My First Time at a Swinger’s Club Ch. 05

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“Yeah, really glad that you found your way back guys. Hello Keteira…my name is Sami. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Don’t mean to be so blunt Keteira, but how do you feel about being with another woman? The men can of course join us…in fact, I hope they do…but only after we have had some time for just the two of us!” was Sami’s reply.

Sami waited anxiously for Keteira’s answer. Judging by the look in her eyes…I think I can safely bet that she is in to me.

I soon got my answer as Keteira walked towards me and kissed me passionately on the mouth. She pushed her tongue right into my mouth and our tongues became entangled. She began running her fingers through my still damp hair, pulling me even closer to her, our breasts now touching. It felt so good to have her large warm breasts pressing so hard against mine. My arms wrapped around her back and pulled her so close that we ended up falling back onto the bed and she was on top of me, our kiss never breaking. I began to feel those warm tingles running through my body as she began to squirm on top of me. My legs spread allowing her body to fall in between them. Our hot bald pussies were touching and I could feel her moisture against me.

She broke away from our kiss and started to slide down my body leaving a trail of wet kisses. Soon she was at my breasts and she wasted no time kissing and sucking on them. First the right breast, her hot wet mouth covering my hard nipple, her tongue dancing all over my swollen bud. All I could do was moan and arch my back pressing my breast even harder to her mouth.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmm…Keteira…I can tell this isn’t your first time with a woman! Ohhhhhhh…you are making me so damn hot for you. Oh yesssssss…make me squirm Keteira!” was Sami’s response to the pleasure she was receiving.

Keteira moaned as she continued sucking and teasing my tit, sending wild vibrations throughout my nipple. My nipple was now so hard that it felt like it was going to explode. I reached up and pressed my left breast towards her hoping that she would give it the same wonderful pleasure that she had been giving my right breast. She took the bait and switched to my left tit. She swallowed even more of it and her tongue was flicking so hard against my erect nipple. Her tongue was torturing me as it flicked wildly back and forth across my hard nipple. Suddenly she stopped and grabbed both of my tits and smashed them together and began her assault on them. Her face was moving back and forth at such a fast pace that it had now become a blur. Her mouth so hot and wet…hungry for the taste of my tits. I arched my back and began to moan again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh damn Keteira…you are fucking awesome. Fuck this feels so good. MMMmmmmmmm…If my tits could cum, your face would be drenched darlin!” Sami said.

Keteira pulled herself away from my tits and began to laugh at my comment.

“It’s too bad that your tits can’t cum Sami…I am sure it would be so delicious! Don’t worry, before gaziantep escortlar this night is through, my face will be drenched with your cum.but it will be from your sweet pussy!” was Keteira’s response.

She again began to slide herself down my body leaving tender wet kisses as she went. She reached my navel and began to flick her tongue in and out of it. As she teased my navel with her tongue, she reached up with both hands and began playing with my large swollen breasts. I had never felt my breast get so hard before, I swear they felt like they had almost doubled in size from the arousal that I know felt. I had only been with a few women before, but Keteira was definitely the best.

I soon felt her mouth leaving my navel and traveling south. She continued as best she could to continue to squeeze and tease my breasts as her mouth got lower and lower. I could feel her hot breath against my smooth pussy; it felt like I was on fire. I knew that she would smell my sex as she got closer and closer to it. I wanted her to smell it, taste it, tease it, and most of all, I wanted her to enjoy it.

I reached down and spread my swollen lips for her; my pussy was so wet that it was hard to hold my lips apart for her. I couldn’t resist the urge to let my fingers do some exploring as I waited to see if she was indeed going to make me cum. I began running a finger across my engorged clit…it was more swollen than I had ever felt it before. My body was overcome with tingling sensations as my finger rubbed my clit very gently. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to stop or I was going to cum,.the sensations that I felt was more than anyone should be allowed to feel.

Keteira spread my legs even further apart with no resistance from me of course. I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do to my hot pussy. I began to feel her kissing my inner thigh, but she would always stop before her mouth would touch my pussy. Kissing up one thigh and then the other…over and over again. I couldn’t take it anymore and began to raise my hips up so that my pussy would be so close that she wouldn’t be able to keep herself from kissing it. Then IT happened!! Her tongue dove right in and pushed deep inside of me. Her mouth sucking my juices down her throat as she tongue fucked me.

“OHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddddd…..Keteira! OH damnnnnnnnnn……….yesssssssssss…fuck me girl….drink my juices…fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss!” Sami screamed.

Sami’s scream stopped suddenly as she felt a cock slide into her mouth. I looked up and there stood Steve with the biggest grin on his face and a big hard on to match it. He rammed it into my mouth forcing his cock to go deep…he began fucking my face while Keteira tongue fucked my pussy. I had never done Steve before as we had never even talked about doing each other…I was damn glad that he wanted me right now though as his cock felt so good in my mouth. All I could do at this point was moan over and over again sending those special vibrations throughout Steve’s cock.

My hips began to thrust up and down…my pussy was so hungry…I needed a good fucking and I needed it now. Keteira must have ESP, because the next thing I know I can feel something hard invading my pussy. I pushed Steve aside for a moment so that I could see what was going on. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I seen Keteira standing there with a strap-on attached to herself.

“Holy Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…you really know how to treat a gal Keteira. Please…..pleaseeeeee…fuck me Keteira. Let my pussy swallow you…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I screamed.

She smiled and began to move towards my awaiting pussy. She leaned down and gave my pussy one final lick and then she slid the strap-on into me nice and easy. It just slid right in, as I was already so damn wet. In and out…in and out…she fucked me. Pressing forward just a little more with every stroke.

“How does that feel Sami? Do you want it deeper…harder? Do you want me to play with that pretty little clit of yours? Don’t be shy now Sami…it is too late to turn back now darlin!” Keteira said.

“It feels absolutely fanfuckingtastic Keteira. Yes I want it deeper and harder. Please play with my clit as you fuck me Keteira. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…just like that…mmmmmmmmm…damn your are incredible. MMMmmmmmmmmm….fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” was Sami’s reply.

Keteira began thrusting deeper and harder in and out of Sami, her thumb reaching down and playing with her clit. I began thrusting back meeting every one of her thrust. It felt like the strap-on was buried deep inside of me. I could feel my muscles contracting and relaxing with every new thrust…my orgasm was going to come with a loud bang.

Steven returned with his mighty hard-on and began fucking my mouth again. His cock was so hard and thick…I could feel his veins bulging as his cock slid up and down my tongue. Sucking his cock created a diversion from what was happening to my pussy. I began to relax some as I continued to suck Steve. Moaning to give him more pleasure and to let Keteira know just how good she was making me feel.

She began to rub my clit harder, fucking my pussy harder, and saying things to make me cum.

“Come on Sami…cum for us…let us know just how good you feel at this very moment. Let yourself go Sami…just relax and let it cum…Enjoy those intense feelings…that’s it are almost there…just a little more Sami…cummmmmmmmmmmm Sami!” said Keteira

Hearing her words and feeling the awesome sensations that she and Steve had created in me…I could not hold back anymore. My eruption was coming and coming hard. I began to fuck Keteira back as hard as I could, taking her deep inside of me…my pussy swallowing all of her toy. Steve was all the way in my mouth, my lips pressed against his balls, and that was all it took for me to erupt.


Steve had cum on my face and I suddenly felt hot wetness on my breasts. I tried to get my eyes to focus, but the room was spinning and I couldn’t see what was happening. All I could hear was Keteira talking to Michael.

“Mmmmm…Michael…you left a mess on Sami’s tits. A very big mess indeed. I think one of us really needs to clean her off…any volunteers?” questioned Keteira.

My vision finally cleared as the room was spinning less now, so I looked down and seen a huge load of cum all over my tits. My body was pretty much covered in cum. Steve had cum all over my face, Michael on my tits, and I had cum so hard that I was just drenched in my own juices. I never imagined that this night would be as fantastic and erotic as it has been thus far. I was so glad that I had come to this Swinger’s Club. The night was still fairly young and I had no idea what was going to happen with the rest of the evening.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality when I felt a hot mouth licking at my tits. I looked down and it was Keteira licking all of Michael’s cum from my tits. I also felt someone licking and sucking my pussy. It must be Michael because Steve was standing near my face and was scooping his cum off of my face and feeding it to me. All of this licking was getting me aroused again…I have never felt so much pleasure in all my life. How could I be getting aroused again after that hard orgasm? Finally, I had to speak up.

“Okay everybody…enough with the licking and feeding. Damn, I’m not the energizer bunny you know. This was all so damn fanfuckingtastic…but I really need to let myself come back to earth and take another shower. Keteira, you are one hell of a woman…damn you were so good to me. Steve…why haven’t I sucked that cock of yours before now…you were absolutely yummy! Michael…thanks for cleaning up my wet pussy darlin…you have one hell of a tongue for licking!” I stated.

“Guess you all can do whatever you want to do, but I need to excuse myself now and go take a shower. Sure enjoyed the night’s festivities. Now, please excuse me.” I remarked.

Off to the shower I went. Although everyone did a good job of trying to get all that cum off of me, I really wanted to shower to freshen up. I turned on the shower and stepped into the warm water. It felt so good as it cascaded down my slippery body. I stood there under the showerhead and just let the water run down my body when suddenly I felt someone’s hands grabbing at my breasts. I tried to turn around to see who had joined me in the shower, but their strength or my weakness kept me from being able to turn around.

“Who is here with me…talk to me…I don’t like surprises. Come on now…who is here and why won’t you let me see your face?” I asked.

The grip became even firmer, but the stranger would not reveal themselves. Who could the stranger be? Was it someone that Sami had already been with? Could it be a stranger that had been viewing them through the two-way mirror? Who do you think it is?

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