My Special Weekend Ch. 02


The small hotel was beautiful, several miles off the main highway, on a private drive. If it weren’t for detailed map I was given I would have driven right past it. As we drove up the winding driveway, I reached over and squeezed Camille’s exposed thigh.

“Total Trust baby, and total privacy. I pulled a couple favors to get us a room here for the night, and I’ve already ordered dinner, as a matter of fact, I’ve ordered a very special dessert.”

Camille purred next to me. I reached into her open shirt and pinched her nipples roughly; I couldn’t wait to get her to the room; although room would turn out to be quite an understatement.

I pulled to the back of the hotel, as I had been instructed and immediately found a large set of wooden doors, the word IMAGINE carved above the threshold. We were met by a well dressed young man, Trent, took our bags and walked us into our amazing suite of rooms. After instructing me on the use of the buzzer to summon him at any hour for any reason, he quickly left.

The small front room consisted of a very plush sectional, and a flat screen TV, it was beautifully decorated but more importantly deliciously comfortable, impeccably clean, and perfect for my plans. Camille led the way into the large bedroom, already alit with an array of candles. The king size bed was low to the floor, the thick down paisley cover pulled back, inviting them to the huge bed.

Camille began to undress as she crossed the room to the master bath that lay beyond. Her beautiful ass exposed by the time she reached the doorway. I left my clothes in a heap on the floor, barely noticing the spa like atmosphere as I watched Camille step into the huge square jacuzzi tub already full of water and bubbles. I quickly joined her, sliding onto her thigh, rubbing my pussy roughly against her while I kissed her deeply, she reached up and squeezed my nipples and I quickly grabbed her hands, pinning them to her side. She didn’t resist.

“Sit on your hands.” She did as instructed, I quickened my pace, biting her neck and tits. She raised her thigh to meet my urgent humping and I was grateful as I came in a violent shudder against her thigh.

“Turn around; kneel up on the seat.” Camille turned around holding the edge of the tub. I rubbed my hand along her ass, feeling her hole pucker as I pressed a finger into her, with my other hand I reached around and grabbed her clit, it was so hard and exposed..I stroked it like a little cock, jerking her clit as I fucked her ass, first with one finger then with 2, Camille bucked against my hand, pushing my fingers further and further into her ass.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass, I want to come baby.” Camille cooed, I released her clit and massaged her tits with my free hand, my fingers still fucking her slowly now, I squeezed her nipples hard, making her gasp.

Sliding my fingers from her, I focused both hands on her large tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers, I turned her around, letting her sit back on the seat, the warm water swirling around us, the smell of the coconut scented bubbles was intoxicating. Camille was on hot, her head thrown back, I know she needed to come, but the tease was fueling my fire.

I grabbed the hand held sprayer and began rinsing her slowly, teasing her nipples with the hard spray of warm water, she arched her back.

“Stand up we have dinner waiting for us. Let me rinse you.” Camille stood and I moved the head of the sprayer to her pussy letting it linger on her clit. She gasped grabbing my hand to hold it against her clit…I quickly moved on, pushing her hand away and sliding the spray further back against her ass, she bucked against the instant pleasure. I dropped the sprayer and spanked her roughly as she shuddered, her hands squeezing her tits roughly.

I led her from the tub, and dried her thoroughly, wrapping her in one of the thick white robes stacked beside the tub. The dining area just off the living room, held a large table and just 2 chairs, and was laid with silver covered domes and beautiful flowers. A large balcony with its doors open, let in the warm night air.

I hit the buzzer, as I watched Camille step onto the balcony. “We’re ready for dinner”

Within moments Trent was in our room pouring our wine. “Something to smoke first, perhaps?” Trent handed her a tray with some of the prettiest bud she’d ever seen. A small square of hash lay to one side. “Please let me know when you are finished with dinner.” He laid out some delicate salads and finger food and he was gone.

Camille sat on a chaise her robe open her pussy exposed. She rubbed her tits through the soft robe. I watched her as topkapı escort I rolled a thick joint liberally laced with hash. I walked over and handed Camille the joint and a glass of wine. “A few minutes to dinner,” I lit the joint, passing it to her. I slid the sash to her robe out of its loops and began to rub one of the soft plush ends against her thigh. Camille quickly spread her legs and I pushed it roughly against her sopping pussy; I shoved the end of the sash into her, pushing it in several inches, I then tucked the rest of it in between her ass cheeks; I pushed her legs together.

“Sit up I’ll bring you some dinner out here.” She moaned loudly, her face red with humiliation.

I brought her a plate, and refilled her wine glass; I went back inside and found our luggage, I slipped my cock on, securing the straps snuggly and strapping it to my thigh to keep it down. I retied my robe, and went back to find Camille as I left her, red faced, and grinding against the sash in her pussy, she struggled to focus and take a few bites of her salad. Her nipples were hard and demanded squeezing, but her hands were occupied. I pulled a pair of nipple clamps from my pocket, adjusting them to the largest setting, allowing only a gently pinch. I snapped them on, giving the connecting chain a little tug, she gasped.

I bent over and whispered in her ear. “When you finish that salad, I’m gonna fuck that pussy, nice and slow.” Camille moaned almost bouncing on the chaise, shoving the sash in deeper, it was now as wet as her pussy. She ate faster finishing the salad, and sipping the last of the wine.

I tightened the nipple clamps, and pushed her thighs apart, the soaking sash shoved in her pussy..I pulled it out and set it on the floor, exposing her throbbing clit to the air. I slid a towel under her ass, and pushed her pussy lips apart. I spanked her wet clit softly, moving up to the chain securing the nipple clamps, I tugged roughly, letting the chain drop .I slid up her body kissing her roughly..I reached down and unstrapped the cock from my leg; Camille was humping wildly begging me to fuck her…I quickly filled her pussy , the strap-on had a clit nub on the inside, each thrust into Camille’s pussy pushed the nub over my clit, encasing it in soft latex suction action that made me wild; after just a few minutes of fucking her pussy, my own pussy exploded sending a flood of juices down my leg, I reached up, pinning Camille’s arms above her head on the chaise, slowly fucking her pussy with the full length of my cock. I undid the nipple clamps, licking each nipple softly, she came violently soaking the towel beneath her.

I released her arms and pulled her to her feet, pulling her robe around her, securing it with the sash from my own robe.

“Go enjoy the Jacuzzi, I’ll roll us another joint. Dessert is still yet to come,” I slapped her ass as she stepped back into the dining area. I hit the buzzer again. “We’re done with dinner.”

Again Trent appeared within in seconds, immediately clearing away the dishes and glasses. He left a new tray of bud on the table, a glass pipe, and a pitcher of margaritas with 2 fresh glasses.

“Your dessert will be ready when you are, just let me know.” And with that he was gone. I had put a lot of thought and a ton of money into this “dessert” and my clit jumped in anticipation. I had been sent several pictures so I pretty much knew what to expect.

I joined Camille in the Jacuzzi, I was tempted to allude to what dessert was, but I knew it would ruin the vibe I had going with her, and I was having way too much fun with exhibiting my nasty side. This whole weekend was about extreme nastiness, and total trust, and so far Camille was being totally trusting, and I was being totally nasty, and totally in control.

I dried my hands and lit the hash filled joint, passing it to her carefully over the bubbles. I watched her closely taking a long hit off the joint, she licked her lips as she watched me watching her. She rubbed the bubbles over her dark nipples. I slipped one hand between my legs, the other taking the joint back. I rubbed my clit, letting a finger slip into my pussy, slowly fucking myself; I was wet and wide open. She made me so hot; I held her gaze and quickly got myself off, as I puffed on the joint. (it took me several minutes to recover) She watched me, moaning and squeezing her nipples. (She was forbidden from touching her pussy or mine without being told to) and I could see her writhing in the hard molded seat of the Jacuzzi.

Once I felt I could stand I grabbed the hand held sprayer and rinsed myself off, she stood following my lead and did the fatih escort same. I toweled her dry and laid the damp towel on the thick carpet.

“Lay down right here on your stomach and let me put some lotion on you.” Camille complied, resting her head on her arms and closing her eyes. The music that seemed to be on whenever they entered the bath room, was soothing yet energizing, with a very strong sexual undertone. (this music haunted me for weeks after, I have yet to receive my answer as to what it is or who it is by) Camille’s ass humped lightly to the beat, I could see her pussy making contact with the towel.

I leaned forward licking her ass eagerly, running my tongue along every inch of her pausing to let my tongue slide into her hole. She raised her ass off the floor meeting my tongue firmly. My pussy was throbbing and a small trickle of pussy juice ran down my thigh. I stood up and grabbed the lotion from my bag. I warmed a small amount in my hands before rubbing it across her ass cheeks and back.

“Is that the hotel lotion?” Camille asked. “It smells familiar, but I’m not sure why.”

I straddled her ass, sliding my pussy up and down her ass, she squeezed her cheeks together, capturing my clit periodically. I leaned forward, pressing my tits against her back. I whispered in her ear, “It’s lavender baby lotion.”

I leaned back continuing to spread the lotion across her shoulders and down her sides. I spun around so I could continue to hump her ass and lotion her skin. I rubbed the lotion down her legs, coming back to focus on her inner thighs.

I sat up straight, reaching down to spread her ass cheeks making sure my pussy was as close to her asshole as possible. I rubbed my clit lightly, shuddering, I let a stream of pee hit directly on her puckered hole; I could feel her buck wildly against the floor.

“Lay where you are for a minute.” I stepped back into the Jacuzzi and rinsed off. I slipped my robe back on and stepped towards the door. “Go ahead, get cleaned up. I left you something to wear next to the sink.”

I slipped on a silky tank top that went about mid thigh, with a plunging neckline that had trouble containing my tits. I went into the living room, ensuring everything that may be needed was at hand. I adjusted the lighting and selected the movie channel the Hotel personalized to play movies selected specifically for their relevance to my kinky weekend. I previewed the first scene and knew this was some very kinky stuff; perfect. Camille will be completely embarrassed to watch this in front of someone else, especially since it will completely turn her on.

I hit the buzzer. “We’re ready for dessert.”

Within a couple minutes the doorbell rang. “Camille, answer the door.” Camille came into the room wearing the loose v-neck t-shirt I had left for her, and as she passed me, I could hear that she had also put on the diaper I left for her. She looked over her shoulder questioningly.

“Open the door.” My clit throbbed in anticipation of the scene about to unfold; I could feel the light trickle of juice start to flow down my inner thigh.

Camille opened the door, the uncertainty of the situation all over her face.

“Hi I’m Miss Betty, are you Camille?” The tall statuesque woman at the door was certainly nothing Camille could have expected. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, her jewelry simple and minimal. She wore a frumpy frock type dress that fit snuggly against her large tits and reached to her knees. Miss Betty towered over Camille and Camille was clearly intimidated.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“I’m gonna stay with you for a little while.” Miss Betty firmly turned Camille around and walked her back into the room, closing the door. “Hi, I’m here, did you want to leave me any other instructions, other than the ones I have?” Miss Betty smiled at me as she sat down on the edge of the sectional, setting her satchel to on the floor next to her.

Camille hadn’t moved from her spot next to the door, she looked to me for explanation.

“I need to go out, just mind Miss Betty, she’s a trained professional.” I lifted her t-shirt and slid my hand along the outside of the diaper, squeezing her pussy. “I know you have to pee. Come on, pee for me.”


I slapped the back of her thigh twice. “Are you questioning me?” I instantly felt the warmth of her piss spread through the front of the diaper, her face flushed red with humiliation.

I left the room abruptly, taking up my position in a small loft space; that I hadn’t shown Camille. It was part of the vaulted ceiling in the small kitchen area and it overlooked the eyüp escort living room. The comfortable chair and small table were all that was needed. I lit a joint and let my fingers find my clit.

“Come here, I don’t bite. I want to take care of you. Are you a bad girl?” Miss Betty sat back on the couch and unbuttoned her top 2 buttons of her frock. Camille approached slowly, her head down.


“Why what did you do?”

“I peed.” Camille lifted her shirt up. The fact that she was playing along with this scenario made my pussy flow, I had not even hinted at anything along these lines in all the years we’d been together, I fucked my pussy with three fingers, and watched, letting my juices flow onto the soft chair.

Miss Betty reached out and squeezed Camille’s pussy through her wet diaper. “Oh it’s only a little wet. But I’ll change it for you, lay down on the couch.” Camille shuffled over to the couch and laid on her back, Miss Betty undid the rest of the buttons on the top of her frock, letting her full cleavage into view. She pulled a pack of wipes, a fresh diaper and a small thing of powder from her bag. She pulled the wet diaper off, and washed Camille’s pussy and ass thoroughly. Camille lifted her legs up with prompting and Miss Betty probed her ass under the guise of washing, and squeezed her clit repeatedly with the cloth. She slid the dry diaper underneath her and lightly powdered her dripping wet pussy, before pushing the string of anal beads up her ass, one by one, all the while humming and holding her other hand firmly against Camille’s clit, keeping her in place. She taped up the diaper and pulled Camille onto her lap.

Miss Betty untied a sash at the side of her frock and it released the entire top front of the dress. She quickly released the left side of her bra, exposing her firm DD tit and her large nipple, hard and dripping milk. I could see Camille tremble, her face a mixture of total embarrassment, lust, and humiliation.

“Suck on it.” Miss Betty said firmly; pulling Camille roughly by the hair towards her tit. Camille latched onto the nipple, suckling hard, squeezing her thighs together as her pussy throbbed and dripped with excitement, the thickness of the diaper between her legs and the anal beads throbbing in her ass adding to her frustration.

Miss Betty slipped her arm between Camille’s legs, sliding her arm up until she was pressing her arm firmly against her pussy and ass, allowing Camille to hump in rhythm with her suckling. At this point I had come twice and soaked the chair, I wasn’t sure I could stay out of it much longer, although the thrill of being an unknown watcher (even in theory) was amazingly exciting.

Miss Betty unsnapped the other side of her bra and slid Camille down so just her head rested on her lap, and put the dripping nipple into her mouth. She slipped her hand into her diaper and slowly rubbed her clit as she suckled, Camille instantly raised her hips, sucking harder.

“Oh you are a naughty girl, pressing your pussy up against my hand like that.” Miss Betty turned Camille over and removed her diaper in one swift motion. She pulled up her frock exposing smooth thick thighs and a beautiful wet pussy. She roughly pulled Camille onto her lap face down, the string to the anal beads sticking up. Miss Betty alternately spanked her ass and tugged at the anal beads. Camille raised her ass in response. I could see her pussy juices glistening on her thighs and ass.

Once the last bead slipped out Miss Betty turned her over and pushed her dripping nipple back into her mouth, Camille’s now exposed pussy was in full view. She spanked it repeatedly, her puffy wet pussy lips barely concealing her big throbbing clit. Camille sucked hard on the nipple in her mouth thrilled at the naughtiness of it all, but none the less totally humiliated, and enjoying it. She wanted to be naughty, she reached down and spread her pussy lips, letting Miss Betty spank her wet throbbing clit. She let a hot stream of pee flow, exciting Miss Betty who a little sooner than planned pulled out her dildo, and started fucking Camille. She pulled her nipple from her mouth and positioned herself over Camille’s pussy. Miss Betty spread her pussy lips and let a hard stream of piss spray over Camille’s pussy as she continued to fuck her with the dildo.

When I returned to the living room, after waiting the agreed upon 15 minutes, everything was restored to its original state. Camille immediately looked down when I entered the room, her face still glowing with shame.

“She was no problem at all.” Miss Betty stood, took her bag and left without another word.

“Ready for bed?” Camille followed me into the bedroom, the bed was so inviting after our eventful day.

I pulled her close in the darkness, “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.” She whispered.

To Be Continued

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