My Patriot

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I love business trips. They allow me to have a hotel room all to myself, something I never get in my personal life. I pick the restaurants I eat at, bars I drink at and can set my schedule at my convenience which always includes plenty of “play” time.

My last trip was no exception. What was essentially a 2 hour meeting in the middle of the day turned into a 4pm arrival in Boston the day before and a noon flight on the day after the meeting. That gave me play time two nights in a row and with a late flight out, I could sleep in after a long night up.

Another thing I love about business travel is free wireless internet. I take my laptop and can do whatever I want online without fear of prying eyes. It has all my internet bookmarks and anywhere I want to surf, is right at my fingertips. Manhunt, chat rooms, X-Tube, you name it, everything is right where I want it.

About me. I’m a living, breathing cliché’. The married man who had a gay experience in college, then nothing for another 15 years, only to discover how much he enjoyed the man on man contact and had a preference for younger guys, primarily 20-something athletes. Blame it on that first time, maybe, always trying to relive the initial experience. Enough psychoanalysis, on with the story.

So here I am, middle of February in a hotel in Foxborough, I’ve had dinner and a couple of beers, called the family and begged off a long evening phone call because of “meeting prep” and settled in for a long evening of porn, chat rooms and possibly setting up a hookup.

I’m extremely picky. I know what kind of guy I prefer and tend to hold out for only that. As a result, very often I start and end the evening alone and spend my time masturbating like a teenager home alone. My ideal guy is 20ish, very athletic, smooth if possible, my size or smaller. They need to be versatile to a bottom, more submissive than dominant. They don’t need to be hung well, but I do prefer they not be built like a pre-teen either. I’m nothing spectacular, 5’11, 205 lbs, shaved head with a goatee and hung 7 x 6 cut, but I’ve never had anyone run screaming away from me either. I get compliments so I guess I look pretty good.

My Manhunt profile spells out my tastes. I leave the Gay site chat rooms up and keep an eye on the profiles of guys entering to see if they fit my tastes. Some do and I hit on them, more often ignored and dissed, however, some will chat. Not all are open to meeting, some are way too eager. I’m OK with that since if not everything fits my comfort level, I back away too.

Again, so here I am in Foxborough, surfing the net, cruising online and my first night in, I’m not really seeing anyone that interests me too much. I’ve got Limewire up and have downloaded Falcon’s “The Farmer’s Son” and have just about given up on finding anyone for the night. Damn shame, got the hotel room and no one to come visit me. That damn Erik Rhodes in the video has me sorely tempted to expand my preferred type to the bigger, brawny types and his scene with Jason Adonis has me horny beyond belief.

Within 30 seconds of each other, I had a chat window pop up on and a email come across on Manhunt. Both from NEPTE87. I checked his profiles and they were consistent, which is a good sign. He was 26 years old, 6’2, 235 lbs, ok, so a little bigger then me. Damn, check that, a lot bigger than me. The pics looked good though, muscles, a little hair but really toned well and the partial face pics indicated he was a nice looking guy. I was encouraged but after a little back & forth, it was obvious that he wasn’t up for anything that night, so I politely played out the conversation while watching the video.

The final scene involved big Erik and Jamie Donovan and had me worked into a sweaty crescendo. Like I said, seeing the big burly muscle guys on the screen had me thinking “why not?” and NEPTE87 sure fit they type, from what I could tell. But it was late, he was offline and I needed to cum and when I finally did, I spewed well up my chest and felt drops of my cum hit my chin and lips, which I promptly lapped up. Why waste good cum, right?

The rest of the night was uneventful from a contact perspective and I crashed a little after 1:00am and was back up at 7:00am to get ready for my meeting at 11:00am. Done at 1:30 and I spent the afternoon driving kurtköy escort around the area, hit a mall, sporting good shop, looked for a video place I’d seen online, not finding it. I think they only come out near dark or something. Finally, back to the hotel for a 2 hour workout and swim in the pool, finishing with a session in the hot tub. The hotel had a nice sauna too, but I figured that would be good for later.

The trusty ‘ol laptop was still booted up and online, I had a few emails and hits to deal with and then I saw one from my boy, NEPTE87. He was asking if I was still in town tonight (yes I was) and if I was still interested (Hell yes I was). I fired back a note, told him to look for me online and we’d talk some more.

A light dinner and I was back in the room, hovering over the laptop. Different from last night, tonight there were several likely prospects online and remarkably, several showed interest in me as well. But for some reason, I was waiting for NEPTE87 to come online and see what might happen.

Sometime after 8, he was back. First an email that I replied to, then he opened an IM window and we were talking.

“Looking for some company?” he asked

“Might be,” I answered “got some time to spare?”

“What you got in mind?” he fires back. I explained again the scenes I was comfortable with and what I liked to do.

“Sounds fucking hot!” he told me.

A little more chit chat and I was more confident about him, confident enough to give him my location and room number. He told me it would be about 15 minutes, I said OK and then he was gone.

In exactly 12 minutes, I heard a knock at my door. I looked through the peephole and all I could see was a massive chest inside a Patriots sweatshirt. I opened the door and looked up at my visitor and suddenly flashed back to the video from the night before. Nice. This could be fun.

“Come on in,” I told him, “I’m Paul”

“Matt,” he answered in a slight NE twang. “good to meet you”

“How much time do you have?” I asked, remembering him saying something earlier about a later commitment.

“Got an hour or so, let’s not waste any time.” he said, reaching out and stroking my crotch, his eyes fixed in front of him on my fly.

Matt’s other hand reached out too and he nimbly undid my belt and jeans, pulling the material down in one swift motion, exposing just my Calvin Klein briefs with a rapidly hardening cock inside. His massive frame kneeled forward and stopped down in front of me. As he settled on his knees, he stripped his sweatshirt off, exposing his firmly muscled chest and shoulders, his massive arms rippled as he grabbed the waistband of my briefs and pulled them to my knees.

“Fuck that’s a beautiful cock!” he mutters. I was rock hard and in full glory as this massive stud was obviously about to engorge himself on the dripping rod just inches from his face.

Swiftly, he opened his mouth and started licking, sucking, nibbling and massaging my needy organ, the sensations blasting up through my loins as he worked.

“Ahhhhhhh, feels so good!” I moaned out loud. “Don’t stop big boy.”

“Mmmmmphhh, fuck no,” I heard him say, “tastes too good, daddy”

Matt kept licking and sucking, working his way up the shaft and down to my swollen balls, swinging with the motion made by his movements along my cock and groin. This giant stud was very good at what he was doing and I could feel the urgent feeling of a coming orgasm after a few minutes of his expert attention.

“You keep that up and I’m gonna blow.” I told him. Matt stopped and looked up at me with a mouthful of cock. His eyes seem to say “So?” and he went back to what he was doing, obviously knowing full well what was about to happen.

“Slow it down there stud,” I said, “I want this to last a little while and you’re gonna finish me off anytime”

Matt continued working on my cock, deep-throating me over and over until I could feel the rumbling from deep within. I grabbed the sides of his head and tried to pull him back but he was too strong and once I felt the resistance, I stopped and reversed the pressure, keeping him firmly locked on my cock as the cum began boiling through. Matt’s greedy mouth was like an industrial vacuum and as I felt the jets blasting maltepe escort inside him and then he increased the sucking pressure until I thought he was going to pull my balls through my cock as well.

He pulled off me with an audible “POP” as my swollen head flicked saliva and sperm into the air. Matt smiled up at me and licked his lips.

“Good load there, daddy. Just what I was needing”

“Damn boy, that was intense, it must have been a while for you!”

“Your cock is awesome man, I can’t get enough of it.” Matt said as he idly played with my still-swollen shaft.

“Let me see what you got, pal.” I said as I pulled him up to the sofa over by the window. Not as nimbly as he did, but I pulled his sweatpants down exposing a cock that was solid and leaking massive amounts of precum, causing a dark spot on the front of his pants. Not as long as me, not as thick, but still a beautifully shaped and colored cock and I was determined to make him feel as good as he had me.

“Man, I came here to get you off,” Matt protested, “you don’t need to . . . . “

“Shut up dude, I need to suck some cock too.” I told him, pushed him onto the couch and dove onto his leaking cock, lapping up the sweet nectar of precum before swallowing him to the root in one motion. Now, I’m no pro at cocksucking, but if it’s the right size, and Matt’s was, I can go to town like the best. Pretty soon, I could feel Matt squirming and could see his balls tighten and I knew his release was close.

I backed off his cock until just the head was at my mouth and I looked up at his face with the orgasm gripping him. His eyes met mine and then widened as he started shooting into my open mouth. After the first two bursts, I dove back down and engulfed his still pulsing cock , feeling the jets coursing down my throat arching his groin at me and he continued to fire, four, five six more shots until he groaned his satisfaction and relaxed back on the sofa.

I leaned up, swallowed the last of Matt’s cum and licked my lips, leaned back down and cleaned his cock as he writhed as the sensation of my tongue and mouth working over his sensitive cock.

“Dude, that was awesome, thanks.” he told me, breathing hard after his massive orgasm.

“Fair’s fair!” I told him.

I glanced at the clock and about 40 minutes had gone by so far. Damn, great 40 minutes!

“Hey, what else do you feel like doing?” Matt asked. “I could use a shower, do you like taking showers with guys?

“Actually, I’m not sure I have.” Well, that wasn’t exactly the truth, but the memory I was thinking of wasn’t quite the same as me getting into the hotel shower with this giant 20-something.

Matt eased off the couch and kicked his sweatpants free, moving past me into the bathroom. I followed and pulled a few towels down from the rack and put them on the counter while Matt turned on the water, letting it warm up. We climbed into the shower together and let the warm water wash all over us.

Matt grabbed the bar of soap and began soaping me up, gently caressing my body from head to toe. I began returning the favor, loving the feeling of this huge muscled body beneath my hands and his strong hands wandering all over my body. My cock, at this point, was still rock hard, never having gone down after cumming earlier. Not totally unusual for me, but definitely an indicator of how much this scene was turning me on.

Matt turned to face the spray, washing the suds from his body and then turned back to me.

“This is nice.” he said and I nodded in agreement.

“Ever thought about fucking a guy?” he asked and I guess my expression changed a bit. Fucking has never really been my thing, but at this point right now just about anything sounded good to me.

“I would LOVE to feel that cock of yours in me.” Matt pleaded with me.

“Turn around,” I told him, “I want to look at your ass.” and he did, and what an ass.

Firmly muscled, smooth with just the faintest hint of hair beneath the streams of water. I could still see some soap shining on the surface and I reached out and stroked the round mounds, reaching into his crack and finding the slightly quivering rosebud inside. My cock was raging and I knew at that point that not only was I going to fuck him, but all pendik escort caution was being thrown out the door and I wanted it just like it was now. I started rubbing the head of my cock along his crack, up and down and gently easing my way further and further inside.

“Dude, have you got any lube?” Matt asked, breaking my reverie.

“Yeah, reach into that valet bag on the toilet” I told him and he pulled out the bottle of Glyde out that I traveled with. After all, lotion is OK, but real lube is far better to jack off with, and in this case, I was very happy to have it. Matt popped the lid off and squeezed out a large dollop of lube and smeared it into his crack and fingered some inside his hole for me. Then his hand reached back and grasped my cock, wiping off the last of the Glyde onto the shaft.

“OK, that’s better” Matt said and turned back to face away from me, presenting his now lubed ass for my attention. He reached up and turned the shower away from us and to the wall and then forward, putting his hands on his knees.

At this point, I grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto my cock and thrust inside his rock-hard ass crack. The lube had a slick sensation between our body parts and I pushed forward, aiming the head towards his lubed hole, pressing firmly but not entering. Matt groaned and eased backwards and I felt the resistance of his ring give way to the irresistible force of my cock and I plunged deeply into him, feeling him shudder.

This was my first time fucking a man and I was in heaven. I’m also guessing that he was getting off on it as well, his cock was rock hard again and I would reach around him on occasion and grasp it, tugging and stroking as I sawed in and out of his ass.

“Ooohhhhh, god your cock is perfect, Paul!” Matt groaned as I stroked in and out of him.

“Glad you like it man, and I’m loving that muscled ass of yours!” I told him, picking up the pace. The sensations were incredible as I smoothly pistoned in and out.

Soon, all too soon, I could feel the sensations building again. I knew I was going to cum again and I wondered if I could possibly have any left after the incredible blowjob from before. I continued to stroke his cock as well and could sense his ragged breathing, telling me he was near as well.

“Dude, I gonna cum.” he grunted as I fucked and stroked.

“Me too, man, I’m gonna fill your ass with more cum and you’re gonna love it.” I told him and with that statement, I could feel him start to buck and I felt the warmth of his cum flooding my hand and I raised it to his mouth and then moved it to mine as we both guzzled the issue. Matt’s hand went against the wall in front of him and he push back on me every time I drove into him and I finally grabbed his hips with both hands and sank into him and started dumping a massive load deep into his ass. Then I pulled out, still spraying and coated the his cheeks and lower back with 3 more jets of cum before finally stopping and collapsing back against the back shower wall. Matt turned the shower back on us and grabbed the soap again, cleaning all the cum and lube off both our bodies. He turned off the shower and I pulled the curtain back and grabbed the towels. Matt patted me dry and I did the same to him and we both walked back into the hotel room and flopped down side-by-side on the king sized bed.

“That was incredible, man, I can’t think of a better way to lose my cherry!” Matt whispered.

My shock was evident and I told him “That was my first time too!”.

We both laughed because we had both assumed the other had fucked before and it was our first times. Hard for me to regret anything as it was an incredibly perfect experience and I could still feel the muscles of his ass around my cock and I knew that this was something I was going to do again sometime.

Matt glanced over at the clock and hissed “Damn, I needed to be gone 30 minutes ago! We’ve got a mandatory meeting at 10:00.” He rolled off the bed and hurriedly got redressed as I lay there watching him. He leaned over to me on the bed and kissed me full on the lips, then moved to my cock and gave it a kiss too.

“Man, if you’re ever back this way, I want to see you again.” Matt dropped a business card with his name and number on it. “This has got my cell on it too” and I glanced over, my eye catching the large Patriots logo on the card.

“And if you’re ever my way, let me know too!” I told him back.

Matt waved good-bye and gently closed the door behind him, leaving me still on the bed.

Yeah, I just fucked a professional football player, and I liked it.

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