My Education into the World of Sex

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Note: This story is basically true with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years.



From the time that I can remember my mother taking my twin (not identical thank god for her sake, as she would have never gotten a date being as “ugly” as me) me to the doctor for is yearly check up before the school year started.

We went to Dr. Johnson. She went to our church and was one of the few woman doctors in our town back in the forties, fifties and early sixties.

Doctor Johnson, Hazel was her given name, use to give us my yearly check up and seemed to enjoy seeing my sister and me develop into fine upstanding young citizens

Start of the summer of 1959 when both my sister and me were eighteen and just graduated from high school.

This year was no different except that we were having our exam so we could start college in the fall. This meant a much more detailed exam for both. As she was checking me this visit she got to the part that she had to lift my penis to check my sack and testicles. She tried to wrap her hand around my penis to lift it up to examine my testicles. Her hands were big, but she couldn’t quite close her thumbs and index fingers around my girth Dr. Johnson just smiled at me and stroked it a couple of times to see if I started to grow with stimulation, as she call it. She then just lifter up my penis and fondled my testicles for a second to make sure that was nothing wrong. I could see her nipples were getting hard through her bra when she told me that was the end of the exam for this year.

I can remember her always discussing that part of the checkup with my mother. I knew that I was large “down there,” but never thought anything of it. I had an immense cock, 9″ long and 1 ¾ ” thick, surmounted by a wide flaring head while in the flaccid state.

After her exam, she said that she needed to finish Sherry’s exam (my sister) and talk to mother about the results.

Dr. Johnson and mother came into the examining room together about a half hour later and suggested that I should work outdoors this summer for some exercise and fresh air. I looked at them and wondered what they were up to. She told me that she would talk to some of these “families” in the church, that she thought needed help around the house one day a week and see if they were willing to be assisted in what ever they needed / desired me to do.

On our way home mother started talking about what a good time I would have working for these “families” and the money I could earn for school. She said that Hazel was going to contact them that afternoon and she if any were interested in my assistance.

One of the “families” that he told me about was a lady that went to our church and had never been married. Her name was Miss Lund. She had a large house and farm that she had gotten when her parents had past away. She thought that she needed a lot of work and such done around the place.

Miss Lund called me the following day and asked me to stop by to talk about working for her every Tuesday afternoon.

I stopped by on the following morning and was greeted at the door by a lady that I had seen in church, but never dressed as she was at that moment. She had a thin “summer dress” with a sleeveless top to it. I always wondered why she had never gotten married, as she was pleasant and very pleasant to the eye. She was about forty and as the saying go, “built like a brick outhouse.” She was about 5′ 5′ tall and around 130# dripping wet. She had a large bust and small waist and hips.

We talked for about half an hour about the work around the house she needed done. She then asked me if I wanted something to drink, as it was getting warm. I said that would be nice. When she got up I noticed that her dress showed off her breasts very well at the armholes. She seemed to make sure that I noticed them as she stood up. She brought me a glass of soda, antalya escort along with a glass of something for herself. As she set them down she made sure that I was able to view her massive breasts. I drank the soda and could not keep my eyes off her smiling face and chest. We agreed that I would start the following week and I told her to call if anything came up before next Tuesday afternoon.

When I got home, my mother told me that three other “families” from the church had called to see if I would be willing to help them out around the house with chores they need a man to do.

The first “family” was Mrs. Nelson. Her husband had died about two years ago in a car accident. She was about sixty years old and lived in a large house not far from my parents. She was what you would call a “BBW.” She had the largest floppy tits and a belly to match. Her rear end was in the proper proportion to the rest of her also.

The second “family” was a Miss Swenson. She had just moved to our town from Sweden. She was about thirty-five and left her husband because he was a drunk and a wife beater. That was one of the main reasons she had moved here. She was tall and a light brunet with a “farm girls” body.

The third “family” was really two ladies that lived together in a small house out in the country, near the river. They were both in their mid fifties, that people “talked about” behind their back, as they did back in the fifties, about liking ladies better than men.

I called all three “family” and made appointments to meet with them and see what and when they wished me to do their required work.

The next day Dr. Johnson called my mother and asked her to have me stop by her office to talk about doing some part time office work for her around her office, as one of her people was going on a pregnancy leave and she thought I would like the extra money.

I stopped by the office the next afternoon. As I was sitting on the sofa in her office, she sat down next to me and smiled. Dr. Johnson telling me about the job and what it involved. I thought it would work out ok as it was just going to be just one afternoon a week for the summer

She them slide over beside me and leaned over and kissed my cheek. She put her hand on my leg and told me that my special equipment needed some special attention before seeing all the ladies she had arranged for me to do work for. I told her that a couple of the gals I had gone out with played with my penis till they saw how large it was and made excuses that they had to get home.

She looked at the bulge in my pants and asked me if I was hard or just normal, I told her normal state but starting to get hard. She smiled again and moved her hand so it was holding my penis. She gripped it firmly and it started to grow. She let loose of it and turned to face me on the sofa. It was then that I noticed the top two buttons of her blouse were undone. She took my hand and placed in on the left breast and rubbed it around. She moved my hands and guided them around on her breasts. “Come on, Baby!” she whispered. “Play with them . . . any way you want . . .”

She took hold of my penis and slid her hand up and down it on the outside of my pants. She then undid my belt and unzipped my pants. My underwear was now the only thing between her hand and my penis. She told me that my cock was huge and she needed to see it. She told me to stand up and take off my pants and underwear.

Once I had dropped my pants and underwear, my cock as she called, stuck straight out at her face with a slight curve upwards. She could not believe that an eighteen-year-old boy could be that large even though she had done my yearly check-ups along.

She reached into her table and got a cloth tape out, as a metal one might cut me she said. She measured the tip of the head to the ball sack to be 13 ½” long and 5 ¾ ” around at the base. The head was purple and dripping something out the tip that I had never seen before.

As kemer escort she putting the tape back on the table I asked her if the liquid coming out of my penis was normal. She turned back to me and grabbed my cock and said yes it was. She took the precum, as she called it that was leaking out of it, smeared it over some of the shaft and started stroking it.

I reached into her blouse and lifted up both breasts up. She stopped stroking me for a minute and undid her blouse and took it off. Her bra was holding in the largest set of breasts I had ever seen in my life. She asked me to unhook it and take it off as she leaned over and went back to foundling my cock.

As she leaned over the hooks on her bra were right there in from of me and easy to get at. I reached over to unhook it and was having problems. She chuckled and said if I needed practice doing that. I said that the weight of her breast hanging down made the hooks hard to release. When her bra fell to the floor her tits fell out and hung swinging with her movement of her arm stroking my cock. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars and had tips that stuck out over ¾’ from the breast. They looked like large pencil erasers.

I reached down and cupped her breast with her nipples between my fingers. She moaned and kissed my cock head. This was the first time and one had ever done that to me. My cock seemed to grow ever large when she did that. She said something like, you like that didn’t you? I squeezed her breasts and said YES.

She then stood up and had me take off her skirt and panties. Her crotch was wet to the touch as I removed her panties.

I slipped my fingers down her belly to her front and rubbed her hair-covered crotch. She spread her legs a little and said that I seemed to know what I was doing. I told her that I done this to a couple of the gals that I had been out with, but they always had they panties on and I had never seen a girl or lady naked before.

She stood up and slipped off my shirt and grabbed my cock and led me to her exam table with this big smile on her face.

She said that she was going to check me out to make sure that all worked correctly, as we did not want the ladies disappointed.

She had me get up on the table and pushed my legs apart and put them in these stirrup that were on the lower corners of the table. She lowered her mouth to my cock and could hardly get the lager purple head of it into her mouth. She sucked on the head for a minute or two and as her saliva got my cock wet it slipped into her mouth a little ways further . She grabbed my balls and fondled them. All of a sudden I felt this funny feeling in my balls and I started shooting cum down her throat. She gagged and pulled off my cock. The cum hit her in the face and got in her hair. She reached out and grabbed my cock to aim the cum away from her face.

Dr. Johnson stood up and said that I was in good working order. She asked me to get off the table and get a couple of towels out of the cabinet to wipe her face off. She got up on it and put her legs in these stirrups. Her pussy was wide open to me and she said to get down on my knees and lick the juices from her cunt. I did as I was told, as I had never done this before. The taste was sweet and salty at the time.

I licked her pussy and them sucked on it. She started to moan loudly, and I guessed that was just the right thing to do.

I told her that I was just trying things, as this was the first time I had ever licked or sucked a pussy. She told me that after she got done with me I would be able to please any lady.

She told me to stick my tongue into her pussy and lick. I did as she told she and me screamed and I stood up to see if I had hurt her. She looked at me and said that the scream was for please I was providing her and to get my tongue back down there. I licked and sucked on her pussy lips till she started twitching and squirming around on the table. konyaaltı escort Al of a sudden I tasted this sweet but salty liquid in my mouth. She just keep bucking around for a couple of minutes and then collapsed backwards onto the table. I took one of the towels and wiped off my face and her legs.

She told me to stand up and walk towards her. She reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her wet pussy. I had problems getting it in and she just said to just gently push so it would go in without hurting her. I told her that I had never done this and she smiled and said that she thought I was still and virgin.

She told me to take my cock and rubbed it up and down on the outside of her pussy lips to get it wet, and then stick the head back into her cunt. It went in easier this time and with a squishing noise. I pushed it in to her till I had about six inches in her. She told me to pull out a little and move back and forth some to let her cunt stretch to fit me.

Being the first time that I had ever had my cock in a vigina, I could not believe it was this smooth and warm, I again started to get that feeling in my balls. She sensed me tighting up and said to hold still till that feeling stopped. I did just that and when it let up I slide my cock in further. She moaned again and moved her hips a little to reposition the angle of her pussy to my cock. I felt like I hit bottom and still had over one third of my cock not inside her. I started to stroke back and forth, on the third stroke I blasted a full load of cum into her. It run out along side my cock and down her legs and all over my balls.

I started to pull out of her, but she took her legs out of the stirrups and wrapped them around me, holding my cock inside her. She said to keep stroking in and out. About two minutes of that and I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock and she again screamed out. I fell on top of her and just lay there of some time.

After a bit she asked me to get up and as I did my cock pulled out of her pussy with a pop. Juices leaked out all over the floor. She sat up and reached out to me to come closer so she could hug me. My cock was still semi hard and pocked her in the stomach. She laughed and reached out and stroked it a little.

She said that with this training and more on the days I come to work in the office, I should be just right for the other ladies of the “families” she had set up for me to work for.

We cleaned up the mess when her nurse knocked on the door and said her next patient had just complained that she was running twenty-five minutes late. She told her that she would be right into the next door examining room. I left before her to not arouse suspicions. She said she would see me in four days for more training.

When I got home my mother was on the phone and just smiled at me when I walked in the door.

I went up to my room to clean up before supper. When I got down to supper mom asked if all went well at Dr. Johnson’s office. I told her I thought the job was going to work out well and that if all went as planned, I would be become an expert in office filling and keeping things in the proper places.

Mom asked if I would have time to get out yard mowed before Saturday. I told her I would and she then told me that when I was done she needed to have me meet the new housekeeper she was planning on hiring to help her around the house.. I said that would be great and headed of to my room. I think I was never going to get sleep thinking about what had happened this afternoon and my cock got ragingly hard just thinking about it.

Mom came in to make sure that all was ok and noticed my cock standing at attention under the blanket. She just kissed me on the cheek and patted it with a smile and said good night as I had had a hard enough day as it was. I could not believe my mother had touched my cock through the blanket.

The next morning mother said that Mrs. Nelson had called before I had gotten up and asked if I could come over early this afternoon and get her lawn mowed and trimmed for a party she was going to have the that evening.

I called Mrs. Nelson back and said I would be over later in the day to take care of the yard and such.

To be continued…

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