My Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: My Stalker Cum Flasher

I am not a writer, so please pardon me for any mistakes or for my style of writing. It was a long story as I had described it in a slow and detailed manner. Some of the events might seem ridiculous and stupid of me to do it but in real life, it was not impossible for it to happen that way. Thank you.


Was he stalking me or he just happened to pass by my way? He had aroused my curiosity and caught my attention. He seemed to be telling me something when he used his hands to move up and down. It was these events that started it all.

It happened during my college days when I was only eighteen. I would consider myself as a late starter. I was still very naive and knew nothing much about sex except for a few accidental peeps on my family members making out and those in the porn magazines and videos. I was very curious then and was about to explore my own body and also those of the opposite sex.

Every day after school, I would always take the much shorter route home, by following a well-worn path across the woods. It was pretty deserted, used only by joggers occasionally. But I liked the serene and quietness of the woods.

One day while I was walking home, I realized that someone seemed to be following me but I couldn’t be sure as anybody could walk along this same path too. I looked back and saw a guy, probably about thirty yards behind me. I just kept on walking and he didn’t seem to be closing in on me. So I thought maybe he just happened to pass by there. But for the next few days, the same thing happened again! Could that be a coincidence on the timing? But I still chose to give him the benefit of the doubt.

For the next few days, I spotted him again. This time, he stationed himself near my school gate and he would look in my direction. I just ignored him and went on my way. As expected, he was behind me again but luckily, he kept his distance. I didn’t really feel scare as he didn’t come near me but crazy things did go through my mind. Was he stalking me? Or probably, he just wanted to be my friend but why didn’t he just approach me.

The following week, the same thing happened. He waited at my school gate and followed me way behind till I reached home. And at around that time, I discovered that one of my panties was missing from my backyard, which faces the woods. I remembered clearly that I did hang it up to dry. I immediately suspected that it might be him who stole my panties but I had no concrete evidence to that.

Then one day when I came out from school, he wasn’t there at my school gate. Strange, where did he go? I was more or less, expecting him to be there. As usual, I walked through the woods and half way through, I saw him from a distance, standing next to a tree. It was easy to recognize him as he was always in those tight cycling shorts.

I did not know what to do. Should I run, keep walking or stop and see what he wanted? I couldn’t really decide, so I just kept walking slowly and kept an eye on him at the same time. He didn’t move or come closer to me, he just stared at me. What caught my attention was, when he moved his hands up and down as if he was shaking something. Honestly, at that time, I didn’t know what that hand sign meant! I was more curious than afraid. I stopped in my tracks and wondering what he was trying to convey to me.

After he had managed to make me looked in his directions, he slowly moved his hand near his crotch and rubbed it. Oh my gosh! He was touching his cock through his shorts. I should have run but I didn’t. I wasn’t afraid as he did not come near to me. When he sensed that he didn’t scare me off, he slowly pulled down his shorts and his cock just sprung to life, staring back at me.

I couldn’t really see clearly as it was quite a distance away but that was the very first time I saw a real man’s cock. In the past, it was mainly those small boy’s pee and those pictures in girlie magazine or videos, which my dad used to hide under his bed. I was even more curious on how it looked like, especially so when my girl friends kept talking about so and so cocks they had experienced.

He knew that he had an audience. Flashers are always like that: They just wanted to show a girl, their hard thing. And I figured that, since he did not physically harm me, I just stayed there and watched. At the same time, I was also curious to find out was he the one who took my panties.

By now, he had his hand on his cock, shaking it up and down slowly. He kept his eye contact with me while he pointed his cock in my direction. He increased his pace and it didn’t take him long before he shot something out from his cock. At that time, I had no idea what was that. Could you imagine how naive I was! He smiled and was obviously pleased that he got the chance to exhibit his thing to me. He then took his bicycle and went on his way.

So, that night in bed, I kept thinking about the incident and started exploring my own body casino oyna too. I touched my breast, rubbed my pussy but I didn’t cum because I did not really know how to masturbate! But one thing for sure, I felt good as I could feel myself getting wet down there.

The next day in school, I asked my closest girl friend, Lyn, to teach me exactly how to masturbate. She laughed at me and was surprised that I had not even started yet when she was already having regular sex with her boyfriend. But I dared not tell her about the flasher thing as I didn’t want her to think that I was so stupid to stand there to watch, instead of reporting to the police. To me, I took it as a chance to learn as I couldn’t possibly go to any Tom, Dick or Harry and asked them to show me their thing or how they jacked it off!

After school, he was there in the woods again. He was likely to be waiting for me to walk by. I stood there again and watched what he would be doing this time. The same thing happened, he pulled down his shorts to his knee and shook his cock without any hesitation as he knew I wasn’t complaining. After a while, he started to walk towards me. It looked so funny as his cock and balls kept bouncing and swinging up and down when he walked. Oh no, should I back off now? No, I didn’t as my desperation to have a closer look at his thing overcame all logic.

Luckily, he stopped when he was about ten yards away from me. He tried to make eye contact with me but I was too embarrassed that I looked down and thereby staring at his cock instead. Occasionally, I would look up and down again. He was clearly enjoying it as he proudly displayed and pointed his hard cock at me. This time, I could see it much clearer. So that was how a hard cock looked like! Round red head, long shaft with the two balls accompanied it. Well, it looked cute and nice, at least to me and I fell for it the first time I saw one and still loving it till today.

He kept shaking it faster and in no time, those white stuff shot out from his cock, waves after waves and it landed on the ground. I looked up at him and he smiled. I guessed he got the thrill, just by shaking his cock in front of me. After when he had gone off, I traced his milky stuff on the ground. I used my fingers to touch it. Yaks! It’s sticky! I put it near my nose, it smelt funny but not unpleasant, probably a little musky.

That night, with help of Lyn’s instructions and also partly the image of the flasher’s cock, I was able to cum for the first time. I was so wet that it leaked on my bed! It felt so good as I had never felt like this before. Lyn also told me that those sticky stuff were sperm or cum. She said it was edible and she would always swallowed his boyfriend’s cum because he said it was supposed to be good for her body. It made her felt so hungry for them every time. Dammed it! It made me even more curious to taste it too.

The next day, the same time happened but this time, he didn’t pull his shorts down. He just walked right up to me and I didn’t back off either. His bulge in his tight shorts had already started forming. He made hand signal, telling me to pull his shorts down for him. As I, being submissive in character, I just obediently did it for him. I was taught this way by my strict parental brought up since I was young. I was to obey and not to question their authority. It instilled in me so much that I sometimes, applied it in the wrong way. I was a confused child.

When I pulled his shorts down, I had a shock of my life when I saw him wearing my missing panties! It looked so funny with his big bulge under my silky panties, exposing the red head of his cock. I guessed his cock was too long for my small panties. His cock was desperately begging to come out. Most of the front part of the panties was already stained with his pre-cum.

Was he sick or weird? I did not know whether to feel angry or just wanted to laugh it off about the whole situation. Somehow, I just pulled down the panties and his cock, semi-hard by now, came dangling in front of me. He looked at me again and I stared back at him, as though I was asking him, what should I do next?

He just took my hand and put it on his cock. He really got the guts to do that. Stealing my panties and now he made me hold his cock! But I didn’t feel angry at all, maybe it was my desire to see a man’s cock, overcame everything else. I could feel his cock, growing at an alarming rate, pulsating in my hand. I just hold still curiously admiring it.

He started to shake it, with his hand over mine. After a while, he took his hand away and put both of his hands on his hips. My hand still shaking his cock, as if it was second nature to me. I was beginning to like it as it seemed quite fun to shake it.

Again, he came fast and hard. Without any warning, his first and second waves of cum jetted out and of all the places, it landed on my skirt as I was standing, facing him. He smiled again and off he went, leaving my stain panties behind on the ground. So that canlı casino was his way of returning my panties back to me. I was left standing there like a stupid fool, with my skirt and hand full of his sticky cum! He never bothered to clean up the mess that he had created nor said a single word to me.

I smelt the cum on my hand again but this time round, I licked the cum a little and it tasted not too bad. I then used that panties he had just worn, to clean up the remaining cum still clinging onto my skirt.

That night in bed, I took the cum-stained panties and smelt it and his unmistakeably cum smell was still there. I believed that he had jacked off on my panties a couple of times before, when it was in his possession, as there was plenty of his cum stain everywhere. I smelt it and masturbated till I came. I didn’t wash the panties after that. I just wanted to keep it that way so that every night, I could masturbate with it and remembering the funny events that had happened in the day.

Sometimes when I looked back, I wondered why was I shaking a perverted flasher’s cock, tasting his cum and masturbated with the panties he had worn! I did not have the answer to that but I figured that since he had not done any harmed to me, I really didn’t mind it at all. And that was how shallow my thinking was at that time. And moreover, I got to learn more things from him which I would never be able to learn from my girl friends. In fact, I was beginning to like the trill. I guessed that I was just as sick and guilty as he was but I would just conveniently shift the blame to him. He was the one who made me do it and not by my own self will.

The same thing happened again the following day. This time, I squat down and had a real good look at his cock. I could even see the cute, small opening in his red head. He was pleased with everything he had seen so far. He put his cock near my mouth and the moment I opened my mouth slightly, he took the opportunity and pushed his cock in. Oh no, why did he put his cock inside my mouth? What was I supposed to do! Lyn never told me or teach me about sucking cocks, she only said about swallowing cum. The only thing I had ever sucked, was a lollipop. So, it just hit on me and I tried and sucked it like one too.

He held the back of head and kept pushing his cock in. I couldn’t withdraw so I just moved my mouth back and forth over his cock. He came fast again, maybe he was excited that he was able to make a naive girl like me, sucking his cock. He shot every drop of his cum, deep and hard inside my mouth, hitting my throat. He pulled it out and he opened my mouth to see his seed, kind of admiring it.

He smiled again and I can tell that he was extremely satisfied. He closed my mouth and signaled me to swallow it and I did it without much hesitation. The cum taste was strong but I convinced myself that I would like it. I realized then that I was so damned wet down there too but I never really dared to do anything in front of him. I just saved it for my nightly masturbation, thinking about the day’s happenings.

As days past by, I found that I was looking forward to see him, sucked his cock and ate his cum. Lyn suspected something fishy as I kept asking her, more and more of those sex stuff. She asked me if I had found a boyfriend and wanted to meet him. I just lied and said he was extremely shy and wouldn’t meet anybody at that time. Luckily, she didn’t press on.

It would be extremely embarrassing to tell her that I was sucking a stranger’s cock. I didn’t even know his name nor where he stayed or work. Totally no information about this so-called boyfriend. The only thing I knew well was, his cock! We had never exchanged a single word at all. Sometimes, I just wondered, was he dumb? Or probably, I was dumber to let him made used of me in his perverted ways.

Over the next few weeks, it was like an unwritten rule. I already knew the routine well on what to do but he would always signal me to do something more everyday. He would go slowly, one thing at a time, probably he didn’t want to scare me off. He was right. I can only comprehend that much as everything was new to me and in this way, it kept up the suspense that I was really looking forward to, everyday.

He got bolder with each passing days. He made me unbutton my blouse, took off my bra and exposed my boobs for him to play with and at the same time, me holding on to his cock. He would then pull and pinch my tits making me uncontrollably wet. Most of the time, my cunt juice would just flow down my thighs or wet my panties.

The first time when I took off my bra, he took it with him when he left. I guessed he wanted it to keep it for souvenir. From then onwards, I would take off my bra in the girl’s toilet and put it in my bag as I couldn’t afford to let him take away all my bra everyday. So I always ended up topless after school. I loved the feeling of my heavier than normal boobs, bouncing away when I happily, walked faster to meet him. It brushed against my kaçak casino blouse making my tits pointing hard by the time I reached him.

Then he started to grope my ass. He would always lift my skirt up a little and peeped up, to see what was under my skirt. It really turned him on this way. So I would always try to wear all kind of different colors and shapes of panties everyday and my collections grew sexier: silky, satin, sheer, transparent, skin-tone, tongs, g’string, crotchless etc etc. Sometimes, I would take off my panties in school and put it in my bag and go bottomless to surprise him. I loved to watch his cock rose up and it was usually quite fast, the moment he peeped under my skirt. Most of times, my panties were wet by then. The anticipation and the sight of his growing cock never failed to make my pussy juice flow.

After a month or so, a typical day usually went like this: He would stand near the path I would be crossing. I would walk right up to him, put down my bag and stand facing him. He would look me in my eyes and I do the same back to him. No words were ever exchanged. And then the activities would start. I pulled his shorts down, exposing his semi-hard cock to me. I then unbutton my blouse and pop out my topless boobs to him. He would bend over to peep up my skirt and I would give him the all round view by turning round slowly to let him see all angles of my entire bottoms. The sight of my bottoms would usually make him drove his whole head in between my legs, making me standing real wide to accommodate his head. He would usually lick me, through my already damped panties, like a wild stray dog licking his new-found food.

I would just stand there uncontrollably, sometimes almost falling off. After he had enough, he stood up again, facing me. By then, his cock was already real red and hard pointing up at me. He would make me put down my panties down to my knees and tied my skirt up to my waist so that he could admire my cute pubic hair and my virgin wet slit. I felt so exposed with the cool wind blowing onto my ass and wet pussy and it just made me shivered with wetness.

He then played with my tits with both hands while I played with his cock. Sometimes, he used one hand to feel my ass or rubbed my clit and the other, cupping my boobs and tits. I came numerous times under his hands. He didn’t really stick his fingers inside me as he felt that there was a little resistance, likely to be my hymen protecting it. And when he knew I was a virgin, he didn’t want to break it with his fingers. He seemed to have better plans in his perverted mind.

Next, I would kneel down and sucked his cock, licked his hairy balls and at the same time, he would carry on playing with every parts of my body he could reach. He would alternate between shooting inside my mouth and splashing his cum across my face. He usually admired his artwork after the job was done and I, always ended up having to clean up the mess myself. Whenever his cums landed on my face, I would use my hand to wipe it and pushed it into my mouth to swallow my hard-earned daily milk. I would have to sneak home carefully without letting my mum saw me or be able to smell the remaining dried-up cum on my face.

It was always Monday to Friday, after school, that I was to service him and in return, I was fed. Weekends were always boring at home. I felt something was missing whenever weekends came. I became restless, thinking of all kind of crazy ideas. What if this, what if that. Should I stop now? Would it get worse or better, depending on which way you viewed it from. The choice was mine but as they said, curiosity kills the cat. I chose to let him have that choice.

After that he had discovered that I was still pure and virgin, he acted fast. Probably he feared that I would not be there for him anymore or he just didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. During one of our usual activities, by then of cause he was hard and I was wet and ready, he led me behind the bushes and there was a mat on the ground already well laid up. So, more or less, I knew something exciting coming soon. He signaled me to lie on my back. He spread opened my legs wide and took a last good looked at my tight-lipped pussy, as though trying to memorize how it look like.

He then lay on top of me. He looked at me and gave me a very big cheeky grin. I just stared at him, looking shocked but ready and then closed my eyes and waited for whatever that was, going to happen. I could feel his hot cock’s head pressing on my pussy’s entrance. He just laid there, without moving for a while, happy with what for he got so far and he knew that he had trapped me to the point that there was no way I would back off now. The anticipation was killing me but he just teased me further by not doing anything except for his stupid grin on his face.

Lots of things raced through my mind at that moment. I remembered what Lyn and the other girls had told me and it was still crystal clear in my mind. ‘What are you waiting for? Spread your legs and let your boyfriend fuck you. You just don’t know what you have been missing out! Get it done quick and join our NV Group.’ If you are wondering what ‘NV’ means, it’s: Non-Virgin!

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