My Epic Wife: Candle Wax


He came home to a house that was quiet, and with the lights on low it seemed empty. He locked the front door and looked around, slightly confused. Usually his wife was in the kitchen fixing something up or bouncing around the house doing random chores, but he couldn’t see or hear her. He set his laptop bag down and dropped his keys into the basket by the door. His day had been long and he wanted to forget about it. He walked back toward the bedroom and came up short when he walked through the doorway.

He blinked, not quite comprehending what he was seeing. There was his wife, his beautiful Bella, laying on her stomach completely naked. She had a blindfold on and there were restraints laying next to her arms and legs but not attached to her. On the bedside table was a hand towel with a candle, a lighter and one of his knives he kept very sharp. His brain lit up like a Christmas Tree! He had talked to Bella about his fetish for wax and working with her on how to be his sub. He started yanking his clothes off as fast as he could, this was something he would be doing nude.

After lighting the candle, he gently touched the back of her leg at the end of the bed, letting her know he was there, trying his best not to startled her. She was warm to his touch and he felt the softness of her skin, enjoying the pleasure of it as he slowly ran his hands up and down her legs to further warm up her skin. He trailed his fingers down the back of her knee, down her calf, and slowly took hold of one of her ankles, he took the leather restraint and carefully locked it in place around her ankle, then gently set her leg back on the bed. He felt her breath hitch slightly when he placed the leather on her ankle, and hoped it was turning her on as much as it was him. He continued to rub and warm her other leg, repeating the process of just touching her, getting her familiar with him being there, then placing the second leather restraint around her other ankle and placing her leg on the bed as well.

He leaned over and once both of her ankles were firmly in the leather cuffs, he knelt on the bed next to her, trailing kisses up her legs, slowly running his hands up her body as his lips followed. He moved up to have easier access to her ass and back, trailing his hands up and rubbing her skin, feeling the softness and kissing wherever his hands went. He could feel his cock twitch every time he heard her gasp with the touch of his hands and lips on her body. He loved watching her body respond to him, like a puppet only he could tweak the strings to correctly. diyarbakır escort He rubbed up her back and gently but firmly rubbed and kissed each arm until he got to her wrist and gently placed each wrist into the leather cuffs. Once her body had been rubbed, kissed, properly warmed up and fully restrained, he leaned down to her ear and whispered “My Love, my Queen, are you feeling safe and comfortable?” He felt her nod but told her, “Darling, I need you to tell me, I need the words.”

Bella swallowed before telling him, “Yes Love, I am comfortable and am safe.” He smiled, she was such a good girl for him.

He looked down at his wife, the most beautiful woman he had ever known, placing the ultimate amount of trust in him to submit herself to this fetish of his. He slid his hand over her back, soft and beautiful, and took the candle carefully and dripped the melted wax slowly down her back from her shoulders to her lower back, stopping right before he dripped the wax over her nice round ass. He set the candle aside and picked up the knife. He carefully knelt beside his wife, blindfolded and restrained with the leather cuffs they had bought months ago. His cock was so hard he almost couldn’t stand it from the excitement of it.

The knife was in his hand as he knelt next to her on the bed and he placed one large, warm hand on her shoulder where there were no wax drippings. He bent over and carefully, ever so gently, slid the sharp knife between the hardened wax and his wife’s unblemished skin. Slowly he worked to remove the wax, feeling her tremble slightly as he did. Once the first piece of wax was fully removed, he gently stroked Bella’s cheek, he saw her lips break into a sexy little smile and he felt himself melt faster than the candle wax had. He went back to working the wax off her delicate skin with his knife, watching her skin tremble and twitch when he touched her, working hard to be extremely careful not to leave a single mark upon her during the removal process.

The wax being removed by him, gave him the feeling of renewal, of control, of excitement. As he removed the wax pieces, he stroked the newly revealed skin, giving gentle kisses as he went. He was down to he last few pieces that he had dripped near her beautiful round ass and watched her tremble as his left hand slid down her back, and to the back of her thighs. He gently slid his hand between her thighs, and continued slowly up, until his fingertips barely touched her pussy. He could feel her wetness without doing more than grazing the outside of her lips. Knowing how much this experience had turned her on only drove his desire higher. He teased her, gently stroking her until his fingers were wet with her and then slid his hand back to her ass to hold her still while he removed the last couple pieces of wax.

When the removal process was complete, he took the hand towel and drenched it in nice, warm water, bringing it back to the bed and gently washing Bella’s back and shoulders to make sure all the wax was gone from her. He dropped the towel next to the bed and knelt next to his wife, he slid his hand between her thighs, going back to her wet pussy and sliding his fingers up and down, not sliding inside her, only teasing her until she was squirming against his hand. He moved to kneel between her legs, still cuffed in the leather and restrained. He slid his large hands up the back of her thighs, squeezing and rubbing until she was moaning in pleasure.

He glanced down to see the wetness of her, he smiled to himself, she was more than ready for him. Grabbing a pillow, he lifted her hips off the bed enough to push the pillow underneath her, elevating her hips into the air. He knelt behind her, that glorious ass and wet pussy exposed completely to his sight, her body restrained so that she was his completely. Sliding his hands up her legs and over her hips he moved closer and gently teased her pussy with the tip of hic cock, sliding up and down with her wetness, but not penetrating her yet. His hand went underneath her to find and stroke her clit as he did this. Her hips rocked back as much as they could with the restraints in place and he knew she was trying so hard to demand him being inside her while being completely immobile.

Slowly, while he rubbed her clit, he slid his throbbing cock inside her, she went completely still as he moved, little by little going deeper inside her until he was fully in and pressed up against her ass. He heard her moan in pleasure and felt her wetness surround him, hot, drenched and he was as ready as she was now. He grabbed her hips and with a firm grip, slid himself almost completely out and then firmly back in, seating himself to the hilt of his cock, feeling her squirming only increased his pleasure as it made her pussy clench around him as he slid in and then out, long, full strokes that had her whimpering and writhing as much as possible while being restrained the way she was.

He knew he was getting close and wasn’t about to let her go unsatisfied, not after the amazing gift she had given him tonight. He knew what her buttons were and intended to push every single one of them to make her explode. He shortened his thrusts up just slightly so her could slide his hand back underneath her and find her clit. He felt her jerk back against him and moan deeply when he found it and started rubbing, exactly the way he knew would send her over the edge. He said to her “Bella, baby girl, I want you to cum for me. I want to hear you scream for me, cum for me and show me that you’re Mine.” The last word he said in a slight growl, and he felt her clench around his cock, her ass pushing towards him, demanding all of him. He reveled in her release, listened to her half moan and half yell of pleasure as he watched her back go into shudders while she came on his cock. He grabbed her hips with both large hands and thrust into her hard and deep, feeling her pussy trying to tighten around him again and again, until he felt his body explode, he slammed his cock into her as deep as he could, cumming inside her. He groaned with the release, his whole body slightly tingling with it.

He stayed there inside his wife until his breathing calmed down a bit. His smile was big and warm as he removed himself and then carefully removed each of the four leather cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Bella was almost hot to the touch, and the sparkle in her eyes when he removed the blindfold told him everything he had wanted to ask. She had absolutely enjoyed this as much if not more than he had, it had been a complete submission to him, and he couldn’t be happier with his epic wife.

He carefully helped her stand up and walked her into the bathroom where he started the shower, making sure it was warm, not too hot. He helped her into the shower and told her, “Be a good girl and let me take care of you.” She just smiled and nodded, standing there while he gently washed her body of the remaining wax and their amazing sex. He checked to make sure she was unscathed from the incident, that he had done his job in keeping her safe and protected. Once his inspection was complete, he turned the shower off and helped her out, taking the towel and drying her off. He picked her up, still wrapped in the towel and took her back to the bed, laying her in the comfy sheets after he had removed the lingering pieces of wax from their episode. After he had her snuggled into the bed, he turned off the lights and got under the covers with her. Grabbing her and pulling her onto his chest, he felt her lay her head on his chest and slid up to the side of his body, after she stopped squirming he heard her sigh of contentment, and he smiled, this was the beginning of another level to their marriage, on an epic level…

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