My Ex GF Ch. 01: Let’s Go for That Run


I came home one night when my girlfriend was out of town and wrote this. It’s based on a real ex girlfriend and realistic scenarios. It’s my first time writing, so go easy on me and would love feedback! If you like it, I have a couple more stories in me I’m sure.


“Hey! I’m back in town, let’s go for that run!”

Looking at the text message, I wondered if this was going to be trouble. It had been six years since we had broken up. Six years since our wild alcohol and drug fueled relationship had disintegrated, and I had moved on, sobered up, gotten a great job, fell in love… Two years since my relationship had become routine. I loved my girlfriend, I loved our home, and I loved my job. What I didn’t love was that my girl and I had stopped having sex. It’s not uncommon; you live with someone, you see them every day, and the one who used to be new and fresh was suddenly old and routine. How many times can you fuck the same person before it stops being exciting?

I had recently gotten back in touch with my ex on Facebook. Innocent comments on her pictures, encouraging words on her status updates. That had developed into occasional chats online. Innocent chats, talking about what we were doing with ourselves. She had recently quit her corporate job to follow her passion. She had always been fit, but had recently taken it to a whole new level. First she started running, finished a half marathon, then a full one. Studying nutrition and fitness, she decided to start consulting as a personal trainer. Jokingly, I mentioned in a chat that I could use a trainer, that I had started to let myself go.

“I’m actually coming there next week, how about we go for a run and maybe I could give you some tips?”

When I opened the door, I could hardly believe my eyes. I’d seen the pictures on Facebook, but I wasn’t ready for what I saw before me. She was standing there decked out in short, white spandex shorts, with a matching spandex running top. She never had huge breasts, but what she did have were perfectly outlined in the tight white top. I could see a sliver of tanned midriff and, from her hips to her incredibly tight stomach, I liked what I saw.

I knew I had long passed the length of a reasonable up and down, but I couldn’t help myself. I lazily trailed my gaze from her navel, up through the valley of lightly goose pimpled cleavage, up her neck, taking in her full lips, curled into an amused smile, past her pert nose, and to her two bright blue eyes. Her left eyebrow was slightly lifted, “So, are you ready for this?”

I looked down at myself. I wasn’t terribly out of shape, despite what I had told her. I’d always been athletic, and despite the last couple years of relative inactivity, I still had some muscle tone. A little belly had formed, but you could still see abs when I flexed. I had a five-pack, six in the right light. I was wearing some looser running shorts and shirt. “My shoes are tied, let’s do it!”

We headed off towards the nearest park at an easy pace, chatting and catching up.

Twenty minutes into the run, I started to tire. We still had a couple more K to go before we got back, and I was really wondering if I was going to make it. As we hit the hill, I started to slow a bit. She continued to power on ahead. Her ass and legs were unbelievable. I drunk in the view, ripping my gaze up from the flexing muscles in her calves, up the back of her shapely thighs, to the prize of her teacup shaped and tightly covered ass. With each step, one or the other mound of flesh pushed back towards me. Sweat at had inundated her spandex, and I realized as I was staring between those two cheeks, that it had become slightly transparent. I could see the lightness of her skin beneath the sweated material, and was drawn invitingly into the darkened area between her ass and down between her thighs. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath the shorts.

I became almost hypnotized, running blankly now, and felt my cock start to harden as I imagined licking the sweat from the bank of flesh between her shirt and pants. I wanted to peel her pants down and bury my face between her perfectly muscled ass cheeks. As I forgot where I was, and really entered my fantasy, my dick responded appropriately. A bit overzealously, as running in loose shorts with a hard on is really not the most pleasant thing in the word.

“Uh, are you ok?”

I snapped out of my reverie, tore my gaze from her ass, and met her playfully smiling face. She was looking back at my awkward run.

“I’ve got a bit of a cramp, let’s take a breather.”

“Alright, let’s stretch it out. Lie on your back.” We had found a clearing behind some trees, near the running path. I complied and laid on the spring grass, and she stood above me, arms akimbo. The view of her tight abs, strong thighs and the mound of her covered pussy, framed by the tops of green trees and the blue spring sky, was amazing. Even if everything else was wrong about our relationship, the beylikdüzü escort sex was always right. I was having a hard time reminding myself that I was in a relationship as memories of all the times that she and I had fucked outdoors overwhelmed me. This was bad.

Blood flowed towards my groin as she crouched down between my legs, surveying me. Her eyes paused at my waist, and she examined the outline of my dick pressing against my shorts. With a knowing cluck she knelt down to me. She took my left leg up on to her shoulder as she balanced on one knee between my legs and placed her hands on my shin and thigh. She ran her hand from my thigh around to the hamstring, “Does it hurt here?” Ignoring my face, her eyes appeared to be fixed on my hard on.


Around to the side of my leg, she drew her silky hand down my outer thigh until she was nearly at my ass. Her soft hands running down my sensitive skin causing my dick to jump. She firmly gripped the back of my leg near my ass, causing more blood to rush towards my dick. My cock was pressing against the waistband of my shorts now, my erection straining towards her. “So it hurts here?”

“The problem is actually nearer to my quad.” My girlfriend was being pushed further from my mind as I stared at her tits, wanting to reach up and pull her to me. Instead, I kept my hands rigid at my sides, trying to maintain my composure.

Her hand slid back around my leg, and she dug her thumb into my quad near my knee, and massaged the muscle down towards my groin. As she got closer, I had to suppress a desire to raise my hips to meet her hand. I kept playing the game and didn’t move. “This quad feels fine, and you’re not pulling away so obviously not in pain. Maybe the problem is your groin?” She placed her palm on the quad, and ran it around to the inside of my thigh. She pushed her hands into my shorts, under the pant leg, looked me in the eyes and cupped her hand against the tendon in my groin. My shaft was pushed against the back of her thumb. My balls rested against the backs of her fingers. “Is this the problem? Is it the tendon?”

I opened my mouth slightly. My eyes didn’t leave hers. “You’re getting closer.”

Her eyelids were partially closed at this point. I remembered this look from years ago. I broke eye contact and she watched me look between her legs. The outline of pussy lips were visible through the tight fabric of the shorts. I knew that she was wet. If not from sweat, then from the knowledge that she was driving me insane with lust. It had always turned her on to turn me on. She spread her knees slightly, giving me a better view.

I expected her to move her hand to my balls, to gently massage them, and then bring it up to my cock. That’s not what happened. Instead, I gasped and started in surprise. Her hands had gone the other direction and she had her hand firmly on my ass, her thumb playfully pushing into the crack outside my underwear. “Oh, so your gluts are causing the problem? Ok, I have a good stretch for that. Bend your leg over my shoulder.”

She straddled my straight leg, and pressed her body against the one over her shoulder. I could feel her breasts against the back of my knee and she leaned forward. Her face came towards mine, “Tell me when it’s too much” She pressed her full body forward against me and the skin between her breasts stuck against the back of my leg. Her mound was pressing against my other thigh which was stretched out on the floor between knees. Almost imperceptibly, she started grinding her hips. Miniscule rotations that I might not have noticed if the heat from her pussy wasn’t so obvious. Her right knee was wedged pleasantly up against my balls, her tits and shoulder against my thigh. As she leaned forward, I could feel the length of my cock against her stomach. I could have licked her lips if I raised my head just barely off the ground. A trickle of sweat fell from the tip of her nose onto my lips. My dick was throbbing, I flexed it against her.

“I think we’re getting there.”

Her hips were rotating more noticeably now, grinding down against my thigh. I flexed my dick in time, squeezing, feeling the pressure build. The friction started to push her shirt upwards, exposing more of her tight stomach. It pressed against my cock as she pushed harder against me. I could cum like this. She looked into my eyes, she licked her lips.

All I had to do was reach up and grab her hair, pull her to me. I’d run my other hand from her hip down under her shorts. Pull her onto on to my lap. Grind my dick into her pussy through our shorts, run my tongue across her lips and then into her mouth. I’d pull my waist band down, she’d pull her spandex to the side. She would climb on top of me, run one hand up my chest and the other to my cock. A squeeze and a stroke, while she straddles my hips. She’d rub the head of my dick against her pussy, make sure to get her wetness to her clit. She’d tease beyoğlu escort me, smile and laugh, and jerk my dick against her pussy lips and clit. I’d wait, massage her thighs, and enjoy the show. She’d guide my dick into her, and lower herself down. It would be tight at first, she was always tight, and so she’d just ease in the tip. I’d reach up one hand to massage her neck, down to her tits. My other hand from her lower back to her ass, under the shorts. I’d squeeze and push her towards me. She’d gasp as my dick penetrated more deeply. My other hand would join on her second cheek. I’d pull her and raise my hips to bury myself completely inside her. She’d be mine. We’d fuck like animals. I’d press a wet fingertip into her asshole and tell her to fuck me harder. I’d rub her clit and piston her ass, and pussy, my dick harder than it’s been in years. I’d sit up and bury my face between her sweaty breasts, bite at her nipples through the running bra before sticking a second finger in her ass. With my other hand, I’d rub her clit, harder as she starts bouncing and grinding faster and faster. Little screams escaping her lips as she gets closer to orgasm. I’d feel her pussy muscles start to clamp down, tighter and tighter. “I’m gonna come” Her screams get more pitched, and she grabs the hand that is going after her ass and hold me tight. She’s coming, I keep going but more gently on her clit, and slow down my thrusts. Her pussy would be so tight against my dick, I’d feel my own balls tighten. She cums for ages. I’d kiss her deeply, her eyes closed, I’d pull her hair back so she’s arched backwards on me. I’d look at her tits, her stomach, her convulsing pussy and my dick buried to the hilt. One more deep thrust, and I’d unload deep inside her.

And then I’d feel the crushing guilt. I am in a relationship, and I never wanted to cheat.

“We have to stop.”

She froze. “Really? Why? Things are just getting good” and she pressed herself more tightly against my hard on.

I steeled myself, “We’re supposed to be running.”

As I said the words, her expression went from sultry to surprise. She pulled back, let down my leg, and balanced crouched on both feet. Her gaze wandered down to shorts, which were now even more tightly constricting my hard on. I reflexively flexed my dick and felt it strain against the fabric. A large wet spot had form where my precum had inundated the fabric.

“You are thinking too much.”

I put one hand behind my head, and the other on my stomach. I looked from her eyes, which were still concentrating on my twitching dick, back down to her cleavage. She was breathing more heavily than was strictly required based on the run, and she slightly spread her legs further. She brought her hand to her knee, and ran it down her inner thigh towards her white shorts. I wondered if she was as wet as I was.

She looked at me again, brought her hand up to her mouth. She ran her finger across her lips, and then into her open mouth. I could see the saliva on her tongue and she sucked her finger. She took her hand out of her mouth, “Don’t think so much.” With her other hand she pulled her waist band away from her stomach, revealing muscled hips and a flat, smooth, lower belly. Her wet hand dived down into her shorts.

My dick jumped as I watched. She kept looking at me as she started to work her hand under her shorts. Her eyes slowly closed, and she tilted her head back. I watched as she fingered herself, reminded why it was so fun to date this glorious specimen of a woman. Why should she have all the fun? My hand slipped into my pants as well.

I wrapped my hand around my shaft, and slowly started to stroke under my shorts. She sat back against a tree and, bent her knees, spreading her legs to shoulders width. Our hands both started to move faster, our breathing getting quicker and louder, we traded glances and then looked back at each other, watching each other get off. “Let me see it,” she bit her lip again. “Show me your dick.”

I looked around. There was still no one on the path and being caught jerking off with this gorgeous woman by strangers was not high on my list of concerns. I could see the muscles in her stomach contracting as she flexed her core, crushing her fingers. The top of her pants had been pushed down, revealing a peak at her pussy, which I could see she still shaved.

“Glad to see you haven’t changed…” Struggling a bit, I pulled my shorts down past my knees, and spread my legs, my underwear and shorts pooled at my feet.

“Oh there he is, I remember him. Look at all that juice, just like old times. Yum…” The head of my cock was red, and already glistening with precum. I ran my hand around the tip, and down the shaft.

“Taste it.” She said, “Lick your palms,” as she brought her own hand up to her mouth. I did the same, and tasted the salty flavor. I was never particularly into this, but watching as she fellated her fingers while looking bizimkent escort between me and my dick was a nice effect. I brought my now wet hands to my cock and started stroking in earnest, running my slippery hands up over the head and down the length of my shaft. She reached up and pulled her top up over her head.

Sitting outside, about three feet from a woman splayed out in front of me, one hand rubbing her now exposed tits, her other frigging her clit, her lust started to take over. She coaxed me, “work that dick, yeah. Oh it’s so hard for me isn’t it? You want it in my mouth, yeah.. fuck my mouth, stick it down my throat.” She’d always had a dirty mouth. Not wanting to interrupt her, I kicked off my shorts entirely. I cupped my balls with one hand and slowed down my stroking with the other – not wanting to blow too soon.

She got up on all fours, and crawled towards me, catlike. Her mouth was partially open and between sentences she wagged her tongue at me. “I want to run my tongue up and down you. Grab my hair and fuck my mouth like you used to.” She bit her lip and squinted her eyes as she reached back between her legs to continue rubbing her clit. Faster now, I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was. She brought her mouth towards me, her lips spreading, prepared to take me inside. I stared at her lips, stroking faster now, imaging how good the warm wetness of her beautiful mouth would feel.

Right as her wet lips brushed the tip, I grunted, “Turn around. Show me your ass. Spread your pussy lips. Show me inside.” Speaking like a cave-man, too horny to formulate sentences.

With a moan, she complied. Her muscled ass wet with sweat and pushed back, her back arched, exposing herself wantonly.

Each of my strokes was loudly smacking now with the sound of my pre cum. I kneeled behind her and kept beating my meat as she stretched her pussy lips apart so I could see more of her. It was so wet that strands of her delicious lubricant were visible between her lips. Her hips were slowly twerking up and down as she fingered her clit. I was kneeling close now, still controlling my stroking. I aimed my dick towards her, and could see her looking back between her legs. “Oh god, please fuck me. Give me that dick, please put it in me. I haven’t wanted it this bad. No one will know, just give me your dick, give me your cum.”

It would be so easy. One thrust of my hips and I’d be in there. The head was dark red now, bordering on purple. My balls were tightening and every ounce of my being was telling me to forget everything and give this girl what she wanted, what we both wanted.

But another part of me was thinking that, for now, there hadn’t been any sexual contact. That this was still, somehow, ok. That there was still plausible deniability. That I wasn’t cheating. People don’t think clearly when they are strung out.

“Not today. You’re just going to have to keep wanting it. To keep rubbing that pussy and showing off your body. That’s all you’re going to get, you slut. Let me see you cum. Rub that pussy and imagine me pounding you.” Her asshole started to quiver. I wanted to stick my tongue in it, instead, I leaned forward. She could feel it, and she nearly yelped with excitement, thinking I’d finally given up and would fuck her. Instead, I let a long, thick strand of saliva fall from my mouth directly onto her asshole.

“Bulls eye”

She moaned as my hot spit trickled down her ass crack down to her pussy. She reached back and pushed it inside with two fingers, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around her knuckles. Her breath was coming in short burst now. Both our hands were flying, banging away at our respective parts, both of us starting to lose track of where we were and what was happening.

She gasped, “I’m gonna come baby, and I want you to come too. Cum on my ass. Cum on my asshole. Give it to me baby, I want to feel it. It’s not cheating, just do it. Do it do it do it.” And she started to cum. Her shuddering speech degrading into a series of sharp gasping screams. My hand was a blur and I felt my orgasm start to build.

I slowed my stroking to extend the glorious build up as she continued to cum in front of me. Her hips quaking, her fingers buried to the hilt inside her, I felt the first wave of my orgasm finally start. The first rocket burst from my badly aimed dick and ejected onto the back of her head and between her shoulder blades. I aimed downward, and the next pulse ejected my juice directly between her ass cheeks.

“oh god oh god oh god. Good goood, yeeesssss” she wailed, reaching with one hand to spread her cheeks for me as I painted her ass. An epic flow of pent up sexual energy and suppressed cum continued to pump from my balls. Spasm after spasm of cum was splattered audibly over her lower back, asshole, fingers and cunt as her own orgasm started to subside. She slowly pushed and pulled her cum covered fingers in and out of her pussy.

My mouth hanging open, I stared at the scene in front of my and juiced my still rock hard cock for all it was worth, small aftershocks producing pulses of cum from the tip. Rubbing my balls to empty them as totally as I could, I dripped everything I had down onto the lovely site in front of me. Finally, it was over. I’d been holding my breath for the tail end of the epic orgasm, and released it now loudly.

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