My Prostate , Me Ch. 04

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This story is a continuation of my exploits with my prostate. Please see the previous chapters for details.


I was ass horny. This is the best way to describe the feeling I get when I want my prostate satisfied. I’ve accepted the fact that I get these urges. Years later, I still get them. And I still act on them.

It was cold pre-Thanksgiving day in Manhattan and I was horny, so I called the service I used whenever this urges consumed me and made an appointment with my regular girl Rita. She had dark hair, a nice juicy Hispanic ass and a tasty shaved pussy. She knew how to please me well (and if I prodded) with a finger in my ass during a hummer session. It was not my ideal butt-fuck, but it would do.

I went to see Rita, it was as I expected, good but not mind blowing. I still felt an itch… My ass was yearning for more. On my way out, I heard what sounded like the “lesser occupied” ladies conversing and one voice sounded familiar…Trxie! To say I was shocked would be an understatement, I had not heard or seen her in roughly a year, when the place she worked at was raided.

I stopped in my tracks and just said “Trixie?” She spun around, yelled “Jeffy!?!” and jumped up into my arms. “Trixie!”, I said in shock. I couldn’t believe I just bumped into her. Manhattan is not a small city.

“Jeffy!?” she proclaimed as she jumped into my arms. Every eye in the room was on us. She looked at me and just said “I didn’t think I’d see you ever again!” She explained to the other girls that we went back a long way. We actually sat on the couch, and talked, and she explained she came up to visit her cousin for the holiday, and figured she’d make a few bucks.

Her cousin had quit the ass for cash biz, and Trixie had always been primarily a stripper. We caught up, and then since a client was coming, I had to go out the back. I promised I’d be back soon. Trixie gave me hug & a kiss, and whispered in my ear “Friday — call this number” and slipped a piece of paper in my hand.

I walked out floating on air, and still amazed to have found Trixie, after all this time. I opened the card and to my excitement, it read: “On me…and this time, in me!” I was thrilled — I had a huge crush on Trixie. I’d had amazing sex with her, but that wasn’t it. She just made me feel..happy.

Now we’ve made it to chapter 4, and I realize I never described myself physically. I’m 6’2, balding since the age of 18 (I was 26 at the time), and about 325 pounds. Oh — and hairier than a grizzly. Nothing on top, but a friggin shag carpet on my back.

I had never been the guy a woman wants. Women tend to consider me a Teddy Bear, but nobody wants to fuck Teddy. I was a fat bald hairy dude with a 5 inch wang that was about 2.5 inches wide. What I lacked in length I made up in width, or at least that’s what I chose to believe.

I couldn’t stop grinning though. Trixie wanted me…and a freebie no less! But “in me” I was at a loss. I’d fucked her several times, but that wasn’t our thing. Our thing was my ass, and her in it.

I was up about 6 AM Friday. I just couldn’t sleep. I tried watching TV, watched cartoons, but kept repeating in my head, almost like a song “Trixie’s gonna fuck my ass!” I was stoked. Don’t get me wrong, I’d seen Mellissa a few times since Chapter 3, but there wasn’t any enjoyment on her part, and the hand towel after the enema got old.

I called the number around 10. My girl answered on the second ring –“Baby, is that you?” I replied that it indeed was. She said “I’ve been waiting for your call…I woke up early waiting!” We laughed, and she gave me an address in Queens. I gave myself an enema, took a Viagra I had scored off a friend and grabbed the güvenilir bahis train. I walked up to the apartment and knocked.

The door opened and there stood Angel, Trixie’s cousin. “Kathy…he’s here!” She shouted. “Kathy?” I thought “Who the hell is…oh right! Her real name!” The newly christened Kathy stuck her head out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel “What, Joyce? I can’t hear shit in there!”

“I said you Prince Charming is here!” shouted Ang…err…Joyce. Kathy looked at me and babbled “Shit! I didn’t expect you this quick! Let me get some clothes!” and scurried to the bedroom. Joyce looked at me, and invited me to sit. I had fucked Angel once. Good, not great. Awkward now though.

Joyce said “Tell my cousin I’m going out, and you too better not stain my sheets” I wished her a good time, and closed the door. The bedroom door opened, and out came Heaven. Kathy was wearing a cup less bra, and thigh hi stockings. Oh…and a smile. She gave me one of those little “come here” gestures. I floated over.

We went in the bedroom. We began kissing. Kathy started pulling my clothes off. She pushed me back on the bed and gave me head like a woman possessed. She then stuck a lubed finger in my ass, and rubbed my prostate gently. I nutted very un-gently all over her face.

Kathy went to wipe her face, and came and lay down beside me. “God I missed you” she said. I looked into her eyes and asked “Why me?” Kathy explained “You know what I do… I’m a full time stripper… and a part time hooker. I use my body for sex, and for money. The downside is everyone treats me like meat, because basically I am. You not only don’t but you make me feel like the sexiest creature in the world, and that makes me so wet! On top of that, you let me finger your ass. I love it…It makes me feel in control. I don’t get that a lot”

She then asked “Joyce leave?” I nodded yes. “Bitch remind me not to stain the sheets?” I nodded again, and chuckled. “She’s pissed offat me — she tried to tell me that I shouldn’t have invited you, as it lets you know our ‘secret identities.’ I’m Kathy, she’s Joyce. I’m a stripper in Tampa. She’s a bartender with a bad dye job” She looked at me and then said “Now get on all fours, baby. It’s playtime”

I had some lube on my ass from her earlier finger. She grabbed the KY, and added some more. She then began fingering my ass. If it took an hour or a week, I couldn’t tell you. I was just feeling my body and her finger, and then another finger, and then a third. She then began milking my cock, but I was able to ride through the pleasure, and not shoot, but it was damn close. “You ready to take my cock, Sweetie?” She growled lowly in my ear. “Please Kathy!” I moaned “Fuck me baby!” I felt a blunt tip against my hole. She slowly pushed through my bung, filling me up. I groaned, and enjoyed, pushing into it, until I felt her hips against me. Wait, hips? Apparently she had slipped on a strap-on.

“You like my cock, Baby? I picked it up for us the other day after I saw you. It’s bigger than “Dickie”, but I thought you’d like it — and it fills me too” She giggled after the last part. She then began to saw in and out of my ass slowly. I was fucking back at her. It was stupendous. The feeling of her double D’s hitting me in the back while I felt like my very soul was being turned inside out was amazing.

I came like a freight train. Kathy just collapsed on me. We lay like that for a while before she pulled the dildo out of me. We both lay there, sweaty & panting. I looked over. She had a pink jelly dildo sticking obscenely from her groin. It had to be about 7 inches long, and maybe an inch & ¾ wide.

“That was fantastic” she groaned, and rolled türkçe bahis off the bed. She pulled off the dildo & harness, revealing sweat matted curls, and slowly slid about 6 inches of dildo from her moist slit I looked at her pubes, and saw something glinting. A piercing? I then up at her eyes. She was smiling. “I gotta pee, be right back” I lay there content, and exhausted.

I heard the bowl flush, and then the water running. Kathy came out with a bowl of water, a can of cream & a razor. She gave them all to me, lay a towel on the bed & lay down. “I wanted to get it shaved before you got here” she explained “but you were early” I slowly and carefully shaved he landing strip. And the after wiping her down with a hand towel, I applied natures best aftershave, tongue supplied saliva. I also played and marveled over her clitoral piercing.

After, I rolled over next to her. She lay there panting this time, and said “Shit. You really have a natural talent” I thanked her for her teachings, and she said “What about you, Baby? I got some flossing during the blow job I gave you earlier” I chuckled, and told her about what Mellissa had done to me. She began to shave me while I shared the tale. When I was smooth, and ready to be used as a short yet thick flagpole, Kathy dumped out the water, came back, and started rubbing KY onto my bare glans.

“Did you fuck her ass?” Kathy queried. I explained what kind of place it was, and that was against the rules. Kathy then asked “Have you ever fucked anyone’s ass?” I looked at her, and said “Seriously? I’m short & thick. No girl wants me in their asshole!”

“Well, I do” was her quiet reply.

I stared at her unbelieving for several seconds. “You’re going to let me in your ass?” I stammered in disbelief. “Of course. What did you think I meant in my note?” She asked. “I don’t know,” I responded “and then you had part of the strap-on up your pussy, so I figured maybe that”

“No baby” She cooed, stroking my chest hair. “You’ve been so good, letting me fuck you. I wanted to give you my virginity as a thank you.” “Nobody’s ever…I mean, you never…” I trailed off, dumbstruck.

“I’ve had some dildos” She explained coyly, “But not a real cock. I wanted it, but I’ve always been afraid. Last night, I masturbated with a butt plug while Joyce went to work. I realized that you should get my asshole virginity, since I had yours.”

She got on all fours, and looked back at me, winked, and asked cheekily “Ready?” I slowly began greasing her tight orifice. I began to slip a finger in. Kathy reached back & grabbed my wrist. “Slowly” she sighed. “You have some big fingers”

I slowly sank my middle finger up her ass. She let out a low, shuddering moan. “So much better than toys” she whispered into the pillow. After a few minutes, I moved to two fingers. She began rocking back at me, moaning sensuously. “I need your cock, baby” she moaned.

I had been hard as a rock and dripping precum this entire time, since she shaved me, and I had a layer of KY coating my rock hard bone since she applied it earlier. I brought my dick to her hole and tried to go slowly in. Her anus resisted. “You’re so thick, Jeff” she breathed. “Maybe another finger?”

I reluctantly pulled away. I inserted my middle finger in her gorgeous pucker, and then my ring finger. She was face down on the pillow, moaning nonsense. I squirted some KY on the penetration point, and slowly worked my index finger in. I’ve had women pull away from me after 2 fingers in thier pussy, as I’m a big guy with thick fingers.

She just sighed, and moaned, and pushed back at my hand. “Goddamn baby, please fuck me!” She moaned. I crouched behind her, and brought my dick güvenilir bahis siteleri to her now slightly distended hole. I touched the tip to her, and she shot back, impaling herself on my pole.

“AAUUGGHHH” She screamed “so good!!’ I held still, desperate not to shoot into her furiously clutching bowels. The door, then slammed open, and in rushed a frantic Joyce, who began swatting me. “Get off her you bastard! You’re hurting her! Are you in her…?” She trailed off realizing I was in Kathy’s backdoor.

I quickly pulled out. “Put it back!” Kathy cried, not realizing her cousin had entered the fray. Joyce kneeled by her cousin’s sweaty face, and began to brush the sweaty hair from her eyes. “I’m sorry Kat. I didn’t realize you wanted it…I heard you cream, and I thought he was hurting you!”

I escaped into the bathroom, with my now deflated erection, leaving the two women to talk, while I tried to ponder what my next move would be. I went to wrap a towel around my waist. Dammit! Why does everyone have such small fucking towels?

I stuck my head out to see if I could get to my discarded jeans. Kathy & Joyce were hugging. Joyce looked up at me sheepishly. “We’ve been like sisters for years, and I came back for my wallet, and she was screaming, and I rushed in to protect her, and I’m so sorry!”

I sat on the edge of the bed. “I didn’t want to hurt her. She just took too much too fast” I explained. “I know” said Joyce. “She told me” “I guess I should go” I said. Kathy looked up. “The only place you are going Mister, is back up my ass!” I looked at her incredulously. “Are you kidding? I almost split you like a log!” She looked at me, and said “Sweetie, what little ass fucking I got rocked my world. Your fingers had me in heaven, and then I came on your dick”

“You came? From that?” I said in disbelief “Oh yes, Jeff, and I want more”. She looked at me hungrily. She then looked down, and realized my dick was no a shadow of its former self. “Joyce!” She yelled, wheeling around to her cousin. “You broke my toy, like when we were kids. Now fix it!”

Joyce pulled her coat off, and meekly began to strip. She looked at Kathy and muttered “I’ll suck it, but no way is that fireplug going in my ass!” Joyce took me in her mouth, and began to suck me. I wasn’t rising to the occasion, Viagra or not. This was just too strange. Kathy reached under me, and stuck a lubed finger in my ass slowly, while Joyce sucked. I quickly rose back to my impression of the Washington monument. “I like the look” said Joyce “Nothing in my teeth” she grinned. “Thank you” said my barber. “Now get off MY cock”

Kathy got down on all fours again, and put her head sideways on the pillow. “Grease me up, Joyce” Joyce looked at her cousin, and said “No way, Jose. I’ll suck a cock, but I’m not greasing your shitter. I don’t swing that way”

Kathy just looked at her and sighed. Joyce took the KY from my hands and began to finger Kathy’s ass. Joyce slowly relubed Kathy’s ass, while I licked Joyce’s wet snatch. When she was done with her task, and post orgasmic, I resumed my position behind Kathy, while Joyce knelt with her face close to Kathy’s.

I slowly inserted my cock in Kathy’s warm tightness. This time she didn’t force, and took it slow. Joyce brushed her hair out of her eyes, and softly crooned to her. I began to fuck Kathy’s buttery chute, thinking about baseball, Roseanne Barr naked, anything to avoid what I was really doing, as I’d pop like a Pepsi.

I’d like to say, I fucked her long and masterfully.

I’d like to.

Truth of the matter is if I said I lasted five minutes, I’d be stretching it by two minutes. Those three minutes though, were some of the best of my life. I still love receiving, but giving is a close second.

The stuff the three of us did that night makes me blush 15 years later, and still puts some spring in my steel.


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