My little secret 2

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Katelin and I broke our kiss and looked over towards Jim. He was sitting in one of the kitchen table chairs, boxers down to his ankles stroking his cock. “Don’t my girls want their morning milk??” he said again. Katelin led the way as I followed, getting down on our knees we started to pleasure our daddy.

Katelin started licking his cock, getting it nice and wet. Taking it in her mouth, and going down about halfway. I started licking and sucking on his balls and ball sack. From time to time I would lick under his ballsack, giving him a quick fluster. “Hey Ashley, come here and kiss me” Katelin said. As I moved my head up she kept his cock inbetween us. We wrapped our lips around the sides of his cock, trying to meet each others tongue but failing continously.

Jim moaned in pleasure as his two little girls had their lips wrapped around his cock. Tongueing all up and down his shaft, and exciting him more and more each trip down his shaft. I reached over and pushed Katelins shoulders down, wanting her to suck my cock. When she decended she started giving me the best blowjob she ever had, running her tongue up and down my shaft. I worked on Jims shaft, bringing him to the brink of orgasm. His precum was so salty, plus I wanted to wait untill I had my orgasm.

Katelin pumped up and down on my boy thing until I squirted my juices all in her mouth. I deepthroated Jims cock, as he moaned out as I retracted to take it in my mouth. A half full load filled my oral opening. Katelin was moaning herself savoring the taste of my juices. I took my mouth off of Jims cock and bent down to Katelin, slowly she opened her mouth showing me my juices. I opened my mouth letting Jims cum drip out, dropping down I kissed her again and let jims cum flood her mouth.

I broke the kiss as Katelin swallowed. I moved back up to Jims now limping cock and cleaned him off. Katelin and I kissed again as Jim went into his bedroom. Katelins tongue was till soaked in cum, and it tasted so good. We heard Jims bedroom door open, out he came with another tray of needles.

Katelin seemed to sigh in disapproval, but I couldn’t wait for mine. As Jim approached we knew what to do. I bent over the table as did Katelin, waiting for our shots that would somehow turn us into the women we wanted to be. Katelin was first up, as she recieved her shots her eyes opened wide. She started to close her eyes, and layed her head down on the table with a smile of contentment.

Jim picked Katelin up, and carried her to her room. As Jim decended down the stairs he walked right over to me. Leaning behind me close to my ear he whispered “Ashley, Two of the shots i’m going to give you today may hurt… ok??” I nodded “I’m not trying to hurt you, i’m only trying to help” I nodded again as Jim reached for the first needle. The first two needles didn’t hurt they were the normal in my butt cheek shots. The next two however, were painful very painful. One of the shots came between my ballsack and my sissy hole.

It was a new sensation but also the skin was very delicate down there. The last shot was the most painful, Jim released the shot inside my ballsack. Pain shot through my boy nuts like I had never felt before. I screamed in pain, Jim tried to hold me and comfort me as torment wracked my body. My screams quietened down, my body stopped shaking from the intense pain. Jim was still holding me, kissing, and comforting me.

“What was that” I asked Jim trying to catch my breath. “That was female hormones shrinking your testicles”. I paused to let Jims answer sink in. “Why would you want to do that??” I asked with a harsh tone. “So I could do this” Jim replied. Moving towards me and parting my legs, he pushed my testicles into me. While crossdressing I had always been trying to do that, but my testicles were always too big.

“I’ll be right back” I said as I rushed up the stairs. Going to the bathroom first, I removed the tampon from my back hole. Before flushing it down the toliet I wiped to make sure there was no mess. As the toliet flushed away, I grabbed my razor and trimmed a few places in my crotch. Coming back into my room I grabbed a tight pair of lace pink panties I had. I adorned them and strutted down the stairs, with a much more female crotch than I have ever had.

I walked towards Jim, stopping about 5 feet from him I widened my legs letting him see my flat crotch. Jim walked up to me and stuck his hand out, feeling my crotch and turning me on. He removed his hand from my crotch and brought it up to my shoulder. Leaning over he kissed me deep, a soft and very passonate kiss. Breaking the kiss he had his hand in a usual place, on my ass squeesing it.

Looking around I didn’t see Katelin and remembered shes up in her room. I started to head up the stairs when Jim stopped me. “Sweetie I have to tell you something” he said lowering his head. “What Daddy??” I asked with a pouting face “When I gave Katelin those shots… one of them was a seditive”. “Why would you do that??” I asked as I started to get angry. “So she wouldn’t get upset when I gave you those painful shots”

Processing this in my mind for a minute or two before I said anything else. I understood why he did it, but at least he could have been honest with us. “I’ll be back down in a minute” I said as I turned and walked up the stairs. Going into Katelins room I layed down on the bed beside her. As she seemed to snuggle into me I started to rub her stomach. Moving my hand north and south I ran into her hard on.

Thinking she wouldn’t notice I started to play with it, stroking it up and down. A moan escaped her lips, as I played with it more she started to move around on the bed. Her cock was aching and my mouth was wanting. I rolled Katelin on her back, moving down the bed to suck her cock. I licked it ever so slowly, taking my time and enjoying what I was doing. As I slid her cock in my mouth, I felt a hand come to my head. It was Katelins, I wasn’t sure if she was acting out a dream or her body was reacting to what was happening.

While sucking deeper on her cock, I pulled out her tampon and started to finger her. Her back started to arch as pleasure was rolling accross her body. Katelins breathing was rapid now, closer and closer to her release. I knew she was close, but I wasn’t sure how close. I shoved another finger inside güvenilir bahis her, Two fingers now playing with her insides. Katelins other hand came up to my head, she had to be awake now. Bobbing up and down a few more times and Katelin pulled me flush to her body. Impaling my mouth on her cock as I deepthroated her.

Her cock twitched, and her hole tightened. I felt her rod pulsing in my mouth and her cum running down my throat. I kept fingering her to keep the orgasm going. Another 20 seconds passed and she relaxed. Removing my mouth from her cock, I licked and cleaned it up. As I came up to kiss her she put one finger over my lips, I froze as she looked to the beside table. I looked over to see a injector about half full of lube, “use it”. Reaching over I grabbed the injector, Pulled down my panties leaning over Katelin as I inserted it inside me and emptied the remains inside my little hole.

I removed my panties as Katelin grabbed my butt, and pulled it down from its high perch. Putting her semi hard cock at my entrance, I tried to wiggle it in but it wasn’t working. I reached back and grabbed her cock stroking it a few times. Putting it back to my hole, her head popped in. She let out a slight moan as I started to work in the rest of her cock. After another 5 minutes of grinding on her cock, it was inside me. I sat fully upright and buried her cock deep inside me. Moving just my hips during this time I grinded against her cock.

Katelin reached up and pinched my nipples as I was taking her cock all the way up my hole. I felt her cock grow inside me, knowing she was getting excited and wanting to cum again. She started to thrust up into me, bucking her hips and giving me a wild ride. Moaning as I was being impaled it felt so good to ride my best friend/girl friend. “Ashley are you ready??” Katelin said breathly, “yes Katie give it too me” I said almost in a whisper. Katelin pumped in a out of me a few more times. As I rose up to meet the last thrust, She pulled me down to meet her cock.

Banging against her body, her cock started exploding inside me. Impaled by her cock is one thing, but forcefully being impaled felt that much better. I moved my hips untill I felt her cock relax. As I moved up to dismount, I fell over on the bed beside Katelin. We looked into each others eyes and kissed. Tongues intwined, and moans escaped our love lock. Our concentration was broken when there was a knock at the door.

“Girls” Jim said through the door. “YES” we both answered in unison. “I have a question to ask you may I come in??” Katelin and I looked at each other and agreed to let him in. “Come on in Daddy” Katelin said. Jim opened the door and closed it behind him. “I’ve come to ask a favor girls” Jim continued as Katelin and I stared at him. “This being Saturday and tonight is normally a poker night for me, I was wondering if you would be servers for us??”

Katelin and I looked at each other, I leaned over to whisper in her ear. She did the same back and we both nodded in agreement. “Ok daddy” I spoke up from the silence “but we would like a couple of things”. Jim looked nervous as we started to name off the things we wanted. “Maid outfits” Katelin spoke up, “The full outfit” I added. Jim looked at us and nodded. “More hormones and breast implants” I said. Jim looked puzzled but smiled and agreed.

Jim left the house to purchase the maid outfits as Katelin and I experimented with the toys in the basement. We found his stash of injectors he had prepared, Lube on the top cabinet, Cherry on the second, and Strawberry on the third. There was a fourth row, it was lube but very very thin, almost like water. We didn’t bother with it as we headed over to the tub. Wanting and waiting to feel empty and flushed out again. Just so our daddy can fill us up.

Katelin flushed me, and then I flushed her. Katelin was just drying off when Jim came back downstairs. “Playing with my toys??” he said with a smile. As Jim pulled two boxes from behind his back. The boxes were pink and blue, we knew which was was which. As Katelin ripped hers open, I did the same to my box. We both gasp as through the thin wrapping paper we saw our maid outfits. Black and white, with apron, matching stockings, and a pedicoat. Underneath was a pair of panties, a nice bikini pair with our name in rhinestones on the butt.

I looked at the panties more closely, there just happened to be a gaping hole in the bottom side. “Daddy” I said with a stern voice. Jim couldn’t help but smile as he said “Custom made just for you two”. Katelin and I both got up and gave our daddy a kiss. We took our maid outfits up the stairs and too our rooms. After closing my door I layed my outfit out so it would be nice and neat.

Hearing Jim come up the stairs got me excited. I heard him knock on Katelins door and open it. Katelin said “Hi Daddy” and the door closed. I layed back on my bed relaxing and waiting. Katelin screamed at the top of her lungs, My heart jumped into my throat and started to beat rapidly. She started crying loudly, weeping as if she had just lost her parents. “Daddy NO STOP IT” Katelin screamed again. I was getting scared, not knowing what was going on.

Katelin quieted down, but my heart was still beating fast. Not knowing whats going on is making me feel uneasy. I hear Katelins door open and shut again. Footsteps across the hall and my door opened. Jim just stared at me, knowing I had heard what was going on. “Relax Ashley” Jim said with his hand stretched forward “I just gave her the balls shot that I gave you”. He challanged my decision by sitting on the bed, I relaxed and leaned back.

He told me to turn over, as I did very slowly I watched for anything in his hands he might have hidden. “Lift your butt up” he said. I raised my butt to meet his hands. Massaging my butt cheeks he spread them and pushed them back, repeating this a few times. “Oh ashley” he whispered. Getting up off my bed he left the room, a few minutes later coming back. He had a few injectors with him, as he started to kneed my butt again I spoke up “Daddy??”

“Yes sweetie” he said putting the first lube injector to my tiny hole

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do that??” I asked

“Do what hun” he said pushing the first full lube into me “I treat you girls evenly, Just sometimes you get things before türkçe bahis she does”

His answer made me realize I was his “Girl” before Katelin. Whether she realized that or not I wasn’t sure. Taking the contents of the injectors made me glad I had already flushed myself out earlier. Feeling full I moaned a little, Jim caught the hint and pushed another Tampon into me. He gave me another hormone shot in my butt, these shots normally made me feel more female, more passive. As I layed there Jim gave me another shot after which I fell asleep.

I woke up to Jim sitting on my bed, I looked up at him with sleepy eyes. “Its time to get ready sweetie” he said. Trying to wake me up but failed none the less. Rolling on my back I felt a kiss come to my lips. A tongue invaded my mouth as someone was very passonate about this kiss. I opened my eyes to see Katelin, I kissed back waking up and finally getting out of bed. “Come downstairs to the basement sweetie” Jim cooed as I was still trying to wake up walking out of my room.

After walking down the basement steps he led me over to the tub. Pulling out the tampon he started flushing me again. Jim took a razor and shaved some hairs I didn’t get. He gave me a hard smack on the ass and said “Next time don’t miss those”. “Yes Daddy” I replied. Hopping out of the tub, I grabbed a towel to dry myself off. Reaching into his stash Jim pulled out 2 injectors for each of us. “If you choose to pleasure a man tonight make sure your lubed””I don’t want them stretching or tearing you”

Katelin and I both nodded as we headed up stairs to get dressed. Slipping into my maids uniform I heard Katelins door open and shut. She moaned loudly as I’m sure Daddy came up to give her a quick release from her boy thing. I heard her door close again as I was pulling up my panties. Mine opened and in came Jim. He had the needles again for the saline injections. As he injected the liquid into me the doorbell rang.

Finishing quickly Jim left my room to go down stairs and answer the door. As I heard the sound of guys voices cheering and yelling. I checked in the mirror to make sure I looked as sexy as I could. Jim yelled up at us “Ok girls time to get to work”. Katelin and I exited our rooms and walked down the stairs together hand in hand. Jim took the liberty of interducing us. “Guys, this is Katelin and this is Ashley” “Girls this is Tom, Jack, Randy, and Kevin. The guys were stunned, jaws wide open and a look of shock on their faces. We walked past them and into the kitchen asking “What would you like to drink boys??”

All of them wanted Beer and we served them as instructed. After refilling a few glasses and keeping the snacks coming Tom spoke up. “Hey Jim so where did you find these two” “Well Tom” Jim sighed “I’ve always had them I just never let them come out around you guys” A couple of the guys looked at each other wondering if Jim was bullshitting or not.

Jim spoke to me first “Ashley”

“Yes Daddy” I replied

“How long have you been here??”

“Always Daddy”

“Thank you sweetie” He said with a smile. The guys bought into it a little more but Tom wasn’t. While this was going on Katelin and Randy were making some eye contact. Winking and smiling at each other. Katelin nodded over towards the bathroom, as he started to get up. Katelin went over to Jim bent over and whispered in his ear. Tom who was sitting to the right of Jim got a nice view of Katelin. Jim nodded and Katelin went to the bathroom.

Katelins injector was empty before the door even closed. All lubed up and waiting on randy she decided to bend over the counter. As Randy entered the bathroom, Jack spoke up “How are they both going to use the bathroom??” Jim quickly answered back “Theres two shitters in that bathroom” Jack didn’t question his words.

Randy quickly dropped his pants, and worked his cock into Katelin. God he was thick, but Katelin could take it. Randy had to be quick otherwise the guys would notice. He quickened his strokes, and deepened them. Katelin rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide for him. Katelin was being dirty by licking her upper lip and biting her lower one. All just to get Randys rocks off, Katelin raised her hands to feel her breasts as Randy pushed in full. Jerking and releasing his cum inside her. Randy relaxed from his orgasm and pulled out. Katelins hole closed up quickly keeping Randys cum inside her.

Randy flushed a toliet and buckled his pants and left the bathroom. Katelin took a little more time and flushed her own toliet. Coming out of the bathroom Katelin spoke up “Daddy I’m going to get some more beer from the basement ok??” Jim nodded and proceeded back to his card game. Katelin bounced back downstairs and made sure to flush herself good. When she came back up, a smile creeped across her face as she looked at me.

I tried to work on Tom and get him to loosen up, although he wasn’t budging. Jack seemed to relax a little, not sure if it was the boose or he was just tired. Realizing we needed another table I started to head upstairs to get one. I turned around quickly “Jack… could you help me with this table??” I tried to bat my eyelashes as he agreed. I started up the stairs again as Jack was just coming to the bottom of them. He had a nice view to stare at.

When we got upstairs I went to the spare room, After walking in I looked around hoping maybe there was a table we could use. I saw nothing in view, Jack was at the doorway behind me when I decided to look under the bed. As I bent over, he got a full view of what I had to offer. As I stood up again I was pushed into one of the canopy posts, my shoulder hit it with a thud. Some pain went through my arm, but I knew I had trapped Jack.

I spun around quickly and surprised Jack. He stood there with his pants undone and a big hard on in his pants. “You know Jack” I said “Girls have to make sure they stay healthy, make sure they have all their shots” I reached back and put the injector to my hole. I pushed down on the stopper feeling the lube work its way inside me. But this was different, it felt like water. I dropped the injector and felt of my hole. It was still lube but felt really thin.

Jack viewed this as his turn to have some fun, he spun me around and bent me over the bed. His very large cock, found its way to my entrance. Jack was güvenilir bahis siteleri bigger than Jim and way bigger than Katelin. He pressed in on my hole, I felt his head working in. It was huge, I thought he was too big. Jack pulled out again shortly to wet the head of his cock. Back inside me he pressed, the lube helping all the way. Jack just kept pushing in, stretching my hole. It took everything I had not to scream.

As he started pumping in and out my hole aquired his size. More and more his cock disappeared into me. Jack started pumping faster, he was slamming in full to the hilt now. “You like this piece of ass??” “do you?? do you??” Jack was a flurry of emotion, he couldn’t speak or he would yell out. He slammed into me, his cock pulsing, his balls releasing his seed. Jack pumped a few more times before removing his cock, and zipping back up his pants. He grabbed the table in the corner of the room and went back downstairs.

My little hole was gaped. Holding wide open because of Jacks size. After a few minutes I felt my hole returning to its normal size. I got up and walked across the hall to my room. Going into my bathroom I had a douche set up there, I cleaned myself and made my way back down to the party.

Katelin had entertained the boys, and made friends with Kevin. Katelin asked Jim again if she could use the bathroom. “Jeez what are you drinking over there 2 liter sodas??” pretending to be mad Jim replied. “yeah I guess go, but hurry up”. Katelin made her way to the bathroom and so did Kevin. No sooner had the door shut then Kevin had his pants down. Katelin on her knees, sucking his cock making him moan very quietly.

Katelin took this chance to lube herself up, still sucking on his cock he was ready for her. She stood up infront of him, turned around, and bent over. Kevin grabbed her hips and went to town. Kevins cock found her hole on the first jab, Sliding in to the hilt. He was in heaven, Katelin loved being bent over and tightened her hole as Kevin sped up. “Where do you want it” Kevin tried to grunt out quietly “Right where you are, in my pussy” Kevin lost it, exploding into her. Filling her hole up with 10 nuts worth of spunk. He was a big cummer. Kevin flushed a toliet and went back out to the poker game.

Katelin however was far from ok, Kevin had overfilled her hole. Making her feel sick, She came out of the bathroom and ran up the stairs. “Where the fuck are you going??” Jim yelled out. No answer from Katelin. Jim got up and ran up the stairs, opening and slamming Katelins door. I wasn’t sure if Jim was actually mad or if he was just acting.

I heard Jim yelling more and a slap of skin. Katelins crying became louder “Daddy, no daddy, daddy don’t do this no, no dad..” The last comment was cut off by Jim opening the door. Jim had Katelin by the hair of her head, “Randy, Kevin!!!!!” Jim yelled. “Did you both fuck Katelin???” A stammering answer came from both men. Jim knew it was true and starting coming down the stairs. Randy and Kevin both ran for the door.

“Ashley!!!” Jim yelled out.
“Yes Daddy??” I answered.
“Did anyone fuck you?? he asked with a harsh tone
“yes daddy” I answered lowering my head

Jim didn’t have to ask who it was, Jack got up and left. Tom was the last guy left, and looking a bit nervous. “Tell ya what Tom, since your the last guy here who hasn’t fucked anyone… fuck Ashley” As Tom looked at me, Jim sent a wink my way. I reached into the waistline of my panties and grabbed my last Injector. Putting it to my hole I lubed myself up, just waiting for Tom to fuck me.

Tom stared at me, wondering if Jim was kidding or not. I could see the buldge in his pants growing, and wanting to get out. Finally I took matters into my own hands. Undoing his belt I whipped it off of him, unbuttoning his pants, and feeling his member throb in his boxers. Tom realized that Jim was serious, he stood up, dropped his pants, and found my hole.

He was the same size as Jim, but a hair longer. Pumping in and out of me it didn’t take him long to cum. He came deep inside me, which is where I always like it. Tom pulled out pretty quick after his orgasm. Buttoned his pants and left. I was still laying on the table when Jim came over too me. “Have fun??” he asked.

“yes daddy” I replied back

“Katelin” Jim called up to her as she came bouncing down the stairs. “I want you to enjoy something Katelin” Jim explained. “get down on your knees” Katelin assumed the postition as Jim stood me up. “Sit down on her mouth Ashley, and eat her out Katelin” Katelin buried her tongue in my hole. I pushed on the cum that was deep inside me. Katelins tongue moved in my hole like a wiggle worm on the ground, it was so warm and made me even more horny.

Katelin removed her tongue and stood up. She leaned over and kissed me as I started up the stairs to my room. I cleaned myself out and came back downstairs. As I came to the bottom of the stairs, Jim was having his way with Katelin over the arm of the couch. “You Bitch!!” I said. Katelin looked up at me and smiled, knowing I wanted to start with them. Jim stopped pounding Katelin as I gave him a long deep kiss.

“Would you back up daddy??” I asked batting my eyelashes. Jim backed up away from the arm of the couch. Katelin was still bent over the arm, I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back as well. Lowering my panties and bending over Katelin got the hint. She reached back to Jim getting some lube. Pushing the lube inside me gave me a rush of warmth. A feeling of contentment, and happiness.

Katelin pushed her rod to my hole, it was hard from being fucked by Jim. She pushed in and made me gasp, pushing in full to the hilt on the first thrust. Katelin held it there, inside me deep inside me. Jim then made his move, finding Katelins hole again he thrust up into her. It seemed to make Katelin go deeper into me. Jim pulled half way out and thrust back in hard, that made katelins cock slam into me. It felt so good to be fucked hard by my girlfriend.

The next half hour was a blur, different positions, angles, more pleasure than what I could have imagined. We finally ended our fuck fest, thrusting into us Jim came inside of Katelin, She came inside of me, and I came all over the couch and myself. Laying there our cocks buried in one another, was more than just pleasure it was family. That night Jim came into both our rooms and gave us our hormone shots, a kiss on the cheek, and a smile. Tomorrow was sunday, and the day we had to go home.

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