. I didn’t want to be a 3rd wheel: listening to them reminisce about old times I wasn’t there for with old friends I had never met or catching up on where those strangers were nowadays. However, I began to think that maybe the friend would not stay all night and dinner would just be dinner. Maybe there was a chance Kelly and I get back to the hotel with time for some foot fun. Maybe a few drinks at dinner would facilitate some foot worshiping too?

“Sure, that sounds good. I’m in. Thanks for thinking of me.” I said. With that, the night was set.

I still didn’t have high hopes. There were a lot of “maybes” in my thought process, and most likely I would be bored while being forced to put of a friendly front while they chatted and my foot worshipping opportunity died at some restaurant.

Dinner came and went, and we settled down over some drinks and they chatted constantly with very little room for me to join or interject. It was an ok time (really, it was), and they did have some fun stories to share. My excitement perked up around 7 when Kelly said:

“Ok, I’m tired of racking up a bar tab here, what now?”

My mind raced, hoping Tara would say something like “I better get going anyway…” and we could go back to the hotel without her. I realize that I sound super selfish here. I realize maybe I should feel bad for only thinking of myself and about me getting to play with Kelly’s feet. Maybe I should be happy Kelly gets to see one of her best friends? I should probably not be grouchy that I may not get to lick her feet or suck her toes.

I freely admit that I was feeling pretty selfish. I was being greedy and wanted Kelly and her feet to myself. I wanted Tara to get lost in the worst kinda way. I’ll say it: I wanted her to get lost. Sue me. It’s my story, that’s Cevizli Escort how I felt. I don’t plan to apologize, although I will admit I felt quite a bit of guilt to go along with my selfishness.

Anyway, as my mind raced at Kelly’s comment about “what now”, my hopes were dashed just as quick when Tara said:

“Let’s just get some wine and go to your hotel room, you did get a bed for me, right?”

“Of course! Oh yeah, Jeff I got a double and Tara is staying with me tonight. I think we can agree the bank and Kevin don’t need to find out?”

“Absolutely, gotcha covered.” I said through my best efforts to be positive and friendly. Kevin was one of the higher ups at the bank who approved travel and expense reports. I didn’t really know him, but I heard he was cool. Having said that, it’s always better not to tell people like that more than they need to know.

“Cool, let’s go!” Tara said.

I took the car back alone, Kelly rode with Tara and they got booze along the way. I had my rum, and I planned to get something to mix it with at the hotel.

“What a shitty disappointment of a night… Oh well, maybe tomorrow or next time…” I said aloud, alone in the car as I pulled into the hotel parking lot and walked to my room.

I mixed up a stiff drink, kicked off my shoes, and started to settle in for the night. On the short ride to the hotel, I made up my mind I would drink a bit too much rum and sulk like a spoiled teenager who didn’t get his way. I will acknowledge that’s not the most mature plan, but it’s the one that felt right at the time.

At 7:20 my phone dinged with a text from Kelly:

“We are in 118, you should join us!”

I thought about it, and I honestly just wasn’t feeling it and I was thinking of a good way to say “no thanks” politely. I had really looked forward to some foot games and foot fun and now it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t want to go hang out more with Tara, the cause of my disappointment. Yeah, again, I know I was being a bit of a selfish bitch. Again: sue me. It’s my story, that’s how I felt. So, I texted back:

“It’s been a long day, I may pass tonight. I appreciate the offer, and I hope you enjoy the night :)”

There was a pause, then a response:

“Your Queen is commanding her footboy! Here!”

I was stunned, before I could process it there was a follow up text:

“This will be good for you, trust me 😊”

I wasn’t sure what to do, were the foot games possible? What about Tara? Was she leaving soon?

“Could Tara be a part of the foot worshipping?” I whispered out loud “No way….” I continued whispering to myself.

My mind raced, but I got up, grabbed my drink, and walked nervously to 118. The door was jammed open with the locking mechanism, so I knocked softly even though I heard female laughter in the room.

“It’s open!” Kelly called out. I pushed it open slowly, somehow very nervous about what might happen. Kelly was on the far bed while Tara was standing at the desk pouring herself some white wine. Despite being nervous and unsure what to say I managed to say something generic like “long time no see” or something like that, and for the first time my eyes took in Tara. Despite dining together, she was at the restaurant before us and I led us out as we left, so I had only really seen her sitting at the table across from me during dinner.

She wasn’t as tall or big as Kelly (“big” is a terrible word to describe Kelly’s athletic build), and stood maybe 5’5″ or 5’6″. She had brown hair with light brown highlights, a thin and petite build and maybe B cup boobs. When she finished pouring her wine she turned around and took a step to the office chair and I noticed she did have a tight yet curvy ass for a thinner girl. She was also pretty attractive, probably a 7 on my scale. She had an alabaster skin tone that I found very appealing, I had noticed that early on at the restaurant. It was then I noticed she still had her shoes on. So did Kelly.

“Shut the door Jeff… please.” Kelly said politely. I did so and walked into the room as Kelly moved to sit in the center of the bed with her feet on the floor between the two beds. She was facing me and said something that both terrified and excited me:

“Sit, footboy.” She spoke as she reached out her right arm and snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor at her feet in one dominant motion. Tara held back a giggle and slid forward in the office chair to get a better view.

I froze. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. This was supposed to be just between us and now her friend is here? I felt a bit of embarrassment and feared I may start to blush. Kelly smiled and, without words, repeated her snapping finger pointing motion commanding me to sit.

I managed to trudge forward and I sat on the edge of the end of the bed slowly and timidly, facing the TV and not the women. I knew I was blushing (it didn’t help that it felt like it was 75 degrees in their room) when Tara spoke in baby talk and said:

“Aw…. Atalar Escort Kel. You sure about this? He’s blushing!”

Kelly broke character and slid over, seeking to comfort me:

“Jeff I’m sorry, is it too much? I was going to tell you about bringing Tara and her feet over, but I thought I would surprise you with it. Is this ok? I told her about our games. She’s my best friend! Please tell me if I screwed up. Is it too much?”

She spoke in an apologetic and explaining tone, seeking to do both at once. I knew I better speak fast, I told myself from the beginning I can’t be the one to make it awkward, and it was super awkward right now.

“No, it all good. Everything’s fine. I was just caught off guard when I saw Tara, I assumed you would be alone and the laughing I heard at the door was the TV.”

I know that’s not the whole truth, mostly a lie for me to save face, but Kelly either looked past it or bought it. Either way, she continued:

“Oh… Sorry about that. Like I said, she’s my bestie from way back, I trust her with everything. Believe me, our secret is safe. Anyway…” she said as she spoke loudly to signal we were moving on “…I’m pretty sure I told my footboy to sit, and footboy’s don’t get to sit on the bed without permission!”

She changed to a bratty tone and snapped her fingers for a third time. She also had a huge grin on her face and Tara giggled aloud at the change of tone.

I sat as instructed and felt a raging boner beginning as I sat on the floor, between the beds, leaning on one bed while looking up at Kelly sitting on the opposite bed. She put her feet on my chest, and I realized the soles of her boots were incredibly hard and unforgiving.

“We want to play a game footboy. Do you want to play with us?” she said in that commanding tone she was trying so hard to speak in.

“Yes, my Queen?” I replied timidly. Tara laughed out loud and said, “Holy shit it’s real!” under her breath as she did so. Kelly was alarmed at the outburst and broke character again when she said:

“Tare… come on… what… don’t say that… you’re going to make him self conscious or something” she turned back to me and continued “don’t worry about her, this came as a bit of a surprise to her….” She changed her tone again to nurturing baby talk and continued:

“….and remember every good Queen takes care of her footboys.” As she tapped my chest with the toe of her left boot. Tara laughed out loud again, and Kelly looked her way and said “Damn you get over her already!” in an exasperated tone.

Kelly then slid to her left, moved her left foot to the floor and her right foot to my right pec. Tara sat down next to her and put her left booted foot on my left pec. They were both holding back giggles and laughter as Kelly talked about the game:

“Ok footboy, I want to know how well you know my feet. So, I’m going to blindfold you. Then, we are going to take our boots, one at a time, and you get to smell our socked feet. When you smell, you are going to say if you think it is your Queen’s foot or Miss Tara’s foot. No touching boots or feet, that may give you a clue and ruin the fun. Oh yeah, she is Miss Tara to you now.” Tara blushed a bit and bit back a laugh at the new name, but she didn’t speak. “After that, we are going to take off our socks, one at a time, and you get to smell our bare feet. Last, you are going to lick our feet and suck our toes, again with no hands. After every foot, you are going to say who owns that foot.”

There was a pause as they looked down at me, so I filled it and spoke:

“That sounds incredible my Queen.”

“I thought it might, footboy. Now, we are going to move around and switch places constantly, and since you will be blindfolded you won’t know who is sitting in front of you. Also, we aren’t going to talk and command you, I’m going to ding my phone when it’s time for you to act. Ok?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

Kelly blindfolded me while I sat between the beds. I could hear commotion and walking around, and after a few minutes one of them sat over me on the opposite bed. I then heard the ding and began to smell deeply, assuming a foot was under my nose. There was one there.

Just like the first time, the aroma was subtle through the sock but amazing at the same time. The same descriptors came to mind: cheesy or vinegary maybe? It smelled of feet and female scent, and I still lacked the words to describe it. I loved it, so I smelled deeply, in through the nose out through the mouth. It was glorious.

However, I had no idea whose foot was there. Sure, it did smell like Kelly’s from before, but I wasn’t confident enough to say it. So, I decided to ask them to clarify the rules:

“Do I have to guess now? Or can I smell the other for comparison?” I asked. There was silence, then the feet were pulled away and the person got up and moved away. I then heard Tara’s voice, and it sounded like she was standing in the middle of the bed:

“Ok, we can do that.” She said flatly.

There was more movement, then the other woman sat down and we repeated the process: I smelled both feet, I loved every moment. I had to add another step and adjust the now rock harder boner in my pants. I thought I heard a giggle as I did so, but I can’t say for sure.

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