My Neighbor’s Delight


It was a warm spring day. I had taken the day off from work to do a little much needed yard work. I was dressed in my usual goofing around attire which consisted of a t-shirt and some old cut-off jeans that, to tell the truth, should have been thrown away long before now. They had several holes in the upper leg area and, at times, I could feel the air on my cock as I worked. I didn’t worry too much about it though as my neighbors on both sides had left for work and on the other side of the road we bordered on a nice strip of woods.

As I was cleaning around the flowerbeds, I could have sworn that I heard someone crying softly from my neighbors’ yard. I stopped working, listened and, sure enough, I heard it again. I stood and walked over to the privacy fence and looked between the slats into their backyard. It was my neighbor’s wife, Donna, sitting in a yard chair with her face in her hands crying. I wondered if perhaps I should call out to her and ask what was wrong but hesitated because, even though we spoke as neighbors do, we had never been very social to each other. Her husband traveled quite a lot for business and was just home for the weekends.

She was an attractive woman, probably in her early forties with shoulder length dark brown hair. Her figure was still quite good with what appeared to be nice breasts and a narrow waist along with a very shapely butt. Today she was wearing a loose fitting housecoat and she still had her house shoes on.

As I was debating with myself, she stopped crying and removed her hands from her face and sat back in the chair. As she did, the housecoat opened at the top and I could see the soft swelling of her breasts on either side. She leaned her head back and appeared to be staring at the sky for a few moments. One of her hands slowly came up and absently started to touch her left breast, rubbing in small circles towards her nipple. As she was doing this she crossed her legs at her ankles and started to rock her hips slowly back and forth in her chair. I just stood there quietly staring. I did look around to make sure that there was no one else around that might wonder what I found so interesting at the fence, but I saw no one.

When I looked once again, she had almost completely exposed her breast and was tugging on her nipple. It was hard and swollen just as my cock was Maltepe Escort starting to be too. I heard a sharp intake of breath and she seemed to shudder and then the damndest thing I had ever seen happened. Liquid came from the bottom of her chair making a sizable puddle beneath her. She uncrossed her legs and opened them allowing me to see right up into her very hairy crotch. She was pissing! Right in her chair, she was pissing herself. She sat there a few more minutes then got up and looked down, saw her puddle of piss and smiled to herself. She then closed her robe and walked back into her house.

I didn’t know what the hell to think about what I had just seen but knew I had to move from the fence before she went upstairs and looked out her window. I walked to my back porch and sat down and lit a cigarette. I noticed that my hand was shaking a little and I kind of laughed at myself. “Getting hot and bothered by what you saw, are you?” I said to myself. I glanced back towards her house and saw movement from one of the upstairs windows. I took my last drag off my smoke, tossed it into the flowerbed and got up and walked in my back door. I headed up the stairs and went into my bedroom and looked out the window but found that I couldn’t see directly into her room from there.

I grabbed a pair of binoculars from my closet and went to the spare bedroom and tried there. Bingo! I could see into her room at a diagonal, right towards her bed. She was standing there looking into a mirror with the still wet robe on. She opened a drawer and removed something from it and walked towards her bed. She unfolded it and I saw that it was a cover of some kind. She placed it on top of the bed covers and then took off her robe and dropped it on the floor. I quickly looked through the binoculars and took in all her beauty like I was right next to her. Those tits were wonderful with very little sag and, like I said, a very hairy bush. She once again opened a drawer and removed what looked like a flesh covered tube of some kind and when she tossed it onto the bed I could see that it was a large vibrator.

Placing herself in the middle of the bed she began to rub her tits once again. As her nipples began to become two hard points she raised her legs at the knees allowing me to see her cunt. I could tell that her bush hair Cevizli Escort was still wet with piss but the lips had a sheen to them as well. One of her hands came down to her snatch and she parted her cunt lips with two fingers and then slowly began to rub herself up and down her slit. She turned her head and seemed to look in the mirror again as she continued to stroke herself.

By this time my cock was as hard as a rock and I needed to give it some room so I undid my shorts and let them drop to my feet. I reached down, grabbed my cock and began to jack myself at the tempo she was using next door. She reached over, picked up her toy and turned it on. With one hand still rubbing and pulling on her nipples she used the other to place her toy on her well developed clit. I saw her stomach suck in as the pleasure began to wash over her. Slowly, ever so slowly, she started to slide the toy down her cunt till it was poised at her entrance then slid it further down till it stopped at her asshole and then back up again. She did this several times then quickly pushed it into her cunt, made some kind of adjustment to the speed, and let go of it. Her hands returned to her tits and she began to pull and squeeze her tits and nipples very hard. I was stroking myself faster now and a line of sweat had formed on my forehead. I looked down at my cock and saw that pre-cum was leaking out already. Looking back at her I saw that her hips were rocking back and forth as before. I looked at her toy and was amazed to see that it was moving in and out of her with just her cunt muscles gripping and releasing it.

She was still looking in the mirror when I noticed that I could see her eyes and she seemed to be looking right in my direction. I was starting to feel the tightening of my balls leading to a good cum when it dawned on me. If I could see her… she could see me in her mirror! It didn’t matter to me at that time because I was so close to blowing my wad and I just wanted to cum.

I looked at her again and saw her hips bucking up and down and she had both her nipples pulled out as far as she could pull them when, all of a sudden, her toy slid out of her pussy and a strong stream of her cum started flowing out and running down the crack of her ass. She let go of her tits and reached down to her pussy and pulled her labia Atalar Escort the same way she did her nipples. Her ass lifted off the bed and she started pissing again. This time it shot all the way to the end of her bed then slowly subsided and just dribbled out of her piss-hole and down her pussy.

I couldn’t stand it one more second and I felt my cock stiffen and my cum boiled out of it in thick white ropes. Each stroke pushed more and more of my cum out. My knees felt weak and I grabbed the window ledge for support. I looked back at her and she had turned around and lay in her piss, starting to rub it all over herself. I could see her cunt in the mirror now and more woman cum was running out of her hole. She rubbed this on herself as well. My cock was still hard which surprised me, and I just stood there watching her.

After finally catching my breath, I returned to my yard chores and resumed weeding the flowerbeds. I was on my hands and knees and intent on getting this done when I noticed a shadow moving towards me. I stopped and turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw that it was my neighbor standing just a few feet away from me.

“Hi,” I said nervously.

“Hi yourself,” she said, moving even closer to me. I turned to the right to rise but she stopped me with a wave of her hand. “No, stay there, please,” she asked.

I looked straight at her midsection and saw that she had another robe on. She was close enough for me to smell her recent arousal and a faint urine odor, not at all unpleasant. I also noticed that the robe was opening as she leaned over a little to speak to me and she was nude beneath it.

I was staring right at her crotch when she said, “I was watching you, as you watched me get myself off. I could see you through my mirror,” she told me, “when you pulled your cock out and started jacking it. I almost came right away but I wanted to wait and see you shoot your cum.” She was breathing faster. “My pussy was, and still is, on fire. Would you care to join me inside and we can watch each other masturbate from a much closer distance?”

Normally, I’m never at a loss of something to say, but at that time I was speechless! I just nodded my head and stood up. She held out her hand towards me and I took it. She turned and started to head back to her home when I asked her, “What were you crying about earlier, in your backyard?”

She just smiled and said, “I wasn’t really crying, I just wanted to be sure to get your attention so you would watch me play with myself. I just get so fucking hot when someone watches me.”


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