My Daughter’s Friends Ch. 1

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With only several days to my daughter Jen’s 19th birthday, as one of her presents, her mother and her went shopping for the day. Since this ways going o be a girls shopping trip I stayed home to work around the house. They planned to be gone for the entire day. As I sat on the back deck finishing my coffee, Mary, one of Jen’s best friends, came up to the deck. See her, I told her that Jen was gone with her mother for the day.

Mary is several months older the Jen, with piercing green eyes, dirty blond shoulder length hair, pulled up in a ponytail and a spectacular body. When she hangs around the house, with Jen, I always get aroused and spring an erection just think about her body. She is a 34B cup size, with perky young breasts that stand out even with no support. In her bikini, the slight edge of un-tanned flesh draws my attention. With her small swimsuit bottom, she must shave her pubic area clean, because no matter how hard I tried; I have never seen any pubic hair showing.

Mary stopped, smiled and said that she had not come over to see Jen, since she knew she would be gone for the day. She said that she was here to talk to me, since she could not talk to her mother or father. Jen had told her how she could talk to me about anything and that I didn’t get angry or upset, but that I helped her with advice. I smiled and thought to myself, about the talks my daughter and I had had. “Sit down and tell me what your concern is.” With that she sat down next to me, letting her shorts ride up into her crotch. She looked into my eyes and smiled, causing me to become completely aroused. I had to shift in my seat to hide my raging hard-on.

“Mr. T,” she started, “I have a problem with my boyfriend. We have been going out for quite a while and he now wants to have sex with me. And I want to have sex with him. We know all about safe-sex and birth control and we are going to use condoms; but I don’t want to have sex the first time and loss my virginity in the back seat of his car.”

“So how can I help?’ I quizzed.

“Mr. T., Will you have sex with me in Jen’s bed? I brought the condoms with me. I want to loss my virginity with someone who cares and is concerned for me, someone who will spend time with me and be gentle with me. You are the only person that Jen and I could think of to ask.”

“Mary, I’m your best girlfriends father, I’m married.”

“I know, but I see the way that you look at me and I know that you get antalya escort bothered, I see the lump in your pants when I’m around. I know that you want to see and touch my body, and I know that you dream of having sex with me.”

“Your right, I have wanted you for a long time. Every time you are over here I lust after your body. I dream of being in you, but I’m married and old enough to be your Father.”

“That doesn’t matter to me, I know you care for me and will be gentle with me.”

“Why Jen’s bed?”

“That way if I leave hair or the smell of my perfume stays, Mrs. T. wouldn’t get suspicious. Jen won’t even consider them and she knows that I am here today.”

At that point she leaned forward and kissed me, probing her tongue into my mouth. I had no other choose then to respond by using my tongue on her and feeling her breasts through her blouse, these were breast I had only dreamed about and now they were in my hands. My erection was pushing at my pants and I knew that I was going to have to help her with her request. I wanted to have her and I had for a long time. When we broke the kiss she stood up carrying the paper bag with the condom and started into my house. I had no choose but to follow, locking the door behind me. I felt like a teenage boy sneaking away to screw his girl friend, the urge was so strong that I wanted to take her right there. The hell with my wife and family, I’m going to get the best peace of ass I’ve had in years and no amount guilt was going to stop me. We quickly moved up to my daughter’s room, not wanting to delay the pleasure I were seeking.

When I got in the room she was there ahead of me facing the door, with her arms open wide. I move forward and started kissing her as I unbuttoned her blouse. I kiss my way down to her breasts and unhooked her bra. These were the breasts that I had wanted ever since they developed. I remove her bra and looked at her breasts standing free in front of me for the first time. The tan lines around the pure white main breast area accented the dark nipples. The tips of her nipples stuck out inviting me to suck on them. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking like a newborn baby. With my hand I started caressing her other breast. After several minutes she pushed me always from her breasts and unzipped my pants. I stepped out of them and pulled my underpants off exposing my throbbing erect penis. I pulled my shirt off as she kemer escort knelt down and smiling at my cock. For the first time in her life, she took a cock, my cock, into her mouth and started sucking. I looked down and wanted to cum watching my cock in this beautiful teenage girls mouth. My sexual drive was the strongest I had felt in years. But, I really wanted to be in her soft vagina and feel her virgin muscles constrict around my cock.

I spoke to her as I helped her stand up telling her that it her turn now. With that I helped her out of her shorts and panties. I memorized the view of her crotch with her blondish hair shaved off except for a small triangular area above her vaginal opening, as I knelt down and set her back on the foot of the bed. I started licking her open labia sucking them into my mouth as I inserted my finger into her vagina. The taste and aroma drove my sexual desire to a new high. I just wanted to bury my entire face inside her cunt, as she achieved her first orgasm and her juices started flowing out into my mouth. We both knew it was time for us to consummate our relationship and for her to be freed from her virginity.

I stood up and help her back onto the bed. She reached into the bag and brought out a condom for me to use. I moved up onto the bed and instructed her step by step on how to put the condom on my cock. She encapsulated my cock in the condom and applied some K-Y jell to her vagina. This was the moment I had dreamed of, my first entry into Mary. I laid down on top of her, supporting myself on my knees and elbows. My condom cover cock was pressing between her legs just touching her labia. I told her to reach down and guide my cock home as I started using my tongue to play with her nipples. She did as I said and I started slowly pressing my penis into her vagina. Slowly, with short gentle strokes I worked my way into her. When I reached her hymen, I pulled out and applied more K-Y jell to the head of my condom-covered penis. Now I was ready to take to take her virginity and bring her to full women hood. I pushed back into her until I reached her hymen again. I warned her of the possible pain and rammed my way pass her vaginal obstruction in one quick motion. Her pain was short lived as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and felt my cock reach her cervix. I had done it; I had achieved my wildest dream, of feeling my cock in Mary’s cunt pressing up to her cervix.

I konyaaltı escort started pumping with slow deliberate short strokes, while she wrapped her legs around my waist. We were moving as one as she rolled her head back and started to enjoy her first experience with intercourse. Even with the condom the feeling of her hot tight cunt was spectacular. After about 15 minutes, I told her I wanted her on top of me so I could see her body riding above me. I pulled out and rolled onto my back guiding her on top of me. I told her to grab my penis and guide it into her cunt as she lowered herself. She slowly lowered herself while I watched her beautiful breasts and body. I reached up and started massaging her nipples with my fingers, watching her hair twirl around her neck. I looked down at the sight of my dreams, my cock disappearing into Mary’s young swollen pussy. This was the site I had jerked off think about and now I was seeing and feeling it. It wasn’t going to be long now before the cum in my balls worked it way out the end of my penis and was collected by the condom inside her. She laid down on me and we pumped in unison, tightly wrap in each other’s arms. As she reached a climax and her vagina started pulsing, I whispered into her ear, “I’m Cumming”. I shot the largest load of sperm in my life, only to have it stopped in the tip of the condom; she wasn’t going to get the extra warm feeling of cum pooled in her open womb. She collapsed on top of my depleted body and we locked in a long deep kiss. When our strength returned I helped her roll off of me as I pull my condom covered softening cock from her just-used vagina. She smiled, “Thank you, Mr. T.”

After I was completely out of her, she looked at semen in the end of the condom and reached out, rolling the tip between her fingers, “Wow, is that your’ cum?” she asked. “Do you want to see it or taste it? It’s drinkable!” I replied. With that I removed the condom and held it out for her. She took the condom by the open end squeezing the tip and watched the still warm sperm move around inside it. “Help me taste it!” she requested as she smiled. I took the condom back, held the tip and lowered the open end over her open mouth, allowing the spent semen to drip into her mouth, as she swallowed. When the condom way empty I bent over and kissed her pressing my tongue into her mouth to taste my own cum in her.

Mary got up and we dressed kissing between each items of cloth. “Thank you for helping me, Mr. T., your daughter is right, you are a really great father. I have friends that I know you can help too. I can’t wait to tell Jen how you helped me; it was Jen idea to ask you!” With that we left the house and she started home smiling back at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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