My Inheritance, To Move Unseen 2

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Time for the second installment in the series, I would suggest that you read the first one or you may be lost to the plot. Again I warn this story has rape, anal, and some violence. If you don’t like this then don’t read it,enjoy!!!

My Inheritance: I Move Unseen part 2

As I left the school bathroom having cast the spell to make myself invisible, I was rock hard knowing I was going to get revenge on Ms. Grails in the form of the best fuck of her life. As I approached the door to her class I had no remorse or second thoughts to what I was going to do next. I slowly opened the door as to not give away my presence or alert her to any intruder, as I shut the door quietly and entered the classroom I saw her sitting at her desk just as I saw her earlier; in her thin pencil skirt that gripped her flared hips, the tight matching blue blouse with a few buttons undone showing off her ample bust, her jet black hair tied up in a bun, and her glasses that truly gave her the hot librarian look. As I crossed the room making minimal noise Ms. Grails looked up several times swearing she heard something as I tried to control my breathing.

I reached her desk deciding to first give her a scare, I reached over and hit the power on her computer as she cursed the machine and tried to save her work to no avail. As she let out a sigh I moved around the desk and pulled the ribbon that held her hair and it fell down to her shoulders, she really was hot for her age and probably just needed a good fuck that I was happy to provide. Knowing she probably weighed all of 115 pounds soaking wet I knew I could have her anyway I wanted. As she was attempting to reboot her computer I blew on her gaziantep swinger hair eliciting a jump and confused look. Whenever she turned her attention to the monitor I would move something and watch as she looked for it. However the simple fun was over it was time to take this bitch and do it hard.

I walked around to the far side of the desk, knelt down and unplugged her computer from the wall making Ms. Grails curse repeatedly. As she attempted to reboot her computer and finally realized it wasn’t going to work she got up and pushed her chair away. She got on her hands and knees trying to find the plug. At that time I picked up a pair of scissors from her desk and slowly cut her skirt up and across her ass until it fell to the ground. As Ms. Grail let out a angry yell I admired her full cheeks not fully covered by her blue panties. I knelt down in position behind her holding her in a kneeling position with one hand as she moved and screamed obscenities not that she could raise up if I wasn’t impeding her as her torso was mostly under the desk. I then took the scissors and attempted to cut up her panties to get them off but her constant struggling prevented me from getting it done.

I then started to talk to her in a deep voice that if she didn’t want me to hurt her bad then she would cooperate and it would all be over soon. As I was holding one of the sharp ends of the scissors to her inner thigh. She nodded slowly and stopped struggling to an extent, at that point I took the scissors and cut up her panties as they fell to the floor showing me her bare ass and spurring me on. I asked her if she was on birth control to which she stated she had gone through menopause not too long ago. As I got excited over my good luck I spread her legs and lined myself up with her pussy making her yell and beg for me to stop. I didn’t care what she wanted and I drove myself forward burying all 7 inches to the hilt, she wasn’t as tight as I would have hoped which was most likely attributed to her kids but the situation and adrenaline fueled my thrusts. Time after time I pulled out all the way just to bury my member again with all my might.

I then started to pull her out from under the desk and flipped her over only pulling out of her moist pussy for a short time. As she expected to see the face of her attacker you can imagine her surprise when she saw nothing but the room but very obviously felt an intruder inside her. As she started to scream I ripped her blouse open and buttons went flying as well as fabric ripping at my mercy. Finding a simple blue bra I immediately took the scissors and cut the bra from the front tossing the scissors across the room. As I peeled the back I was surpried to find a very nice pair on tits topped with pretty pink eraser sized nipples. As I continued my assault on her pelvis I twisted her nipples as hard as I could eliciting a cry of pain from the bitches mouth as she cursed at the air. Feeling like the bitch needed to learn a lesson I pulled out and lined up at the entrance to her ass making her beg harder than ever before saying she had never done that. Finding it extremely hard to push forward I sought out something to use

I found a bottle of lotion in her top drawer and applied a generous amount down my cock and rubbed it in noticing the strange look of lotion seemingly floating in midair. I then attempted to enter her ass once more this time my head popping past her sphincter. Not caring for her own pain or pleasure I didn’t bother taking my time and buried all 7 inches all the way into her ass making her scream louder than anything. Sensing I would not last long in her super tight ass I gave it my all and pounded her with renewed vigor. As the boiling in my balls raced upwards and out my cock I felt jet after jet of my hot seed flow into her ass. I remained buried in her ass until my orgasm subsided and I pulled out. I didn’t bother sticking around and left the room fast as Ms. Grails slowly recovered from her assault.

As I arrived at the bathroom I out on my clothes and waited until the spell wore off and then went to my car. I raced home my heart pounding and as I pulled in I noted my mother was not home confirming my suspicion of her working a double. I immediately jumped in the shower as the days events ran through my mind over and over. I got out of the shower and decided to do some reading. As I flipped through the book I noted several spells from temporarily moving over to another’s mind to turning wood into gold.

I fell asleep reading and was awoken by my mother coming home and hitting her bed from yet another exhausting day. I felt sorry for her knowing she would never know why her husband left deciding I could never tell her what I was. Returning to my room I laid back down hoping I would find a way to help my mother. I woke the next morning filled with a feeling of mischief as today was gym for 3rd period…..and the girls locker room
To be continued??

Please rate and comment so I can gauge if another one is worth my time, I love writing and want to know if it is making people happy, also let me know if you have any good ideas for adventures he can have with spells and I may consider writing one for you

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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