My True Story: Part Two


In my first “true story” I wrote about how my wife, then girlfriend started off exposing her body to her housemate, and ended up spending every second completely naked while she was in the house that they shared. How she would have to strip naked outside in the yard before she entered their house, and dress outside because she was not allowed to wear any clothes in the house. Although they never fucked, she would suck his dick and swallow his cum when he requested, and he could touch her body, because… he made the rules! This even continued after we were married on the occasions that she would visit her mom, and then continue on to his house as he only lived thirty minutes from her mom. She even continued it when I visited with her, she would strip naked as we pulled into his driveway and stay naked every second she was inside his house. It was strange to see her get dressed in the yard when we went out, and strip naked outside before she went in. He had a small table and chair positioned just outside the front door, that she would place her clothes, ready to dress. I remember the first time we both visited him together, She had already told me that she would continue her ‘being naked in the house pact’ that she had made with him, I had no objections to her being naked in front of him. I found it so erotic! We pulled into his driveway and she started stripping, she was completely naked by the time we had parked the car, he met us at his door, and squeezed her naked ass as he kissed her passionately. He told her how he had missed her, I stood there with a huge erection as I watched him fondle her tits and squeeze her erect nipples. I think they both completely forgot I was there when I saw his hand stroke down her body and through her pussy hairs and caress her naked pussy. I heard him say to her, “Is your pussy ever dry? It’s nice and wet again now, boy I’ve missed you and this body.” To which she replied, “I have missed you and those hands! And it’s you who makes my pussy always wet!”I kolej escort bayan had a permanent erection, seeing her walk around naked in front of him. And I didn’t mind her sucking his dick and taking his cum in her mouth each night we were there before she came to bed with me. She would kiss me after taking his cum in her mouth to make sure I could taste his cum before she brushed her teeth. The strange thing was that she would never fuck me in his house, I never pushed it, I just assumed that it felt strange to her. I recall the first time we stayed at his house, we had arranged to drive into town for a meal and Carole had just taken a shower and fixed her hair. She chose a summery flower printed dress and tiny white thong to wear. She didn’t choose a bra as the summer dress she was to wear had thin straps and she didn’t like the bra straps to show. She asked me to take her clothes and place them on the little table outside in the yard, which I did. Then when it was time to leave for the restaurant we assembled in the living room, Carole was still completely naked except for her summer sandals on her feet. I walked to open the front door and Carole was behind me, and Scott was behind her, I opened the door and looked behind me and could see Scott’s hands cupping her naked tits with her nipples trapped between his thumb and finger. She looked at me and smiled, my dick was so hard at seeing that. We got outside and Carole picked up her dress and slid it over her head, then she put on her thong. She looked amazing! We started walking to Scott’s car and he suddenly stopped and said to Carole, “So in what order do we dress?’ “Oh shit,” she replied.“You know the rules sweetie,” he told her. With that she walked back to the front door and took her dress and thong off again. She walked back to Scott, kissed him and walked back to where her clothes were. I looked in confusion, and then Scott informed me, “She knows the order in which she must dress and undress and if she breaks Escort sihhiye that order she is punished.” Carole then put her thong on and then pulled her dress over her head.“That’s the correct order sweetie,” Scott informed her, “but you know that you have to be punished for doing it incorrectly the first time, don’t you?” “Yes I know,” she replied. We went for our meal and were just approaching Scott’s mailbox on our way home. I remember it was 7.20pm and still broad daylight when Scott stopped his car about twenty feet before his mailbox. He turned to Carole and said, “okay sweetie you know what you must do don’t you?” “Yes I do,” she replied, and got out of the car and removed her dress and thong. She was standing in the road completely naked. She then walked to the mailbox and took out the mail, walked back to the car and handed the mail to Scott. She collected her dress and thong from the car and still naked walked back to the mailbox and placed her clothes inside it, then stood by the mailbox naked for five minutes. I was actually praying for a car to drive past and see her standing there naked, alas that didn’t happen. After the time was up she took her clothes out of the mailbox and walked back to the car and got dressed again, this time in the correct order. We drove the short distance to the house, where she once again stripped naked and went inside, she looked at me and whispered the words, “I’m sorry,” to which I just smiled. She stayed naked the rest of our visit. When we came back to Texas after our last visit, I suggested to Carole that maybe we should try continuing her nakedness in our own house. I would love to come home from work each day and find her naked. After the huge buzz of her being naked in front of another guy, our sex life had somewhat dwindled to just a quick suck and fuck. She has never allowed me to cum in her mouth. Even when I begged her to do that for me, she would make an excuse and tell me, “Next time.”  Anyway, when I suggested she sincan escort spend her home time naked in our house she told me that the huge thrill that she got while being naked in Illinois was actually because it was Scott, her former house mate who was seeing her naked body, and stripping naked every day in our house for me didn’t do much for her. I poured us a large glass of wine and we started talking about ways in which we could sparkle up our sex life, one glass of wine turned into two then three and four. We had almost finished two bottles of wine when she blurted out that she didn’t find our sex life very fulfilling! “I love you baby, But I don’t actually enjoy making love with you,” she told me. I thought it was the wine that was making her talk like this, but she made it clear that she had felt this way ever since we had first fucked each other. She then held my hand and asked me to listen carefully to what she was about to tell me. She asked me not to interrupt her, but to let her finish talking before I said anything. My heart was beating like crazy as she started to explain to me, and as far as I can remember the conversation went like this: “Baby, I love you with all my heart and soul, I love being married to you. I truly do love being your wife, and want to spend the rest of my life with you as husband and wife, but I spend all of my private times and thoughts thinking of how amazing it would be to actually make love to Scott!”I went numb, my heart was about to explode out of my chest as she continued.“Please understand that it is nothing against you, you are a wonderful husband in every way, and I count my blessings every day that I have someone like you in my life, but I just don’t enjoy sex with you. I don’t get the pleasure I should when you touch me, and when I touch you it is out of duty.” She continued, “When we fuck it is also out of duty, have you ever wondered why I never let you come in my mouth? It’s because when I suck your dick all I can think about is Scott’s dick and how delicious it tastes, when you fuck me I fantasize that it is Scott who is pumping his dick into me.”She paused for a second and squeezed my hand tightly, looked into my eyes and said, “Baby I want Scott to fuck me.

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