My Life In Three Acts

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Disclaimers: First, and foremost, each of these three acts are different categories. The first ran for twenty-seven years. The second for less than a few weeks, and the third and current one for the past four plus years. There were periods of time between each act. Each and every person in my story is FICTIONAL! If I mention the name of a real person, its for story authenticity. WARNING: There is transgender sex in the second act. You’ve been warned.

I’m sitting on my patio, thinking about the years since my husband of twenty-seven years had the audacity to die of liver cancer. Let me begin my first act.

ACT ONE: Romance.

My name is Jennifer Hughes Green, and I was born and raised in Camas, Washington, about fifteen miles east of Vancouver, and twenty-five miles northeast of Portland, Oregon. Going to a high school with the mascot name of ‘Papermakers’ you can well guess what our main industry used to be.

I’m wondering if you can imagine what the city air smelled like with three major pulp mills in our city spewing out the steam from making pulp. The only other notable thing about our quaint city was one of our neighbors, Jimmy Rodgers. He just happened to be one of the most popular singers in the late fifties and throughout most of the sixties.

Songs like Honeycomb, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Secretly, and many others, kept him on the top of the pop charts for many years. It also meant he wasn’t home that much, either.

I digress from my story.

Our family was not what you’d call wealthy, but we lived comfortably. I did, however, get a partial scholarship to Portland State, to study business and accounting.

During my Freshman year, I had a few dates, and I soon realized each of the three boys I dated wanted the same thing. Entrance into my panties. The first two were just plain jerks, who didn’t warrant a second date. The third, Bill Moss, I thought was different. Until the second date, when we kissed in the front seat of his car, he took my hand and placed it right on his cock! That stopped that date, cold. He never got the chance, again.

As I was coming to the end of my sophomore year, I met Jack Green. A year, or two older than me, and the absolute kindest man I’d ever met. He was a political science major, who wanted to go to law school.

We just started out as friends, with us taking completely different classes. That wasn’t the only difference between us. He stood just over six feet tall and might have weighed 160, tops, and I stood five feet five, and was on the ‘zoftig’ side. His word for me, that was Yiddish for soft, but really meant chunky. With him being on the thin side, I’d call him ‘Jack Spratt’

He always told me he used that word as a term of endearment, so we hit it off, right away. Each time we would finish studying he would take my face in his hands and give me a very soft kiss.

I did have a recurring thought, did I mind that he was Jewish? Nope, and when I talked to my parents, they also didn’t have any issue with his religion.

We would meet most every day to study, and just talk. He did mention that his parents weren’t overly thrilled with him befriending a ‘shiksa’. Yep, Yiddish for a non-Jewish girl.

“Don’t worry, Jenny, if it doesnt bother me, it shouldn’t bother you, either.”

“But, Jack, I don’t want to come between you and your parents.”

This time he took my face in his hands and his kiss could only be described as scorching. As he started a second kiss, I felt his hand lightly caress my breast.

My eyes flew open, and I backed away, just a bit.

“Did I overstep, Jenny?”

“Um, no, but it sort of surprised me.”

“Can we go somewhere more private?”

“And do what?” I asked, cautiously.

“Just talk, if that’s all you want to do, and please accept my apology for the grope.”

We just started walking from the library, where we were studying, headed nowhere in particular.

We did talk as we walked, aimlessly. Every so often, we would stop and lightly kiss each other.

“I hope you know, Jack, this is the most time I’ve ever spent with any boyfriend.”

“Do you consider me your boyfriend, Jen?”

“I think so, but I hope you can give me some time to think about doing much more than we’ve already done.”

Smiling, we just kept walking, just a bit closer together. When we arrived at my dorm, we stood, holding each other. When he kissed me, while lightly touching my curvy behind, I whispered that we might go just a bit further this coming weekend.

I did have a lot of thinking to do. I also had to sit down with my very understanding mother, to discuss some things I needed to know way more about than I already did.

When Saturday rolled around, Jack called, and when he detected something was wrong, he asked if we were still getting together.

“Yes, but I’m afraid Mother Nature is going to interfere with some of what we might have planned to do.”

“Jennifer Hughes, I hope you know by now, you mean way more to me than just having sexual relations!”

Inwardly, bonus veren siteler I just smiled, knowing this man was a keeper. I also had to consider what I’d do and not do, when that time would come. I had to consider just what this wonderful man had in mind. I had always thought of myself as a ‘plain Jane’ but he always would tell me how beautiful he thought I was.

The night before our possible encounter, that we both thought might end up in bed, I stood in front of my mirror, and took stock. I let my bra drop to the floor. I cupped my D cups knowing, even at twenty years of age, they didn’t still sit up as high as they used to. Sighing, deeply, I remembered more than a few times when Jack would tell me how beautiful he thought I was.

Saturday afternoon, Jack called me to say he was taking me to dinner at a nice family restaurant, where everything was casual.

Eating dinner, keeping our conversations light, he looked me in both eyes and told me if I wanted him to take me back to my dorm.

I just started softly crying, tell him he must think I’m a silly teenager, and not someone trying to make the most important decision of her young life. I did let it slip that Mother Nature stopped interfering.

He moved next to me, holding me as close as our booth would allow.

“Jennifer, you must know I have strong feelings for you, and I’d never ask you to do anything you didn’t feel comfortable doing. If we go back to my place, we could do absolutely nothing, and I would still be in heaven.”

My sniffles stopped and I just kept my head on his shoulder.

“OK, I hope you know I too have some strong feelings for you, but, to be perfectly honest, I’m just not sure about doing, you know, sex things.”

“Like I said, we don’t have to do anything you’re not one hundred per cent positive of doing.”

“OK, I think I’m grown up enough to sleep in your bed tonight, sleep being the operative word.”

Saying that, we both sort of heaved huge sighs of relief.

Off we went, to what, I wasn’t sure.

Getting to the house he grew up in, and him telling me his parents were out of town, I softly asked if I could use the bathroom, first.

Before I could open my overnight bag, he took my face and gave me a very soft kiss.

Off I went, to put on the least sexy night clothes in existence.

Coming back into his bedroom, covered head to toe, I still felt nervous. Not only was I still a virgin, I’d never considered sleeping with any of the boys I’d dated.

Getting into his bed, I was very glad it was a queen size bed, giving me quite a bit of room.

Sometime during the night, I woke to find his back right up against my back. Damn, that felt good.

Just as my breathing started to calm down, I felt him roll over, putting one arm over my shoulders.

Oh, shit, I thought, what am I going to do?

Without moving a muscle, I felt his hand very gently move from my shoulder, and cup one breast. My blood pressure must have jumped 50 points, at least.

My nipple was so hard, I thought it would poke right through my flannel nightgown.

I heard myself whisper, “oh, Jesus Christ”

His hand stayed there, and just moved around my breast, causing more heavy breathing. Just as I thought I couldn’t get hotter, he leaned over and nibbled my earlobe.

I also felt him move a bit closer, and I felt his very erect penis pressing against my lower back.

“May I continue, Jen?” he whispered.

“I think so.”

I rolled over, facing him, and kissed him as deeply as I had ever kissed a man in my life. Did I feel his tongue? Did I return mine? Yes, to both.

As our kissing progressed even further, I felt my nightgown being lifted off my body over my head. I started to say something, when Jack shushed me, putting one finger over my lips.

Here I was totally naked, for the first time in front of my soon to be lover, and I didn’t know how to respond. Yes, the lights were off, but in my mind searchlights were as bright as Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

His hands both moved down my shaking body. One stopped at my aching nipple, softly rubbing it, while the other one found my soaking wet clit.

With his finger gently touching my pleasure spot, and us kissing, again and again, I just couldn’t hold back, and started to experience my very first orgasm. I just couldn’t believe how great it felt.

Just as I thought nothing could feel better, I heard the tear of a condom wrapper, sensed my body being rolled onto my back, and felt my legs being gently spread open. When I felt his manhood enter my sacred spot, the minimal pain was replaced by unbelievable pleasure. True, it felt like a telephone pole in there, but the feel of ecstasy literally was overwhelming.

All this time, not a word was spoken. Jack slowly started moving his hips up and down, as my body reacted, accordingly. I was shaking so much, I gripped both his shoulders as he softly bit each of my throbbing nipples. I just wanted bedava bahis more, and that’s exactly what he gave me. Just as my body shook with my eighth or ninth orgasm, I felt his entire body shaking, as we both let out some sort of primal screams.

Rolling onto our backs, I just couldn’t believe how great I felt, even though between my thighs was more than a little sore.

Turning to look at each other I honestly didn’t know what to say. We just stared at each other, with these silly little grins. I moved into the crook of his arm and placed my hand on his chest. As I started rubbing my way down his lean body, he leaned over and kissed one very engorged nipple.

When my hand reached its intended target, I felt a man’s cock for the first real time. My mind tried comprehending how something so soft, could have filled me so much just a few minutes previously. I soon figured it out, as it started coming back to life.

My hand slowly moved up and down, as it did, his manhood started to grow and harden, again. With him moving from one nipple to another, I soon felt yet another orgasm building deep inside me.

I got really brave when I moved down and gave the tip of his sex a little kiss. Hmm, not too bad. Then another kiss, and put the first two inches into my mouth. Wow, I must be doing something right, as it grew, rapidly. At the same time, he moved his face between my wide open thighs, and gave my entire slit a very soft lick.

I’m glad I was kind of prepared, and didn’t bite down on his cock. I’m fairly certain he was glad, too.

As more of his cock eased into my very warm mouth, his tongue found the center of my sexual universe. It felt like I had to pee, but thanks to my reading a few books on this topic, I knew that was my reaction to this very pleasing attack on my senses.

After nearly an hour, or two, ten minutes to be truthful, I felt his manhood start to twitch. Moment of truth. What would I do? Just as I wondered, I felt blast after blast of cum filling my mouth.

Not knowing what to do, I just swallowed. Truthfully, it wasn’t too bad.

After another period of catching our breath, and some well needed cleanup, we fell into bed, hugging each other.

Finally, breaking our silence, I whispered, “that was fantastic!”

Grinning at me, he just held me in his arms and told me how much he loved me.

There it was, front and center. The ‘L’ word. Love!

“In a way, that was my first, too. First true oral.”

“Are you sure it was OK?” I asked, stupidly.

“Oh, Jennifer May Hughes, that was fantastic!”

Smiling, we just cuddled some more and fell into a blissful sleep.

When I woke up, there was Jack just looking at me with this little smirk.

“Good morning, sexy lady.”

Blushing, I just snuggled up to him, unable to form words. I was still riding the high ever since we had our amazing sexcapades, the previous evening.

“Jack, I hope I’m not dreaming, because I’m not sure if I did what I think I did, last night. Jeez, I hope I don’t sound like some sort of idiot.”

“Jenny, you sound perfectly normal to me. Normal for such a sexy, fantastic woman, who I know I’m falling in love with.”

“Oh, Jack, don’t say things you aren’t 100% sure of.”

“Jenny, Jenny, I’m not the type of guy who says things he doesn’t mean.”

Hoping to lighten the tension in the air, I smiled and said, “Jenny, Jenny was a hit by Little Richard in 1957.”

My dad and grandpa were huge early rock and roll fans.

After a little laugh, we both gave each other a few more kisses, I realized I was laying next to this very nice man, completely nude.

Getting out of bed and throwing on a bare minimum of clothes, we sat eating a bite of breakfast, with my mind racing a mile a minute.

“Do you think we should meet each others parents?” he asked.

“Only if you’re positive.”

As the school year was winding down, and Jack had his acceptance to law school, and I was on track to graduate in just over one more year, we decided to ‘meet the parents’.

Just before his graduation, he brought me to his house to meet his parents, Barry and Phyllis.

They both seemed very nice, but I sensed they were none too happy with their son’s choice of girlfriend.

After dinner something was said that really didn’t sit very well with me, and I responded accordingly.


Jenny, will you be converting to Judaism?

After taking a few very deep breaths, I finally responded.

No, and my parents would never ask Jack to become a Lutheran!

With Jack giving his parents quite a scowl, we got up to leave.

“Wait, please, we think we could have asked that a bit differently.”

No shit, I thought, but didn’t say.

“Mom, dad, when we get married, we will make some decisions, and only then will we discuss them with both of you.”

And out the door we went.

“Oh, Jack, I’m so sorry for opening my big mouth,” I said falling into his arms in tears.

“What you said deneme bonus plus the way you said it were spot on, my dear Jen.”

Driving back to my dorm room, that I knew to be empty, we went in and sat on my bed, just holding each other, without saying a word.

The phone in my room started ringing not five minutes after our arrival. At first I thought about not answering, but it just kept ringing.

Jack finally answered, and the only word I heard him say was, no, and he hung up.

When I just stared at him, he said, “no, I’m not coming home tonight.”

We hardly slept a wink, and it wasn’t due to sexy stuff. I just couldn’t get over their shitty comment.

After having a bite to eat, and still feeling like something the cat dragged in, Jack made the decision to call his folks. I purposely left the room and stood in the hallway, thinking, did I just fuck up what might be the best relationship I might ever have?

After five or six minutes, he came out and gave me the warmest hug he possibly could have given me.

“Totally your choice, they asked if we would come back to their house, just to talk.”

“OK, but I think I might have to apologize, too.”

Arriving back at the Green’s house, I just took a few deep breaths and went inside, arm in arm with Jack.

“First off, Mr. and Mrs. Green, let me tell you I could have reacted a little better, last night, and I’m sorry for being so abrupt.”

“Jennifer, Barry and I want you to know how sorry we feel for our actions, too.”

Even with all that being said, I just didn’t feel all that comfortable, and Jack could tell by my body movements.

We did, however, have a far more civilized discussion. I did tell them that if we did get married, my Uncle Brian would officiate. Yes, he’s a Lutheran Minister.

They seemed to accept that, and we chatted for a little while longer and left on better terms than when we arrived.

Over the summer, with my love getting ready to start Law School, he finally met my parents, Ken and Laura, and graciously asked their permission to marry me.

They knew all about my blowup with Jack’s folks, and greeted him with open arms. We did decide to wait for the following Spring, or Summer for our wedding, so I could finish my schooling, and start helping put my husband through school.

I couldn’t believe how nice that word sounded. Husband.

We had a late Spring wedding at the church my family had attended for years. We did change it to a Sunday afternoon, to accommodate everyone. After our service, with Uncle Brian officiating, with the Green family Rabbi assisting, we enjoyed our nice dinner, then some nice dance music.

With my Matron of Honor, Michelle Andrews, taking the microphone, offering her toast, all of a sudden we all hear, ‘Oh, Oh, I’m falling in love again, oh oh, OH OH! And in walks her dad, Jimmy Rodgers. As he sang a verse or two of one of his biggest songs, he took me in his arms and gave me a huge hug.

“Uncle Jimmy, please meet my husband, Jack Green.”

In fact he wasn’t my uncle, but I’d called him Uncle Jimmy for so long, it just felt right.

Everyone on both sides seemed to know of this fantastic singer from my home town. Even his ex-wife, who knew he’d be there was glad to hear him sing, again.

After a short honeymoon, we found out he passed the Bar, and started with the Portland firm who offered him a job doing several different things until he decided on a specialty.

Our love life was in full swing, with condoms a thing of the past. And, yes, we discussed children. We both thought two was a nice even number, but I was a bit more anxious to start than he was. He wanted to be more established in his law practice, before children.

During his final year of Law School, he had two offers, but only one in the Portland area. The other was from a larger firm in Denver. The offer from our own area seemed to fit us much better. Aside from us remaining close to home, it just felt better.

Once he passed his Bar Exam, the more we were fucking at every possible instance. I just couldn’t wait to be a mother. We tried every conceivable position. Me on top, not my favorite. Me on all fours. Now that was a favorite! And some, like standing in the shower, while trying to get clean, were quickly dismissed.

The day he started with his new firm, I could hardly sit still at work. I’d been at the same company in downtown Portland for nearly three years doing accounts payable, and my co-workers knew what was going on. What they didn’t know, was I had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon, after missing a second period.

Just as I was called into her exam room, a breathless Jack came running into her office, just in time. My doctor called him in so he could see the ultrasound of our little girl, who we’d meet in just under seven months.

After hearing all the necessary information my Doctor gave us, we just stood in the parking lot, hugging each other.

“Jack, if you don’t mind, can we tell my parents first?”

“How about I just move onto the hood of our car and shout it to the whole world!”

Damn, but we were happy. All the way back to our apartment, we just couldn’t wipe these grins off our faces.

“You know, we need to find a bigger house, don’t you?”

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