My Very Sexy, Very Young Man


The door flew open a mere second after I knocked. He grabbed my hand, pulled me into the room and began to put his arms around me. I stopped him by putting my hand on his chest. He froze then opened his mouth to speak. I put my index finger on his lips to quiet him. I softly traced his lips with my finger then leaned into him. Barely touching…I placed my lips on his. A sound not quite a groan came from his throat and he crushed me to him. I once again stopped him by pulling out and away from his embrace.

“You brought me here to teach you. The first thing you have to learn is patience!” I smiled into his eyes as I said this and he grinned sheepishly back.

“It’s just that I’m so glad you’re finally here and we get to see each other and talk to each other in person instead of online and I’ve done nothing but think about you every minute and…” He stopped and gave me his adorable grin again. He was so young and eager; I was eager to get started as well but being considerably older and wiser, first things first.

“I know, darlin’, but we have a week, not enough time by any means to teach you all that I know, but enough for a good start. Now, I would like a glass of wine, a bath and dinner. I’m going to unpacked my things. I want the wine while I’m bathing and dinner when I’m finished. I’ll leave you to order both.” I turned away to pick up my luggage but not before seeing the disappointment on his face. I smiled to myself knowing just how much I was going to enjoy teaching this gorgeous, very fine young man a thing or two about loving a woman.

I looked around the hotel suite and was content. He had followed my directions perfectly. Nothing too outrageously lavish but comfortable and relaxing with a stunning view. I walked into the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised to find he had added his own touch. The drapes were wide open, there were lit, scented candles everywhere and the bed was covered with strewn rose petals. I chuckled to myself imagining his thoughts while creating such a romantic and sensuous atmosphere. Oh, yes, I was going to enjoy myself tremendously.

He entered the room carrying a glass of white wine. “Will you try this before I ok the bottle, please?” He asked, handing me the glass. I did so, nodding my approval. He smiled his thanks and returned to finish his chore. I stepped into the bathroom and was delighted to find the same preparation there as in the bedroom. The scent from the candles was heavenly and surprisingly, matched the scent of my bath oil. Another great sign of an incredible evening ahead.

I heard him enter the room then stop, realizing I must be in the bathroom. He hesitated at the doorway, holding my wine. I reached for the glass and without saying a word, shooed him out with my hand and turned away. I caught the stunned look on his face and almost turned around to reassure him but I didn’t. The reassurance would come later.

I took a long, leisurely bath. I was a bit nervous myself. I had never done this before but had dreamed of doing so for many, many years. I was 47 and he was 23 – young enough to be my son. I had brought several different types and colors of lingerie. sarıyer escort For tonight, I chose the white, unadorned, satin, long gown with matching robe. The robe was very concealing, however the gown was not. I creamed my body, applied a bit of make-up, fluffed my hair and put on my nighttime attire. I drained my glass of wine. Thinking about the look of disappointment on his face I was certain to see at my virginal look, I smiled again to myself and left the bedroom.

I was greeted with the glorious aroma of Italian food. Once again I was pleased. I loved Italian food and we had chatted about it. I was a bit worried about being dressed all in white but decided to just let it go – if I spilled, so be it. He turned as I entered and if he was disappointed by what I was wearing, he hid it well. His whole face lit up and it made me feel like a million. He was just so damn gorgeous with a body to match and he looked so proud of himself that I went against my intended rule of no touching until much later and lightly caressed his lip with my finger.

“Thank you. ” I whispered then softly kissed his mouth. I was rewarded by his shiver from head to toe. He didn’t touch me though, and taking a deep breath, stepped back and pulled the chair out for me to sit. Good for him, I thought, and good for me – he learns quickly.

We sat and had dinner. We drank red wine and his delicious sense of humor made dining a light and joyous experience. We relocated to the living room. He poured us both some brandy, refreshed the candles, put on some jazz and, carrying both glasses of brandy, joined me on the couch. He handed me my glass. I took it, clicked his glass and looking deeply into his eyes, took a small sip as did he. It added to my heat and I knew it was time. Without turning from his eyes, I took his glass from him and place both glasses on the table. I gently cupped both sides of his face in my hands and kissed his forehead, his eyebrows, the tip of his nose then his mouth. I traced his lips with my tongue then opened his mouth and touched his tongue with mine. I sensed his eyes closing and heard his sigh as he welcomed and returned my kiss. He moved to put his arms around me but once again, I stopped him. I shook my head, stood up, took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom.

“Take a shower. I’ll be here waiting when you’re finished.” This time, a flicker of disappointment crossed his face but he hid it quickly and turned to do my bidding. He started the water and began to undress leaving the door open. I closed the door and turned to the bed. I folded the covers down, took off my robe and sat on the bed. I ran my hand over the cool sheets and slid into bed. I left the covers at the foot of the bed. The bathroom door opened a bit later and he stepped out wearing a towel wrapped around his middle. I looked at him and he looked at me in my revealing gown. The sexual tension was intense. We both swallowed hard at the same time then both burst out laughing. It eased the tension a bit. He hadn’t moved from the doorway but that’s not where I wanted him to be.

“Come here.” I demanded softly sefaköy escort but firmly. He quickly did as I said and stood by the side of the bed. Without removing the towel, I pulled him down beside me. His whole body was tense but I knew it wouldn’t be for long. I reached for and released the towel but left it in place. “Turn over and move to the middle of the bed.” I ordered. As he did so, I reached into my little bag of goodies that I had hidden under the side of the bed and pulled out a bottle of unscented, warming massage oil. I poured a good amount and covered both of my hands with the oil. I kneeled beside him and started massaging his neck. He let a small groan escape and I thought to myself…”darlin’, just you wait!”

As I worked my way down his shoulders and back, I softly blew on his skin. He began to squirm a bit. I went lower until I reached the edge of the towel. I dipped my hand under the towel and lightly caressed the small of his back just above his perfect ass. He buried his face deeper into the pillow hoping to stifle his much louder groans of pleasure but of course I could hear him. I scooted down to his feet and began moving up his body. I massaged his thighs until, slipping further and further under the towel, I cupped his balls in my hand but didn’t move. With my other hand, I removed the towel and threw it on the floor. I lightly rubbed his ass cheeks then slid one finger down the crack until I reached my other hand. I slid my hand underneath him and wrapped it around his cock. His huge, hard, trembling cock. He ground his hips hard into the bed causing me to tighten my grip. It was time to slow things down again. I removed my hand from his balls and placed it on his back.

“Turn over.” The words were barely spoken and he was lying flat on his back with his hand tightening my hand around his cock. I shook my head at him and with great reluctance, he removed his hand from mine and I removed mine from him. I was very excited, my breathing was starting to give me away and I didn’t want that. I reached for the bottle of oil and resumed massaging the front of his body. He was magnificent. Firm without being hard and just a light dusting of hair. He was beautiful to behold and sensuous to touch. His eyes were closed and his arms were flung out to his sides…he had given me complete access to his body. I decided to take it one tiny step further. Once again I reached into my little bag and pulled out 5 silk scarves.

“Do not open your eyes. Do not move. If you do, we’ll stop right now!” He stiffened up a bit and I saw a look of concern on his face as I said this but he quickly nodded his head. “I promise you…I won’t hurt you in any way. I’m not into that at all.” I felt him relax again. I proceeded to wrap one of the scarves around his eyes. “Is that comfortable?” I asked him. He nodded. “Can you see anything?” I asked. He shook his head. Using the remaining scarves, I lightly tied his hands and ankles to the bed. I left enough slack but still had to ask, “Comfortable?” He nodded again. He was ready for me and I was more than ready to explore and please my young man.

I şerifali escort straddled his belly and nibbled his neck then his ears. I kissed him hard. I ravaged his lips and mouth and he responded in kind. We were both moaning into each other’s mouth. I sat up and took my gown off. I place my nipple on his lips. He began to suck hard – too hard- so I stopped him. “Lick me!” I said. He did then began nibbling my nipple with his lips then he gently bit my nipple and began to run his tongue around it

“Yes, good, very good, that’s the way”, I encouraged him. I rose up higher and his tongue moved down my belly until he reached my pubic hair. He tried to go lower but I quickly moved away from him and turned around, straddling him low on his belly but facing his feet. I reached down and cupped his balls then placed one hand on his cock. I leaned down and, without touching his cock with my mouth, I softly blew. He tried to thrust his cock higher but the scarves were not that lax. I touched him with my tongue…round and round then up and down his shaft. I placed the very tip of his cock in my mouth and tightened my lips around it. My tongue went wild. I took his whole cock in my mouth, down to his balls and up again, sucking as I went. He couldn’t control his groans but neither one of us cared. I could tell he was about to come so I stopped. The groan this time was of disbelief.

“Don’t worry, baby, you’ll be fine.” I said. I got up from his belly, turned around and straddled his face. He could smell my pussy. My pussy was wet and ready for his tongue and mouth.

“Oh, yes,” he whispered. He ground his face into my pussy and shoved his tongue inside me.

“No, no, no!” I scolded. He stopped. “I want you to lightly nuzzle my clit with your nose then lick it then nibble it then suck it…but softly and gently,” I instructed. Luckily, he was one of the ones who knew what and where a clit was…some haven’t a clue. He did exactly as I told him and then went after my pussy. My, my, my…he was an excellent student. He worshipped my pussy as if he had learned from a professional and I was anything but. It was my turn to moan and I was on the verge of coming so once again, I stopped by stepping away from his head. I moved down closer to his cock. I took it my hand and rubbed my pussy with it. His moan was loud and long. I lowered myself onto his cock until it was deep inside me. He gasped and began to move his hips.

“Don’t move!” I ordered. With great difficulty he stopped moving. I stayed still but clenched his cock with my pussy. I clenched, held and released. Over and over. I can usually do this for a while but I was rubbing my clit and I was about to explode. I started moving up and down, slowly at first then faster and faster. I don’t know when he began to move but I welcomed it. I rode him hard. I screamed as I came and he followed me a second later. I felt his semen explode deep inside me. I collapsed on his chest, both of us breathing harshly.

“Get these damn ties off of me,” he ordered. This time, I obeyed him. I reached over and untied them. He crushed me to him and held me tight. When our breathing slowed, he lifted my head from his chest and kissed me. The kiss was so sweet and full of love that I felt my eyes fill with tears. I was going to have to be very careful because this young, oh so young man of mine, was very, very special. We had agreed to spending a week together and nothing more. Yes, I was going to have to be very careful.

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