My First Bi MMF


I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend Lorna now for a few years. We’re both in our mid 30s and I have to tell you, I lucked out when it came to her. Long dark curly hair, tiny waist, tight butt and large tits. The kind you get lost in for days on end…… You get the picture.

We have always had an amazing sex life too, ranging from slow sensual love making sessions to the other end of the spectrum.

One night, we were fooling around in bed and she pulled out the strap on we keep in the drawer. I immediately felt my cock throb even harder as I love when she pegs me. She slipped it on, applied large amounts of lube and positioned the 7inch dildo at my ass and gentle applied pressure as she leaned over me. I moan and groaned as I felt it slide deep into my back passage and start rubbing against my prostate. When she had bottomed out, she started to slowly pull out and thrust back, building up a rhythm until she was fucking me good and fast.

‘That’s it, take my big fat cock’ she growled at me.

‘Fuck yes, fuck me please!’ I begged her.

Next thing out of her mind was a bit of a shocker, I’ll admit but we usually engage in some dirty talk in bed and most of the time it’s just a spur of the moment thing.

‘I’d love to see you take a real cock in your ass as I sit on your face!’

At this point, passion had overtaken me and I think even I was surprised by what came out of my mouth.

‘Yes, yes! Anything for you!’ I groaned.

Taking this as a positive, she kept fucking me, telling me how she’s going to see me take a cock down my throat and up my ass. All the dirty talk was turning me on more than I can remember and next thing I know she grabs my cock, gives it a couple of tugs and I am spewing cum all over my stomach.

As we caught our breaths and cleaned ourselves up, we were lying in bed and she turned to me.

‘Did you mean it? When you said you would do that for me?’ She asked.

‘To be honest, I’m not sure. I got kinda caught up in the moment’ I replied. As I said this, she had this playful smirk on her face as we cuddled in and went to sleep.

As I lay there in the dark, I couldn’t help but think. I had been curious about what it would be liked to be with another man sexually. While watching porn I tended to go for the ones with big dicks and was just as turned on watching the woman as I was watching the porn studs do their thing, wondering what it would be liked to feel a cock in my mouth and up my ass.

As I grew older however, these thoughts happened less and less and since I met Lorna, I barely thought about it all, such was the amazing sex life we had. The dirty talk had however reawakened these thoughts and I fantasised about cock as I drifted off to sleep.

The next few weeks passed as normal, though I noticed that the anal play and pegging became more frequent than before (not that I was complaining!) eve gelen escort and the dirty talk continued. Even the porn we watched changed to include bigger cocks and dominant woman pegging their men. Looking back on it now, it was obvious what she was up to but at the time I didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward a few weeks and I came home from work as normal and Lorna was already home. She was looking very dressed up and I immediately felt my cock twitch when I saw her.

‘You’re looking awfully dressed up tonight’ I commented.

‘Yeah, Steve from work is leaving and we’re having a few drinks at the bar round the corner if you fancy joining us?’

‘Nah I’ll stay home, you go have fun’ I said.

‘Awwww, Paul please come with me. I always have more fun when you’re out and you know everyone, I work with already so it’s not like you’ll be with strangers’ She pleaded and then batted her eyelashes at me.

I laughed a little,

‘You know I can’t say no to you, give me 5 minutes to get changed’.

Sure enough, within 10 minutes I was there and Lorna was at the bar with her workmates. I ordered a beer and joined the group. The chat was flowing as freely as the drinks and by the end of the night it was just me, Lorna and Steve left standing. The bar called last orders and Lorna asked Steve if she would like to come back to ours for a nightcap as we weren’t ready to stop partying.

We got back home and Lorna poured the drinks. I could tell she was feeling frisky as alcohol always does that to her and, truth be told, I was looking forward to Steve leaving so we could have some fun.

As we sat on the couch, she had her hand on my thigh and was rubbing the inside of my leg, I could see Steve glancing over now and again but just thought Lorna was teasing me for later. Next thing I know, her hand is on my crotch and now she definitely has my, and Steve’s attention.

‘I have something to tell you’ She asks me.

‘Uh huh?’

‘Steve’s gay, we were chatting at work and he mentioned that he thought you were an attractive guy. We went out for drinks one night after work and I told him how you like to get your ass played with and how I dreamt of seeing you with a real cock to play with’

Gotta admit, I was pretty shocked but the drinks had been flowing and I was more curious than anything.

Next thing I know, Steve has replaced her hand with his and is rubbing my crotch and my rapidly growing cock.

‘You sure you’re ok with this babe?’ She asked me.

‘Yeah, so far’ I half moaned.

I closed my eyes and could feel Steve unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them, and my boxers, down which allowed my cock to spring free.

I could feel his hand on my cock, gently running his fingers up and down and when I opened my eyes, I saw Lorna sitting on the gaziosmanpaşa escort opposite chair, her dress pulled up and her fingers in her panties.

I pulled my t-short off over my head and was now completely naked while Steve kept massaging my aching cock and balls. I closed my eyes again and allowed myself to enjoy the feeling and then I felt his hot breath at the base of my cock and he licked the shaft all the way to the tip. He did that a few more times then when he got to the top, he opened his mouth slid my cock inside.

Now, let me tell you that Lorna gives amazing head but there’s something about getting a blowjob from a guy that is straight up insane. He worked my cock like nothing I had ever experienced before, his tongue was sending me absolutely insane.

After a few minutes of this he stopped, I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I see Lorna, now completely naked and rubbing her clit, her eyes filled with lust and Steve stripping off. As he pulled his boxers and jeans off his cock sprang free. Probably about 7 inches, shaved and thick.

‘Like what you see?’ He asked, with a smirk.

‘Fuck yes I do.’

I got off the seat and got on my knees in front him, gently taking his cock in my hands and started to jack him off. It felt hard and soft at the same time.

‘Do you want to suck it?’ he asked.

I looked over at Lorna who was still playing her pussy.

‘Do it baby, suck his cock for me’ she growled.

That was all the invitation I needed. I opened my mouth and took the spongy head of his cock in my mouth, trying to do to him what he did to me. Slowly teasing the tip with my tongue and then working my way down the shaft. He started slowly rocking his hips so his cock slid in and out of mouth and I opened my mouth wide and tried to take as much of his cock as I could. I should mention I was absolutely rock solid at this point. I reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks as he started to increase the pace.

‘Fuck baby’ she moaned ‘That’s so fucking hot.’

I started to get into a rhythm and relaxed my throat so he could go deeper and deeper and before I knew it, I had his entire throbbing shaft in my throat. I felt strangely proud that I was deep throating the first cock I had ever sucked.

‘Fuck Paul, are you sure this is the first cock you have sucked? You’re a natural cocksucker!’

His praise filled me with warmth and lust. I was determined now, determined to have him fill my belly with cum while Lorna watched.

Unfortunately though he stopped and pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth.

‘Not this time, tonight my cum goes somewhere else’ He smirked at me again.

What I didn’t know was that while I was lost in the sensations of giving my first blowjob, Lorna had gone to our bedroom and gotten the lube.

‘On your gölbaşı escort back, I wanna see your face as you get taken by a cock for the first time’ He ordered me.

Wanting to please him, my natural submissive side took over so without a word I lay on my back on the living room floor and lifted my legs.

He applied a generous amount of lube to my ass and slid one, then two fingers inside me to loosen me up. When he was convinced, I was ready, he took his cock in his hand and put the head and my virgin hole and applied pressure.

His cock was thicker than the strap on we used so it took a bit of effort but with a pop, and a gasp from me, his cock his was through my ring. He held it there for a minute to let me get used to the sensation then slowly started to apply more pressure to glide his cock up my well lubed asshole.

Soon enough, I could feel his balls against my ass. I was full, and I fucking loved it. The sensations of having a real cock up my ass were so different to the strap on, I could feel him twitch inside of me.

He started to pull back, nearly all the way, until only the head of his cock was still in me then pushed forward.

To be honest, I was so lost in the sensations I nearly forgot Lorna was watching.’

‘Baby, that is the hottest thing I have ever seen!’

I couldn’t even respond, all I could do was moan as he slowly fucked me. Soon enough though he picked up the pace and it wasn’t long until he was ramming me with a good rhythm, his cock rubbing against my prostate as he slid in and out of me.

I saw Lorna move off the seat and straddle my face, facing Steve.

‘You know what I want baby’ she purred as he lowered her soaking wet pussy onto my face.

I attacked her slit with my mouth as Steve fucked me and she watched his cock sawing in and out of me. Her moans were incredible, as I tongued her clit as Steve went fast and harder.

I wanted to moan for him to fuck me harder but with a mouth full of pussy all I could do was moan as loudly as I could which he took as encouragement.

Within a few minutes, Lorna was riding my face as hard as she could, pulling on my nipples and Steve was fucking my ass as hard as I have ever been fucked.

Something had to give soon and I felt it. A tingling I had never felt before. From deep inside me I felt a warmth spread from my ass to the tip of my cock. I had never before cum without touching my cock but it was happening. It spread and became more intense, my moaning became louder until, finally, it happened. The single most intense orgasm of my life ripped right through me, I was shaking, sweating and if I could have screamed, I would have. I clamped my ass tight and was rewarded with jet after jet of cum deep into my bowels.

At the same time, Lorna screamed and sat even further down on my face smothering me as her own orgasm tore through her body.

I felt Steve withdraw his cock from my ass and I felt strangely empty without it. As I lay there catching my breath Lorna leaned over and tenderly kissed me.

‘I love you baby.’

‘I love you too’ I panted.

As time went on, we met Steve a few more times until he moved away to a different city but nothing will ever compare to that first time.

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