My First Time with Tammy


*** I will begin with a little about myself dear reader. I am now a happily married man with all the responsibilities that entails. However once upon a time I was young and fancy free as they say in the classics. So although I love my wife dearly I do enjoy reminiscing the golden days of yore. All the tales you find me submitting here are true and recalled as accurately as possible. I will never insult you by dressing a story with liberties. Rather you will ingest the raw details of these long since transpired events. If an encounter was forlorn I shall choose not to recount it. If there are rough edges to the tales I do regale you with, then c’est la vie. My submissions here are an attempt to keep myself on the monogamous path rather than risking my greater achievements in life with brief liaisons as so many of my friends have done. Living vicariously in my own past. Dr Phil would have a field day with me…***


I was sitting in a beer garden enjoying the sun. The warm breeze condensing on my frosty glass. My friend Paul and I had ducked into the pub near our high school. Other students in our final year ate counter meals around us, fortifying themselves with a refreshing brew before continuing our tedious educations.

“I am telling you mate, I have slept with her a few times now. She is easy! Absolutely loves it. I just asked her if she wanted a go and she said she’d love too. Next thing I know I am in the back seat of her car! Best five minutes of my life!”. Paul laughed at his self-depreciating joke. I couldn’t believe my friend Tammy was so easy. I had been friends with this crazy little bombshell since we ere kids. She lived a few houses away but was a year above me in school until she repeated a year. Now that we were all grown up she had curves and breasts that only real women have. Although the skinny model types thought they had it going on, the curvy full figured Tammy could give you a hard on just walking past. “After school we’ll go round there. I’m telling you I will get some bedroom time!”. Paul was a confident bloke, what could I say?

That I would love to see that was my only comment. The double entendre hung there while we sipped our beverages. The school day concluded a few hours later and as I left the building scanning for Paul I noticed he was by Tammy’s car. I strolled over, greeting them both.

“Paul is coming over before he goes to work. Do you want to come too?” Tammy asked so innocently.

“I’d love to come…” Paul smirked at me before climbing into the passenger seat. As we drove Paul rubbed Tammy’s leg, sliding her skirt istanbul escort up higher. I had a good view from the back seat and felt a stirring as she flirted with him. Occasionally she glanced around at me, smiling in what I considered a flirtatious manner. I’d never seen this side of her, but I like it. I was a teenage boy after all, and the beers at lunch had only served to increase my appetites.

I sat back just watching the two lovebirds flirt away. Tammy pulled up in her driveway, informing us that her parents didn’t get home for another two hours. Paul grabbed her hand and dragged her toward the front door, saying that they should get started because it was barely enough time for what he had in mind. Tammy just shook her head, giggling, “You wish! You are just lucky I like it hard and fast!”. I loved the sound of that. I followed them silently into the house. Neither seemed to notice the lack of conversation from me. It didn’t bother them though. I watched Paul grab her arse as she entered the doorway. I wanted to do that so bad. We all walked into the kitchen, which was the centre of the house. Tammy’s room was directly off this, so that when I sat at the breakfast bar I could see her double bed. All I could think about was being in it with her. Paul sat on a stool next to me as Tammy made us some cold drinks. When she came and placed them down for us Paul grabbed her and went in for a kiss. At first she protested a little but when he didn’t mind me being there she kissed him back more passionately. The kiss dragged on, they became more heated. Paul began to kneed her arse. I had a ringside seat and nothing to distract me with just the three of us there. My cock throbbed with the sheer erotic spectacle of this passionate embrace.

When Paul began to squeeze her breasts Tammy broke away. Her face was flushed and breathing ragged. Paul was in a similar condition. He breathily suggseted moving to the bed and then dragged her there. I still sat with my back to the counter watching them. My heart raced wondering how far they would take this with me there. Surely Paul just wanted to prove he had slept with her and would bring the proceedings to a halt shortly. Only fifteen feet in front of me my friends climbed into bed together, pulling the covers over them. Paul was on top of her and began kissing her with gusto. I realized her hands were nowhere to be seen. Paul’s were holding her head, cradling her so that he could continue his heated assault of her mouth.

Tammy’s knees were up either side of Paul’s hips. My cock felt like it would explode at istanbul escort bayan the erotic view in front of me. Even with the cover over them it was an incredible experience to watch two people embraced like that. I could hear clothes shuffling around, and Paul’s hips lifted up a little bit. When they came back down Tammy moaned a little. Paul just kept kissing her. His hips began to move up and down. Was he really fucking her I wondered? Maybe she was just giving him a hand job. But why would she moan? My mind raced. I knew they had to be coupled under that blanket, I just couldn’t believe it.

Faster and faster his thrusting progressed. Tammy’s legs wrapped around his arse. She pulled the blanket up more to conceal their activities. Paul propped himself up on his hands which were placed beside her head. My heart raced and my head spun watching this. Shortly he paused, leant down to kiss her again, and let out a gasping little moan. For some reason the atmosphere was quite calm. I didn’t feel the need to run away, or even conceal the fact that I had watched their entire tryst. Rather Paul fumbled around under the blankets, obviously dignifying himself and then slid out from under the covers.

A lop-sided grin adorned his flushed face. “I have to get to work… um, see you later.” he managed to say before fairly dashing out the door to walk the block and a half to his house.

I turned back to Tammy who hadn’t moved from under the covers. “That was intense. Enjoy yourself?” I asked her.

“I sure did. Did you?” She giggled. “It’s my birthday today you know. I’m nineteen, almost a non-teenager. I’m getting old, I had to celebrate somehow.” She tidied her hair a little as she said this. She was a breathtaking sight lying there like that. Although I couldn’t see a thing, I had to have her so badly.

I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge next to her. “So what was that about? I mean where did that come from? Just to get so into that so fast… That was amazing. I didn’t know what was happening at first and then I caught on that you were going all the way, but guessing what was going on under there…” I started to blurt, which hurt the relaxed mood a little. Tammy calmed it down with the sexiest rebuttal I have ever heard.

“Would you like to know? Kiss me and do not stop, don’t say a thing.” I leant in for a kiss, a kiss that grew into the sexiest, most sensuous kiss I’d ever had. Tammy pulled the covers back and I slid in, hovering over her, not daring to break the kiss. She pulled the blanket over us. Although it was escort istanbul summer, the air conditioning in the house was keeping it a little too cold. I could feel her skirt was still in place. She pushed my hips up a little, which I happily obliged, then her fingers dexterously undid the fly on my shorts and extricated my extremely turgid cock. I probably had the biggest, most rigid erection of my life right then. Tammy had small cool hands that could not have felt more angelic on my penis.

Our kiss continued unabated as she gripped me tightly and pulled me toward her. I wanted in so badly my soul ached. If the meaning of life is procreation my life meant that right then. I could feel her other hand pulling her underwear to the side as I slid into her amazingly hot sloppy pussy. As I slid in she exhaled into our kiss, gasping for breath. Her legs wrapped around me as they had to Paul and she pulled me into her with them. I realized then that she had not let go of my cock with her hand, rather forming a ring around it and pulling it into her pussy as if she was masturbating with a dildo.

I squeezed her lovely ample tits as I continued to fuck her, exponentially increasing the blood flow to my already over inflated member. Never did I fear coming to early, rather I started to worry after ten or so minutes that I would be unable to come. My erection was by now so hard and full that it felt as if it would be impossible to shoot come through it, as if the tube was now blocked. Tammy may have been psychic because she pushed my torso up off her very subtly breaking our kiss and grabbed my cock with two hands. I could look down for the first time and loved the sight of my glistening cock sliding in and out of her red petite pussy lips. When she reached further under my cock and started to pull my balls toward her also. I lost control.

Tammy squeezed my testicles gently enhancing the longest most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Just as I thought I could stop coming I realized this hot little bombshell was fucking herself with my ejaculating cock and it felt like I started all over again. Finally I slowed down, opening my eyes to look down at Tammy.

“Oh, my god! That was the most intense thing I have ever seen! I can’t believe how much you just came!” Tammy laughed.

All I could do was snort really, as I was barely able to resume breathing.

I stayed still for a minute to recover, and then remembering Paul’s behaviour I just slid back to fix myself. Tammy slid her legs back together immediately, looking for all the world like a sated cheeky cat.

“That was lovely. Don’t tell anyone about that ok?” I promised and then walked to the door, turning to smile at her.

“You let yourself out, I’m going to go have a shower. See you tomorrow.” I could only grin wider to acknowledge her comments, euphoria overpowering my feeble brain.

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