My Neighbor Pt. 01


Hi, my name is Molly I am 18 years of age, and this is my first article! I live in a small town near the beach, and not much happens here. It’s my mom living in our two bedroom ranch and me. Our house is quaint; we have a small yard, a few trees and a fence that needs some work. A lot of things around our house need work since my mom is ridiculously busy and we don’t have a man around to help. My dad was never in the picture, and I feel like I grew up with a void inside me, like I was missing a piece of a puzzle or something.

I go to Highschool here but don’t quite fit in. I mean people like me, they wave at me in the halls, boys smile at me and always invited to events. However, I think I am only liked because of my quiet mannerism and because I am pretty. I feel like a cute little wallflower at school. I’m not conceited and don’t like I’m bragging, but I’m attractive. I’m blonde, a cute face, I work out and have lovely thighs. I’m a little thick but definitely in shape and my most favorite asset is my curvy Kardashian’esq bubble butt. Oh, and I have a beautiful set of C cups, you know boobies:). Looks aside, I feel like the odd person out. I get nervous around folks my age you know my peers;) and this makes school not my favorite place to be.

This awkwardness and decrease of motivation lead to the decline in my grades, especially math. I just can’t concentrate, I’m always worried about fitting in, etc. Anyhow this story is about my neighbor and me.

My neighbor is an older lad, maybe in his late 50’s and is married. He seems like a happy dude. I think he’s retired or works from home. He’s always in his yard watering something or tinkering in his garage. He’s super friendly to my mom and me, and he seems wicked smart. I think he worked for NASA or was an accountant or something 🙂 Anyways he’s good with numbers and math. My mom got to chatting with him one day and somehow signed me up to get math lessons from my neighbor. Ugh school after school, right?

Outside of school Escort Bayan I am not as worried about fitting in and am socially fine with the outside world, especially with older men, I think this might be due to the fact I never had a dad growing up. So can we move onto the part where I talk about my first math tutor thingy with my neighbor? Okay cool 😉

My first math lesson was on a Wednesday night, and my mom was working a late shift, as usual, I had already eaten by myself. I made a delicious avocado salad with well-done toast and two poached eggs. Yea I like to cook:)

I showered up and had put on some cozy clothes. My outfit consisted of the chilling watching tv variety of clothing. But if you have to know the details, I was wearing a cotton long sleeve t-shirt that had the number 16 on it. The sleeves were red, and the chest of the shirt was white. I had green shiny yoga pants. The yoga pants were 3/4 pants and came down just above my calf. Super cozy but a little tight. Under my shirt, I had a black athletic bra that did an excellent job of supporting my boobies and a pair of sheer black panties that were thong like but not wholly a thong. To finish off the ensemble I had my favorite pair of white Nikes and lowcut pink socks. Okay, lets fast forward a bit.

The lesson was going well, and my neighbor was very smart and confident in his teaching skills. He didn’t seem to have the best sense of humor, and we didn’t have much small talk it was all about the math. A fun way to spend a Wednesday right? Ha.

During the lesson, I noticed that everytime that I got up to get something or do something he would stand as well and kind of hover around me. I didn’t think anything of it until I was standing in the kitchen near the dining table where we were studying, and he walked by me like five times. I moved to the kitchen cabinets for some almonds, and I sensed him walking right behind me. He kept pacing back and forth behind me. Our kitchen area is pretty tight as Bayan Escort it is but it felt extra crowded for sure.

I sat back down, and he came back to the table where our lesson continued. He remained standing just behind me and did not sit back down. For the next twenty minutes, he just stood towering over me pointing at things in the books, reaching over me to write notes or highlight specific equations. And for some reason he would not remain still; he was always moving, kind of like he had the jitters. Jitter is a noun that means: feelings of extreme nervousness and is your “lesson” for the day;).

With him standing and me sitting his crotch (where his penis lived :)) was about square with my shoulder. I’m blonde, so I’m not the quickest to pick up on obvious things. It took me the full twenty minutes to realize that he was pressing his crotch against my shoulder and almost for the entire time. He wasn’t grinding or anything he just would lightly thrust his crotch against me and leave it there. There would be pressure at times, and other times it was a very light touch. I played with my hair to shift positions trying to get him to stop, but he kept coming back to my shoulder. What can I say I must have pretty shoulders. LOL.

I got tired of this behavior and asked to be excused from the lesson for a pee break. I quickly walked down the short hall to our only bathroom in the house, locked the door and sat down. The whole time I was in there, I could hear him walking around the kitchen. We have a wood vinyl floor, and it almost squeaks when you walk. The squeaking is unusually loud if you shuffle your feet and don’t do full steps.

His behavior was bizarre. Does he even know what he’s doing? I mean he’s an old man and might not realize that he is rubbing his crotch/penis against me or is my neighbor a pervert? LOL. Also, he must go through a lot of shoes since he drags his feet and can’t sit still, right?:). I became curious, and a bit turned on about his intentions Escort and decided to see if he was indeed pervy. I decided to take it further. After finishing up in the bathroom, I pulled my yoga pants and thong up firmly, so they hugged my ass and creating a wedgy that subtly split my cheeks apart.

I went back to the kitchen and straight to the sink. I turned the water on, positioned my hands firmly on the sink cabinet, slowly bent from my waist, my shirt hiked up a bit. I placed my ass upward as I stood on my tippy toes. I also did my best to flex my glutes at the same time. I put my thick ass on display for the old guy. It was right there in front of him. I tilted my blonde head and began drinking the water, lapping it with my tongue and gently moving my derriere to sexy, subtle rhythm.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement and here comes my neighbor! LOL, he is a perv! My neighbor quickly appeared directly behind me. I feel something brush lightly against my booty.

In a very calm voice, my neighbor asks if he could get a glass of water. We keep our glasses in the cabinet directly above the faucet that I was drinking. I stop drinking water and answer yes in a very soft and passive voice. I stretch and shift my body as I reach toward the cabinet. My neighbor places a hand firmly on my hip and moves into me.

I could feel the bulge from his pants rub against my ass, and I wanted to push hard back against him and have him wrap his masculine arms around me, but he is too old, he’s my neighbor. What am I thinking? I want this, but not this way, not now.

Somehow I remained still and calmly opened the cabinet to retrieve a glass for him. I hand it to him from over my shoulder. He says thank you, releasing his hand from my hip and slowly pulling himself away from me. He walks back to the table with an empty water glass and gathers his things. He wishes me goodnight, avoids eye contact with me and rushes off.

The lesson had officially ended. I went to bed feeling confused. Is my neighbor the pervert for wanting me or am I the pervert for teasing him? My brain hurt from the night, and my hormones were acting up:). I spent that night thinking about my neighbor’s behavior and how the next lesson might go:).

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