My neighbor’s uncle 1

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My neighbor’s uncle 1
I arrive at my apartmentbuilding soaking wet. The short but heavy summer rain has soaked my clothes. I think of a nice hot shower, an easy sweatpants and a spacious T-shirt. While I lock my bike, I see a man standing in the porch, also soaked in clothes. I nod at him in a friendly way and say: “I had a shower too.”
A sunny smile radiates towards me. “What you call a shower. I was barely five hundred metres away from the apartment and I’m completely soaked. I am used to something in Suriname, but this was a challenge. Now I have to go home soon. I should actually be at number 92. My cousin is not home yet. I just called him. He has a delay with his train. He’s not home yet.”

“Number 92. Then you wait for Dave. He is my neighbour. Why don’t you wait with me until he gets home. Then I’ll put your clothes in the dryer.” The drenched man looks at me happily and reaches out his hand: “Wesley, nice to meet you, your proposal is great. I didn’t know my cousin had a neighbour of your calibre.” I’m blushing. At the same time, I think Wesley should know that my proposal is not so selfless. I want nothing more than to see him out of his clothes. The downpour that I cursed a few minutes ago is now suddenly a real gift from heaven.

Having entered my apartment, Wesley is waiting. I show him the bathroom and tell him that he can take a shower to warm up as well. “Leave your clothes, I’ll put them in the dryer when I take a shower later on. Five minutes later Wesley is standing in the doorway of the living room. A bath towel wrapped around his fantastically shaped body. Somewhere in his forties he must be. His body is in perfect shape. Big and wide. His hair start to turn grey. His skin is beautifully black and smooth. He sees me staring. “Your turn,” he smiles. In passing I see the contours of a big slacking cock behind the towel.

I put Wesley’s clothes in the dryer and get in the shower. My dick is rock-hard. I feel like stroking on the body of my neighbour’s kurtköy escort bayan uncle. Yet I hold back and put a cold stream of water on my stiff cock. Having completely calmed down, I enter the living room in my bathrobe. Wesley sits wide-legged on the couch and zaps along the tv-channels. The towel has fallen open and I see his big limp cock hanging between his legs. Not often have I seen a cock of that calibre. I have to smile at my thought. I flop down next to Wesley. “Something interesting on TV,” I ask him. In the meantime, I peek at his cock. My estimate is that it should be at least six inches at rest. Together we look at the dull images that flash by. Wesley continues to zap. My extensive digital television package also has porn channels and I see from the numbering that he almost arrived there.

On the screen a white woman is being fucked by a black man in her anus. Wesley is shocked by the image, but recovers quickly. “I’ve often fantasized about that,” he says without his eyes leaving the television images. “Most women refuse such a thing.” In the corner of my eye I see Wesley’s cock grow. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never asked a woman,” I confess. Meanwhile, Wesley’s cock has grown to full strength. He grabs it and starts playing with it. My cock follows the example and comes out through the opening of my robe. “Not wrong either,” I hear Wesley say. We look at each other. I put my hand a little nervous around his cock. I don’t know if, after the remark about the women, he is served by it.

I don’t have to wait long for an answer. It is wordless. Wesley leans towards me and kisses me on my mouth. I open my lips and our tongues come together. Not many men can kiss well, but here is the exception that confirms the rule. He pulls my robe open. I tear off his bath towel. We kiss for a while, but I only have one thing in my head. I want to give him what he has asked women in vain.

Slowly I release myself from our entanglement. I lick my kartal escort bayan way down. Wesley is completely clean-shaven. His cock has been circumcised. His bare pink glans is bigger than an egg. Without dawdling any further I take him in my mouth. I hear a satisfied growl above me. I take it deeper. I feel his hands with a slight pressure on my back of head. I don’t know if I can have it at all. The pressure increases and I relax. I feel the head of the penis go deeper. I withdraw and as much saliva as possible in my mouth. Again I dive on my prey. Completely Wesley’s cock disappears in my throat. It feels like a victory. He fucks my mouth with two hands on my head. I don’t have to do anything. His lower body moves up and down at high speed. I yearn for breath and gag. Wesley stops and retreats. That gives me the chance to ask the question that suddenly comes to mind. “How much inches is that divine cock of yours anyway?” Wesley laughs. “Nearly 10 inches,” he responds and presses me back on his gigant . He accelerates the pace quickly. Apparently he has one thing clear in his head. I can feel his cock getting even thicker. In a few spasms he comes out of it, panting hard. He retreats a bit. I taste his seed on my tongue. A bit bitter, but it also tastes like nuts. Without letting his cock out of my mouth I look up with satisfaction. “You suck better than I’ve ever experienced. Are all the men that good,” says Wesley. I shrug my shoulders.

The porn movie on the television is coming to an end. The man pulls out of the woman’s ass and sprays his sperm over her ass. I see Wesley watching the images. His cock has been reduced in size after he has ejaculated, but I notice that he is already filling up with blood again. I get up and turn my back to him. Then I pull my buttocks apart and put a finger in my anus. I feel Wesley behind me. He doesn’t stand as I expected, but he kneels down. He pulls my finger away. Then I feel his warm mouth and tongue against kaynarca escort bayan my hole. With a lot of devotion he licks and kisses my ass. His tongue curls around my anus. I feel the moist tip in me. He works my ass for at least five minutes. Then I feel a finger in me. Wesley’s preparations are exactly what I like. I can’t wait any longer. “I’m not like those women you ran into,” I gasp Wesley. He doesn’t need any more encouragement and puts another finger in me. Without stopping his activities, he stands up. A third finger is added. Slowly he pushes them deeper into me. I pull my buttocks further apart and push my ass backwards. This is the signal for Wesley to go one step further. The fingers disappear out of my ass and I feel the big dick of my neighbour’s uncle against my opening. The preparatory activities have been sufficient. Wesley pushes himself all the way into me at once. He moves his lower body forward with great force while I move my body with the same force in the opposite direction.

“This is even better than in my imagination,” whispers Wesley in my ear. “And better than on television,” I add. In the meantime, a new film has started on television. A slutty white woman is taken on her back by a handsome black man. With her legs wide in the air, she is fucked hard into her ass. It has brought Wesley to new ideas. He pulls back, turns me around and pushes me softly, but compellingly on the couch. I know what he wants, spread my legs and pull them next to my head. We look at each other. Wesley goes down on his knees, takes his cock in his hand and pushes him without hesitation into my waiting hole. His balls against my ass. With long strokes he fucks me deep. A few times he pulls himself all the way out of me and then penetrates me deep again. I feel Wesley’s big cock glide past my prostate. My cock is rock hard and I feel an orgasm approaching. From Wesley’s facial expression I can see that it won’t take long for him either. He increases the pace. I explode. A large amount of seed sprays far on my chest. Wesley has fucked me to come. That experience makes me even hornier. I pull Wesley with my hands on his buttocks even deeper into me. That’s all he needs. He comes loud. I am so sensitive

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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