My New Life As Blackmen’s Plaything

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It all started innocently enough one day while I was surfing the friend finding web site and had noticed that there was a large percentage of well endowed black members who were BI-sexual and were looking for women, couples and single guys to have sex with.

I am married and have always been heterosexual but I find myself often fantasizing about sucking and being fucked by a well hung black man. I have never been with another man but have on occasion swallowed my own cum and found the taste although salty to be quite delicious. I also occasionally fuck my ass with my wife’s dildo, which excites me greatly.

So a few months ago I decided to contact several male black members. To my surprise one guy in particular named Jesse was very interested in meeting so we set up a date to meet at a nightclub in the next town. I remember that I was very excited about the meeting and again fantasized about sucking Jesse’s cock and also taking him deep in my virgin ass.

The night for the meeting arrived so I headed off for my new adventure wearing a silk thong under my tight shorts and a very form fitting sport shirt. I arrived at the bar early so I ordered a drink and tried to relax. I didn’t have to wait long for a deep male voice from behind to ask for me by name. I answered and as I turned saw to my surprise a very large muscular well-groomed black male.

Jesse sat down next to me and immediate took charge by saying that if I were to leave with him that I must agree to obey his orders and serve him as his submissive sex slave. Any disobedience would be handled with physical punishment and a call and visit to my wife describing in detail all of my sexual exploits. This seemed almost too much to ask but I agreed since I couldn’t resist Jesse or take my eyes off the huge bulge in his form fitting pants.

With the formalities out of the way Jesse led me outside and as we headed for his car he ordered me to remove my shirt and shorts. My hesitation brought a hard slap to the face, which convinced me I better start striping. We got to his truck and he told me to loose the thong also which brought some loud cat calls from some of the other patrons. I started to pick up my clothes but Jesse told me leave them as I wouldn’t need them were we were going. If anyone had told me I would be standing naked in a crowded parking lot with a black male stranger ordering me about I would have thought they were crazy.

I was ordered to sit in the passenger seat which conveniently had a large inflatable butt plug attached to the middle of the seat cushion. I started to protest but Jesse merely reached down and grabbed my balls in a powerful grip and forced me into position. Even though I had thought to prepare my ass with my wife’s dildo before I had left for the evening the force which with I was impaled on the butt plug brought tears to my eyes.

The pain started to subside as Jesse got into the driver’s seat but then he started inflating the plug to its full girth, which brought the pain back immediately. He explained that my ass was being prepared for some real black man meat and to prove it he ordered me to take out his cock and stroke it. I obeyed and was rewarded with more than a hand full of his awesome black cock.

I ran my fingers up and down his shaft and amazed at how erotic it felt to finally be fondling another man’s penis. His cock soon grew to its massive 10 inch length and I had to start using both hands to jerk him off since his cock had grown to be as thick as my wrist. The head of his cock was the most impressive I had seen even on the web with its dark purple perfect helmet shape and velvet like texture.

Soon a drop of pre-ejaculate was oozing out the slit that brought my next command, “Suck it white bitch!” I wouldn’t have to told twice as I leaned over and licked the pre-cum off of the head and knew I soon would be tasting much more. I opened his pants further so I could gain access to his balls and commenced licking konak escort bayan up and down his heavily veined shaft and flicked my tongue at the foreskin around the base of his now engorged cock head. I also took each one of his balls in my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue.

I had to struggle to open my mouth wide enough to get his cock head past my lips but once inside Jesse grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth as he drove away saying “Yea, suck it bitch, I knew you were a cock sucking cum slut”. His force on the back of my head soon had his cock working at my throat which caused my to start gagging so he eased the pressure on my neck so my throat could adjust to being filled so completely. “Soon you will be have to take dicks bigger than mine so you better get used to taking cock all the way and you’re going to keep sucking and swallowing now until your nose is pressed against my stomach.”

Jesse was a man of his word since as we reached our destination I had managed to adjust my breathing by taking a quick deep breath on each up stroke so I wouldn’t be starved for air when his huge cock head blocked my air passage on the down stroke. I had also learned to swallow when his cock entered my throat so as to avoid gagging. And as he turned off the engine my nose was pressed firmly against his tight abs. “I knew you could take it like the true cock sucking whore that you are. The next lesson is to always swallow all of your masters’ cum now matter how full your mouth is. Any wasted cum is going to mean a diet of only cum drank from glasses filled by cocks that had just fucked your asshole.” was Jesse’s last comment in the car as he opened the door and pushed me off of his massive hard on.

He deflated the butt plug and ordered me to get out and bend over. “This is to keep that tight ass of yours ready for my man snake” Jesse explained as he inserted a rather large object in my ass. I was really glad it was dark and the street lights were blocked by some nearby trees since I was butt naked and I had just had another large butt plug stuck up my ass.

“Follow me” was all Jesse said as he walked towards what looked like an old factory building. After entering a large sparsely furnished room inside he said, “This place is perfect for training new cock sucking cum eating slaves such as you”. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw what he meant as there was an adjustable table with a drop out sections in the middle of the room with securing straps and cuffs attached to it. There were also slings and ropes hanging from the rather high ceiling.

“Time for your training to begin. Get up on the table face up and point your feet straight at the ceiling.” I did as I was told and soon Jesse was securing cuffs to my ankles that were attached to ropes that ran through pulleys on the ceiling and then secured a strap across my chest. Next he pulled the slack out the ropes which pulled my legs higher and farther apart until my ass was actually off of the table. The final adjustable was to drop both ends of he table so that my head hung down backwards and my ass was extending beyond the table edge. I knew that with my ass in this exposed position that my anal virginity would soon be lost.

Jesse left the room for what seemed like hours, but what was probably only 30 minutes. He returned with a scantily clad white man who he introduced as an experienced slave who was going to prepare my body. The slave proceeded to rub what I discovered was hair removal solution all over my legs, ass, pubic area, chest and underarms. He paid special attention to the area around my asshole. He washed the loose hair off my body than shaved off my mustache and two-day beard and then rubbed the hair removal onto my face. My body was now completely smooth.

The slave left and Jesse who was now naked stood over my face and began rubbing his semi-erect cock across my lips. “Open your mouth and start sucking escort konak you cum eating slut” was my command. I opened wide and soon realized that my head in this position gave Jesse the perfect angle for pumping his cock straight down my throat. Jesse grabbed my ears and I felt his cock head slid past my teeth and across my tongue. His cock soon began to swell in my mouth to its full size. I grabbed a quick breath and swallowed his cock head down my throat until he was bottomed out with his balls resting squarely on my nose. This was repeated and soon he began a pumping rhythm that had his balls slapping off of my face with him moaning in obvious pleasure.

“Slave, prepare for your first load of cum and remember what I told you.” I could tell that my belly would soon be filled with his cum since his balls were no longer slapping as hard against my face as they had tensed up and he was still deep fucking my throat. “Here it comes, swallow every drop” Jesse barked as I felt his cock start to spasm and shoot a warm load of cum into my waiting throat which I quickly swallowed. To my surprise he continued shooting load after load into my now ravished throat and I had to swallow very quickly to avoid any from dripping out the corners out my mouth. He stopped shooting and withdrew his cock from my mouth just enough so that his cock head was still touching my lips. I was then ordered to milk the remaining cum in his now flaccid cock directly into my mouth.

“You have passed the first test but we still have to see how you handle a 10 inch cock buried deep in your ass. “Suck me and I better be hard in two minutes or I will call your future black masters who are larger than I to come over and gang bang that white asshole of yours before it is properly broken in”. I didn’t think twice before I had Jesse’s now limp cock in my mouth. I feverishly sucked, kissed, licked and rubbed his cock and to my relief it began to spring to life and soon I had 10 inches buried in my throat again.

I removed his cock from my mouth long enough to thank him for being so lenient and asked him to fuck my ass. “Is that how you ask your master to fuck you?” No master, “Please fuck my asshole hard and deep until your balls are slapping against my worthless white ass”. “That’s better,” he said as he walked around to my ass end and removed the black butt plug that was still fully inserted up my asshole. He then handed the plug to me and instructed me to lick it clean.

Next he produced a leather cock cage that he fastened very tightly around my dick and balls. “Slave, you are not going to be needing your pathetic little man clit anymore,” he said as he wrapped the leather strap attached to the cage around the strap on my chest and tightened it. This caused the cage to be pulled towards my stomach and my balls were stretched far away from my asshole. “There, your fuck hole is starting to look like the pussy it was meant to be, he explained, but the entrance to your man pussy still needs to be stretched further to take real male black dick every day”.

I found out instantly what he meant as I felt the swollen head of his cock that was much larger than the butt plug pushing against my asshole. The pain from the pressure was so intense it caused my to bite down on the plug that was now fully inserted in my mouth. As he continued to push the head eased past my sphincter into my new man pussy and I found that the pain started becoming a strong burning sensation that was not all that unpleasant.

Jesse continued to push until I felt his balls against my ass cheeks and I knew that his full length was buried in my ass. I must admit it felt as if his cock had pushed my stomach all the way into my esophagus. He grabbed my ankles to steady him and began to relentlessly pound his cock into my ass with as much force as I thought he could muster. The burning was now becoming a feeling of incredible pleasure and I found myself urging Jesse on, “Yes black konak escort master fuck me, fuck me harder, pound your black cock into my ass, yes, yes, ahhhhh… yes fuck my worthless white asshole, I want to feel your cum deep in my ass.”

He laughed and said “You cum slut, by taking my first load you guaranteed that your man pussy is going to be fucked hard for an hour or more, so shut up and tell me again how much you want my black man dick”. He then seemed to increase his pounding so that my ass was now bouncing up and down on the table.

Unbelievably I was in such a state as to again obey my new black master and I shouted “Yes master, pound my worthless ass, harder, yes harder, I love to feel your balls bouncing off my ass cheeks”.

I lost track of time as Jesse pounded away in what he called my new man pussy. In between his grunting he would yell out how I was his cock loving cum eating fuck toy. I was definitely getting very sore from all of the friction but luckily my asshole was now stretched to the point that it was not gripping his cock as tightly as before. My own cock was now rock hard and was straining against the leather of the cock cage. I reached down to try and rub my cock through the cage and have my first orgasm but Jesse grabbed my wrists and yelled “Here it comes you fucking cum slut, yea take it, take it all!” With one final push he buried his cock in my ass and I felt tremendous pressure as he pumped load after load of hot cum deep in my bowels.

He withdrew his cock and called out for Tim who turned out to be the other white slave whose name I had not known before. My arms were secured in straps so I would not try to jerk myself off again. He issued an order to Tim that I could not make out and he left only to quickly return with a bowl and some sort of camera. The bowl was positioned under my ass to catch my master’s cum as I could feel it was oozing out of my asshole in a steady stream. Tim was next ordered to take pictures of my ass and he moved in for what was going to be some incredible close ups of my ravished asshole.

My master seemed very pleased as Tim clicked away taking picture after picture. “Enough, give me the camera and leave us!” was Tim’s next command. Master then held the viewer of the camera in front of my face and exclaimed, “This is what your new man pussy is to look like from now on”. It took me a few seconds to register what I saw but pictures don’t lie. Here I was looking at master’s cum running out of my asshole whose opening was stretched out to a size that would now accept a fully inflated butt plug without any resistance, probably 3 to 4 inches wide.

Before I could say anything master quickly inserted the fully inflated butt plug back into my ass. As it slid in I felt only slight friction against the expanded walls of my sore ass. “We have to make sure that your new pussy stays stretched so it can handle all of the large black cocks that will be pounding away in it tomorrow”. and he handed me the bowl full of cum. “Drink it all and lick the bowl clean”. I obeyed and lifted the bowl up so the cum would flow directly into my mouth and not on my face. I started swallowing the cum which was not as tasty as before since it was mixed with some of my anal juices, but I drank it all as instructed.

I finished licking the bowl clean and handed it to my master who was satisfied that it was clean enough. He then undid my bindings and ordered my off of the table and to follow him. We went into the next room, which contained a shower stall in one corner. “You may remove your pussy plug and cock cage only for cleaning and relieving yourself. I don’t want you pleasuring yourself so I will be watching you from the closed circuit monitoring system that is in each of these rooms. Any disobedience will mean that you will be fucked many times all through the night but you will still have to service your new black master’s tomorrow”.

With that said he handed me some oral hygiene products, an enema bag, soap and a towel, but no clothes and as he was leaving instructed Tim to feed me my first meal since I had swallowed all of his cum as ordered. So ended my first day as my black master’s plaything not knowing what was in store for me tomorrow.

(End of Part 1)

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