My pregnant Sis

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My sister’s real name is Laura, but I’ve been calling her B. J. which stands for Big Jerk for almost as long as I can remember. It’s all in fun because Laura is not a jerk, and I love her dearly. It’s just something that evolved out of us growing up together with her four years my senior.

She is twenty-two now which makes me, ready or not, eligible to vote and screw up just like an adult if I so desire. I don’t feel any different than I did a month ago, but everyone is insisting that I am now a man. Big deal.

The really big deal in our house is that B. J. is pregnant – six months pregnant and showing big time. All of our lives she has felt responsible for me, and has done her best to take care of me. Now I voluntarily feel obligated to take care of her while she has that other person inside of her body. I made good grades in biology so I know how she got into this condition. I also know a little about having babies, but my curiosity just won’t let me keep my mouth shut.

For example, we are having one of our frequent brother/sister conferences right now.

“Adam,” she said with a mild huff, “you make me self-conscience when you stare at me that way.”

“What way?” I asked innocently knowing full-well exactly what she meant.

“You know. You take spells when you openly stare at my belly.”

“Well,” I said quite honestly, “I’ve seen your naked body before around the house, but that was when you had a beautiful body. The biggest humps you had ten were your tits, and they made my peter hard every time I saw them.”

“Really?” B. J. said interrupting me. “Why haven’t you told me this before?”

“I never found the courage or the right time, I guess. Anyway, now I can’t imagine what you look like naked in your present condition.” I’m sure my face was red from blushing, but B. J. and I have always been very candid with each other.

“All you have to do is ask, little brother,” she said in a soft and pleasant voice. “Do you want to see my belly?”

“If you don’t mind,” I said nervously.

“I don’t see why not? After all, you are the k**’s uncle you know.” With more than usual effort, she raised herself from the sofa and stood before me. “Remember, you asked for it,” she said smiling broadly. She unbuttoned her maternity blouse and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing a special bra because her tits were huge. I could also see the top of the bulge the baby was causing. She must have read my mind.

“I’ll drop the skirt, if you’ll drop your pants.” She probably thought I would refuse, and give her a way out of this predicament. Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped when she saw me stand to my feet, loosen my belt, and drop my pants to the floor.

“Like this?” I asked. My jockey briefs were no match for the erection I had developed upon seeing my sister’s enormous breasts.

“My, my Adam,” she said approvingly, “you’re all grown up, big guy.” Her eyes were fixed on my hard on as she deftly unfastened her skirt, wiggled it over her hump, and let it fall to the floor.

“Does it hurt much?” I asked with true concern.

“It’s heavy, but I can’t say that it hurts yet,’ she said while she cupped her hands under the bulge to ease the burden. “Feel my belly, Adam. It’s time to meet your nephew.” Neither of us made mention of the almost ridiculously tiny patch of fabric covering her crotch. It was held in place by a narrow cord that circled her lower body beneath the bulge.

I reached out and tenderly touched her enlarged mid-section with the tips of my fingers. B. J. saw my hesitation. She smiled broadly, covered my hand with one of hers, and guided it all over her swollen belly. My erection was struggling with my shorts, and although B. J. had not admitted it out loud, my touch was giving her all sorts of warm and electrifying sensations.

B. J. carefully removed the hand that was covering mine, but I continued to rub her big belly. With her hands free now, she reached up and unclasped the hook between her two enormous melons. The bra recoiled quickly now that it was free, and her breasts gracefully sagged a little. My sister has the biggest breasts I have ever seen.

“Caress my boobies, little brother,” she whispered amid sighs and panting. “They are in dire need of someone’s attention other than mine.”

“My pleasure,” I said hoarsely. I was turned on enough now that I went beyond caressing. I took her boobs one at a time into both hands, and suckled the protruding hard nipples. She whimpered; then she sighed; and then she placed a hand on either side of my head.

“Oh, shit, Adam,” she cried. “That feels great.” I already knew that.

All too soon as far as I was concerned, she disconnected me from her breasts, and in a hoarse whisper, “Lose those Jockeys and I’ll fix that stiffy for you.” I did as she asked, and she immediately slipped her mouth over the swollen head of my aching joint. Oh God, that felt good. Maybe too good. She pumped me about half a dozen times, and my kettle began to boil. The next thing I knew the whistle was blowing, and my big sister was taking my milk like a starving calf.

I’m going to blame my short term stamina on the circumstances surrounding this situation. This wasn’t my first blow job, but it was definitely the first oral sex I had ever received from my sister. That alone should have made me explode on contact.

I helped B. J. to her feet, and the proximity of our nearly nude bodies made it compelling that we embrace. I couldn’t count the number of times I had kissed my big sister in the past, but this encounter was way different. Out lips were parted, our tongues were doing a jitterbug, her huge tits were spread all over my chest, and I realized that my hand was under her panties with a finger at the doorway to her vagina.

“Oh God,” she gasped into my ear, “I’m so hot. I want you to eat my pussy, Adam. Can you do that for me?” She was pressing her snatch against my invading hand. “Have you had oral sex with a woman before?”

“On rare occasion,” I admitted truthfully, “but neither me nor my partner were very experienced.”

“I’ll help you, Bubba. I need you badly.” She was breathing so heavily now that her sounds were hoarse grunts more than they were moans. “Help me to the sofa.” I immediately saw that she intended to sit on the arm of the sofa while I licked her pussy. Thinking quickly, I removed the lamp from the end table, and piled two large throw pillows on the table. She settled her butt on the sofa arm, and leaned back heavily onto the pillows. Perfect.

This may be my sister, and she may be very pregnant, but my pecker is hard, and her valley is so inviting. Forget the genealogy and the morality. This woman is in an advanced stage of horny, and I have the cure, or should I say cures.

B. J. was clutching her belly on both sides with her hands giving the impression that she was holding up her crotch for me.

“Spread me wide and eat it, Adam,” she said breathlessly, “before I go completely out of my mind.” She laid her head back on the pillows and let out a big, deep sigh. I’m obligated; after all, I’m her brother. However, being related to this acutely aroused woman was the last thought on my mind as I lowered my head and buried my tongue between her swollen lips. Her reaction convinced me I was just in the knick of time. Her legs came up on my shoulders, and her thighs muffled my ears securely. I couldn’t hear her now, but her movements were tell-tale enough to make it undeniable that we were on the same wavelength.

She spread her legs slightly realizing that I couldn’t hear her in the other position. “Adam,” she gasped desperately, “do you know where my clit is, Baby?”

I didn’t answer. Instead I moved up her slit until I found the swollen little nub. I spread her puffy vulva with my hands and focused on the sensitive not-so-little node. I probably wasn’t as gentle as I should have been under the circumstances when I pounced upon her clit, but after all, I’m just as turned on by now as she.

She squealed – in glee of course – and her thighs tightened against my ears as her lower legs tightened and pressed my face firmly into her crotch. I continued to suck and tongue her clit even though I had very little room to negotiate. She continued to wiggle and hunch with increasing intensity until such time that she undoubtedly reached her climax.

I slowly straightened to a praying position, and looked at my sister between her wide-spread legs. Her arms were dangling on either side of her body alongside the throw pillows. She was still gasping for breath, and her enormous breasts were heaving up and down like a troubled sea. At first I wasn’t sure if she realized I had slowly slid my blue-ribbon boner into her soaked pussy. Naturally, she responded physically; I’m pretty well endowed.

“Oh shit, Adam,” she cried when she caught her breath, “we shouldn’t be doing . . .” she fell silent and began pushing against my advances. “Fuck me, Adam,” she yelled. “There’s no danger in this valley tonight. Fuck me until I beg for mercy.” She jammed her crotch against my thrust as if to make her point. She certainly did that.

This was terrific. My sister loved my cock. This was evident in the way she lurched forward and upward each time I thrust into her begging hole. She was guiding her nipples to my mouth careful to make sure that each one got equal time in my oral massage parlor. It surprised even me to realize that my cock was getting harder and pulsating stronger as we continued to frantically pound our crotches together.

B. J. had from the very beginning broken the silence with her sighs, and moans, and groans and now even growls and grunts, but I realized that I too was voicing my passion with regard to our coupling.

Not that it would have mattered at the moment, but we were both lucky that no one else was at home. I could hear my sweaty body slapping against B. J.’s as I drove my cock into her as deep as it would possibly go. She chose various ways to express her appreciation each time my thrust reached its depth.

Our union continued vigorously for an unusually long period of time, and my sister’s big belly didn’t seem to restrict her movement at all. On more than one occasion she lurched upward with one of her forceful hip movements and nearly sent me sailing off of the sofa. The fact that her legs were locked around my mid-section was a comfort.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. Her sensually guttural commentary was reaching a fever pitch. Her grunts and groans were now nothing less than shrieks of rapture and cries of joy. In other words, my big sister was gloriously begging for mercy. Her itch had been scratched, her ache was definitely soothed, and her arousal was ready to be tucked in for a long nap.

Hark! What’s this? As I withdrew my lance from her thoroughly happy pussy, it was apparent to all that I still wanted to play. As I said earlier, I am fairly well endowed, and at this moment all of my endowment wanted a new playground. I spied her gigantic tote bag stuffed under the coffee table, and I knew I could find something in there to further my exploits.

I remained in my kneeling position between her legs, leaned over and dragged the tote bag to me, and rummaged through it’s contents. Eureka!

“Roll over and rest that big belly of yours on those pillows, Sis,” I said still breathing heavily from our sexual romp. “We have one more act in this sex opera.” I noticed the frown on her brow, but she rolled over carefully and instinctively hiked her ass. Woman’s intuition?

I opened the bottle of baby oil I had extracted from her tote bag, and applied a liberal coating of the slippery substance on her ass and on my cock. It was still very hard.

Apparently B. J. realized what was about to happen. “Don’t you hurt me, Adam.”

Without answering I carefully placed my slick joint at her asshole and pressed gently but firmly.

“Bury your face in the pillow, Sis,” I said in my kindest voice. “You’ll love this when it’s over.”

I think I heard her scream into the pillow, and then squeal. After about my third stroke, she lifted her face from the pillow.

“Oh yes, Adam. Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted in rhythm with my stroking.

It was a glorious occasion for both of us when I eventually surrendered to the God of Orgasm. I’ll bet my inborn nephew was happy as well.

I was looking through my files, I did not write this but love prego anal MmmMy pregnant Sis

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