My First Time with Another Man


Three years ago if someone had asked me what my favourite part about watching porn was, I would reply “Seeing those beautiful women sucking cock.” Fast forward to today at the age of 22 and if asked the same question I would unflinchingly reply “Imagining myself as those women making all men’s fantasies come true!”

Until a few years ago I had never noticed myself only watching blowjob scenes in a pornographic movie. I skipped the pussylicking, watched the girl give a blowjob, skipped the fucking and enjoyed watching said girl taking a cumshot. What seemed nonchalant turned to obsession, I didn’t care what the woman looked like, I didn’t care what the man looked like, all I wanted to see was a hot blowjob. My computer now full of movies trimmed down to only include the blowjob and cumshot. After a while that wasn’t enough, I started browsing through pictures and letting my imagination roam free.

It changed me, any girl that I would invite over or meet up with, I demanded she lay between my legs and suck my cock. Of course their technique never lived up to my fantasies so I would spend the entire time instructing them. Still this wasn’t enough for me, I needed something more but what?

Then one day in the middle of an hour long blowjob session I was receiving, I looked down at the girl doing her best to service me and thought to myself what if that were me. Sure I’m not gay but girls just don’t seem to enjoy the act of giving a blowjob and I could do it far better. I had a newfound obssesion for blowjobs, I browsed through all my old videos and photos, now simply imagining myself servicing a man to his fullest.

It was all I could think about, I would lie in bed for hours going over so many different fantasies in my head, like catching my next door neighbour sunbaking and offering some ‘help’ with the tanning lotion, or someone breaking into my house and forcing me to suck him till he cums in my mouth. God the frustration was building within me because my imagination was no longer cutting it, I neeeded to hold one in my hands, I wanted to be a cock worshipper.

I spent what felt like months browsing through craigslist browsing for a potential partner to fulfill my fantasy. Every time I found a decent post, I filled my mind with excuses as to why I shouldn’t. Until one day after coming home from a nightclub and feeling incredibly horny I thought screw it, I can’t wait. After a few minutes I found him, his name was Daniel, he was 43 and his post simply stated “Looking for a blowjob buddy to give me regular head, no strings attached, must be under 26”. If the post wasn’t perfect enough, the picture of his cock was everything I imagined it would be, standing 6 inches, with a fat head, thick and shaved with beautiful big balls to match.

I knew this was it, so I started typing a message, shivers running down my spine and my fingers nervously hitting each key. I decided to just go all out on my message to him. “You are everything I am looking for, been wanting for years to lay between a man’s legs and worship his cock for hours, but have never found the right person. I want you to own my mouth the same way I want to own your cock. Please write back!”.

I waited nervously a few hours until a new message popped up in my inbox. “Well you sound like the person I am looking for! Send me a pic and in return I’ll give you my number ;)”. Wow so now my heart was racing, he wanted a pic and ths could all be possible. Now I consider myself to be fairly good looking, I’m very athletic and keep in good shape. Have a nice little baby face and am fully shaved from neck to toe. So what type of picture I sent would be easy, I wanted to impress him . So I put on some knee high socks, a singlet and short-shorts. I laid down on the bed, flat on my stomach with my feet sticking up behind me and my finger sitting on the tip of my tongue.

I sent the pic, I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute, I wanted to wank so bad but this moment could only get better so I kept my composure. After only a few minutes he replied “Wow that’s so fucking hot you can blow me looking like that anytime here’s my number … Call me ASAP this needs to happen!” My god it seemed like this guy was more anxious than me to do this.

I texted Daniel

“I want to do this soooo bad, but I want you to take it easy on me.”

“Of course, I will be so gentle, you just take it easy on my cock :b”

“Lol. I’m going to treat your cock like I would a lollipop or popsicle, I’m gonna lick it, smooch it and suck it till there’s nothing left!”

I’m starting to really get into it at this point, it might be the only time this ever happens so may aswell enjoy every minute of it.

“FUCK I want you here right now!”

“I’m ready whenever babe, send me your address and I will be lying between your legs letting you slap your cock on my tongue till it goes numb :p”

5 minutes later he sends his address. “I’m free all night so come over whenever, sooner the better :D”

This escort bayan gaziantep is it now, I can’t back out, I finally have the perfect person and setting to live out this cock worshipping fantasy of mine. My family were all out at work so I decided to keep on what I was wearing and head out. I don’t think I had ever been more nervous in my life, I probably almost caused a few accidents in traffic I was so distracted and anxious! The drive there was only 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity.

I pulled up to the house. It was fairly big, but there was no time to enjoy the view. I rang the doorbell, my heart pounding, then the door opened. There was Daniel in all his glory, wearing only trackpants with a visible bulge almost forcing a split in them. I almost couldn’t breathe, my mouth had gone dry. He broke the silence “I can see you’re a little distracted, please come in”. He took a step back and extended his arm towards the hallway. I hesitantly took my first few steps into the house not being able to take my eye off the massive bulge sitting in his trousers.

The sound of the door closing behind me was one of horror and complete submission to my fantasy that I would find myself in this position and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Just a water please” I replied with a raspy voice.

“Sure, have a seat, make yourself comfortable”.

As horny as he may have been, he was being very patient with me, understanding my nervousness, it was helping to relax me. When he passed me the glass of water I gulped it down, I got up and filled another one myself and gulped that down aswell. I started breathing a little easier now and just as I did that Daniel said “Hey, why don’t you come follow me upstairs?” with an apparent smirk on his face. I chuckled a little, that eased some tension.

“Haha there you go, just relax man, we can go at your pace, what do you wanna do?”

Without thinking I replied “I want your cock. Now!” Wait what, no I was a nervous wreck I wasn’t thinking clearly, maybe this was only a good idea in my mind, maybe I can’t do this. Then I felt Daniel’s hand softly caress mine, he stared into my eyes for a few seconds, then to my shock, he kissed me and without hesitation I kissed him back, passionately. I immediately placed my hand on the bulge in his pants and this gave me an immediate sense of satisfaction, I let out a loud moan, so did Daniel.

“Would you like to be somewhere more comfortable?”

I nodded with a big smile on my face. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. It was night by now and the room was dimly lit with a massive king-sized bed laying grandly in the middle of the room. This was everything I could have imagined. We continued kissing as I slowly started shuffling him towards the bed, he fell back on the bed and slowly wriggled back towards the head as I slowly crawled up towards him.

“You look so fucking hot” Daniel spat out.

“You look so fucking hot” I replied straight back. I laid on my stomach, in the exact same pose as the picture I sent to him. I took a moment to let it sink in, the perfect man in front of me, the perfect cock sitting under my chin, I was just praying this wasn’t a dream.

He started caressing my cheeks and was staring at me so intensely. While I run my fingers all over his stomach. I was so caught up in the moment, I almost pulled his cock out from his pants, but I regained myself I was going to do everything I said I would, including enjoying every single moment. I leaned up and kissed him on the lips before beginning my descent. I made sure to give him soft little kisses all over, starting at his neck, then his chest, the moaning started as I got to his stomach.

His whole chest and stomach to my suprise and pleasure was also shaved. With my arms extended out toward his chest I began licking all around his waist, he started shivering with every few licks, that made me feel so good. Guys love the visual of a blowjob so I made sure to swing my feet side to side and back and forth to show my enjoyment.

He responded to that “You’re an excitable little cocksucker arn’t you?”

“Wait till I get your cock out” I said as if I knew what I was going to do.

“Ahhh fuck yeah” he responded as his head lay back against the pillow. Now my head was level with the bulge of his cock pushing against his track pants. He wasn’t wearing underpants so he should enjoy this part. With his cock angled to the side, I took a long look at him before placing my lips against the tip of his bulge. He let out a huge moan. I started kissing from the tip to the bottom and back up, this was driving him crazy.

“God you’re teasing me so much that feels so fucking good babe.” I thought him calling me babe would feel wrong, but it actually empowered me to keep doing what I was doing. I had been quiet up till this point, staying focused on what I was doing until I said “You want me to pull it out now?” with the sluttiest little look on my face.

“Oh my god yes I want your lips on my cock.”

With that I slowly started kissing his waist as I was pulling his pants down. Just before his cock popped out he grabbed me, “Sit up”, he pulled his pants off completely and I sat in amazement as his massive cock just flopped out onto his belly. He motioned me to lie back down. As I lay there he started wanking in front of me, while I rested my hands on his hips.

“God that looks so hot, you’re cock is huge”. I felt a little unwanted so I took my top off, started licking my lips, digging my fingers into his hips and stared intently at his cock. As he dropped his cock and I was about to pounce on it like a cheetah going for his prey, he began instructing me.

“You are not to taste my cock until I tell you, I want you to tease me.”

“Ok Daniel.”

“Call me daddy.”

“Yes daddy I understand.”

I started kissing softly right around his cock, lifting my head over his cock from the left side to right and vice versa, just letting the side of my cheek touch his cock slightly. Then I began licking from his waist up to his belly button and back down, slowly and letting my chin just touch his cock, just letting him know what I really desired.

This continued for a few minutes, but felt like hours and neither of us minded that. All of a sudden he grabbed both my hands and pulled me up slightly so the tip of his cock was right at my lips. I was under his complete submission.

“I’m going to keep you’re hands up here while you show me how well you can use you’re mouth. Can you do that babe?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Are you ready to worship my cock now?”

“Oh yes daddy!” Hearing that come from another man’s mouth sent jolts up my spine.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Im going to worship you’re cock daddy.”

I leaned in towards his cock, started breathing on it. He never took his eyes off me and he was gripping my hands tighter and tighter in ecstacy. With his massive shaft bouncing up and down on its own, I lowered my lips and sensually kissed the head. Then started moving down towards the bottom, kissing back to the top. Every now and then I would glance up at him, only to see him drop his head back in amazement, it must have looked so hot from his point of view. My tongue dangled out next as I licked him from the bottom to the top, then I began giving him little licks, while swinging my legs back and forth. He was constantly moaning now and was the one who needed water for his dry mouth this time.

I realised in all this time I was worshipping his cock I had left his balls untouched, time to rectify that. I slithered down slightly and began licking his balls for abit.

“You’re balls are so big, I wonder if I can fit them in my mouth?” His head jerked up at what I said. I took one of them in my mouth, it tasted nice, he was loving this, so I would switch between each ball giving them both equal attention. Then I opened my mouth really wide and slipped both balls in my mouth. They were pushing my cheeks outward. His whole body was writhing in pleasure, I laid still for a few seconds with them in my mouth then dropped them and after catching my breath, did it again.

My ball worship continued for awhile until without saying a word he let go of my hands. I took this as an invitation to use them. “Mind if I jerk your pole?” I said wide eyed. He nodded. “Bit quiet there, are you enjoying me worshipping you’re cock?” “Oh fuck” was all he could muster. With one hand on his stomach I started slowling jerking up and down his cock with my other hand while flicking my tongue back and forth along the tip. His breathing was quickening now, I was worried he might cum too early being inexperienced as I was so I stopped jerking.

He looked up “Why did you stop?”

“Sorry I wasn’t sure if you would cum yet”


He was struggling to put words together so I started being a little naughty. I took my hand off his cock and placed it on his balls so his cock rose straight up in the air. It looked magnificent standing there.

“Its like my own personal shrine” I gleamed. He cracked a laugh.

“God you’re incredible, what’re you doing down there with my cock up in the air?”

“I’m gonna lick it like a candy cane.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m goin to lick you’re cock like a candy cane daddy.”

“That’s better.”

I started licking up and down the side of his shaft so he could see it clearly. He started caressing my cheek, so I turned and looked up at him as I licked. My head bopping up and down with my tongue out.

“Oh my god babe lick me all over.”

He was enjoying this more than me, I grabbed the base of his cock with both hands and licked him passionately all over. Side to side, up and down, stopping at the tip to suck on it abit. His head was jerking from side to side, he didn’t know what to do, he was in pure ecstacy. Everytime he stopped to look down all he could see was my head and tongue rabidly moving and licking his thick shaft all over. He had to stop me. He grabbed my hands again and placed them under his back.

“You’re fucking crazy babe.”

“What can I say I love you’re cock daddy, I just want to lick it all day!”

“You know I didn’t forget that message you sent me.”

“Which one daddy?”

“When you said I can slap my cock on you’re tongue.”

“Oh yeah I see pornstars do that all the time, looks so hot.” Even though I have wanted to give a blowjob for years this is the part I dreamed of. A guy taking charge and using my mouth to smack his cock around with.

I had a big smile on my face, Daniel looked focused. “Stick out you’re tongue!” I couldn’t move away, he had my arms trapped, this couldn’t be any fucking hotter. I popped out my tongue. He grabbed his cock and just as he was about to rest it on my tongue he pulled it back slightly. What a tease. He kept doing it. I was letting out dry moans.

“Stop teasing me daddy.”

“Say please!”

“Please daddy, please slap you’re cock on my tongue!”

I kept edging closer till he held my shoulder with his other hand, his cock only an inch away from my tongue. I closed my eyes as he started rubbing his cock on my tongue. It was the best feeling. My mouth belonged to his cock, I could lie here for hours. He started tapping it lightly on my tongue.

“Lick it, lick it like a lollipop.” As he was tapping it, I started licking again, this was driving him crazy, he started slapping his cock more violently and at a quicker pace. As he was slapping it he cried out, “Oh my god fucking look at me!” My eyes darted up towards his. “Oh fuck yes just like that babe!” He was losing control, slapping all over my face, my cheeks, my lips, my chin. I was moaning just as much as he was. He couldn’t handle much more so he dropped his cock flat on his belly. I immediately buried my face onto his shaft, moving my face left to right like a pendulum, rubbing his cock with my lips. He had to stop me again.

“Oh fuck stop stop, you’re gonna make me cum babe!”

“Am I doing it right daddy?”

“Yes, yes you are babe, you are doing magnificent.”

I started dropping saliva along his cock with each lick, his cock was so wet, he tried pushing me away slightly so he wouldn’t cum yet but they were half-hearted attempts, he wanted it and so did I.

I began kissing his cock like a horny teenager, the same way I would make out with a girl on the lips. I wanted him to cum so bad, so I teased him some more by talking dirty after each time I smooched his cock with my lips.

Smooch. “You like that?”

Smooch. “I love” smooch “Making out” smooch “with you’re cock” smooch.

He was in ecstacy “Oh fuck, my god that’s so good, fuck fuck fuck!”

Then I went back to licking again while looking up at him, he must have liked that visual because he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck it, finish me off babe, I wanna cum on you’re pretty little face!”

I freed my hands from under his chest and started wanking him with both hands. Quickening the pace while sucking on the head.

“Oh fuck that’s it, just like that!”

After a few minutes of profuse sucking and my jaw starting to ache I heard the magic words.

“I’m gonna fucking cum baby! Do you want it!?”

“Yeah give me all you’re cum, I want you’re cum all over my face daddy!”

“Aah fuck, keep going, keep fucking going. When I tell you take it out of you’re mouth and jerk it all over you’re face!”

“Yes daddy” I muffled.

“Oh god, oh fuck here I come, yeah yeah. Take it out, jerk the fuck out of it!”

I did as instructed jerking profusely, never taking my eyes off him. Then a small blast of cum, followed by four massive shots of cum, completely covered my face. He couldn’t breathe at this point, he was barely moaning. I kept jerking until his cock started going limp. As he finally regained himself, I rubbed my fingers against my face and licked the cum off my fingers and then proceeded to lick his cock and balls clean.

“Oh yeah, oh my god babe, that was fucking awesome. I have never blown like that before!”

“That was so much cum daddy, if you like I can swallow it next time?”

“Sure but I might need a few days to recover babe.”

“I can’t wait that long daddy. Tomorrow?”

“God you’re an eager little cockslut arn’t you?”

“That’s cock worshipper to you daddy.”

After laying for awhile, Daniel had to get up and shower and head to bed. So I cleaned up my face. Looking in the mirror with his cum all over my face was like a dream come true for me. We parted ways after he got freshened up. He thanked me as well as he could.

“Keep you’re thank you, I’m the one leaving happy.” He smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I gave him a pat on the groin, “See you next time daddy” and headed back home.

Now that I had taken my my first step, the possibilities were endless of what and who I could do next. For now though I was happy to service Daniel as many times as he or I needed.

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