My Parent’s are Swingers_(0)


My Parent’s are swingers.

I had anything but a regular childhood. My parents are swingers and they host parties at their house about twice a month. It is usually the same group of people. All friends of the family that we usually see at birthday parties and dinner. They will get a bartender to serve drinks so that everyone can enjoy the party a little more and it feels a little higher class. And they would always wait until my brother and I were “asleep” before they started any of the fooling around. I was never asleep though. I used to sneak out and watch for years.

It was Saturday night and my parents had told me they were going to have an “adult party” so I should get what I needed and go to sleep. I always agreed without them knowing that I was wise to everything that went on.

So I got myself a drink and went into my room. I could hear the music and the laughter in the living room. I waited a few hours before venturing out to see what was going on tonight. And then I could hear the music turned up and that usually meant that they were going to start the sexual stuff. So I opened my door and went down the hall to take a look.

I peeked my head around the corner and you could see on the other side of the couch there were a lot of men sitting up and no women. That meant to me that everyone was getting blowjobs. I was 17 and had already had sex, and had given only god knows how many blowjobs. Since I had been watching these parties for so many years I had gotten an earlier start on sexual stuff than most girls.

I watched for a second and then I noticed the bartender was just to my right. His was rubbing his crotch threw his pants, while watching the activities in the living room. His booth was tucked away in a corner so that he was not in the way. He was a handsome fella in his late 20’s I would say. He was wearing a suit to fit the bartender look. Dark thick hair and looked in good shape.

I leaned up against the wall so that I was looking at him and could not see the living room. I started to rub my pussy while watching him rub his dick, although I could not see it because of the booth being in the way. I just closed my eyes and put my hands inside escort maslak my panties and started to rub my clit. After I could feel myself get wet I slid a finger inside myself. I took my other hand and started to rub and squeeze at my tits.

I was crazy turned on. I opened my eyes to take another look at this handsome specimen and to my surprise he was looking directly at me. I did not skip a beat. I just started to put on a show for him as he watched continuing to rub himself behind that booth. I lifted my pink tank top so that he could look at my tits. I pinched my nipples and squeezed both of my breasts together as I made sexual faces and blowing him kisses.

He was showing me with his faces that he was enjoying it. I then turned around and got on all fours. I looked over my shoulder at him as I pulled my panties down. I was only wearing the tank top and panties. I reached between my legs and started to finger myself as he watched and turned his whole body towards me now. I was face down ass up (as they say) with this hot guy staring at me pulling on his cock. I was too turned on and this was not going to be enough tonight.

I turned back around and pulled my panties back up. I looked around the corner and nothing had changed. Men’s heads were laid back on the couch and no women to be seen. I stood up and pranced across the back of the living room and then into the booth with the bartender.

“What are you doing?” He whispered to me as he looked a bit nervous.

“Shhhh.” I put my finger over my lips and looked at him. “We shouldn’t be left out of the fun.” I said as I put my finger in my mouth and sucked on it for a second.

I started to rub at his crotch as I breathed deep into his pants. I could feel his erection through the fabric and did not want to prolong this anymore. I unzipped his pants and maneuvered myself so that I was under the booth’s countertop. His cock bounced out of his pants and his pants fell to the floor. It was a respectable cock. Very thick but not the biggest I had ever seen but that was exciting for me because that meant I was going to be able to swallow him. That is something that makes me gag a bit but the way that men beyoğlu escort respond to it makes me feel empowered so I enjoy it.

I grabbed at the base of his cock and started slapping it on my tongue. He was looking down at me and I had my eyes on him as I placed my mouth around the head of his cock and slid him all the way to the back of my throat. His knees shook a bit and his hands went to the bar. He was supporting his weight on it as I was flexing my throat on his cock as I gagged a bit. I wrapped my arms around his ass and just started to push and pull him in and out of my mouth.

As I was sliding his bouncing rod in and out of my mouth I used one of my hands to play with my pussy. I spread my lips and slid a finger inside my soaked pussy. I curled my finger up to my G Spot and used my thumb on my clit. I could feel myself start to tingle.

I then heard, “I need a break.” Come form the living room. It was one of my parent’s friends. The bartender stiffened up his stance so I could tell that whoever it was, was coming to get a drink. I made sure that I was all the way under the bar and pulled the bartender closer to me. I pulled his pants up holding his belt. He tried to back away, but I used his belt as leverage and pulled him back to me.

“Let me get a Rum and Coke my man.” I heard the man order. The bartender was reaching around grabbing the mixture and I just started working his cock hard and fast. I was moving my head back and forth so that his hips would not move while he was making the drink. I took him all the way in and I could feel his knees buckle a bit.

“Here you are sir.” The bartender said as his voice wavered a bit.

“Oh thank you.” The man said.

I can only assume the man walked away because the bartender put both his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth slowly at first and then he picked up speed. I released his belt and his pants fell to the floor. I put both of my hands on my pussy. I had two fingers inside my pussy and my other hand was rubbing my clit vigorously. I felt the tingle build in my loins and I started to cum.

I came hard and let out a little whimper. It felt amazing as my fingers escort nişantaşı were soaked with my cum and he was fucking my mouth. He leaned down a bit and pulled my mouth all the way around his cock. I could feel his pubic hair on my nose and his helmet was in the back of my throat. I gagged just a bit as he had my hair in his hands and started to jerk and convulse around. His hot cum was thick and in excess! You could tell that he had been turned on for a while seeing how much he came. I had to pull away because I could not swallow it all at once.

A little of his load ran over my lips as I leaned back and looked up at him.

I mouthed the word “Wow.” To him as I scooped up the last little bit of his cum with my fingers and sucked it off. It was pretty much tasteless so I did not mind preforming for him a bit. I acted like it was the best I had ever had and sucked my fingers getting every drop. Then I rubbed my tits as I leaned my head back. I opened my eyes to see him looking straight down at me and holding his cock.

I leaned forwards with my hands still massaging my tits and pinching my nipples and I kissed his cock right on the tip. I licked down one side of his shaft and then back up the other side. I kissed his cock one more time and pulled the head of it in my mouth and let it make a “pop” noise as it came out.

“Oh My God.” He mouthed to me as he leaned down and pulled his pants up.

As he was leaned over I whispered “let me know when the coast is clear, ok?”

He stood up and buckled himself and then looked across the bar towards the living room.

“It’s clear.” He whispered down to me.

I stood up and placed my hand on his now soft cock threw his pants and looked him in the eyes and said, “Thanks.”

I turned and walked away towards the hallway. I twitched my ass and hips as much as I could hoping that he was still looking. I put my hand on the doorway and gave him a look as I turned the corner. He was still looking, so I blew him a kiss and walked down the hall.

I went back to my room and laid on my bed with my soaked panties and all sticky and sweaty. I was no longer sexually frustrated though so I just closed my eyes listening to the music and fell asleep.

That was not the last time that I secretly participated in my parent’s parties. I even upped the stakes a few times. But that is for another story.

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