My Summer Cougar Pt. 13

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Having a few requests for more in this series I thought I’d give it a go. Hope you enjoy…

The weather had taken a turn for the worse. It was still warm but the rain was falling down and when I looked up the forecast it looked like it was in for the day. I gave Annie a call to say it wasn’t worth me coming today but of course she had different ideas.

She told me to come anyway and promised that she would pay me just the same. It wasn’t something I was going to turn down and there was little doubt in my mind as to Annie’s intentions. The only uncertainty was exactly what she had in mind and whether she would have any other guests.

Although it was heavy rain it was still a warm humid day so I left for Annie’s dressed only in t-shirt and shorts. Making a dash from the van to the back door didn’t stop me getting soaked, the rain was that heavy. Annie had made it clear, because of the weather, that I didn’t need to knock when I arrived so I let myself in.

“Only me!” I called out closing the door behind me.

“Oh good, you’re here. Come through John, we’re in the lounge,” Annie called back.

As I slipped my shoes off I wondered who Annie was referring to so quickly made my way through to the lounge to find out.

“There he is, Oh dear John, you’re soaked!” Annie said stating the obvious.

Annie was sitting in her usual place and I was pleased to see Meg on the sofa.

“I think he needs a towel, poor boy will catch his death,” Meg said to her friend.

“Get those wet things off John while I fetch a towel,” Annie said rushing out the room.

Annie was wearing a white bathrobe and I suspected that was all she was wearing as I watched her breasts jump around freely under the material as she passed me. Pulling my wet shirt over my head I saw Meg smiling up at me enjoying the show. She was wearing another thin summer dress which showed off her large cleavage.

I’d just dropped my shorts when Annie returned with a towel, “Here you go,” she said handing it to me before returning to her chair.

“Now John, I’ve been talking to Annie about how she usually treats you, haven’t I Annie!” Meg said and looked over to her friend.

“Yes indeed. Meg’s been telling me off, she thinks I’m too demanding so today I want you to take control,” Annie said.

Standing in just my underpants I looked from one woman to the other with surprise while I tried to process what I had just heard.

“Yes John, you’re in charge today. You tell us what you want us to do,” Meg said.

“Err… well… erm,” I spluttered unable to think.

“Don’t be shy dear, we’ll do anything you want,” Annie said seeing my distress.

“Well perhaps erm… would you both, I mean if you don’t mind, would you both undress,” I said uncomfortably.

To my great surprise, and delight, both woman stood up and while Meg began undoing the buttons down the front of her blue floral dress Annie unfastened her robe and let it drop to the floor. A bulge began to form in my pants as I enjoyed the sight of Annie’s naked body.

“Perhaps you should take those,” Annie started to say before Meg cut her off.

“Annie… John’s in escort karabağlar charge, remember,” Meg chastised her friend as her dress fell to the floor.

“Yes of course… sorry,” Annie said as she gently cupped her own breasts in her hands.

It suddenly dawned on me that I could ask these two horny women to do anything I wanted. Being so used to following Annie’s instructions this new situation was rather foreign to me but my twitching penis was testament to my growing excitement as I thought about my next instruction.

“Okay Annie, kneel in front of me and pull my pants down,” I said uneasily, it didn’t feel right ordering her around but Annie didn’t hesitate for a second.

Feeling my pants being pulled down I watched Meg remove her bra and her heavy penduline breasts swung free. Looking down I could see Annie, waiting for my instruction, was holding herself back from touching my erect penis that was standing up inches from her face, Although she hadn’t touched it I watched her sniffing in it’s odour.

“Do you like my cock Annie? Would you like to taste it?” I asked, my confidence in my new role increasing.

“You have a lovely cock John, and yes I’d love to taste it,” Annie replied.

With her words my cock twitched and bounced off of her nose, “Please help yourself,” I said.

Meg’s breasts were hanging down and swayed from side to side as she bent over to pull her pink cotton knickers down her legs. When she’d pulled them clear of her feet she stood up, “What would you like me to do John?” she said with a sultry look.

I hadn’t formulated a plan at all but some inner instinct took over, “Stand behind me and press your breasts against me, Oh… and pass me your panties,” I said.

With a smile Meg happily followed my instructions. Her tits swayed around as she bent down to retrieve her pink panties from the floor. She passed them to me as she walked past and a moment later I felt the soft warm flesh of her breasts against my back.

Annie was in a world of her own as she kissed up and down my fully erect shaft and every now and again I would hear her sniff as she sampled the aroma. Meg dragged her breasts up and down my back and I felt her stiff nipples raking across my skin.

Looking down I could see a bubble of pre cum growing bigger in the eye of my glans as it pushed it’s way out and was almost ready to drip down, “Lick my knob Annie, lick up the pre cum,” I instructed.

“Oooh yes, lovely,” Annie said now noticing the droplet, “Mmmm it tastes so good.”

While Annie wriggled the tip of her tongue in to the wet hole of my knob Meg’s hands appeared from behind me and began roaming all over my chest as she pushed her big fleshy tits firmly against my back. I lifted her pink panties to my nose and took a long sniff.

The musty odour of Meg’s pussy that had soiled her knickers made me want more which drove me to my next command, “Okay ladies, let me lay on the floor and Meg, I want you to sit on my face and Annie, I want you to sit on my cock,” I could hardly believe what I was saying. I’d never taken this role before, “If you wouldn’t mind that is!” karabağlar escort bayan I quickly added.

“I certainly don’t mind, how about you Meg?” Annie asked her friend.

“I’m more than willing. I think I like John being in charge. Feel free to tell me exactly what you want me to do,” Meg answered.

“Yes and me John,” Annie added.

With a new found confidence I laid down on the floor and amended my instructions, “Rub your tits over my cock before you fuck me Annie and Meg, let me suck on your nipples before you sit on my face.”

Again there was no hesitation and as I felt Annie’s breasts on my penis Meg’s left nipple was offered to my lips. For a couple of minutes I enjoyed the feeling of Annie’s stiff nipples grazing up and down my shaft and occasionally being pushed into the pre cum oozing eye of the knob while I sucked on each of Meg’s large stiff nipples.

With Meg’s right breast blocking my view I felt Annie move position and grabbing my cock with her hand she pulled it up straight to guide it into her wet pussy as she lowered herself.

“OH… that’s so nice,” Annie said.

Suddenly Meg pulled herself up and I could see Annie’s naked body straddling me as my cock disappeared deep inside her cunt. My vision was soon blocked by Meg as she straddled my face, facing her friend, and I soon felt her big wet pussy lips press against my lips and cheeks.

With long slow strokes Annie fucked me while I licked at Meg’s gaping pussy. She smelt so good as I probed deeper into her dripping hole. Both women moaned softly, my own moans muffled by Meg’s large pussy lips that seemed to be sucking my face as I lapped up her juices from her cunt.

Annie was soon fucking me faster, her moans growing louder, as was Meg’s as she ground herself down on my face. It was obvious that all three of us were close but an idea suddenly sprang to mind to prolong our session. Meg soon realised that I wanted to speak and she lifted herself up.

“Swap places please ladies, let me taste Annie’s pussy,” I said trying to catch my breath.

My suggestion was met with enthusiasm and within seconds I was tasting Annie’s dripping wet pussy as my throbbing cock was engulfed by Meg’s equally wet cunt. Our moans and groans grew steadily louder as we all approached our own orgasms. It was Annie that got there first…

“Oh my darling boy… lick me… oh God that’s it… Lick Me I’m Coming… OOOOH YES!” she cried out and I felt a gush of juice pour over my face.

Annie’s climax was like a trigger for Meg who began fucking me faster and deeper which made me thrust my hips up to meet her thrusts down, “Oh Yes… OH YES… Pump your hot spunk inside me, OH FUCK YES,” Meg cried out as I shot my load deep inside her cunt…

By the time Annie lifted herself clear of my face I was gasping for air. While catching my breath I watched Meg dismount, her big breasts swinging and bobbling around as she stood up with spunk dripping from her cunt. As the two women returned to their chairs we were all startled when we heard a voice.

“Oh… Sorry I’m late,” it was Jasmin standing in the doorway karabağlar escort surveying the scene before her.

“Jasmin! Hello dear, look at you, you’re soaked. Why don’t you get out of those wet clothes,” Annie said.

“Now now Annie, remember who’s in charge today,” Meg scorned.

“Oh yes, sorry dear. You see Jasmin we have decided that John is in charge of preceedings today,” Annie explained.

“Oh, okay,” Jasmin said looking down and meeting my eyes as I still laid flat on the floor, “So, what would you like me to do John.”

From my vantage point I could see up under her short black skirt as she walked into the room. She was wearing her usual black stockings and to my surprise, no knickers. Despite just shooting my load my softening cock twitched with excitement.

“As Annie said I think you should get out of those wet clothes,” I said.

“Okay,” Jasmin said matter-of-factly and started undoing the buttons of her white blouse.

She kicked her black high heeled shoes off as she pulled her blouse open. With a constant sensual smirk on her face she stared down at me while she unclipped her black bra. My eyes flicked between her face, chest and her clean shaven pussy before focussing on her young firm tits when her bra fell to the floor.

“So what do you want me to do now,” Jasmin said after removing her skirt.

The sight of her lovely naked body was already having an effect on my spent cock.

“You could sit on my face if you like,” I said smiling up at her.

“Oh… alright then, if I must,” she said with a giggle.

“And perhaps ladies you could play with my cock,” I said looking up at Annie and Meg.

“Of course dear,” Annie replied.

As I watched Jasmin’s pussy coming down towards my face I felt two pairs of hands stroke my cock, balls and thighs. Jasmin slowly rocked backwards and forwards so my tongue licked all the way round from her arse to her clit that was becoming more stiff on every pass.

“”Mmmmm, lovely spunky cock… Have a taste Meg,” Annie said after licking my shaft.

Jasmin stilled herself so I could poke my tongue deeper into her cunt and she pushed herself down more firmly onto my face. I was soon rewarded with the sweet taste of Jasmin’s juices as she became more aroused. I was soon fully erect again thanks to the efforts of the two older women.

“Fuck me Jasmin,” I said suddenly remembering I was in charge.

She immediately climbed off of me and to my surprise lowered her lips to mine and kissed me, “Mmmmm I can taste my pussy on your lips,” she said and then kissed me again to have another taste.

There followed a flurry of activity as the three naked women took up new positions. Jasmin straddled my cock and leaning back her own face was straddled by Meg who lowered herself down. My view was then obscured by Annie’s pussy that was soon grinding down on my face.

My cock was soon buried deep inside Jasmin’s tight young pussy while my face was buried between Annie’s legs. Every now and again I caught a quick glimpse of Meg, with her big dangling tits swaying around, while Jasmin ate her cunt. The moans and groans grew louder and sounded like an out of tune choir as everyone lost control.

The moans and groans soon gave way to cries of ‘Oh God Yes’, ‘I’m coming’ and ‘Oh Fuck’ as all four of us came one after another and soon after everyone collapsed to the floor in a mess of cum and sweat.

Just another wet day at Annie’s… inside and out.

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