My Sweet Bella Ch. 03

Big Tits

Author’s note: Apologies it’s taken me so long to write this next chapter. I have to admit, choosing to write a lengthy multi-part story as my first foray into erotic literature, might not have been the best idea. Nonetheless, I want to say thank you to all of those who have read this story so far, and I hope you all enjoy this next instalment!

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Chapter 3: Wanderlust

The next day we decided to check out the local town. Like all the resorts around here, ours had a range of different trips and activities you could sign up for; water sports, hikes, scuba diving — general touristy things to do. Bella and I had decided to take the day tour of the local town.

After getting to the pick-up point, each group on the tour was given a Jeep to drive for the day. I’ve driven some clunkers in my time, but man, this thing really was a piece of crap. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months, it struggled to start, and the suspension rattled with every bump we went over.

“How’d we get stuck with the shittiest car in the fleet?” Bella said.

“I honestly have no idea. Although y’know, we didn’t sign anything, so at least we don’t have to worry if we drive it a little rough,” I said, revving the engine.

“Oh yeah, damn we really didn’t sign anything did we? They didn’t even ask to see our licences – that’s kinda messed up,” she laughed.

I accelerated the car hard as we turned into a field.

“Damn babe, you better be careful,” Bella said, as the back tires spun out on the loose dirt path, causing the rear of the car to slide around the corner.

I laughed, “Trust me darling, when it’s your turn, you are absolutely gonna do the same thing! It’s too much fun!”

“Hey, I didn’t say I was complaining – just don’t total the damn car before I get my turn!”

The tour’s first stop was a cocoa plantation. A dense thicket of tropical trees and plants, this place looked like something straight out of a postcard. The cocoa trees provided shade from the sun, and the cocoa pods hanging down formed a vivid landscape of dazzling greens and yellows. The resort was certainly a lot of fun, but out here we could truly see the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Bella asked me to take a few pictures of her, and I was more than happy to oblige. The scenery was certainly gorgeous, but nothing could compare to the beauty of my breath-taking, vivacious daughter. For our day out she’d donned a floral playsuit, a tight, short cut playsuit that put her fine legs on display, and hugged her ass almost as close as I had been earlier that morning. I relished the opportunity to photograph her, knowing that with the combination of this tropical backdrop, and my beautiful daughter, these were some of the best photos I’d ever taken.

She came over and asked me, “How do they look Daddy?”

“This photography thing is easy, all I have to do, is point the camera at one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, and click a button. Plus, there’s some nice trees or whatever in the background.”

“So I take it you like my outfit?” Bella said, blushing slightly.

“Oh definitely,” I said, wrapping my arms around my Bella as she continued clicking through the photos.

“The little red flowers really pop — and your body fills it out perfectly,” I said, my hand now gently stroking her hip.

She laughed, “Well, I am very glad you like it Daddy.”

And with that, she turned around and pecked me on the cheek before leading me back to the tour group. She was such a little tease, and I loved it.

The tour guides were showing everyone how you could taste the outer layer of the cocoa beans, by cracking open the cocoa pods. The actual beans had a soft white pulpy coating which tasted tangy and sweet. I was fiddling with one, trying to crack it open without making a mess, when of course, it slipped and splattered all over me.

“Oh my god, you’re such a dork!” Bella laughed as she helped brush it off my shirt.

I still had a bit of the pulp on my hand, I was about to wipe it off when Bella took my hand and brought it to her mouth. She slowly licked my finger before sucking on it, letting out a quiet sigh as she did.

She leaned in close to me and whispered “Y’know what, that does taste pretty good.”

“Oh really?” I said.

“Yeah, but I doubt it’s the best thing I’m gonna have in my mouth today,” she said, with a wink.

She’d gotten me so excited, I couldn’t help but steal a kiss, albeit a brief one – I knew if we lingered on the kiss we’d have to fuck right then and there – which might not be the best course of action with this tour group still around.

We hopped back into the car and it was Bella’s time to drive. It didn’t take her long before she was driving the car just as hard as I did.

“Yeah ok, this is pretty fun to drive actually!” She said, over the sound of the revving engine.

“Told ya, it ain’t that bad is it?”

“Nah, I guess not — plus check pendik escort out that back seat…if we weren’t on a tour we could have some fun back there,” she said, flashing a sly grin at me.

“Y’know Bella, I love the way your mind works. Actually I love the way your everything works!” I said, enthralled at my daughter’s dirty thoughts.


After the tour, we checked out the local shopping mall. Bella said she wanted to check out a couple of the shops on her own, so I wandered off to a music store. They had a pretty good selection of instruments, and after about an hour or so of trying some of them out I met back up with Bella.

She greeted me with a kiss and an array of bags, “Damn, you’ve been busy!” I said.

“What can I say, they had very low prices, and I have exquisite taste!” Bella said, with a wink.

“I’ll say, what did you get?”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy, you’ll see,” she said with a glint in her eye. Suddenly I was intensely curious, but I was willing to wait for whatever surprise she had in those bags.

And damn if I didn’t see. Later that evening as we headed out to dinner she emerged from the bathroom and my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing a little black dress, with red velvet strips either side. The dress outlined her glorious hourglass figure and I was absolutely mesmerised by her graceful curves. She’d completed her look with a pair of black high heels that made her legs, her thighs, and her ass absolutely pop. She looked glamorous, elegant, and sexy. Standing before me was the perfect woman, and she was all mine.

“Bella, my darling — I’m lost for words. You are absolutely breath-taking. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through dinner!”

“Well, you’ll just have to try,” she said, shuffling up to me and running her hands along my chest. “Although, Daddy, I haven’t put my lipstick on yet…”

She needn’t say any more, my lips were locked on hers in a second. Her lips were so soft and full, kissing her was an experience in itself. I ran my hands along her body and squeezed her thighs. I moved my hands under her dress and hiked it up so I could get a good squeeze of her ass cheeks.

Bella softly moaned before breaking the kiss, “Easy now Daddy, we have all evening,” she said with a dangerous smile.


After dinner, we headed to the hotel bar/club. It was pretty nicely laid out — there was a section with comfy sofas and chairs, far enough from the dance floor that you could actually talk. We ordered our drinks and then found a little booth for ourselves.

“What are you drinking?” Bella asked, gesturing to my glass.

“It’s an Old Fashioned — have you tried one before? It’s basically whisky, bitters, a little sugar, and orange zest.”

I handed my drink to Bella to try, “Ok, that’s not bad — it kinda takes the edge off the whiskey. What are bitters though?” she said, taking another sip.

“Umm… I think they’re some kind of botanical — it’s sort of herby and aniseedy?” I said, trying to recall a long forgotten YouTube video.

Bella laughed, “You literally have no idea do you, babe?”

“No idea? What kind of a man do you think I am? I’ll have you know I am a man of the most refined tastes and culture!” I said, in the most pompous voice I could muster.

Bella laughed and then leaned in to my ear, “Really? Because I think you’re the kind of man who’s going to get his dick sucked later.”

Her tongue flicked briefly against my ear as she spoke, and my mind went momentarily blank as I started to imagine my sweet daughter’s mouth on my cock.

We finished our drinks and headed to the dance floor. They were playing the usual top 40 club music, which was fine by me — I was so happy all I wanted to do was enjoy a dance with my daughter.

I had seen Bella dance before, and she was indeed very talented, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her dance like this. Her body swayed and grooved to the beat, the rocking of her curves forming a hypnotic motion. I found myself entranced as I watched her move her gorgeous body. At one point, she caught the dumb look on my face and laughed — she was enjoying my exasperation, she was dancing for me.

As we danced we got closer and closer, and I loved the intimacy. I was never really one for clubs, but the company of a wonderful woman really changes the experience. Bella had nestled her way up to me, and was grinding her ass against my crotch, whilst I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. I had never been this affectionate in public with any woman — let alone my own daughter — but we couldn’t control ourselves, and we didn’t want to. I didn’t care if anyone saw, or what anyone thought — I was here to have fun with my daughter, and that I did.

Eventually, my hands passed below her dress to the smooth skin of her thighs and Bella spoke into my ear.

“Daddy, let’s go back to the room. I need you — now.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice.

We burst into the room, chaotically, pendik escort our hands all over each other’s bodies. Bella pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. We kissed and my hands once again meandered up her thighs to her ass.

She looked so damn good in that dress, I was already regretting not taking a few pictures of her in it. As I continued kissing her I snuck my hand round to her back and slowly started pulling the zip.

“Wait Daddy!” she said, hopping off and running to the bathroom.

I laid back, my stiffening cock eagerly awaiting her return.

When she emerged from the bathroom, my jaw dropped for the second time that evening. This wonderful woman had already surprised me so many times, and yet here I was, dumbfounded once more. There she stood, in a tiny pair of black, lacy lingerie. Every one of her gorgeous curves, and almost every inch of her gorgeous skin on full display. I was in heaven.

“Bella, darling — you are too good to me. You look astonishing in that!” I was so turned on I could barely get the words out of my mouth.

“I’m glad you like it Daddy, I bought it just for you. I was getting so turned on when I was in the store looking at it. All I could think was how my Daddy was gonna fuck me in it later. I couldn’t stop imagining the look on your face when you saw your little girl, dressed down and ready to be fucked. Ready to be fucked by her Daddy.”

I was unbelievably turned on at this point, I felt like I was gonna pass out from blood loss, “Fucking hell Bella, get your ass over here. I have to have you, now.”

“Yes Daddy,” she said, as she sauntered on over to me.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me again as she slowly started undoing the buttons on my shirt. She planted kisses along my stomach and chest with each button as she made her way up to my neck, which she then eagerly licked and kissed. I wrapped my hands around her and ran them all over her beautiful body. She pulled my trousers off and we once again entwined our bodies into one another as we kissed. Our tongues flicked and danced against each other as our moans echoed into each other’s mouths.

She tucked a finger into my waistband, and slowly pulled down — until my now rock hard cock popped out, greeted by a hungry smile on Bella’s face.

“Oh Daddy, I’ve been thinking about this for so long,” she said, as she reached out and gently touched her fingertips to my now eagerly twitching cock.

“Me too darling. I think you can see — or rather feel just how excited I am.”

She bit her lip as she wrapped her fingers around my hardness, gently squeezing.

She moved in closer, and I felt myself tremble with anticipation. She licked her lips and gently kissed the base of my shaft, closing her eyes and letting out a quiet satisfied sigh as she did so. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the length of my shaft. When she reached the tip chills ran through my entire body, as if in anticipation of the pleasure about to come. She giggled as she continued to lick up and down my cock, running her wonderful tongue all over and around it, coating it in a layer of her saliva. Finally, she placed a soft, gentle kiss right on the tip of my cock. Slowly she expanded her kiss until she had taken my head into her mouth, and was her running tongue around it.

“Oh god yes! Bella that feels so fucking good!” I said, in exasperation.

“Your dick is so nice Daddy. It’s so thick, and it’s so hard.” She spoke with wide eyes, like she was fascinated by it. “Do you like it when I lick it up and down?”

“Oh yes Bella, your tongue feels amazing on my dick.”

“Your dick feels amazing in my mouth Daddy.”

She slowly took in more and more of my cock into her mouth, sliding up and down, squeezing it with her hand as she did so. I was in absolute heaven as I felt the beautiful, gentle pleasure of my cock in my daughter’s mouth.

I placed my hands on her head and gently played with her hair and rubbed her ears as she continued to enjoy my dick. She moaned with satisfaction as she looked up at me, with those big beautiful eyes of hers. I let mine roll back in my head and lost myself in the moment. She reached a hand up and stroked my chest and my stomach as she continued to treat me to this rolling chaos of ecstasy. Each moan I released was met with one of her own as she relished the pleasure she was giving me. I felt so comfortable, so safe, so genuinely loved.

“Daddy, I really have wanted this for so long,” she said, slowly rubbing my cock as she spoke.

“How long baby? How long have you wanted to suck on Daddy’s dick?” I said, trying to slow Bella down lest I lose myself too soon.

She ran her tongue around my head and sucked again on the tip.

“Do you remember the trip we took for the engineering competition?” She said, returning her mouth to my cock after she spoke.

“I remember, we stayed at the convention hotel, so you could get your entry set up the night before. I was pendik escort so proud of you when you won.”

“Well, I remember something else,” Bella said, continuing to rub my cock, licking it and sucking it whenever she had the opportunity between sentences.

“The morning of the presentations, when you went to take to take a shower, you didn’t quite close the door all the way. I had to take a little peek.”

She gave my cock another lick, and ran her tongue over the head.

“And there you were, completely naked, water streaming all over your beautiful body, and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Couldn’t help yourself?”

“My pussy Daddy. I was so wet, watching you shower. I slipped my hand into my panties and started rubbing my pussy as I watched you shower. I knew you might turn around any second and see me, peeking through the little gap, but I didn’t care.”

“I can’t believe you did that Bella… I can’t believe I didn’t notice,” I said – I certainly didn’t remember seeing her anyway.

“You were hard Daddy. Your cock was standing at full attention in that shower. Maybe it was morning wood? Or maybe you saw a picture of some hot celebrity when you were on your phone first thing?”

“Maybe darling, I really can’t remember,” I said, somehow getting even harder at the thought of my Bella lusting after me.

“In my head, you woke up that morning, and saw me – in my t-shirt, and my tight little shorts. You saw my ass, and my legs, and my nipples poking through my shirt. You saw just how sexy your little girl had grown up to be and you couldn’t control yourself. You had to jump in the shower to hide the fact that your dick had turned to steel from the sight of your daughter.”

“I’ve always known just how beautiful you are darling,” I said.

“I desperately wished that hard on was for me.” She said, with an almost wistful look in her eye.

I looked in my daughter’s eyes, and then at my cock upon her lips, “Well, this one definitely is.”

She eagerly returned her mouth to my cock and sucked, almost aggressively, like she had indeed been craving it for years. She moaned louder as she my cock slipped in and out of her mouth and I felt almost detached from reality as I experienced this otherworldly bliss. An electric tingling resonated throughout my body as I approached the edge of orgasm.

“Bella, please… slow down a second — your mouth feels so good, I swear I’m gonna come right now!” I said, dazedly. I wasn’t exaggerating either — the feeling of her mouth was so good I was seconds away from erupting.

She laughed again, clearly proud of herself, “Oh Daddy, please! Come in my mouth, I’ve wanted it for so long.”

“I’ll do whatever you want darling – your mouth feels so good I’d love to come inside it, but please, I need your beautiful pussy first. At least for a little bit.”

“Well, I’m not gonna say no to that!” she said, excitedly.

I pulled Bella back up to me and kissed her once again. She lay her body on top of my mine, our bodies once again coming together like pieces of a puzzle, and I instinctively ran my hand up the back of her legs and played with the soft lace of her tiny black panties.

“I must say Bella, I really do like these.” I said, grazing my fingers over the delicate lace, enjoying the contrast between her smooth skin and the delicate fabric.

“I knew you would Daddy. Maybe next time you can come with me and help me pick something out.”

I sat up on the bed against the headboard, pulling Bella up so she lay on me with her back on my chest. She turned her head and kissed me deeply as I wrapped my left arm around her chest to rub her breasts through her bralette.

“Bella, your body is truly magnificent,” I said, as I ran a finger from the tip of her cute little button nose all the way down her breasts, over her stomach to her legs.

“Your legs? Your thighs? They’re literally flawless. Skirts, dresses, shorts — whenever you have those beautiful pins on show I just want to reach out and stroke them,” I said, running my hand along her glassy smooth legs.

“And your tits? I could lick and suck on your beautiful nipples for hours,” I said, as I pulled down her bralette to gently rub her nipples.

“Really Daddy? I always thought my boobs were too small,” she said, with a note of insecurity in her voice that I rarely heard from her.

“Bella, my sweet girl, just because your breasts might be smaller than some other girls, that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but I can tell you this, your tits are perfect. Your body is perfect.” I spoke with the most assuring tone I had, because I was speaking the God’s honest truth. Bella was perfect.

I slid my right hand down from her breasts, towards the nirvana between her legs. I placed my hand just below her navel and let my fingers slowly graze over the fabric of her panties.

I leaned in close to her ear, and lowered my voice to a whisper.

“And your pussy? I honestly don’t know which I like more — licking it, or fucking it,” I said, as I slowly started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Daddy, that feels so nice,” she said, biting her lip and smiling back at me. “I want your hands all over my body Daddy.”

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