My Cousin Blackmails Me Pt. 06


Forbidden fruit isn’t meant to be indulged in too often.

That was the one line of wisdom that I’d been telling myself ever since my whole living-naked-with-my-cousin thing began one week ago.

And yet here I was, my limbs tied to my bedposts, buck naked, with vibrators strapped to my rock-hard dick as a handiwork of my cousin Rosie.

To make matters worse, Rosie’s sister (and therefore also my cousin) Natasha had abruptly shown up and was right now standing in the doorway of my room. Staring at the kinky situation that I was in currently.

I guess a bit of context would be good to give right now.

Natasha was a few years younger than Rosie, but she stayed at a boarding school quite far away from Sydney. From what little I understood, Natasha had been too rebellious growing up, and her parents decided being sent away from home to a boarding school would be good for her. Perhaps it was because she was adopted and had underlying abandonment issues. Or maybe it was because she tried to find fulfilment by cycling through romantic partners multiple times within months. Whatever the case, I’d yet to meet the troublemaker kid in person.

I had not wanted our first encounter to be like this.

“So… I can explain.”

My words came out quite pathetic, mostly due to the fact that I was still buck naked and tied spread-eagle style on my bed. Natasha was still standing in the doorway with her handbag dropped on the floor beside her, mouth open wide in shock.

“Did you say Rosie?” was the first question she asked.

I blinked.

“What? No, this is uh…”

My mind raced to come up with a believable lie.

“We got… robbed?” I managed to say.

But Natasha clearly did not buy my bullshit.

“You said Rosie, you CLEARLY just said my sister’s name,” Natasha said, now raising her voice slightly.

“Look, can you just untie me first so we can talk this properly?” I said, determined to at least hold a proper conversation with her.

I watched as Natasha took one step into the room towards me… and pause.

“No,” she said.

I narrowed my eyes. What?

“What?” I asked, not sure if I’d understood what she’d just said.

“I’m not gonna untie you,” Natasha said, now folding her arms in front of her. There was a look in her eyes and a growing smile that I wasn’t sure I liked.

“And why not?” I asked.

“Because I want some answers.” Natasha stepped forward and took a seat right beside me on the bed. I felt my still-erect cock twitch in response to the presence of a beautiful girl within reach. I thought I saw Natasha’s eyes glance at my cock before she quickly fixed her gaze back on me.

“And I think you’ll be more eager to answer my questions when you’re like this,” Natasha said, turning her body to face me on the bed.

I couldn’t believe this.

“Natasha, please just untie me and-“

But then Natasha suddenly smacked her left hand on my bare chest, dragging it slowly down towards my groin and stopping right above my belly.

“Don’t make this harder for yourself, cuz,” she said.

There was something about Natasha’s touch, plus the fact that the way she called me “cuz” reminded me of Rosie, that made me shut up.

But to make matters worse, Natasha calling me “cuz” triggered something sinful and primal deep within my psyche, and just as the remote vibrators kicked into a new vibrating rhythm, I groaned loudly as my cock began expelling ropes of cum onto my belly.

Natasha watched me cum all over myself with an expression of glee, taking in the sight of her cousin turning into a whimpering mess.

“Fuck” I gasped as the vibrators continued to stimulate my sensitive cock. I strained against my bonds but there was no way for me to relieve myself of the vibrating beads.

At least, not until Natasha reached over and pulled them off of my cock.

I gasped and caught my breath, panting heavily.

“Thanks,” I said to her.

“So, you fucking with Rosie?” Natasha asked.

I didn’t know what to say. The evidence was clearly against me, but I didn’t want to give in just yet.

“C’mon Natasha,” I tried one more time to convince my little cousin. “Rosie is coming back any time now, we’re gonna be in big trouble.”

“Oh, I’m always in trouble, don’t worry about that,” porno Natasha replied, brushing my words aside.

She wasn’t wrong. Natasha had always been the rebellious one (so I heard).

“And now, you will be too,” Natasha said, raising her iPhone and snapping a photo of me. It happened so quickly I hadn’t been able to turn my face away.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, but it was too late.

“Tell me everything, or I’m sending this to all my classmates,” Natasha said, smirking as she showed me the photo of me naked and tied to the bed.

” Natasha, please…” I pleaded one last time. But her eyes were adamant.

I sighed.

“Fine,” I said. I think it took me about 30 seconds to explain it all.

“…and now Rosie is out passing some homework thing to her friend,” I concluded my exposition.

“I never thought she was one to fuck a cousin,” Natasha said, speaking more to herself than to me. “Guess I was wrong.”

She looked down at my cock that had gotten itself re-erect. “Can’t really blame her though.”

Before I could open my mouth to respond, suddenly we heard the front door close shut.

“She’s back,” I said, now REALLY getting afraid.

But Natasha jumped to action. She quickly grabbed her handbag (that was still lying on the ground) and leapt across the room towards my cupboard.

“Tell Rosie about me and I’m sending that picture out,” Natasha managed one last warning before she buried herself within my clothes and closed the wardrobe doors behind her.

A few seconds later, Rosie appeared through my bedroom door.

“Whaddup, cuz” she greeted cheerfully, joyfully plopping herself beside me on the bed.

I was still deciding on what kind of face to put on, and thankfully Rosie got distracted by the mess I’d made on my belly.

“Oh fuck, really?” Rosie shook her head in disappointment, now using her fingers to spread my cum all over my belly.

“You’re lucky the vibrators feel off,” Rosie said.

“What took you so long?” I asked, deciding that was what sounded natural.

“I made a detour… to grab this.”

Rosie whipped out a pack of condoms.

My eyes widened.

“Are we gonna..?” My words trailed off, but Rosie broke into a giggling smile.

“Better now than never, before mom gets back!” She said.

Bending over, Rosie put my cock into her mouth and went down on me, making me moan.

I’d almost forgotten about Natasha in the closet. Was she watching us? Taking photos and even videos?

Rosie stopped sucking and sat upright, taking her hair tie off her wrist and tying it around the base of my cock.

Would Natasha use it as blackmail against us? What would she make us do?

Rosie opened a condom out of its wrapper and popped it into her mouth before bending over my cock again.

Was Natasha rubbing herself while watching us?

But that train of thought disappeared as I felt the condom unroll itself on my shaft. It was tight.

“A bit tight isn’t it?” I asked Rosie.

“Safer that way,” Rosie replied, looking satisfied at her handiwork.

As she got herself into position on top of me, it suddenly hit me that we were going to have intercourse. We were gonna fuck.

“Rosie, I’m not your first, am I?” I asked.

Rosie almost laughed out loud.

“You wish, idiot,” she said, taking off her shorts and throwing them across the room. “That was almost 3 years ago.”

She positioned her pussy right above my erect cock, pulling her panties to the side but not removing them.

“So you better make me feel good, okay?” She said.

She slowly lowered herself down on my shaft. I moaned as I felt her vagina walls hug my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I said.

“That’s the stuff,” Rosie said.

Rosie was by no means light; the thiccness of her boobs, butt, and thighs meant that she carried around a certain weight. And as she straddled my groin in between her knees, slowly moving her hips up and down along my shaft, I could feel my bed creaking along in time with her.

Definitely not fat though, I thought to myself.

But all these random thoughts were quickly drowned out under the flooding pressure of Rosie’s pussy tightening itself on my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, pulling against my bonds that were keeping my hands restrained. I wanted to reach anime porno out and grab at my cousin’s boobs so badly…

Rosie, on the other hand, was free to do whatever she wanted, starting by gyrating her hips in a rotating fashion, adding a fun little spin to her ride.

“You like that?” She asked, grinning as she watched me squirm and moan underneath her, helpless to do anything and completely at her control.

“Fuck, yes…” I groaned.

Chuckling, Rosie reached down and began playing with my nipples, flicking them and making circles with her fingers.

“You know what will happen if you cum too fast, right?” she said.

I wasn’t able to think of a smart reply to that.

“What?” I asked like an idiot.

Rosie replied by pinching my nips between her index fingers and thumbs and giving them a sharp twist. I cried out in pain and my body jerked but was unable to escape her grip.

“Punishment,” Rosie giggled, letting go of my nips and watching as I caught my breath.

Rosie began to pick up speed on my cock, moving her hips faster and faster along with her quickening breath. We weren’t saying anything anymore; instead we focused on pleasuring ourselves and each other. I began moving my hips in time with Rosie’s, and we soon found a constant rhythm of sensual lust and ecstasy, with the both of us moaning louder and louder.

“How’re you holding up, cuz?” Rosie suddenly spoke up.

I opened my eyes and realised that they’d been closed for a while. I looked up my beautiful cousin, with dishevelled long black hair and flawless, sweaty fair skin. She was still wearing her oversized tie-dyed t-shirt that looked super cute on her. Wish I could see her boobs, though.

“Your pussy feels fucking great,” I said.

Rosie smiled, and I felt my heart skip a beat at how cute her smile was. She had what the internet called an ‘eye smile’, and for some reason, I was only realising it now.

Damn. An absolute stunner.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Rosie said, still riding my cock but at a slower pace now.

“But tomorrow we need to fetch my mom at the airport,” she continued. “10 am, was it?”

“9, actually,” I corrected her.

“Fuck, so early,” Rosie cussed, shaking her head.

“We better wrap this up then,” she said, as she leaned her body forwards until she was pressing her upper body right on top of me. I could feel her boobs through her t-shirt on my chest.

Leaning down on me, Rosie began moving her hips independently from the rest of her body, thrusting her pussy up and down on my cock.

“Shit, Rose,” I said in a shallow, dry voice.

“Hang on, you better wait until I cum,” Rosie said, in a voice that I noticed was also sounded shallow and dry.

She must’ve been reaching her limit soon. I found the strength within myself to hold back for a little bit more.

Rosie continued pumping her hips on my cock. I held it back for a little bit more.

She began to moan loudly with every thrust. I couldn’t hold it back for much longer.

“Fuck, Jay, fuck,” Rosie was almost gasping every word as she rode me like an animal. She seemed to be pressing against my body even harder than before.

I wasn’t able to hold on much longer.

“Rosie, i’m cumming!” I said, breathless.

“Me too, fuck fuck fuck, ahh!!” Rosie practically screamed the last word as she tipped over the edge. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, and Rosie herself was gripping my arms and holding herself tightly against my bare chest.

That was too much for me, and with a deep and loud groan, I felt my member begin to release my semen deep within Rosie’s pussy.

In this way, my cousin and I shared our first mutual orgasm together. Had it not been for the condom, it would’ve been a creampie.

Rosie lay on top of me for almost a full minute as we slowly caught our breath. I could smell her shampoo and feel every breath that she was taking against my chest. It was intoxicating.

Finally, she sat up and exhaled a long satisfied breath.

“Fuck, good job, Jay!” She said, a very wide smile on her face. She began to slowly raise her hips off of me, revealing my cock that was slowly shrinking in size. She lifted herself off from over me and sat down beside me on the bed, using her fingers to arap porno slowly remove the filled-up condom from my sore cock.

“Damn, why you still got so much cum??” Rosie exclaimed, examining the mess that I’d left behind in the wrinkled condom.

“I’m young, sue me,” I said, still breathing hard. I then watched as Rosie poured out my cum into her mouth, making sure to squeeze out the last few drops from the condom.

“Mmmmmm, warm and fresh,” she said, giggling. What an amazing sight to behold.

It then occurred to me that I was still tied.

“Rose, could you untie me now?” I asked.

But a cheeky smile suddenly sprouted on my cousin’s face.

“…why are you smiling like that?” I asked, now suspicious.

“Jay, I think we both know that we don’t want what we have to end, right?” Rosie replied.

I shrugged first, then nodded.

“So let’s keep this going. You and I, a secret deal.” Rosie’s eyes were sparkling at the proposal of this taboo secret.

I nodded again, keen to continue to have sexual relations with my cousin. Fucking pervert.

“And not forgetting that you came just now when I told you not to, I have a punishment for you…”

Rosie dug into her tote bag, quickly taking out what I recognised as a collar (the kind you’d put on a pet dog or cat).

“I think that’s too small for me,” I said, noticing it wasn’t much bigger than my wrist.

“Oh, it’s not for your neck,” Rosie said, smiling.

The realisation hit me instantly, but I didn’t complain as Rosie began strapping the collar around the base of my genitals (behind both my cock and balls, not just the shaft of my cock).

“Comfy?” She asked as she secured the excess collar into it’s slot.

“How long do you expect me to wear this?” I asked.

Rosie shrugged, still smiling. “Oh, as long as I want. This will help remind you that you’re my pet. Oh, and if I ever discover you took it off without my permission, you know what will happen to you, right?”

As a matter of fact, I didn’t.

“Uh, not really,” I said stupidly.

Rosie blinked and realised that she’d never actually stated what would happen.

“Well, something fucked up, ok!”

We laughed off the moment before Rosie untied my right arm.

“There you go,” she said, before bouncing off the bed and standing up.

“I’m gonna go wash up now, clean up and pass me back the rope later ok!”

I gaped as Rosie dashed out of the room and back into her’s.

“Rosie, what the fuck?” I said, but she was already grabbing her clothes and heading for the shower. I heard the bathroom door click shut.

Now it was just me in my room, naked and still tied to the bed by 3 of my limbs.

Wait, that’s wrong. It wasn’t just me.

I turned my attention to my closet.

“You still in there?” I asked out loud.

The closet opened, and Natasha revealed herself. Standing upright, she took a long stretch before replying: “where would I have gone?”

“Could you help me with this?” I asked, motioning at my bound feet. I actually wasn’t expecting her to agree, but was surprised when she bent over and began untying my right foot. I got to work on my left hand.

“So what are you going to do now?” I asked, my eyes on my left hand but my attention on Natasha.

“I think I’ll sneak back out and stay at a friend’s place tonight,” she said. “I’ll reappear tomorrow when mom’s back home.”

Successfully freeing my left hand, I sat upright and looked at her.

“I meant, with all this. Rosie and I. What are you going to do?”

Freeing my right foot from the rope, Natasha looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh, I have some ideas. But don’t worry, I think you’re going to have just as much fun as I will.”

Natasha crossed the room and made for the door, but I stopped her to ask one last question.

“Did- did you take any photos?” I asked.

She paused in the doorway and considered my question, before answering me with an innocent look in her eyes.

“Did you expect me not to?” she asked.

I didn’t reply, but I already knew that I did. Expect her to take photos, that is.

“Please don’t tell aunt London about this,” I said, trying to make my voice sound as sincere as possible.

Natasha smiled; not in a cheeky or mischievous way, but a kind of smile that was almost reassuring. Almost.

“Don’t worry, cousin. Things are gonna be great.”

With that less-than-comforting thought, Natasha walked off, and I was left to untie my remaining foot and ponder about what was to come.

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