My New Pet Brooke Ch. 02


So after my first time playing with Brooke I figured I’d give her a few days to recover. I was pretty sure I had her hooked but didn’t want to scare her off.

So after about four days I figured it was time, plus the fact I couldn’t stop thinking about her wonderful body. So I went about making myself look as cute as possible before rolling into WaWa for my coffee. I saw her working and my nipples stiffened up under my little top. I slid up behind her and touched her arm and said “Hey girl what’s up?” She turned to me and flashed her big welcoming smile.

“Hey you where ya been?” was all she said.

“I figured you might need some time to process”

“Yea maybe a little but I’m glad to see you” as she reached out and ran her hand up and down my arm.

I stepped closer to her and whispered “So does that mean you are ready to whore yourself out to me again.” She just ducked her head and said “Maybe”.

“Good girl Brooke, text me when you are done working and then come visit me.”

Next thing I did was head straight to the ATM and took out another $400. I went home and called my mom saying I was swamped with work and had her pick up my daughter. Then I finished my work by noon and got ready to play with my new pet.

When she arrived we sat in the living room and talked. She told me she kept going back and forth between feeling guilty about doing the nasty things I had her do and getting incredibly turned on about the same thing. She said the most series thing in her mind was the fact that we are both girls and she didn’t want to be gay. I explained that many people were bi and that it’s actually pretty normal. That seemed to comfort her.

Then I put the money on the table and said “You ready to be my whore and earn another months rent.” She duck her head and nodded yes!

I grabbed her chin and said “Brooke you need to look me in the eye and tell me what you want.”

“Please Jul just do it… I’m ready to be your whore.”

“Mmmm very nice my little slut. With the first $100 I want to buy your clothes. So stand up and slowly undress.”

She just stood right up and pulled her work polo off followed by her yoga pants. So once again I have this beautiful young college girl standing in my living room in her white bra and cotton french cut bikinis. I had her slowly spin around so I could take it all in! Damn I could feel my pussy getting moist already.

Then she unsnapped her bra and gave it to me. My god did her tits looked perfect as her nipples were already getting hard. I just reached up and cupped both breast then pinched and pulled both nipples ataşehir escort as she whimpered in pain.

“I can’t get enough of those perfect big titties Brooke. I want these nipples hard the entire afternoon.”

She then reached to take off her panties but I told her “No, not yet. Pull them up nice and snug!”. To my amazement she did exactly what I said. I also noticed that she had shaved everything off since our first time, that really excited me.

“Now I want you to rub your bald pussy over your panties as we talk. I have some questions for you that will embarrass you but just remember you are my whore and since I’m paying you WILL DO WHAT I SAY.”

“Yes Jul.” I just chuckled at how easily she submitted to everything.

“Last week you tried to tell me that you don’t play with your pussy, is that true?”

“No but before last week I didn’t do it often. Now I do it daily.”

“So tell me how old were you when you first touched your pussy and did you cum?”

She looked at me and I could see her face becoming flush. “Senior year in high school. I was messing around with a boy I liked. We were kissing and he was touching my boobs. He tried to get inside my pants but I said no. We messed around for a little bit but then he got pissed and left.” While she talked she involuntarily rubbed her clit in a circle as her breathing became more heavy.

“When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about his hands on my boobs. I started to get undressed and realized my panties were soaked. So I reached down to feel myself. Oh my gosh I couldn’t believe how wet it was. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good so I started to rub myself. I think I had a small orgasm but wasn’t sure.”

“Very good Brooke is your pussy wet now.”

“Oh yes even wetter than that night!”

As I listened to her I flipped up the front of my sundress and started rubbing my pussy over my thong. “So after that how often did you touch yourself.”

“Not a lot honestly. Mainly after watching a movie with a sex scene, that would turn me on. Just seeing them doing things, and I liked seeing the girls boobs.”

“Oh that’s hot. So you keep talking about not wanting to be gay, but deep down you really are attracted to girls aren’t you?”

“yesssss I like seeing big boobs like yours. Ohhhh my gosh I’m close to cumming!”

“Brooke do you want to see my tits again while you rub your pussy!”

“Oh god please show me Jul. Yesssss I’m cumming!” I just watched and chuckled at hw fast I had her acting like a little slut.

So I pulled my dress off and stood in front of her in just a now very avcılar escort wet thong. “Brooke reach out and touch my tits.”. Instantly both hands came up and cupped my them. After about a minute I said “Ok that’s enough for now.”

“Did you ever think about touching a girls pussy?”

“A little bit I guess but I think I would be to scared.”

“Did you ever taste your pussy from your fingers?”

“Oh gosh no I could never to that!”

“Well then Todays the day Brooke. So for Your next $100 you will cum on your fingers and then luck them clean!”

I saw the the tears starting to well in her eyes, and I loved it. “Please Jul don’t make me do that, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Do I have to remind you that I’m the client and you are my whore. You will do what I say and earn this rent money, now give me those panties and spread that shaved pussy for me.”

With tears now rolling down her cheek she slid them off and handed them to me.

I gave them a good sniff and lick and said “Lay on the floor with your legs spread like a good slut and make yourself cum”. After she started I sat beside her on my knees and started to pull on her nipples, she quickly started shaking as she came for the second time,

I told her to look at me as I grabbed her hand from her pussy and put them right at her mouth. She started squirming and shutting her lips. I took my other hand and slapped her tits very hard. As she yelled in pain I forced her fingers into her mouth.

I just laughed at her and said “lick them clean you fucking slut!”

I was amazed that she submitted to my wishes so easily, she sucked her fingers cleaning off all her pussy juices. When she pulled them away I leaned down and kissed her for the first time. I had my eyes open to see her reaction, her eyes flew open in shock. After a few seconds I felt her tongue welcome mine as we made out.

“Ok are you ready to earn the next $100?” I asked.

“Yeah I think so, but Jul I’m not sure I can put my mouth on you.”

I grabbed her face pretty hard and said “Fuck you slut, if I want you to lick my pussy then you will do it, understood?”

She started to really cry now which turned me on even more!

In my mind I knew she wasn’t ready to taste my pussy and I didn’t want to scare her off. But I wanted her thinking that I would force her to do it and knowing that I had complete control over her.

So I stood up and said “It’s time for you to take off my thong Brooke.”

She reached up and grabbed both sides and pulled my thong off, I stepped out of them and reach down and picked them up. “Now lie ataşehir escort bayan flat on your back and watch me.” Then I stepped over her and straddles her tits.

“Please Jul I really don’t think I can lick you, not yet!” she said as she really started balling.

“Ok fine just stop crying like a little girl.” She gave me a half smile in relief of what I said. But before she could react I crouched down and put the inside of my thong right across her mouth and nose! For her there was no mistaken the fact that she could taste and smell my pussy from my wet thong. God I loved the control I had over this little bitch.

Then I straddled her face and began rubbing my pussy hovering two inches above.

Then I started talking really dirty to her “Look at sweet cunt, you have it so wet and now I’m going to cum all over your face! Look at my clit as I stroke it. I know deep down you want to put your tongue right on my pussy! I should sit right on your face and make you taste all of my sweet cunt!”

I was so close to cumming and then I looked at her, even though she was still crying I could see the lust in her eyes. That did it for me, I jammed two fingers in my pussy and started cumming, then I pulled my fingers out and moved to my clit while collapsing right onto her mouth. My pussy started gushing as I sat right on her mouth! I stayed there for a few seconds before I literally rolled off her and collapsed on the floor next to her.

Once I stopped shaking I reached up and grabbed the last $100 and threw it at her. “Now it’s time for me to taste the cum from your pussy!” Before I went down on her I grabbed the thong from her face, balled it up and forced it into her mouth.

Then I spread her legs and started going to town on that fresh shaved pussy. My tongue was all over her clit as she wiggled and bucked to an wet orgasm. Then I reached back and grabbed her ankles and forced them down next to her ears.

“Look at this sexy ass whore I have, you are being paid to have me pin your knees behind your head and spread your cunt! You are going to cum one more time all over my face.”

I really didn’t think her pussy could get any wetter, but it did. After a few strokes of my tongue on her clit, it sent over the edge screaming into my thong stiffed into her mouth!

Let me tell you that was one of the most sexually explosive days of my life. I have dommed more than a few girls, but something about Brooke allowed me to take things further than ever before.

Once we both calmed down I took her panties and wiped the tears from her face. I told her to get dressed and head home. She reached for her bra and panties but I grabbed them and told her “No these are now mine, I can’t have my pet wearing these ugly ass panties. My hubby is playing golf on Saturday, be here by 10:00 we are going shopping for new thongs!”

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