my college days

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This is my first sex story (ps one person shits themselves)

This happened while at college during summer vacation waiting for the beginning of my freshman year, so very few people where around. I was walking around looking for a bathroom. Unfortunately for me most student bathrooms where under repair/clean-up, when I was about to wet my pants I saw a girls bathroom that was useable. After a quick check I went in to let loose. While I was peeing I smelled a sweet smell that made my dick grow making it hard to aim down. When some pee got on the floor I quickly bent down to clean it up. After I was done I saw a hole in the wall with a pair of brown eyes staring through. Seeing this I backed up bringing now fully hard nine inch dick into view of the hole. The lady in the hole next to mine gasped; I quickly said “I’m sorry” , and explained my problem. Her response was to stick her hand through the hole, and making a come here motion with her hand. I thought she wanted money ,and after placing a fifty in her palm she rejected it and said in a smooth voice “ I don’t want your money I want your dick.” I quickly placed my diamond hard pole in her hand she grabbed it , and used it to pull me closer. I got the idea real quick and stuck my dick in the hole. It was quickly wrapped in a hot mouth with a velvet tongue. As she started bobbing her head up ,and down on my dick I was forced to hold on to the stall. After 20 minutes of slurping and sucking I told her I was about to cum at which point she shoved her face into the wall inhaling my dick in the process. This brought me over the edge ,and I came down her throat. When the last of my load had slip into her mouth she let my dick go. As I sat there I asked her if she would like me to return the favor, all I got in response was some clothes shoved under the stall into mine. I heard her stall open then mine opened, and my mouth dropped open as I stared at the prettiest thing ever. She was a tall ebony woman with long legs, and full breast. Her face wore a full smile with a hungry look in her eye. As she pulled me out of the stall she said. “I was going to go fuck myself ,but why bother with such a gentleman around”. With that she turned around to show me her ample ass with a dripping wet pussy that smelled like the sweetest fruit ever. “Dig in big boy.” she said with a pat of her ass. I spread her cheeks and licked her pussy like it was an ice cream cone, taking care to avoid her clit as I licked up all her sweet nectar making her moan loudly. When I felt her start to cum I attacked her clit with intent. This brought her moans to a sudden stop I saw her face in the mirror, it was contorted into silent scream as she gave me surprise shower that soaked me through. She then sank to the floor unconscious. I was amazed and turned towards the stall to get her clothes. I only got three steps before a hand grabbed my leg, and pulled sending me crashing to the floor. My head missed being smashed by a toilet ,but I landed on my rock hard dick effectively ending my plans of another blow job. As I rolled around on the floor in pain, an ass was wrapped around my head. Through my new ear muffs I heard a growling voice say.”no ones ever done that to me, as a thank you I’m going to drain you of that tasty cum with my pussy.” As she said this I started to run out of air but she had planted her pussy out of my tongue’s range of fire I did how ever find her puckered asshole which I quickly french kissed. This made her moan loudly and wiggle her ass on my face giving me the air I needed, but I was having to much fun to stop. When she could take no more she got off my face and hovered above my rock hard dick. When I looked at her face I knew I was in for even more fun. She wore the kind of smile you see on a starved tigers face when it walks into a slaughter house. She said in a voice that screamed fuck me hard “ you have just become the best I ever had without having sex with me what’s your name boy.”
It’s Jack Trum. Who may I ask are you? “I’m Roberta Walters, and I want you to know Jack that you can have me whenever you want me I’ll be your cum bucket for as long as you like”. I was amazed at this shocking new development and was about to say so when she shushed me and continued.” all of me can ,and will be yours for a small price.” As she spoke she used my dick to play with her pussy.”I have a instinct to dominate at times, it would be best if you found yourself a safe word ,and go with it cause I will get what I want by force if needed. If you don’t resist then your safe word will be considered ,but if you do then I will find you ,and when I do I will use you. If I have to take then you will be at my mercy, don’t look so glum you’ll have a chance to avoid being used if I don’t find you first. Do you find my term acceptable?” I considered her offer. On one hand she would be mine to fuck most of the time. On the other hand I had a feeling about what used meant so I asked her. “used means that when I find you I will do what I want when I want ranging from a little light pain to playing golf with your balls. It all depends on how horny I was and how hard I have to look for your ass. I have videos of my sadistic side if you would like to see before you agree, but that’s all later for now I’m gonna fuck you dry. With that she descended on my dick with a moan she began to bounce up and down hard. I matched her movement with mine and soon the sound of slapping and moaning filled the bathroom. After twenty minutes of this I put her on her hands and knees and pounded her like a drum. This caused moans to echo in the bathroom. I felt her start to cum so I decided to make a change of venue. While pulling my dick further and further out of her puss I played with her clit and whispered in her ear. “ Would I be allowed to do anything I wanted to you.” she screamed “YOU güvenilir bahis COULD FUCK ME ANYTIME ANYWHERE ANYHOW, I WOULD BE YOUR CUM BUCKET TO DO WITH WHAT YOU PLEASED!!!” “Anything?” I said “YES!!! OH FUCK I’M CUMING FUCK FUCK FUCK PUOND ME HARD AND DEEP. FUCK THAT PUSSY!!!!” At that I pulled my dick out of her pussy and shoved it up her asshole all to the base. Her screams turned silent as I held her up by her ass and she soaked my balls. Fearing I had ruined a good thing I started to pull out of her ass. This action was halted by a hand grabbing my balls in the grip of death. Roberta had woken up from one of her best orgasm yet. She had hoped the young stud would just fuck her brains out, but this fucker knew what he was doing. She was on cloud nine seeing stars , and couldn’t remember how many times she came. The last time she had felt like this she’d fucked a frat house, but now one guy was making that look like nothing and he had only come one time!! Now she woke up to the same guy this Jack Trum thinking he could just leave before filling her up. That was the kind of shit that made her go hunt down a fool ,and make him her bitch. So she gave Jack a warning about what happened to a bitch who left her hanging , but still had cum left. “ IF YOU EVEN THINK OF PULLING OUT OF MY ASS I WILL GO TAKE A SHIT AND MAKE YOU EAT IT WHILE I USE ONE HAND TO FIST YOUR VIRGIN ASS, ANOTHER TO TENDERIZE YOUR BALLS, ALL WHILE USING YOUR DICK AS A FUCKING CHEW TOY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I said “yes mam” with the kind of voice you would expect a guy to have in this situation ,a mix of fear and submission. “good” “NOW THEN YOU ARE GOING TO FUCK ME TILL YOU CUM BLOOD ,OR YOU WILL BE IN A WORLD OF HURT.” Don’t say yes mam just make sure the next time I check your sack, I’m full of all the cum that was there!!” I was scarred and decided to teach this bitch what I could do so I pulled my dick to the entrance of Roberta’s shit shoot and took a piss in her ass. Roberta’s reaction to this was not what I expected she moaned into the floor. My plans went unaltered as I started to pound the shit out of Roberta’s piss filled asshole without mercy causing her to moan like a bitch after thirty minutes I shot 12 thick ropes of cum into her ass. Still hard as a rock I continued to pound her ass hard. Meanwhile Roberta had a mild dilemma the piss and cum in her ass were giving her an enema and jack was just shaking it up, then to compound the problem Jack was shooting another huge load into her ass. After I had shot my third load in Roberta’s ass I pulled out and started walking around; Roberta thought it was so she could relive her self so she got on her knee,looked up for a helping hand and got a mouth full of cock mixed with ass and cum. Without waiting for consent I fucked Roberta’s face as hard as I could, “How do you like the taste of your ass and my cum.” I looked at Roberta’s face her eyes where streaming. This sight made me laugh as I pulled out and glazed her face and tits with my cum; when I was done I got my phone and took some pictures then set my phone to video then went back for another round ,but then I couldn’t pick a hole to fuck. I chose both and stated fucking her pussy nice and hard in a pile driver. I fucked her pussy for awhile then decided to really push her button,by taping out show tunes on her clit. This made her moan and scream, “ FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FILL ME UP YOU FUCKER. Always one to please I filled her pussy to the brim this made her spray out shit and cum all over the floor. Given her earlier warning I stuck my dick up her gaping ass as soon as all the shit was gone and pounded her hard, upon looking in her face my mind was calmed she was going through one of her silent orgasm as her whole body shook. The side effect of this was that her ass milked me twice leaving her with 12 shots of cum in her ass. I went back to fucking her pussy harder than ever, as my mind envisioned what would happen if I stopped. I was on the verge of cumming in her again, when I felt a gentle touch on my leg and Roberta said “heel boy” As I pulled out I shot my load all over her ass. This was my final shot, and true to my word it was tinted red with blood. When I stood up I felt a sudden head rush that made me stumble, and fall knocking me unconscious.
Roberta was fucked silly. She could barely mange to tap out before she was completely out of it. As it was she could barely make it to the sink to rehydrate her self. When she got to the mirror she saw that she was a cum stained mess. Her hair was matted with sweat and cum, her face looked like a glazed donuts, her breast were dripping cum and sweat, her pussy was puffy and leaking cum like a facet on full blast. When she turned around and saw that her back was covered in red and white, and her ass was gaping wide open. When she went to complement the stud, who literally fucked her shitless she felt horrible. There was Jack laying on the floor totally unconscious in a pool of sweat. When she looked at his penis she felt worse. When he had pulled it out to pee it was probably four inches and resting on a full sack, now it looked like a newborns leaking blood on to the floor and that full sack was shriveled bag with his nuts clearly showing. Mortified she quickly grabbed her phone to call her doctor friend Sally, who would arrive in a few minutes and told her to raise his feat up over his head. With this done she thought of ways to apologize, and keep him coming back for more. When she saw his phone on video she thought of an amazing idea. When Sally walked into the bathroom she was hit by the smell of sex, cum, pussy, ass, and shit. This made her very wet. She saw her room mate/lover with dildos stuffed in her pussy and ass, and covered in cum. Then she saw the patient with his feat above his head in a stall, with his genitals still in bad shape. With a quick check she türkçe bahis saw that time would heal his wounds. Then she licked her lips as she jumped around the pools of shit and sweat while stripping off her clothes. Roberta saw her friends face as she approached and knew her plan had worked. Sally Roll loved her cum ,but would like it better without the man attached. So Roberta had been her dealer since there college days. She would get filled up and Sally sucked it all out. “Oh Roberta you got me a present, you shouldn’t have. Sally said as she got some cum off her friends tit and examined it. “how many guys did you fuck to get this much” “One” Roberta said nodding to the stall. “Have a taste” Sally looked shocked as she popped her cum covered finger in her mouth. “This is the best cum ever, and all from one guy huh. You just had to break him didn’t you. Wait did you make him cum blood? Come on girl that’s just not right. Blood gives it a nice kick though. Would you roll over for me? As Sally said this she licked Roberta’s face and tits clean. Roberta gladly Rolled over and showed her blood and cum covered ass to her friend. As she explained how it got like that “ I told him if he stopped before he came blood I would fist his virgin ass, tenderize his nuts, and use his dick like a chew toy all while he ate my shit. He then fucked me shitless, and made me tap out.” Sally worked her way down her friends spine as she licked up all the cum she found stopping only to make jokes.” You known Roberta most girls just moan and scream to keep a guy going, but your way seems to do wonders.” Sally then took the dildo out of Roberta’s asshole licked it clean ,and shoved it in her pussy, Roberta then started fucking her with it. This made Sally moan as she licked her lover ass clean ass far as her tongue could go,making Roberta moan once again the bathroom was filled with moaning women. Sally could see more cum in her friends ass so she used her hand to fist he friends asshole. Sally still thought there was some left so she started talking dirty. “well slut how do you like my fucking hand up your ass!! I could see all the way up thee and I know I saw cum. ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE MY CUM,YOU FUCKING SLUT?! NOW I’M GOING TO LAY DOWN, YOUR GOING TO SHIT OUT ALL THAT FUCKING CUM OR ELSE!!!” Roberta knew Sally was a cum addict she also knew her ass would be destroyed if that cum didn’t come out of there. So she squatted over Sally’s face and pushed out thick ropes of cum in to her friends waiting mouth and relaxed. Sally swallowed all of it then slapped her friends ass hard on each word to make her point known.”STUPID smack STUPID smack FUCKING smack SLUT smack YOU smack THOUGHT smack YOU smack COULD smack CALL smack ME smack OUT smack HERE smack TO smack HELP smack YOU smack THEN smack HIDE smack MY smack REWARD smack UP smack YOUR smack FUCKING smack ASSHOLE!!! NOW smack I smack HAVE smack TO smack INSPECT smack THAT smack FUCKING smack ASS smack! Roberta’s ass was red and covered in hand prints. She knew she had flipped Sally to her dominant side. She also knew that she would be having silent farts for awhile. Sally started her inspection by putting her whole arm in her friends ass, followed by three fingers from the other. When she saw cum dripping from dealing from her dealers pussy she gave her a warning.”IF YOU WASTE ANYMORE CUM I WILL RUB YOUR FACE IN YOUR OWN SHIT WHILE I SEAL YOUR FUCKING PUSSY SHUT!! Robert was very glad she had taken those sex exercises to heart as she closed her pussy around the dildo and relaxed her ass hole. This let Sally get her second arm in her dealer, as she felt around for her drug of choice she bent her elbows on purpose stretching her dealer’s ass even more. Finding no more cum Sally pulled out her arms and walked around to Roberta’s face and started talking to her.” Well Well the slut knows whats good for her, smart girl. Plus look at what she found a fucking fire hydrant that shoots cum very smart indeed. Now then Roberta I issue you a challenge, your ass must be punished for hiding the goods. Isn’t that what we agreed when we got together? Roberta nodded. “So here are your option 1. I make it hard for you to sit for a week 2. accept my challenge and I’ll be your bitch till the day I die if you win. So what will it be? Roberta couldn’t speak for trying to keep the cum in. Sally saw this and quickly pulled the dildo out covered her friend pussy with her mouth and attacked her clit without mercy. This caused Roberta to scream out and squirt all the cum in her pussy down her friends throat. Sally purred and waited for her reply fucking herself as she waited.
“Option 2 please” Roberta said. Sally smiled and said.” Good Good now the name of the game is what’s up my ass we each get five minutes to gather stuff to shove up the others ass, who ever get the most right guesses wins. If you run out of stuff you get five more minutes to look for more stuff , but you have to do it with what ever the other person wants up your ass, if it slips out you lose. Nothing dangerous and if it can’t fit in two minutes its out of the question. The prizes for you will be a week of sitting and me being your bitch. If I win then I get the guy in the stall and you as my bitch. Oh you also get to widen my ass before we start to make it fair” Roberta knew the game was stacked, but she also knew how Sally got if someone stopped her anal fun. So she agreed and started sifting her friend asshole which didn’t even need lube it just got her friend excited, So Roberta gripped both sides of her friends asshole and started pulling then she pulled vertically giving her friend a gaping hole for a back door. Sally got up to look for stuff inside, While Roberta looked out side. They only had five minutes luckily Sally never locked her car, And Roberta’s was near by. As she walked Roberta felt the güvenilir bahis siteleri side ways dildo in her ass start to turn she got on her hands and knees in the parking lot flipped her dress up over her ass shoved her hand in and turned it back. She thought she heard a squeal but ignored it she went to her car found a bag of quarters,two apples,the top to the back seat of her car, a cup,and a rubber ball. She also got an actual camera with tripod and some lube. With her weapons of anal destruction she went back to the bathroom with her stuff in a black trash bag, and saw Sally was ready with her own tools. “Hope you aren’t putting that tripod up my ass” Sally said with a chuckle. “Maybe when you’re my bitch but for now its for its intended purpose.” Roberta said She picked up the cellphones and set up the tripod explaining the whole story to Jack who would later get all the videos. They then checked the dildos and Sally as the Challenger went first. Roberta bent over and waited for Sally to shove something up her ass.
The first object was soft with a harder center it went in easy. Roberta recognized the feeling at once. “Toilet paper” she said with an annoyed tone. “easy guess next ones harder” Sally said as she went for the next anal invader popping the roll out. This one felt soft,then rough then smooth,and very long it took the full two minutes for Sally to fit it in her ass. Roberta guessed trash. Sally let her look back as she pulled Jack’s shirt ,pants,and underwear out of Roberta’s ass. “That’s one wrong only nine more before your my bitch.” Sally chuckled. Then she shoved something wet with rubber, that was very long. “Sally Roll if that is a fucking plunger I will make you lick it clean when I win. “Sorry wrong” Roberta looked as Sally pulled Jack’s shoe out her as. “HOW THE FUCK IS SHOVEING A FUCKING SHOE THAT COULD HAVE ALL KINDS OF SHIT ON IT SAFE!!” Roberta yelled. “I washed it in the sink.” Sally said reaching in her bag. The next thing to go in Roberta’s ass was small smooth and square. Roberta figured the theme. “Jack’s Wallet” Roberta Guessed “I see you found my theme now try this.” with a shove Sally shoved something long thick and bumpy up her ass. Roberta was at a loss, until she heard her purse jingle. “I’m adding lick clean my purse to my list, now get it out of my ass.” “You haven’t won yet bitch”Sally said pulling the object out Roberta’s ass and taking her spot on the floor, ass in the air ,cheeks spread asshole Gaping. Roberta started with the Rubber ball, Sally guessed right. Next came the cup ,again Sally was right on the mark. Then the apples went in her hole, Sally came with them in her ass screaming. “APPLES” Roberta was mildly confused,then she shove the bag of coins up her friends ass. “Do you really think I don’t shove my purse up my ass on a regular schedule”Sally laughed. Roberta opened the bag and let coin rain from her friends ass.”looks like my upcoming bitch shits coins” Then Roberta removed the bag with one hand ,and shoved to head rest up Sally’s ass with the other. Sally came again and guessed pillow. Roberta showed her the seat cushion with a chuckle. Then both girls shoved two rolls of toilet paper up each others shiters, then they began their hunt. Roberta stood in the Bathroom and wondered how Sally had guessed the first three while having orgasms while she thought she checked on Jack. His Penis was still shriveled as where his nut. He was breathing fine and looked kinda hot and young. Roberta panicked and checked Jack’s I.D. it said he was 18 years old, which explained his endurance. She then figured out how Sally got it right the ass hound probably fucked her self silly with those things all the time. This gave her a plan. When Sally returned Roberta was already on the floor ready to go. “Shouldn’t you go check to see if our fuck prize is still working Sally?” Roberta asked. Sally checked Jack real quickly letting Rachel see her doctors bag. “He’s in a sleep but he needs a nutrient bath and some gentle caressing from yours truly” Sally said kneeling behind Roberta opening her bag, and pulling out something that was quickly pushed into her friends asshole. Roberta felt a fuzzy hard object enter her. “Car arm rest” she guessed correctly. The next object was cold as ice and thick and hard. Metal Drink container? Roberta asked. Sally pulled the chilled metal 12 inch by 12 inch dildo out of Roberta’s as with a loud pop. The next was rough hard and thick. Roberta guessed wrong Sally pulled a fake hand out Roberta’s ass. Roberta’s asshole was growing larger. The next object was smooth and long. Parking cone Roberta said feeling her ass stretching to accommodate the object. “correct” The third object was small and cold she guessed coin. Sally had to shove her whole arm in her friends ass to get the coin. Sally’s final object was wide and damp. “GET THAT SHOE OUT OF MY ASS” Roberta said. Sally chuckled as she pulled the long ways shoe out of Roberta’s ass. After they had switched places Roberta took out a soap container from the bag and poured the liquid inside into Sally’s ass. “Oh you dirty cheat”sally said with a tint of concern in her voice. “It’s not cheating.” Roberta said with a smirk. Sally guessed water ,she guessed Sally squatted over the sink and pushed the piss out her ass. This continued four more times as Roberta poured melted Slurpee, lube, soap (Sally questioned the safety of this till she saw the internally safe label.), and finally water down her friends asshole. Sally had lost 7 wrong Guesses to four. She excepted her loss with pride, knowing that she would probably would still get to toy with some assholes as Roberta’s bitch. They shook on it. Sally’s first order was to help gather up everything and get Jack to the car. Everything packed up and ready to go, they drove the cars home and put Jack in a bath tub full of warm water. Then Sally made sure that no one would be out of commission for more than a week. Then Roberta had Sally tuck her in for the night, and they both went to sleep. to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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