My Husband’s Lover


My name is Laurel Mortimer and I am a 27 year old wife to my much older husband, Roger Mortimer. Roger is 54 years old and was my former French professor. About 8 years ago, when I was 19 I went abroad to Paris as part of a summer class with Roger and a group of students. During this trip, I began an affair, with Roger, who was currently married, and we fell in love. Roger soon left his wife and we were married the next year. I dropped out of college and Roger has been supporting me ever since.

Roger and I used to have amazing sex. We would fuck every chance we got: at home, at the college, at parties, it didn’t matter. He would mount me on almost any surface. We were trying to get pregnant, Roger desperately wanted a baby, and in his mid-forties he was motivated to have children immediately. Unfortunately, we couldn’t conceive. After countless fertility appointments, it was determined that I would never bear children. At this point Roger lost interest in me sexually and our relationship has turned into that of roommates.

I was still very attracted to Roger. Now, at 54 he still had a full head of hair, but the hair had turned silver. I loved it. Soft silver locks outlined his temples and glistened in the sun. He has daring green eyes, serious eyes that made me feel safe and protected. He kept in good shape and his body was lean. His penis especially attracted me. It was very large, about 9 inches long when erect and was always eager for attention.

When Roger stopped having sex with me, and believe me I gebze escort tried to get him interested, I immediately suspected he was having an affair. This was easy for me to believe since I had been his other woman before. His need for sex in the beginning of the relationship also supported my suspicion. How could a man so sex crazed not have a sexual outlet?

I decided to do some investigating to find out whether or not Roger was cheating on me. In an effort to stay fit, Roger would play tennis after class with some of the other foreign language professors. I, did not care for the sport, and attended zumba class instead while Roger played. I wondered if Roger was really playing tennis or if his exercise was coming with pleasure.

One Tuesday afternoon, around 4pm, I decided to stay home instead of going to my usual zumba class. I was convinced if Roger was having an affair, he would bring his mistress to our house, especially since he had brought me here when his wife lived here. I hid upstairs in the office next to our bedroom to see if I would catch my husband in the act.

Around 4:15pm, I heard voices, one of them Roger’s and one of them was another voice, but I couldn’t identify the voice. I waited in anticipation as a pair of feet climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom.

“Oh baby, I am so glad you are here. I am so horny and I need you baby,” Roger moaned.

“That feels so good baby, you really know how to suck cock,” Roger continued göztepe escort to moan.

Clearly my husband was receiving oral sex from some slut and I was going to catch them in the act. As I creeped down the hallway and gently pushed open the door I saw Roger, naked standing in the middle of the room, while his lover eagerly sucked his massive dick.

Roger’s eyes were shut and his face was in a state of immense pleasure. He did not hear me and neither did the oral sex performer. As focused my attention on Roger’s lover, I became immediately disturbed. My husband of almost seven years had his penis in the mouth of a man.

Upon this realization, I screamed and got the attention of both Roger and his gentleman caller. Roger opened his eyes, looked at me, and immediately started to apologize.

“Laurel, I am so sorry, I did not want you to find out like this,” exclaimed Roger.

“Explain what? Explain the fact that my husband is cheating on me with a man? Why would you do this to me Roger?,” I cried as my body trembled.

“I am sorry ma’am, I did not know that you were still married.” chimed in Roger’s lover.

“Still married? Are you leaving me Roger?,” I yelled.

“No Laurel, I just did not elaborate to Timothy my situation,” explained Roger, “I just got so turned on by Timothy and started an affair.”

I focused my gaze on Timothy. Timothy was very young, probably 19, no doubt a student of my husband’s. He was halkalı escort blonde with piercing blue eyes and a six pack stomach. He stood there stark naked and I looked a his penis. His wasn’t as long as Roger’s, but it was still very impressive. It was 7 inches long and very thick. As I stared at Timothy’s cock, I started to feel a wetness in my panties. I too, was falling victim to Timothy’s sexuality. I decided that if my husband gets to play with him, then so do I.

I walked over to Timothy, took his dick in my hand and began to stroke it. He felt good in my hand and I wanted more, I wanted to taste him. I got on my knees in front of Timothy and licked his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft, fully lubricating his member. As I proceeded with pleasuring Timothy, Roger was playing with himself. Sensing that it was okay for me to continue, I put Timothy’s cock in my mouth.

I bobbed back and forth on his cock in order to make Timothy moan. I put my hands around his butt in order to pull myself closer to him. He gagged me with his dick and I kept bobbing up and down. I then pulled him closer so that his dick was down my throat. Timothy then began humping my face furiously as he continued to moan.

At this point, I became distracted as Roger yelled as he ejaculated on the floor. Seeing Roger get off triggered Timothy’s orgasm. I sucked hard as Timothy shot his load down my wanting throat. As I withdrew Timothy’s post orgasm dick from my mouth Roger embraced me. He then kissed me passionately and Timothy’s cum was in my mouth and Roger’s.

“I think I’m going to have to go now,” Timothy hurriedly said. He was still in shock over the events of the afternoon and left without a word.

“I hope he comes back,” I said to Roger, “I’m not finished.

Roger assured me, “Don’t worry, he’ll be coming back if he wants to pass French class.”

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