My First Lesbian Experience

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This is a follow up to A New Role for My Husband


My life had changed and I was loving it. I met a woman who I found very impressive even before I discovered she was so like me. Miriam and I became fast friends and I told her about my dominance over Carl. She told me that she had had a very similar experience with her ex-husband, mainly she kicked his ass one time and dominated him until one weekend she was off with a couple of boyfriends (you greedy bitch I thought enviously) and he packed up his stuff and moved across the country to live with his sister.

Well I asked if maybe Miriam would like to wrestle Carl and she couldn’t agree fast enough or thank me enough for the chance. There wasn’t much doubt about the match Miriam is an attractive brunette 5-9 tall and weighs a very solid 260 pounds. Not overly big in the shoulders but nice fat tits and let’s just say a big wide hard ass and thick tree trunk thighs, damn what a powerhouse of a body.

I told Carl he had a match and I guess he knows his place by now he didn’t ask with who or anything he just wanted to know when. The evening of the match Carl seemed a little surprised to see Miriam as his opponent. Her size might have given him concern but when she stripped down to just a thong to take him on he got an eyeful. Carl had on a nice pair of bikini briefs and looked resigned to his impending defeat. Just to get in the flow of the evening I stripped down to just my little bikini panties to watch.

Miriam used her huge legs to maximum advantage trapping Carl first in a scissors around his waist which weakened him then with the head scissors that just about put him out. My husband’s head was totally hidden as it was engulfed in Miriam’s meaty thighs and squeezed like a grape. It was incredible to see Miriam use the power of those thighs.

Miriam lifted Carl to his feet, bent him down to trap him in a standing head scissors. She put her arms around Carl’s waist and lifting him not quite chest high several times taking the breath from him before dropping him to the floor. Then for her finisher Miriam straddled Carl’s chest facing his feet and leaned back to plant her big butt on his face. With his head firmly trapped between Miriam’s big butt cheeks I might have had some sympathy for my husband if he wasn’t so much of a wimp to get himself in that position. Miriam was content to just demonstrate her dominating victory sitting still with her hands on her wide hips and not do any serious damage to Carl and once he stopped flailing his arms she leaned forward to raise up off of him.

I went to assist Miriam off my husband’s face she got to her feet and as two very proud, powerful and happy women we hugged. Then I don’t know if poker oyna it was her or me but we were smiling and laughing face to face, while we hugged when we kissed. Even at first not just a quick peck but a lip smacker which continued as we hugged each other tighter with our breasts and bellies doing their own snuggling between us, we progressed to a mutual wet tongue dance. We kept our lips locked Miriam’s hands were rubbing my back and mine slid down past her waist to caress her awesome big bare butt and we were slowly grinding our thinly covered pussies together.

Now I had never had sex with another woman but when we finally came up for air I was flushed and as horny as hell and said, “So do we?”

Miriam squeezed my ass answering, “I want you every way I can get you.” So we rushed to the bedroom, with no thought of Carl as if he deserved one, Miriam grabbing her duffle bag along the way.

We helped each other out of out panties and tumbled onto the bed in each other’s arms. We kissed as our naked sweaty bodies molded together, our tits caressing each other’s, our legs wrapped around each other’s, pussies rubbing as we rolled over on top of each other before settling on our sides. Our lips parted and I was unsure what to do next but Miriam wasted little time sitting up and pivoting on her ass so we were facing in opposite directions. I didn’t need a road map to get between Miriam’s thighs and get my first taste of another woman while Miriam raised my left leg slightly to go down on me.

Although I had never gone down on another woman before it seemed basic enough, I just did what I liked having done to me. And apparently Miriam liked it as she came after less than a minute of my first muff dive. I came seconds later and we continued our mutual munchfest until we both got off again.

We came up for air and Miriam went over pulling an 18 inch double headed dildo from her bag and I gasped at the sight of it. “Oh never seen anything like this? It’s what every woman needs when she doesn’t have a man to jump on.”

I laughed and said, “Damn that’s enough to take care of two horny women alright.”

We were on our sides face to face giggling like schoolgirls and each of us slipped an end of that monster in. It wasn’t just the size of the double dong but it was like there was a kind of electricity flowing through it between us, it was so exciting. Working it deeper and holding each other I came even before my pussy bumped up against Miriam’s and the dildo disappeared in both of us.

So there we were 485 pounds of overheated horny female humping each other with a foot and a half of dildo buried in our pussies. We had our arms around each other’s chest and our legs were canlı poker oyna intertwined, every pore of my body was tingling.

That was when we started rolling, first to the left with Miriam on top of me then back to the right so I was top. We were laughing and kissing as we rolled back and forth, grinding our bushes together with that dildo dancing inside, it was a completely new feeling and so intense. Finally I could see Miriam was as out of breath as I was so we slowly backed away from each other reluctantly removing the double dong.

That just about wore both of us out so we decided to take a little break and a nap. Both of us were on our left side and I snuggled up behind Miriam in a spoon position. I put my right arm over Miriam’s body and she held my hand while I molded myself to her from behind. It was very relaxing as our bodies and legs took the same shape and I couldn’t believe the heat generated as I pressed my belly against her big butt, gawd I love that big butt of hers, do I sound maybe just a little jealous.

When we were rested and ready for more we rolled into a 69 clinch for a couple of orgasms each then Miriam went to her bag and took out her strap on saying, “I’m feeling my manly side coming out are you up for getting seriously fucked girlfriend?”

Staring at the thick ten inch dong in Miriam’s hands I rubbed my pussy teasingly and said. “Come and get it big girl you’re looking like a big girl stud right about now.”

I helped Miriam get into her harness then plopped my ass down on the bed. Miriam knelt between my legs and gently inserted the head of her dildo in my pussy. In no time Miriam was fucking me good and when I started humping my ass up off the bed back at her it got even better. It was incredible as Miriam put her weight into it pumping every inch of that dildo into me and driving my ass into the mattress with every stroke. Breathlessly Miriam asked if it was too hard or if she was hurting me and I was able to catch my breath long enough to answer, “It’s fucking awesome.”

So she continued to pound my pussy harder than any man I can remember ever fucking me. The feeling of just getting my big butt driven into the mattress by Miriam’s weight and power was new and exhilarating like nothing I had ever felt and I remember thinking, ‘I might need to get myself a big man to get fucked like this once and a while’ at least when Miriam is busy.

I was getting winded and finally Miriam was looking a bit flushed. So I put my arms around her and pulled her on top of me and we rested for quite a while and caught our breath.

After that we decided to take a shower since we had been going at it for some time and were sweating like crazy. I came internet casino more than once as Miriam and I washed each other and finger fucked each other, the water tickling my skin heightening the experience even more. Then it was back to the bed and that double dong, that thing can get addictive too I think.

We sat facing each other, I put my right leg over Miriam’s left and she put her right over my left. After inserting both ends of the 18 incher we started bouncing on our asses and inching forward towards each other. It was slow going and we were a little impatient so we began bouncing and humping a little faster towards each other. This got the double dong pushed deeper on both ends making the bed bounce some as well as getting both of us to laughing and giggling as we got things rolling.

We were hugging each other, our bodies getting closer together as we bounced closer on the bottom side. Finally when the dildo was out of sight and we were grinding our pussies together we shifted to grabbing each other’s ass. Then with our legs hooked around each other’s back we were more tightly mashing ourselves together from bush to head all the while kissing, laughing and giggling like little girls. We were rubbing our tits together, both of us cumming and having the best time, it was awesome.

After a break we kissed and hugged then 69’d for a while I don’t think either of us gets tired of that. When we came up for air Miriam grabbed the strap on and said, “Would you mind terribly getting manly and giving it to me up the ass, sometimes a girl just needs to get a good butt banging you know.”

I stood to let Miriam help me get the strap on situated and said, “My butt isn’t up for that but I’m more than happy to oblige if that’s what you need.”

Miriam handed me a tube of lube and got into position on her hands and knees. I gently worked two then three fingers into her butt and greased my ten inch pole in between working Miriam’s hole. Kneeling behind Miriam’s big butt was an awesome experience and she said, “I’m good to go.”

I rubbed one fat cheek and said, “Take a deep breath, because I’m ready to bang this nice big butt.”

I took a handful of Miriam’s ample hips in each hand and really started pumping that strap on into her ass. Miriam then grabbed the double dong and slipped it into her pussy and began fucking herself with it.

So there was Miriam getting it front and rear. After starting slowly to get the hang of it I was soon pumping all ten inches of that strap on up Miriam’s ass and banging my fat body against her big solid butt. It’s hard to say who was enjoying herself more. But I was sure out of this world hot.

We were both sweating and I knew I was running out of steam. So it wasn’t a shock when Miriam pitched forward and I fell on top of her. We were both satisfied and spent. After I removed the strap on we fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was a glorious new beginning for me and I was happy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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