My Neighbor Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I wake up hard and excited about meeting Peggy. I resist the urge to masturbate, I want to be horny when I meet her later. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to find a woman so into teasing.

I make it through the day and head to the hospital a bit early. I get there 30 minutes early so I sit impatiently in the cafeteria sipping on some coffee. Finally, it’s time so I head to the front of the hospital, where I’m supposed to meet her.

I ask for her at the front desk. They direct me to some elevators up to the 7th floor.

I get to the floor, walk to the desk and ask for her. I’m told that she will be out to get me shortly and I should take a seat. So I do.

I’m waiting just a minute or two before she comes out. Looking great. She isn’t wearing scrubs like yesterday, she’s wearing a doctor’s coat over a blouse and a skirt. I do notice she has really nice legs.

She greets me, and has me walk with her. She uses her badge to get us through one of the doors. We walk for a bit and she guides me into what I guess is an exam room. I notice there is a nurse in the room busy doing something. The nurse is a cute brunette wearing scrubs. Peggy gestures me to the gurney in the middle of the room and tells me to have a seat.

“Hi, Jeff, I’m happy you came today. Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was great teasing you like that. Today, I want to do something that will tease you quite a bit more. You should enjoy it just as much if not more. Does that sound good?”

I’m a little embarrassed with her talking about this in front of someone else but the nurse doesn’t react. I think Peggy notices my discomfort because she tells me, “Oh, don’t worry about Karen. She’s seen and heard this all before. And I’m going to need her help.”

“Yeah, it sounds good.” I’m a little puzzled but I’m willing to go along with just about anything.

“First thing, you need to get undressed. I mean totally naked. You can put your stuff in this bag” which she hands me. “After that, lay down this bed.”

I hesitate because they are both staying in the room. After half of minute or so of me not moving, Peggy talks to me. “Jeff, I saw you yesterday. And Karen has seen all of this before to. Please start getting undressed.” She walks over to a computer and starts using it.

I get undressed. It’s embarrassing and exciting getting undressed in front of two, fully dressed women. It’s something I’ve never done before. By the time I am undressed, my dick is hard. When I get on the bed, as instructed, my dick is pointing straight up.

Thirty seconds later, Peggy looks over and sees me ready. She notices how excited I am, “Good, I’m glad to see you are still looking forward to this. Karen, it’s time to get him ready.”

Before I know what is going on, Peggy is on one side of me, Karen is on the other. They each take one of my hands and put it through straps on the side of the gurney. They get the straps around my wrist and tighten them, tying my wrists to the top of the bed.

“Go get the sensor”, Peggy tells Karen. Karen comes back with some device, Peggy covers it with some sort of goop and tells me to lift my legs. They help by each grabbing an ankle and lifting my legs up.

Peggy then pushes the sensor into my ass. I start squirming and Peggy tells me “Stop squirming, this won’t hurt and it is necessary.” I manage to relax and let her push it in.

It’s not big and it slides in easily. She makes the top expand so I can’t push it out. It feels strange but not unpleasant.

“Alright, let’s secure more” Peggy says as they each start with a strap over each leg, right above the knee. They tighten those down so that I can’t pick my legs up from the bed. Karen puts a wide strap across my belly and tightens it. Now I’m attached to the bed with only a few straps but, other than picking up my head, I can’t move.

Peggy heads over to a counter and grabs some equipment. She returns to my side and attaches a large box to the side of the bed. The box has wires coming out of it along with some piece that I can’t quite make out.

“Good, you are still hard. That will make this next step easier. And more fun” Peggy says to me with a huge smile on her face.

I feel her sliding something onto my dick. It’s a bit loose but she adjusts it making it a little tight. It’s covering nearly my entire dick including my head. It’s squeezing a little, but a pleasant kind of squeeze. The best thing I can think of is it feels a bit like a tight pussy. She connects some wires up. She looks over at Karen and tells her they are ready to start.

Karen moves to the side of the bed without the machine, even with my waist. Peggy gets in front of the machine and plays with something on it.

I feel the thing on my cock comes to life. It starts sucking on me with some up and down motion. It feels great. It starts sucking a little stronger and moving a little faster, slowly increasing in intensity.

It doesn’t take long before I’m near orgasm. That’s when I hear Karen say “1”. The intensity stays constant now. It is feeling great and I’m building towards a great orgasm. göztepe genç escort

I’m pretty close to cumming when I hear Karen say “2”. The machine starts to suck weaker and stroke slower. It’s still feeling fantastic but it isn’t making me cum going to take me longer to cum. It continues to get weaker until it has almost stopped.

Before too long, it starts ramping up the intensity. It feels like it’s getting stronger faster than last time. And it’s not long before I”m moaning and starting to pull against my bonds a little. I hear Karen say “Almost”. My orgasm keeps building and I’m just about over the edge when I hear “3” and, suddenly, all of the motion stops.

I let out a huge frustrated moan as the lack of sensation is startling. The machine starts up maybe 10 seconds later, feeling just as delicious as before. As I get near the point of no return, all of the sensations stop again.

Again, I let out this disappointed moan. “I think we have it adjusted perfectly” Peggy tells Karen. “Let’s watch one more cycle just to make sure.”

Like last time, about 10 seconds after the machine stops, it starts up again. Also like last time, it stops right before I cum. And, like before, I moan from my inability to cum.

“Why don’t you get him ready and take him to Bea now. I’ve adjusted everything for the trip” Peggy says to Karen. She looks at me and tells me, “Jeff, now is when the real fun begins. Peggy is going to take you on a walk through the hospital. The machine will be working it’s magic during the trip though with slightly less intensity than what you’ve felt so far. Oh, and don’t worry, she will be covering you up.”

“One thing, it’s important for you to try and be quiet. You will be moving amongst quite a few people and none of them will now what you are experiencing.” She smiles at me as she says this last part. “So don’t give it away.”

Peggy flips a switch and the sucking and stroking begin again though it is weaker and slower than before as Peggy said. But it still feels great.

Peggy walks out of the room and Karen lays a sheet over me. She tucks the sheet in, using the box from the device to drape the sheet over my excited cock. She pulls the sheet up to my neck leaving only my head uncovered.

All this time, my cock continues to get sucked and stroked. It’s feeling great but I’m not on the edge of cumming like I was before. Before I know what’s what, Karen starts pushing me towards the door.

I have never been naked in a public place nor have I ever had sex in public. Now, while nobody can see that I’m naked, my dick is getting sucked and stroked around people who are unaware of what is going on.

Karen leans over and whispers in my ear, “We are getting to the crowded area, make sure to keep quiet.” We stop and Karen pushes the call button for the elevator. There are lots of people walking around though nobody seems to notice me.

Karen reaches over and adjusts something. I feel the action on my cock intensify. It’s now a struggle to stay quiet.

The elevator doors open and Karen pushes me in. There are two women in the back of the elevator along with a man at the front holding the buttons for us. As she pushes me in, the two women stand along the side of my gurney.

Now I’m getting sucked and stroked while two women are standing next to me having no idea what is going on. OMG, this is crazy. But it feels so good.

I’m starting to sweat. Karen must notice because she adjusts the machine again and the intensity goes down just a little. That’s good because I was getting close to cumming and didn’t think I could keep quiet much longer.

I’m still struggling to stay quiet when I hear the ding and see the doors open. Karen pulls me out of the elevator and I’m getting pushed down a hall. We pass by quite a few people. I’m close to cumming and starting to squirm a little. As I’m about to cum, the machine stops. I manage to remain quiet though the sweat is now pouring off me. The people around us are none the wiser to my predicament.

After a bit, the machine starts again, a little more gently than before.

Karen keeps pushing me to somewhere. My dick continues to get sucked and stroked. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Finally, she opens the door to a room and pushes me in. I see an Asian woman dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. She is gorgeous. “Bea, this is Jeff. Given how he was on the trip here, I think you will have a good time.”

“Hi Jeff, I’m Bea” she tells me as she starts to remove my cover. She turns the machine intensity down and exclaims, “Wow, you really did enjoy your walk down here. How many times did you almost cum?”

It’s weird and a little embarrassing having this conversation while my cock is getting manipulated like this. Especially with somebody who is fully dressed. And who I just met. But I manage to say, “Once”. My voice quivers a little.

“Wow, the intensity readings are amazing. I think Karen was right, this is going to be fun.” And she looks at Karen and tells her, “Thanks. I’ve got it from here.”

Karen göztepe olgun escort starts walking towards the door, telling Bea, “Beep me when he’s ready for his trip back upstairs.”

“What are you going to do?” I ask Bea softly.

“Don’t worry Jeff. I will make sure you enjoy this. I will too” she tells me as she turns the intensity way up. In an instant I’m ready to cum and the machine shuts down. I moan and start pulling on my bonds because I’m getting so frustrated. My cock and balls feel really tight. And I just can’t cum.

Not much time has passed and the machine starts up again. It quickly ramps up to the same intensity. Again, as I’m about to cum, it shuts down. Again, I moan and pull at my bonds as the sensations stop.

This goes on for another 4 cycles of the machine edging me. I’m a mess when she comes over and turns the machine off. “Please let me cum” I beg her, with my frustration evident.

“Not yet.” She carefully removes the device from my cock. It’s sensitive and I moan every time she touches me. “I’m going to let you cool down for a minute before this next step” she tells me as she leaves the room.

I’m experience another first in this day of weird firsts. I’m rock hard, needing to cum as bad as I’ve ever had to, I’m tied to a bed and unable to move. It’s the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced.

When Bea returns, I’ve calmed down. I’ still hard and I still need to cum, but I’m not ready to cum.

She stands by my side. “You look ready for the next step.” She walks to a cabinet and removes something. She’s back at my side and I feel a strap going around my cock and balls and getting pulled tight. I feel another strap going, coming off the first one, going around just my balls and getting pulled tight. So now my entire package is feeling really tight.

It’s a strange sensation. I feel my excitement building even though my cock isn’t getting any stimulation. Bea is now down by the foot of the gurney but I can’t tell what she is doing. She lays something between my legs and moves to be even with my hips.

She grabs the strap around my balls and puts a rope through the strap on the back and from of my balls. As she pulls the cord down, my balls separate and get pulled tightly. She moves down to the foot of the gurney and adjusts the rope, pulling my balls tighter. It doesn’t hurt but it does add some pressure, even if my cock.

She puts the device back on my cock. When she turns it on, the sensation is indescribable. I don’t know if it is my balls getting pulled or the additional pressure from the bindings or what but the sensations are more intense than before. I’m nearly jumping out of my skin with the device on a low intensity.

“Is it feeling better now?” she asks me.

“Oh my God, please stop. I need to cum. Please” is all I can say in reply. But my begging has no effect other than making Bea smile at me.

“Don’t worry, you’ll cum before the nights out. But that’s not my job tonight. I do have one more thing to do before you leave me. You need to make me cum.”

“How?” I blurt out.

She smiles at me as she pushes the pushes the bed near this large device. She attaches my bed to it and turns the machine up a little. I jump as she does that as my cock is super sensitive. I’m pretty distracted by the feeling coming from my cock but I do see her pull her shorts and panties down.

She pulls these supports out from the large device that hang at both sides o my head. They look like shelf supports but they are weirdly spaced at the side of the contraption and they form almost a V shape. She climbs up the side of the device and swings her legs over the supports. As she faces the device, she sets one leg down in each support. This positions her so that her pussy is right over my face.

It’s a gorgeous pussy. It’s shaved. The lips are puffy and wet. Her clit is peaking out. And I’m enjoying this show immensely especially since the stroking and sucking on my dick haven’t stopped.

I’m ready to cum and the machine cuts out again. Karen hits a button next to her right when the machine turns off and the bed raises up. She lets the button go when her pussy is about an inch from me.

“Make me cum Jeff.”

So I willing do. I start licking all over her lips, trying to avoid her clit so I can tease her a little given how much she is teasing me. Then the machine on my dick starts up again and I get distracted and stop licking.

“Don’t stop, or I’ll turn it up.”

Oh God, I couldn’t handle that. I start licking and go straight for her clit. I take it between my lips and flick it with my tongue. I go to the old standby and use my tongue to write letters across her clit.

It doesn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building again. I get a little distracted but manage to keep licking as the device turns off. This makes me moan into her pussy. She must have liked that because she moans back.

We go one like this, the machine keeps edging me, I keep licking her pussy. I’ve been edged three more times when she is getting close göztepe şişman escort to her orgasm. She is moving her pussy around and pushing it against my mouth. She reaches down, grabs the back of my head and pushes me tight against her pussy. She lets out this loud moan as she starts to cum. It’s amazing. And it’s too much for me, the machine on my cock shuts down again as I’m ready to cum.

After what seems like minutes, she lets go of my head and I stop licking her pussy. She presses a button to lower my bed. She climbs down. As she stands next to me, the device starts again and I moan. She leans over to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek, “That was fantastic and just what I needed.”

She notices my look of frustration and adds, “Don’t worry, you will get yours. I promise.”

She puts her panties and shorts back on then disconnects me from the device and moves my bed back to where it was originally. She grabs a warm washcloth and washes my face. I’m kind of oblivious to this because I’m getting edged again. And I’m more frustrated than I was when I got into this room.

A minute or so later, Karen is back. “How’d things go” she asks Bea.

“Great. He’s a lot of fun” she replies still a little out of breath.

“Sounds like you two had a great time. Now lets’s see how things look” Karen says walking over to me and checking things out. “Wow, nice. Looks like this is perfect.”

“Yeah, it was really easy to get him setup. His reaction was immediate so there is still slack”.

I wonder what Bea means by this but I don’t think about it long because I’m getting edged again.

“Let’s get him covered up so I can take him back to Dr. Lerner” Karen tells Bea. I realize I just learned that Peggy is a doctor. I feel a little foolish for assuming she was a nurse but that goes away quickly, mostly by the sublime sensation I continue to feel in my dick.

They grab a new sheet and get me covered in no time at all. And, right about the time they finish, the machine stops, having edged me yet again.

“Please, can I cum now. I really need to cum now” I beg.

“Soon” Karen tells me. “But now it’s time to go back. Are you ready?”

“I don’t know if I can keep quiet.”

“Do your best. And, keep in mind that we get found out, you might not get to cum today.”

That scares me. As Karen is pushing me out of the room, and saying bye to Bea, the machine starts up again. I make sure not to make a sound.

This trip, there are fewer people around. And it is still really weird being near people while getting edged. We get to the elevator and wait for it as another doctor walks up to wait with us.

My dick is getting sucked and stroked, my orgasm is getting closer, and I’m covered by a thin sheet. And two fully dressed women are standing next to me. My excitement continues to build though I don’t think I can take much more of this. I’m starting to sweat again as my I’m near orgasm only to have it thwarted by the machine stopping again. This happens just as the elevator arrives and Karen pulls me into the elevator standing near my feet.

The doctor waiting with us walks in and stands at my side. “Is he a patients of Dr. Lerner’s?” the doctor asks Karen.

“Yes, doctor. Why?”

“Looks like he’s been through a lot. So I was curious.”

I’m surprised by this conversation but distracted by the machine starting up again. And my need to cum. That’s all I think about now, how good an orgasm would feel.

“I’m going to adjust him so we can see how he handles that.” I feel my balls pulled tighter. This makes the feeling on my cock get a bit more intense.

“I don’t think that was a huge change” the doctor tells Karen.

“Yup” Karen says. I feel my balls pulled even tighter. And the feeling on my cock intensifies a lot. I can’t help but let a small moan escape.

“That’s probably good” the doctor says with a big smile on her face.

“Seems like it” Karen says, also smiling.

Suddenly the bell rings and the doctor announces this is her floor and steps out of the elevator. As she’s doing this, she looks at me and tells me to enjoy. Then she is gone and the doors close. And again, I’m about ready to cum.

The machine shuts down as the bell dings and Karen pushes me out of the elevator. She pushes me down a hall, passing a constant stream of people. The motion and the people nearby keeps my orgasm at bay for longer than the previous sessions but, before i know it, I’m ready to cum and machine denies me yet again.

The machine turns back on and has just about completed another edging by the time she she pushes me back into the original room. Karen shuts the machine down and uncovers me. She checks my cock and balls and smiles. She goes to the foot of the gurney and tightens the rope pulling on my balls even more. This makes me moan, and for the first time in a while, start to pull against my restraints.

“Please let me … cuuuum” I struggle to say as.

Karen goes over to the machine and adjusts some settings. The machine starts up again, more intense than when it was shut down. It’s less than a minute and I’m ready to cum. The machine turns off before I can, edging me again. It stays off for only a few seconds before starting up again, just as intensely as last time. This intense edging continues for a while. I’m longing to cum with my whole being. I’d give anything just for an orgasm at this point.

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