My Roommate is My Pee Mistress


Heloise woke up. It was 7am. Her roommate, Helena, was still asleep. They were having a small room for themselves at the school dormitory, not very large, but enough in Heloise’s opinion. Seeing Helena, she mechanically checked her bladder state, and realized it was empty, as usual in the morning. “How nice it was to have an empty bladder, and yet people let themselves go so often that they don’t even enjoy it anymore” she thought.

The reason why she immediately checked her bladder was that Helena was her bladder Mistress, and in fact a very strict bladder Mistress. At first glance, Helena looked like an angel, but indeed she was very naughty and ready to try any new experiments on her bladder, as long as she was pleased with it.

As her bladder slave, Heloise was to respect the following rules:

-She couldn’t refuse any drink given by Helena

-She couldn’t go to the toilets unless Helena gave her permission

-She was to hide her predicament at maximum, no pee dancing, no squirming, etc. Although, she was allowed to moan discreetly when with Helena, as it drives her mad every time.

She would often be given the right to pee around midnight, but there was no established rule about this, so that Helena had full control over Heloise.

As Helena got dressed, Heloise looked with envy at Helena’s 36d breasts, which caught most guys’ attention. With her 35c, Heloise was not to be pitied, but she still felt a bit jealous about it. Helena’s whole body was a work of art, perfect from Heloise’s point of view.

After getting dressed herself, she found Helena was looking at her.

“Did you lose weight?,” she asked, “You seem in such a good shape!”

“Maybe,” Heloise said, unsure about whether she was trying to please her or not. “It’s true that at first those jeans were a bit tight, and now they feel more comfortable. Yet I didn’t change…”

She saw it. That expression on Helena’s face. Her angel face turned devilish, the one Heloise was more used to see than anyone else. Helena got closer to Heloise, and suddenly she grab Heloise belt, tightening it further. Heloise bent at the sudden increase of pressure on her belly.

“I think you’re having too much space down there, she whispered to her. That’s just for good measure.”

Sure she was having a lot less space now, not much left for her bladder to expand.

“Now let’s go fill that bladder with orange juice.”

As always, orange juice was given in as much quantity as needed at the school canteen, and Helena would always use this pretext to make Heloise drink glasses after glasses of it, “to avoid waste” as she said. Today however, she was to drink “only” three glasses of orange juice, and drink a big bowl of milk. All that fluid was soon to arrive in her bladder, beginning the filling procedure that would go on throughout the day.

Eventually, the two went to class, the two first hours being painless for Heloise. Her bladder capacity always made her proud, especially in front of her best friend Helena. While most girls would already need a break for the bathroom after only a couple hours, she didn’t. During the break, Helena lent a 0.5L bottle of water to Heloise:

“I thought you might get thirsty, maybe you could drink this?”

Helena was all smiles seeing the confusion on Heloise’s face, who certainly looked in shock. In fact, Helena often let Heloise free with drinking orders until noon.

“You remember the rules, Heloise, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course, I was just a bit surprised,” she took the bottle and took only a sip.

“I want you to drink it all right now, no time wasting,” Helena added.

Heloise was so turned on when Helena was using her as her little experiment toy, pushing her bladder as hard as she desired, and the two being linked by a spiritual contract. Of course Heloise could stop this whenever she wanted, but it was always making her so horny to hold and hold longer. Plus Helena was super sexy, and the fact that she could make Helena horny only with submission was very pleasant.

Heloise drank the full bottle at once, obeying her Mistress.

“You’re so obedient Heloise; I’m very pleased with your attitude. You deserve a little something, a little gift. I’ll give it to you later. Surely you will enjoy it.”

Before Heloise could ask her what the surprise was, the teacher arrived. She spent most of the two following hours thinking about what the “little surprise” would be, and couldn’t judge whether Helena would really give her something that she could “enjoy” or if it was ironical.

By the end of the two hours, Heloise was feeling the first signs of her bladder getting filled. Most people would look for a toilet at this point, which she assumed was around 4 over 10 on desperation scale. However, it was not a big deal for Heloise, who often had to deal with the situation.

While eating, Heloise was only given two glasses of water to drink, which was less than the usual four ones. She thought it was a compensation for the bottle Escort Bayan of water she had to drink earlier.

Getting back to their room, Helena made Heloise close her eyes, saying she was giving her her surprise

“I will put it into your hands, and then you will open your eyes.”

When Helena put the surprise in her hands, Heloise felt the strange object, very big, with a very uncommon shape. When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t really say what it was, and she asked Helena

“Yes I know, it’s unexpected, and you certainly don’t know what it is, do you?”

“Of course not! What is that crazy gift?”

“Come on Heloise, it’s very special, made for you! It’s a special kind of dildo that makes any leak impossible. And you see, there’s a belt around it, with a lock so that you won’t escape it without my permission. So what do you think?”

“Well” in fact she was astonished by the size, and never thought a dildo could have such a shape “how am I supposed to make this enter my body?”

The shape surely wouldn’t help it enter her vagina; it was very different from the common phallic form. It was more bulbous, with the bigger part, she knew, supposed to penetrate her first. She suspected the whole thing to be made in order to somehow prevent the pee from exiting, although she was not sure whether it was possible to do such a thing or not.

“That’s because it is made to stimulate the bladder. It will fit inside you perfectly. And you see that remote?” she showed a small remote that fit her pocket “If I activate it, it sends vibration to a sensitive point of your bladder, at different desired speeds. Please put it on and then I’ll show you.”

“You’re sure it’s made for a human body? That thing is big!!”

“Stop complaining and put it on now, remember you’re my slave,” she replied both with an authority Heloise could not contest.

After a hard time, Heloise finally put it into place, and then Helena took pleasure locking it.

“Now you’re all mine dear,” she whispered, “I have to admit that I lied to you, it doesn’t prevent leaks, just stimulate your bladder in the most sensitive part of it.”

Just as she finished her sentence, Helena put the vibrator at maximum speed, progressively making Heloise on the verge of peeing herself.

“Stop! Stop it! Oh god! Hmmmm… I won’t hold it long, hmm, it’s hmm…it’s vibrating… so hard, I feel it pushing on my bladder and all inside me”

Heloise had her hands deep between her thighs, moaning of desperation, looking at Helena in a pleading way, while doing a pee dance across the room.

Helena was enjoying the show, but she knew Heloise wouldn’t hold long at such a speed, so she cut it down, then put it back at half power, enough to surprise Heloise and make her struggle with her bladder.

“I think you need to be kept stimulated. Just tell yourself you don’t need a pee and everything will be nice.”

The bell rang.

“And remember you have to hide your needs my little puppet,” she forced Heloise against the wall and pushing full force on her bladder for a while, earning a gasp from Heloise, “and no drops until you’re allowed to pee”.

The following hours were pure agony for the poor Heloise! Each time she would get used to the vibrations, finding a quite comfortable position, Helena suddenly turned the vibrations to another speed, making Heloise struggle not to leak. She was hiding her need as best she could but the giant dildo would not allow any room for her expanding bladder. After 2 hours of helpless struggle, there was now a scheduled break and Heloise hoped that Helena would free her from that monstrous pressure which was making her tensed at every step.

Yet, Helena kept talking with other girls, ignoring Heloise. The poor girl was looking at her watch, hoping that there would be enough time to take out the dildo before sport session…

Finally, Helena went to Heloise, who could now swear she was on the verge of losing a leak. How astonished was the poor girl when her mistress only told her:

“You’ve been such a good girl! Only two hours left, and then we’ll take this monster out of you. Now drink this please, she said lending her another half-liter bottle.”

“What??!! I can’t!! This thing is making my need tremendously higher, and not only do you want me to go on like this, but to drink even more?? I can’t, I swear you there’s no room left inside me, please please make me free! Now! I need it! I won’t hold…”

Helena had turned the vibrator to full intensity for a second, just enough to make Heloise stop talking, now trying to regain control with a not so discreet pee dance.

“You should not question my orders. This bottle is full of a liquid that will strengthen your bladder muscle. That should help you. If you don’t want to drink it, then maybe I should let you make a puddle right here. Anyway I won’t take your dildo out for now, and I’m the only one to have the key”.

She showed Heloise the (oh!) so needed key to Bayan Escort her relief.

“Now be a good girl and keep holding for me”.

Helena put the key back in her bra, and for a second, Heloise had the kinky idea of taking the key, just where it was, but now she truly felt trapped: either drinking something that may increase her desperation but help her bladder muscle or go on with the same amount of liquid inside, without more help…

As she was nearing the leaking point she did not hesitate for long, she needed help, in whatever way it may come. The more she would have it, the best it would be, so she drank the full bottle at one go, adding a half liter to her bladder count, overflowing even more her bladder.

Now she had a plan: if she pretended to be sick, she certainly could skip sport. On top of that, they were supposed to run, which would be impossible given her bladder state. Walking slowly, Heloise went to the gymnasium. The cold wind outside and the hotness of her inner body was not easing the pain in her bladder, and she was now blushing red from the effort to hold. Hopefully the bladder strengthening drink would soon be effective.

When she arrived at the gymnasium, Heloise went directly to her teacher, planning to sit down on the bench as soon as possible, but Helena had other plans for her, and when she saw where Heloise was going, she turned the vibrations higher, to warn her. It was not long before the poor girl realized what was happening, saw Helena’s angry face, and turned back to her.

“So that’s how it works now?” Helena said furiously, “I try to help you by giving you one of my few muscle strengthening drink, and you betray me? You remember what we said? No sign of weakness, of any kind, concerning your bladder!”

“But I’m so full, it’s so hard to hold, please give me a break, just for a while. If I run, my bladder will be pushed on every possible side; I will pee myself, that’s absolutely sure! I-I just ask you two hours of break, please.”

“No way! You must be a grown up and hold. You had better think twice before putting this thing inside you! Now to punish you, I’ll put the vibrations at a higher speed for the next 15 minutes.”

Hearing the bad news, Heloise moaned, which only made Helena more excited, and she put the vibrations to a little higher level than what she first planned. Heloise was to learn, and that’s all what mattered. While having a hard time getting dressed, Heloise felt the first effects of the bladder strengthening drink, just when Helena put the vibrator back to a reasonable vibration. As a side effect, she also felt that the drinks were now in her bladder, sloshed by the vibrating dildo.

Then they started running. When Helena saw that Heloise was constantly getting slower she put the vibrations higher, until Heloise returned to normal speed. Heloise desperately needed some break to ease the pressure, but Helena didn’t let her any. Eventually, her bladder muscles got more and more exhausted and when she slowed down, she couldn’t regain speed, despite the increasing warning waves from the dildo. When Helena saw that, she went close to her, but didn’t slow the vibrating speed.

“Come on, you’re getting slow, everyone will know that you have to pee. Get back to speed now or I will increase the vibrations even more.”

“Please don’t Helena.”

Helena surely wasn’t joking, she thought, but she was reaching her limits. “Your drink’s effect is attenuating and if I go back to full speed, I’ll flood myself”. Helena was speechless for a while, not knowing what to do. Should she take her Mistress role fully and punish her for disobedience? Or stop the vibrations to ease her friend’s pain?

She found an alternative solution:

“Come with me, I have some of this drink with me, I’ll give you some and then you will be strong again.”

“Please Helena, I can feel the dildo…pushing against me …on every corner of my insides, just …hmmm…Stop the vibrations at least, it’s so… painful.”

Heloise now stopped every few words, and it was clear that the dildo inside her was restraining her moves, on top of her full bladder. However, Helena was not so easily convinced.

“I will slow down the vibrations, but only if you drink some of my helping drink. I can’t let you relax so easily.”

Moaning even more, Heloise achieved to drink another bottle, squirming and beginning a more than necessary pee dance.

“There is only fifteen minutes left, I have to do it.”

She tried to convince herself. She didn’t t want to let her pee out, even a little bit, but her bladder was swollen to the absolute point. Helena was even more excited by her desperation show, even if Heloise tried to be discreet. She looked at her friend’s perfect ass. How much she had dreamed about it, making things with Heloise. Heloise could never tell whether Heloise had feelings for her, beyond the bladder control game. Now Helena knew that with someone like Heloise, she was ready to do anything. Escort The desperation was making Heloise’s body even more attractive, moving her well-shaped ass in a sensual rhythm to counter the effects of the stop less vibrations. And knowing that the giant sextoy was inside her… Her friend was so sexy…

Heloise on her side was counting the minutes left: she found a rhythm which eased the pressure, reducing it to an 9- on a 10 scale; however the dildo was creating some other pain, more difficult to handle. The pee was sloshing to one side, then to the other, alternatively causing pain on a rhythmed basis.

Then came the whistle announcing the end of the run. Finally it was time she could stop running. She felt as if she could pee on this instant. Yet she remembered she had to go back to her room to open the lock, and then go to the toilets.

Going back to her room seemed like a never ending journey, but finally she got there. Suddenly, she felt the vibrations increasing, and looked at Helena:

“Stop this please! Why are you doing this now?! Ah… Don’t put it at full force… hmm… stop it I said it hurts… Aaaah.”

It was increasingly difficult for her to hold, as if her bladder had become a balloon full of water and someone was walking on it. But this balloon was her bladder, and she could not let it burst, not now. How could Helena be so rough with her? Helena was confused for a moment as she searched for the vibrating remote.

“Where is it?!,” she was now worried for her friend, who could certainly leak at any moment, “I had it back when we were in sport, it was in my…”

She realized she had forgotten the remote in her sport shorts, which were now in the gymnasium, locked for the night. But how could Heloise manage her hold any longer? Heloise tried to speak:

“Please… you must open the lock with the key and take this monster out of me!!” she had huge difficulties to speak. “But the key is on the remote! I can’t! I can’t! I will have to go back there and take it! Wait for me, I’ll be as quick as possible.”

Just when Helena was leaving, Heloise asked in a cut voice:

“Helena! Have you …got some more of… your bladder strengthening drink? It’s my only hope, I’m… I’m on the verge… of peeing.”

“Of course Heloise, here you are” she gave it to her, but she couldn’t take her hands off her crotch, squirming like mad.

“Please empty it in my mouth, the full bottle, I… I need it.”

Helena did as her friend asked, and then left a poor Heloise, sitting on her bed, with tears of desperation, sweating from the ultimate effort she had to make.

Helena ran as fast as possible, just to find the gymnasium locked. Thinking about her friend, she hurried to find someone, and she found the janitor, she quickly explained that she needed to grab the shorts she had lost at the gymnasium. Taking all his time, he finally opened the door, and Helena quickly found the short. The remote was not far from the short, but a bird had stolen it and with its beak, had turned the button to the maximum vibrations. Chasing the bird, she tried to put it back down, but the bird had totally broken it, no way to put it back down. Heloise’s last hope was that Helena went back with the key and let her free. She ran at full speed to her room, to find Heloise breathing rapidly, as if she was close to an orgasm but tried to contain it. She had emptied two more bottles of Helena’s strengthening juice, somehow putting her hands away from her crotch.

“Heloise, the remote is broken, but I have the key, I can let you go free!”

The tortured girl, close to orgasm and pure agony, feeling the pee pushing to find a way out, replied: “O-open it in the toilets or… or I will flood myself here,” or at least that was what Helena understood through the gasps. Grabbing her friend, she was leading her to the toilets. Heloise’s mind was going crazy: she was only thinking about two things: walking and holding it, holding it, holding it! If only she could let out, she would have the most extraordinary pee-gasm of her whole life. The three first cubicles were close, delaying relief for Heloise. As they entered the fourth one, Helena put down Heloise’s shorts and panties to help her friend. When there was only the dildo left, Helena saw that there was a beginning of leak between her legs.

Helena struggled with the key to open the lock. Whether it had been the result of extreme arousal or desperation, she could not tell.

“Oh please hurry up! Hmmmm, I’ve never been so full in my whole life! I’m…hhhhhhmmm… I’m going to explode! Hmmm.”

Her moans were nearly enough to make Helena delay Heloise’s relief for a little longer, but she quickly realized her friend was in a losing fight against her bladder and it was her duty to help her. There were more leaks now, but with Heloise moving around it was hard to unlock her. Finally the lock was out, as even more leaks were forming.

Now Helena had to take off the huge dildo. With the tremendous pressure Heloise was putting in her muscles, it was not moving at all! It had easily come in but it wasn’t getting out now. The dribbles continued in Heloise pussy area, who was now having moans of pains and pleasure, the dildo still vibrating at full force.

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