My Husband Has A New Girlfriend!

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*Author’s note: This is a rather long story about FMF and mentoring of a young girl during her sexual awakening; it is written in multiple parts. Although there is a lot of sexual tension and sex talk, there is no acutal sex in this part. This part is necessary for the development of the story. If you are looking for a lot of sex and no character development, you might want to wait for pt. 2 (packed with sex) or just skip it entirely. Thanks!

It was a beautiful day in early June when our plane touched down in Florida. My husband and I had decided to take the summer off from our hectic jobs and we’d rented a beautiful house right on the beach in an exclusive area of Ft Lauderdale. My husband Max is an attorney and he’s been running his busy (and highly successful) practice for several years without much of a break. I am a therapist and also work long hours and maintain a somewhat hectic pace…despite my years of training that indicates that stress and overwork are major factors contributing to illness or untimely death. We were both overworked and in desperate need of a long vacation.

We’d been married about ten years when Max suggested taking this “sabbatical”. He had recently taken on a partner in his practice and was finally free to take a much-needed break. He was in the middle of writing his second book (the first had been wildly successful) and hadn’t had the time to really concentrate on the work he loved with the distractions of his hectic practice. We weren’t hurting for money, so this wasn’t a factor that could hinder our little dream vacation. Our marriage, particularly our sex life, had suffered a tad lately and we were seeking answers to bringing the old spark back.

Things were generally good between us and we were the envy of many of our friends. But, as I mentioned, things were not as great as they had been in the early days. I knew I shouldn’t complain because not many couples married for as long as we’ve been had sex three or four times a week, but when we were first married, we couldn’t keep our hands off one another! We both felt that we had been drifting apart lately. We were still desperately in love and hoped this trip would be the answer to our prayers.

When we arrived at the rental house, Max immediately began to unload our personal belongings from our rental BMW. I eagerly yelled to my husband, “Max, hurry up! This place is even better than we thought it would be!” We had rented the house sight unseen via the internet and weren’t exactly sure what we were getting into, but figured how bad could a furnished beach house in Florida be??

As I walked around the house, I realized that we had rented something that resembled a mansion more than the cottage we had envisioned. We knew it would be bigger than our Manhattan apartment, but we had no idea what 4000 square feet looked like. It was impressive, well decorated and had everything one could need or want.

“Well, Mandy, darling, if you would help me with the luggage we could explore this “mansion” together!” he suggested in a light and joking manner. Since we had decided to take this trip, we had been practically giddy with a lot of the easy banter of our past coming back. We had such fun and totally enjoyed setting up our summer home. It had a large infinity swimming pool – complete with pool boy – and it was overlooking a small private beach! The furnishings were exquisite, too. Not too shabby for two kids born on the wrong side of the tracks! I guess all the years of hard work had paid off.

After we got settled in, Max asked me if I wanted to take a soak in the hot tub. I was ready in about ten seconds. As we sat in the bubbling warm water, we shared a glass of wine and planned güvenilir bahis our first few days. Since today was moving day, we decided to have takeout instead of cooking in the amazing gourmet kitchen. We agreed on Thai food and decided to pick up a movie at the video store to watch while later that evening.

After taking quick showers in the marble and antique brass adorned master bath, we jumped into our car and looked around our new town for a Thai restaurant and a video store. We found them quickly and ran in to place our food order and then over to the movie rental store. The minute I walked into the video store, I noticed the stunning girl at the register. Her name-tag said “Lacey” and she was a very hot 20-something chick with that “Florida beach-babe” look. From the look of shock on his face, Max definitely noticed her as well!

As Max walked one way and I walked in the opposite direction, I noticed Lacey smile brightly and follow him. As she helped Max with the selection of a movie, I couldn’t help but notice their casual flirting. My husband has women fall at his feet all the time. It’s always been easy for him to charm women as he genuinely likes them. Despite turning fifty recently, he continues to maintain his movie star good looks with that toned and tanned body. The best word to describe his looks is “hot” and women respond to him in large numbers, so this flirting was nothing new. Lacy obviously fell into the category of women who couldn’t resist his charm. She didn’t seem shy about touching his arm or openly telling him her life story as they roamed the aisles of the large video store.

I lagged behind a bit and just watched the entertainment. I admit to being a bit shocked at the now open flirting that was going on between them. He actually put his arm on her shoulder as they were looking through the movie possibilities. I could tell he was taken by that sweet face and the incredible body that went with it. He could barely take his eyes off of her and I couldn’t blame him. This girl was really a knock out. With that tan, her long sun-streaked blonde hair and sky blue eyes, she could easily have passed for a centerfold model! I idly wondered about the management of the establishment allowing their workers to wear such low cut tops and short skirts as I noticed Max and his new buddy Lacey walked over to me.

“Hey, honey, aren’t you going to help with the movie selection?” my husband asked, after introducing me to Lacey. He and Lacey shared a look and, it seemed, a private joke; I assumed he had told Lacey about my aversion to sci-fi movies.

I again wondered at their easy banter and apparent attraction. I wasn’t threatened by their friendly flirting, but I was surprised because, although he is a huge flirt, rarely has physical contact with the women who flock to him; they tend to get the wrong idea because he is so charming and wind up falling for him. Among his many wonderful traits as a husband, he is very loyal and faithful, so jealousy had never been a huge issue for us. And, honestly, I admit to being a bit bi-curious so that may be the reason for my easy acceptance of his flair for charming girls. In fact, Max and I often use hot threesome fantasies while making love! But, I again had to wonder about the fact that they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another.

“Of course I want to help pick out a movie, but I am sure you won’t like my suggestion,” I countered back, “and it seems as if you two have things covered.” I noticed that Max already had three movies in his hand.

“You are so right, baby! Lacey helped me pick out a few new sci-fi thrillers and I also found a great love story for you to enjoy,” he said. He and I have türkçe bahis very different tastes in movies and we rarely agree on anything in that department. He loves sci-fi and I adore romantic comedies.

“I hope you aren’t upset, but I thought I would show Max where we keep the newest thriller movies. I am a huge fan myself and these two came out this week. He and I have the exact same taste in movies!’ marveled young Lacey.

“Well, Lacey, maybe you would be willing to come over to our home and watch these movies with him since I don’t share Max’s enthusiasm!” I said. From the look in her eyes, I could clearly tell that she would love to take me up on this offer. And I knew my husband would love to have Lacey come…in every way possible!

I was a bit relieved when she said, “Oh, thanks! But, I have to stay until the store closes at ten. I would love to see these movies again, though!”

Max jumped in quickly with, “Lacey, I think that’s a great idea. Why don’t you come over after you finish work tonight? We could jump in the hot tub with a glass of wine and then watch a movie. Oh, wait! Are you even old enough to drink wine?”

Lacey laughed, as if his idea that she was under 21 was ludicrous. “Max! I turned 21 last month, so I can have a glass of wine with you….. and your wife…if the offer is for real.” She turned to me, as if expecting me to make some excuse as to why she shouldn’t come to our new summer rental.

“That sounds perfect. We’ll run home and heat the hot tub and you can finish work and then go pick up your bathing suit,” I answered with a genuine smile.

When Lacey arrived at the beach rental about two hours later, Max had the hot tub warmed up and a few bottles of Chablis chilled. We were surprised by the way she looked when she arrived; she had on only a small white bikini top and a very short black skirt with these killer high heels. She looked like a dream come true and Max’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He was attracted to her; that was apparent. I was a bit surprised that this thought made me more excited than nervous.

I had thrown together a few appetizers thinking that Lacey might be hungry after working all evening. She admitted that she was ravenous as she downed a few of the stuffed mushrooms and the goat cheese snacks I had prepared. We all went down the walkway to the hot tub and I noticed that Max could not take his eyes off of her. I had on my usual two piece swimsuit, but it certainly covered more than Lacey’s and I could understand Max’s obvious infatuation with this hot young girl. At nearly 40, although I still got my share of compliments with my olive skin and long dark hair, I was not prone to wearing barely there swimsuits any longer.

After about an hour spent soaking in the tub and enjoying one another’s company, we decided to head inside to watch the movie. I was not interested, but figured I could be a good sport and sit with them as they watched their selection. We had finished off two bottles of Chablis while in the hot tub and both Lacey and I seemed to be feeling rather mellow. Max seemed a tad nervous…almost like a man on a first date, hoping it would go well!

The movie was already set up in the DVD player to show on the big screen in the viewing room. The room itself was comfortably decorated in the style of a beach house cabana with fluffy couches and pillows strewn all over the room. The color scheme was sea blue with touches of gold, but the lighting was muted due to its recessed fixtures. We all took our comfy places and the movie began. Lacey was sitting in an overstuffed chair and Max was lounging on the large sofa while I lay on the smaller love-seat.

Ten minutes into güvenilir bahis siteleri the movie, I could tell it was one of those twisted sci-fi thrillers that I detest. I briefly closed my eyes only to awake to whispers. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Lacey had moved next to Max on the large couch. Not wanting to let them know I was awake, I glanced over at the clock and realized that I’d been asleep for nearly 45 minutes!

The flirting between the two had become almost ridiculous; they were obviously very attracted to one another. It didn’t bother me at all. I was a bit surprised that the attentions of this young girl toward my husband were turning me on big time.

I then noticed that the noise was Lacey speaking in a low voice to Max, whispering almost. I heard her softly say, “Max, can I ask you a very personal question? It’s about sex!”

My husband immediately looked over at me and could see that my eyes were opened. I motioned with my finger to my lips for him to be quiet and continue. This could be interesting, I thought to myself!

“Of course you can ask me a question. But if it’s about sex, wouldn’t your mother be better able to answer it or one of your friends?” he replied.

“I have a hard time talking to my friends about sex because they always tease me about being such a prude. My mother and I aren’t close at all, especially since I moved to Florida to live on my own. It’s something that is better answered by a man and I knew the minute I met you that you’d be the perfect guy to ask. You’re sweet and you are so sexy!” she cooed.

They spoke for a few minutes and it seemed that Lacey had a new boyfriend who was interested in having sex with her. She wasn’t a virgin, but her early experiences had been really awful and she “gave up” on sex for a while. She apparently had no idea how to please a man. Having a huge crush on a co-worker named Mark for a long time, she wanted to impress him with her technique now that he’d finally asked her out.

She wanted a few pointers from my husband. I immediately noticed the wheels turning in his head and he glanced over at me. He wanted to teach Lacey all she needed to know, but he needed my permission to do so. I nodded my head; we’d been married long enough to be able to practically read each other’s minds.

“Well, sweetie, I would be happy to answer any questions you have,” answered my husband, a bit breathlessly….he was obviously turned on by the thought of discussing sex with this hot young girl.

“I wasn’t really good at it the first few times and I think that’s why my boyfriend dumped me for another girl,” she lamented, “I want to be a good lover for Mark and I thought if I could get a few tips from a guy, I might not scare this one away!”

“Lacey, I am going to have to start out by asking you a few questions, so I’ll know how much you need to learn. Do you want to begin now?”

She looked at him with such admiration and gratitude in her face and said, “Thank you so much! I know this is going to be the key to keeping my new guy happy and satisfied. You and Amanda seem so happy and in love!” Lacey practically jumped in his lap and actually landed a huge kiss on his lips before he could react. Again, I smiled and remained quiet.

“Yes, my wife and I have a great thing going, but she was kind of a novice regarding sex when we first met, too. I would love to help you, but I have to know that you trust me and will answer all of my questions honestly, Lacey,” Max said looking directly at her with those sexy eyes that could melt any woman.

“I promise to be honest with you, Max. I will tell you anything you want to know and I will do whatever you say,” sweet little Lacey answered as she moved closer to my husband on the couch in her tiny bikini and short black mini-skirt.

Max’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Did she just say that she’d do anything he asked?? I think this might get very interesting!

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