My New Boss Pt. 30


Once Ana made it perfectly clear that I was on her schedule, she left the bathroom, and I followed her meekly, feeling very self-conscious, dressed as I was in only her panties, and my cock-cage. We entered the kitchen and she poured herself a glass of wine, making herself completely at home.

Several minutes later, Ana was back on her phone, trying to establish the whereabouts of Suky and Tim. Once Ana saw that they were still parked up in the remote beach campground, she instructed me to get dressed. Ana threw some clothes on, grabbed her cell phone and we drove down to San Onofre Beach.

As we headed down the long unpaved road, looking for my wife’s car, I asked Ana if she was jealous of Tim’s relationship with Suky.

“Tim literally saved my life,” she said convincingly. “Without his rapid intervention, I would have been chewed up by Bangkok’s red light district. By now, I would have been addicted to drugs and alcohol, heavily tattooed, dating a gangster, and fucking four or five farangs a day. I watched it happen to nearly all of the Isaan farm girls, upon arrival in the city. Tim plucked me out of that. I view him as my savior. He can fuck whoever he wants. He deserves it. I am only bringing you here to rub your nose in it.”

I wish I possessed Ana’s cavalier attitude towards her partner’s infidelity. It was eating me alive to think that Tim was balls-deep in Suky. I hoped they had just come here to catch up and chat, although Ana laughed out loud at that suggestion.

“There they are,” I said, as I recognized my wife’s Suburban, in a private, remote spot.

As we got closer I saw Tim and Suky sitting in the front seats of the large SUV. The seats were reclined, both front windows were open, and they were smoking.

“I knew they were just chatting,” I said to Ana.

I reversed into the parking space right next to them, so that I was right next to Suky. The first thing I noticed was the distinct smell of marijuana. They were sharing a joint and were both as high as a kite. Suky giggled as she took a hit. I noticed that she was basking in that same post-orgasmic glow that I had observed the first time Tim enjoyed her at the massage parlor. They had definitely fucked.

My wife’s two top buttons were still undone, and her bra was gone. She had two love bites just above her partially exposed breasts, and her lipstick was completely smeared. As I continued to check her out, I noticed semen drying on her neck. Had Tim removed my girlfriend’s bra and tit-fucked her?

I averted my gaze from my well-used girlfriend, and looked across the SUV at Tim. He had a smirk on his face, and looked very relaxed. He also had no pants or underwear on, and I could see traces of Suky’s lipstick all over his cock-head, thighs and stomach. Evidently, Suky had blown him too.

I looked into the back seat of the Suburban and my heart sank. The rear seats were folded flat, and there was a makeshift bed on the floor, consisting of a couple of sleeping bags, and large towel. Suky’s panties were discarded on top of the towel, and from six feet away, I could see a large load of semen pooling inside the liner. Jesus, how many times had my boss ejaculated in the last three hours?

Tim spoke first.

“Get out of the car, Timmy.”

I got out hesitantly, wondering what he had in store for me. He had always derived a lot of pleasure from my debasement, and I knew he would love to dominate me in front of Ana.

Suky told me to come closer, and leaned in for a kiss. I tasted Tim’s semen on her lips and tongue immediately, and Tim let out a chuckle.

“Hi baby,” Suky said softly as we broke the deep, open-mouthed kiss. “The steaks are in the back of the car. Why don’t you head home and start dinner? We won’t be too much longer.”

“Medium rare, for me, Timmy,” my boss directed me.

“Same here,” Ana added.

I left my boss at San Onofre beach, with his young girlfriend and my wife. I drove home and cooked up some steaks, while the three of them presumably, worked up an appetite.

They rolled in about thirty minutes later, completely stoned and all very hungry. I served dinner and we had a very enjoyable time, chatting and drinking wine. When bedtime rolled around, I started to stress about Suky discovering my cock-cage. Inevitably, that would lead to a discussion of why I was locked up, and who locked me up. I didn’t want to go down that road, so I feigned a headache and retired early.

I hadn’t formulated my plan very well, instead I had just focused on being asleep before Suky came to bed, so that she wouldn’t discover my enforced chastity. Inadvertently, I served Suky up on a platter to my boss, who was also an ex-lover of hers.

Ana bumped into me as I retrieved my toothbrush from their bathroom.

“Don’t wait up for Suky,” she said cruelly.

Then, as she tapped her manicured fingernails against the metal of my cock-cage, she added, “Sleep tight, look under your pillow!”

I got flush with Bostancı Escort excitement when she said that, and I stammered a shaky good night. When I got into the spare room, the first thing I did was to check under my pillow. Ana had left me a pair of her heavily-scented panties, and the key to my cock-cage!

There was also a hand-written note that read, “I will reward you in the morning if you don’t open your cage.”

I was determined to get my reward, so I climbed into the bed in the spare room, and tried to fall asleep. Not only was it difficult to get comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings, but the cock-cage was reminding me that I no longer had control of my orgasms. That had been ceded to a dominant teenage Thai girl, who had kindly left me the key tonight, but could take it away from me anytime she wanted.

I heard the three of them laughing on the patio as they drank their wine, and then I smelt the unmistakable scent of marijuana.

Pot always makes Suky horny, and I knew Tim was going to fuck my girlfriend again. I lay there seething in jealousy, as I wondered how he was going to enjoy the two of them. I have always been excited at the thought of being cuckolded, but the cage was doing a fantastic job of preventing my cock from getting hard. Ana’s scented panties were under my pillow, and I was fighting the urge to jerk off into them.

I lay there silently, trying to fall asleep, but I couldn’t get Ana out of my mind. It was a warm September evening in Southern California, and the windows to the spare bedroom were open. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep listening to the three of them laughing and carrying on, so I decided to close my bedroom windows. I opened the plantation shutters, and I was immediately thankful that I hadn’t turned on my bedroom lights, as the three of them were clearly visible from my bedroom window, as they smoked pot on the patio.

Tim was sat between the two of them, and their body language signaled that they were very comfortable with each other. I realized I couldn’t close my window without alerting them to my presence, so I decided to watch them through the partially-opened shutters.

Tim was an Alpha male, and he had already enjoyed a sexual relationship with both of these young women, so it was no surprise to me when he and Ana started to make out. A little tough to watch, as it was inevitable where this was heading, but no surprise. Tim kissed Ana for a few moments and then turned to Suky. My girlfriend placed one hand on the side of his face, and leaned in to give him a tender, open-mouthed kiss.

As Suky and Tim kissed, Ana’s dainty hand disappeared between Tim’s legs, and started to undo his shorts. Tim stopped kissing Suky and got slowly to his feet. The two girls remained in their seats, and started to stroke Tim’s cock through his shorts. I had a clear view of the proceedings, as I was maybe ten feet from the three of them.

Suky tossed the padded seat of her patio chair onto the ground, and knelt on it in front of Tim. Ana quickly followed suit, and the two of them removed his shorts. Tim had an erection that was tenting in his underwear, and Ana began to nibble his cock through it. I know Tim had come at least twice when he was at the beach with my girlfriend, because I witnessed his semen in the liner of her panties and on her neck, presumably from tit-fucking her. However, he was ready to go again, and he placed his hand behind Suky’s head, to show her that he wanted her to help Ana nibble his cock through his underwear.

The two young girls teased Tim mercilessly until he finally grew impatient of waiting, and released his cock from the confines of his underwear. I wanted to do the same, release my cock from the much more restrictive confines of my stainless steel cage, but the lock was at the base of the metal contraption, and in this light, my chances of getting the key in the lock were slim to none. So, I watched my boss enjoy both of our girlfriends, through the plantation shutters.

Once his cock was free, Ana and Suky started to give him a two-girl blowjob. I felt my heart quicken as I watched my girlfriend pleasure my boss. I could hear the lewd sounds of a very enthusiastic and sloppy blowjob, through the open windows of my bedroom. My cock was straining to get out of the cock-cage and get some release.

After several minutes of being blown Tim spoke up.

“I want to fuck Suky’s ass,” he announced to the two young Asians.

Suky gave Tim an agreeable smile and got into the doggy-style position on the patio. I know Suky knew I was in the spare bedroom, so it was no coincidence when she adjusted her position to face my window.

“Lube her up, Ana,” he ordered.

Once Ana had prepared Suky’s anal passage, Tim knelt behind my girlfriend. Ana slipped a condom onto his erect cock, poured some more lubricant into her hand, and rubbed it all over his penis. Tim lined his cock-head up with the entrance to Suky’s asshole, Anadolu Yakası Escort and slowly eased his way inside her.

I could see Tim and Suky’s faces as he entered her anal passage. Tim had a look of total pleasure as he forced his cock into Suky’s ass. Suky, by contrast, had a pained look of distress as she struggled to adjust to his invasion of her. Tim loved to dominate women, and anal sex was a great way to show a woman who is the boss. Suky was clearly in a considerable amount of discomfort, but did nothing to stop my boss from sodomizing her.

Once Tim had established a rhythm, Ana slipped under him and began to suck his balls. He came inside my girlfriend’s ass a few moments later, withdrew his cock and excused himself.

“I am going to take a quick shower,” he said cheerfully. “Why don’t you two wait for me in my bed.”

With that assumptive close, Tim set the stage for my girlfriend to spend the night in his bed, and I no longer had to stress about Suky discovering my cock-cage. Well, at least for tonight.

I had witnessed too much sexual activity to go to bed without jerking off. I waited behind the plantation shutters until the three of them left the patio. I retrieved Ana’s underwear from under my pillow and then I turned on my bedroom light. I carefully inspected the tiny silky thong panties. They were very nicely scented and an exquisite shade of mint green. I sniffed them and then decide to unlock my cock-cage. There was a small padlock on the chastity device, and even though I could clearly see the keyhole, the key didn’t fit. I tried unsuccessfully for several minutes, before I realized that Ana had given me the wrong key.

I didn’t know if Ana had done that on purpose, or inadvertently. I had a handgun case in my closet, that was secured by a small padlock. Maybe she had given me that key, by mistake. Either way, I wasn’t getting any release tonight, unless I could somehow get into my closet and find the right key.

I heard the water turn off after Tim showered. Then a few moments later I heard the door to the master bedroom lock, effectively shutting me out of the fun for tonight. I heard a few muffled laughs from across the hallway, and then the distinct sound of someone getting spanked. Hard!

Suky had shared with me that Tim spanked her occasionally, when they lived together, and my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to know what the three of them were up to, in my bed.

I opened my door quietly and snuck down the short hallway to the master bedroom. I positioned myself right outside the door, and put my ear against it. I could hear Tim talking dirty to the girls and I immediately realized why Joy had soundproofed Tim’s VIP room at the massage parlor. This guy was loud.

Apparently he was directing a lesbian sex show, involving Ana and Suky. Tim was barking commands at them, and occasionally spanking their asses to spur them on. I listened for about twenty minutes, before my cock started to hurt as it fought to escape the cock-cage. I left the scene in considerable discomfort, and went back to my own room. I had a fitful night’s sleep, wondering what liberties my boss was taking with my girlfriend.

I didn’t see Suky again until breakfast time. She had that glow back on her face, that only occurs when she is around Tim. I walked into the breakfast room, just as she was carrying a fully loaded breakfast tray out of it, towards the patio. Evidently, the three of them were having breakfast together this morning. She said good morning and invited me to join them.

As soon as I discovered that the three of them were on the patio, I decided to get into my bedroom and find the key to my cock-cage. I entered the master quietly and went straight into my walk-in closet. I rooted around in there for a couple of minutes but came up empty-handed. As I left the room, I bumped into Tim.

“Just getting my watch,” I said lamely, as if I needed permission to be in my own bedroom.

I returned to my spare bedroom, extremely frustrated with my sexual confinement, even though it had only been less than twenty-four hours. I decide to join the three of them for breakfast and walked out to the patio. Ana was sitting in a sun chair enjoying the early morning sun. She was wearing a two-piece bathing suit that showcased her flawless body, and she had the key to my cock-cage hanging from her necklace.

Tim arose from the patio table first.

“I am going to take a shower,” he announced. “Where do you guys keep the clean towels?”

Suky offered to help Tim find some fresh towels, and they disappeared into the house.

“He’s going to fuck her in the shower,” Ana said coldly. “It’s his morning routine to bust a nut first thing.”

With that out of the way, Ana started to play absentmindedly with the key hanging around her neck.

“Tim said you were snooping around in our bedroom,” she said with a glint in her eyes. “Were you looking for this key?”

“I Ataşehir Escort already have the key to my cock-cage,” I said unconvincingly.

“You have the key to your handgun case,” Ana corrected me. “You already know that because you tried to unlock yourself last night, and take some forbidden release, am I right?”

I am a terrible liar, and hoped that my honesty would earn me some release, so I admitted that I had tried to free myself from the cage.

Ana’s reaction was unexpectedly fierce. Her face clouded over and she spat out the words.

“That decision is going to cost you. Things are about to heat up for you.”

I tried to apologize but Ana had made her mind up.

“Does it bother you that your boss is balls-deep in your girlfriend?” she enquired. “Or that he butt-fucked her right outside your open bedroom window last night? Don’t pretend you didn’t hear anything. You probably watched, you cuckold.”

I sat on the patio with Ana for forty five minutes as she taunted me. I was scared that if I bailed, she would fulfill her promise of turning the heat up on me, whatever that entailed. Finally, Tim and Suky joined us, both seeming very relaxed. As soon as they sat down, Ana turned up the heat.

“This is embarrassing for me, but I have to say something,” she began. “I had a pair of mint green panties on my bedside table this morning, but now they are gone. Did anyone put them in the laundry by chance? They are clean, I just didn’t have time to put them away.”

I shuffled uneasily in my chair at the revelation that the missing panties were mint green. This mystery was going to take about five seconds to resolve. There were four of us in the house. Tim had witnessed me in his bedroom that morning, Suky knew I had a panty fetish, and I was the only one with a clear motive. I currently had possession of the mint green panties, but I certainly hadn’t stolen them.

I should have fessed up immediately. At least to the fact that they were under my pillow. It would have been embarrassing, but I could have avoided what happened next. Instead of owning up to possession of Ana’s missing panties, I sat there silently with and felt my face redden.

Suky spoke next, verbalizing what they were all thinking.

“Guys, there are only four of us in the house. Did anyone see Ana’s mint green panties?”

The silence was deafening. Suky wanted answers and took control.

“Ana, check your bedroom to make sure they didn’t fall down behind your bed. Timmy, check the laundry basket. Maybe they got picked up with some other dirty laundry. I will check our room just to be sure.”

I walked in a daze down to the laundry room knowing that it would be seconds before the discovery of the missing panties. Ana knew exactly where they were, for fuck’s sake.

A few seconds later I heard Suky shout my name. I felt sick to my stomach as I imagined how my boss might react.

“Timmy, get your ass in here. You have got some explaining to do.”

By the time I got to the spare room, the three of them were already there, and Suky was stood by my side of the bed, with my pillow in her hand, thereby exposing the stolen panties. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t form the words, when Tim pressed me for an explanation.

“Are these yours, Ana?” he asked.

“Yes,” the young Thai girl replied.

She reached out to pick them up, and then dropped them as if they were toxic.

“Ew, yuck! He scented them with my perfume,” she said, with a disgusted look on her face.

Ana laid it on thick. She burst into tears and started to hyperventilate.

“Can we book into a hotel Tim?” she said through her sobs. “I don’t feel safe with Timmy in the house.”

“If anyone is leaving, it is that panty thief,” Tim said aggressively, pointing directly at me.

“We do have an RV in the driveway,” Suky offered. “Timmy could stay there until you guys leave. It has a shower and kitchen, so he wouldn’t need to come in the house for any reason.”

This offer seemed to console Ana somewhat, but she pushed for more concessions from me.

“What if he gets horny and his desires overwhelm him?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“I bought a cock-cage in case I need to exercise more control over him in the future,” Suky confessed. “We could make him wear that.”

Ana obviously knew I was already wearing it, and skillfully diverted the conversation so that Suky didn’t find out.

“I would feel comfortable with that,” she said. “Can you tie his hands behind his back and tell me where the cage is? I want five minutes with Timmy to understand his motives and hear his apology. Then I will personally cage him, if that is okay with everyone.”

“Of course, Ana,” Suky replied. “Whatever makes you comfortable. The cock-cage is in the third drawer of the walk-in closet, under some sweaters. We will keep him locked up all week. I am so sorry you had to go through this, Ana.”

Ana continued the bullshit act of having been totally violated, as Tim retrieved one of his neck-ties, and bound my hands firmly behind my back.

“Do everything she tells you,” he said menacingly, “you fucking pussy.”

Once Ana and I were alone in my master bathroom, she softened her stance before me.

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