my college party ends on an unexpected sour note


my college party ends on an unexpected sour notei was a returning student when i decided to finish up my education and turned 24 on the day that classes began that sememster. i had wound up at this school by acccident. i had applied to another school, but my gf at the time was going to another school and dared me to go by and see the small intimate campus and see if i could get in. so i tried, and i got in.after figuring out how to get student loans to pay for it, i began my classes. most of my classmates were a lot younger than me and seemed like a lot smarter as well. i felt like i had landed in the wrong spot for sure. one afternoon, hanging out at the college lounge, i was fortunate enough to meet a really nice person who wound up becoming a good friend while we were in college. after the conversation got rolling, he introduced himself as marcus and we quickly hit it off. i was just a dumb country boy that was feeling like a fish out of water at this school and he was a black guy who had got into the same school on a tennis scholarship and after the school had milked his time there for maximum playing time for their money. now he was a 23 yr old sophmore with a blown out knee and two more years of school to pay for since they dropped his scholarship after his injury. fortunately he was from a wealthy family that didn’t want to lose all the time he had spent at the school. they endowed him with a trust to pay for the rest of his education and his living expenses….and he loved to spend it on everything else.toward the end of the fall semester, i decided to have a party at my off campus apartment and invite all the new freinds i met thanks to marcus introducing me to people he knew. it was a great time, lots of alcohol, a little bit of weed, and lots of pretty girls. most of the girls were a little prudish, but this one girl, stephanie, i had met was anything but. she smoked weed with marcus and i and a few more freinds and became very flirty with me. taking the cue i pulled out a deck of cards thinking marcus and i would start a game of strip poker with this bunch…and maybe, just maybe, i might get to see this girl naked before the night was first everybody jumped in on the game. it was fun somebody would lose and off would come a shoe or a flip flop. then some guy would lose a shirt and the girls would whoop and holler. as the game got more serious, people were dropping out left and right but staying as spectators. bayraklı escort when stephanie was down to her bra and and skirt and then lost again, she artfully reached under her skirt, squirmed around and pulled out the tiniest thong i had ever seen. thats when the crowd really thinned out. her roomate was telling her, “come on stephanie, we better go now.” wow, what a prude, i thought. stephanie refused to go as all the rest of our partygoers were heading out the door. when the door closed it was me, stephanie, and marcus. she had been flirting with the both of us and i had a feeling we were about to have some fun. as stephanie reached over to rub on marcus’s chest, i started pulling my shorts off. since i never wear underwear i was naked from the wasted down in just a second. i kept my hand over my dick as to not seem to come off as so eager, like a dumbass i look back now and think, but that didn’t phase stephanie, she reached around my cupped hand a grabbed my entire dick in her hot hand. she was kissing marcus as i reached out for her bra covered tits. as she broke her kiss and removed her hand from my dick to remove her bra, marcus pulled off his jeans and underwear. damn, i thought to myself. i always thought i had a nice dick until i’d seen his. it was twice the size of mine length and width. i suddenly felt very inferior and not sure that i could compete with that dick. my thoughts were reaffirmed when stephanie saw it and reached for it with both hands as she fell into marcus with a full open mouth kiss. he clearly had her attention.i reached to lift her skirt as she began laying down and pulling marcus’s cock to her mouth. when i got her skirt up i was amazed at how beautiful her pussy looked. she had large meaty inner labia that protruded from her pussy a full 4 inches. i was amazed, shocked and so fucking horny that i nearly cum right then just from seeing it. i dove in with all my mite as i licked and sucked her big pussy lips. i was falling in love as i put my tongue in her as far as i could and tasted her wetness. i continued to lick and suck that wet beautiful pussy until marcus poked me on the shoulder to let me know he wanted to trade places so he could fuck her. i got up from my place between her legs as he moved in and pushed her legs up in the air. i moved over toward her head as she reached out for my dick and began jerking it. when marcus got his full mass of huge black dick in her, she let out a deep escort bayraklı moan and grabbed for marcus and pulled him close to her. it was beautiful to watch her enjoy that fucking so much. you could tell he was really hitting places in her that she had longed for. i began stroking myself as i watched. he fucked her hard and she let little grunts and occassional squeals leave her lips everytime he thrust into her. it was such a furious action and such hard fucking that they both were moaning in just a matter of a minute. marcus pulled out of stephanie’s pussy and cum all over her stomache and chest with a huge thick load of jizz. when marucs finally finished cumming he had splattered cum all way up to her neck, chin, and even managed to splatter some cum into her short auburn hair. whe was a mess but rubbed it in like a champ as marcus rolled from between her weak, trembling legs and crashed on the floor beside her. i took my position next making sure that i got to fuck her too. last thing i wanted was her to be completely satisfied and decide that she was done for the night. beating off alone again was not wanted i wanted in my recent future. i lifted her legs up as she remained on her back looking over at marcus and reaching out to squeeze her cock. i pushed completely in her with ease and began thrusting in and out with my short but somewhat thick dick. i opened her legs up wider and rested my self against her body as i continued my short thrusts. stephanie looked directly at me and gave me the sweetest kiss. i loved those full pouty lips. they were so soft. i broke off the kiss and continued my thrusting as she helped position marcus so his dick was beside her face. she turned her head and began sucking his large cock again. as his heavy cock began to harden again, marcus began thrusting his cock into her open mouth. she pulled it from her mouth and licked the side of his shaft and he rubbed it across her perched lips. she looked me in the eyes as i watched her suck his dick with skill and abandon. i’m not sure what came over her, but she leaned up to give me a quick kiss, followed by her tongue in my mouth. it was so erotic. i felt something inside of my twinge. at that same moment, marcus, who was laying on his side far above stephanie’s head and unable to see our tongue action, thrusted his big black cock between our sealed, tongue tangled kiss. there it was. an immediate moment of excitment came over me and several bayraklı escort bayan things happened all at the same time. 1, as marcus’s dick pulled back between our closed lips, i broke what was left of our kiss, reached out with my tongue and turned my head to accept his hard dick into my mouth as he thrust again. 2, stephanie’s eyes became wide with excitement and bewilderment as she became aware of what had just happened. 3, an immediate eruption of cum flowed out of me into stephanie’s pussy. i wasn’t sure what was happening, but i had cum inside stephanie and had marcus’s cock in my mouth and he was still pumping. stephanie watched me accept his dick as he pump a dozen more times and erupted his second load for the night into my mouth. i opened my mouth as cum dribble out of me and onto stephanie’s neck, face and hair. i continued licking his large bulbous head with my tongue as his cum has made everything so slippery. i was unsure what this meant, how it happened, and if i wanted it to happen again. stephanie broke the silence as she said,”you just came in his mouth”. marcus didn’t look at me. i watched his face as he pulled away and rolled over to get up. he was standing with his large dick hanging in front of him when i realized how erotic that site was and how it affected me inside.stephanie was looking at marcus as i quickly slid down her body and began licking her pussy again. i felt the need to clean my cum out of her pussy so she wouldn’t know i had just cum in her. i was afraid she would get mad and never let me fuck her again after the scene had just unfolded in front of her and then me unloading my cum in her too. i made every attempt to drain that pussy of any and all evidence with my tongue burried deep inside her. when i finished we all got dressed and set around for a few minutes not saying much of anything. it was a very tense scene in the room. as they both uncomfortably left my apartment, i was left to think about the nights events in my head. i was torn about what had happened, somewhat ashamed that it had happened, but somewhere inside i wanted it to happen again. i was confused but thoughts of the event went through my head alot and became masturbation fodder for me. i imagine fucking stephanie again. licking a sucking on her large labia. without fail i would wind up thinking about sucking marcus’s dick again, thinking up new scenarios that would bring about his dick in my mouth. that would always make me cum fast. i had some issues to work through and evidently so did marcus and stephanie both. the three of us didn’t talk to one another again for a couple weeks until i ran into stephanie at another party. i’ll write about that experience next time.

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