My Wife Marcia? Part Three


The silence was deafening and the world stood still. I managed to get rid of my dishevelled appearance and glided over to the master bedroom. Marcia’s jaw hung low as I came into sight. Her brain had short-circuited, rendering her speechless. Lucas stood beside her nervously tugging on his beard. I was in the middle of a powerful rush of adrenaline as Maxine continued to call out. “You can leave without me , Maxine,” I shouted downstairs. “Are you sure?” she replied. “I have this under control, I will call you later,” I insisted. “Hope everything works out. Remember, you don’t deserve this,” she advised. “Who the fuck is that?” Marcia demanded to know. She flung herself off the bed and rushed by me as I ran down the stairs behind her. Marcia squared off in front of Maxine like a mad woman. Maxine responded, her nostrils flaring as the two women came face to face. Expletives flew like missiles! “Do I know you, slut?” Marcia screamed at Maxine “Oh Richard, you sure know how to pick your ladies,” she bellowed in my direction. “You have some nerve, you fucking slut,” Maxine clapped back. Like a volcano Marcia erupted, jumping on top of Maxine as the two women crashed to the floor. Uppercuts were exchanged. Tugging, scratching and clawing, they went at it. I Managed to yank Marcia off of Maxine. She slipped through my hands like an eel. They rolled around like pigs in mud. Maxine found the upper hand this time, her hands closed into fists as she pounced like a cheetah. Lucas had now joined in and we attempted to separate the women. He grabbed Marcia and I managed to get hold of Maxine. A flurry of kicks were exchanged as we tugged the women in different directions. “Get the fuck out!” Marcia demanded, snarling at Maxine. I looked Maxine in the eye, attempting to reason with her. She huffed and puffed, trying to control the anger that had taken hold of her. Maxine reluctantly nodded, and back peddled towards to door, flipping Marcia the bird. The door slammed shut a few seconds later. Before I could even turn around, Lucas began to bloviate. His words were like water on a duck’s back. I watched as his wide lips moved up and down. Sweat trickled down his brow as he continued on. “Get the fuck out!” I interjected. His legs went into motion and he quickly found the front door. The sound of the door opening alsancak escort and shutting soon followed. My focus was once again on my deceitful wife. She sat on the living room floor chuckling. Her actions further astonished me. “I know how his must look to you, Richard,” she began to speak. “ My mind is filled with a lot of things I wish I can explain, but somehow I don’t feel you’re interested,” she said. “You don’t appear so innocent yourself,” she babbled. “Go ahead! Let me hear this bullshit,” I barked. She got up and walked out of the living room, stating that she needed a hot cup of tea. The veins on my forehead pulsated as I followed her into the kitchen. I pulled a chair out from the dining table and took a seat. Marcia babbled that our marriage was falling apart for months and that I did nothing to stop it. She asserted that it was all my fault due to my constant travelling. “The best thing may be for me to write this in a letter. When I’m done, I will place it on the counter and step out of the house for you to read it in silence,” she advised. I nodded in agreement, made my way up the stairs and went into the guest bedroom. Television was my friend as I waited. It was two hours later when her loud voice called out from downstairs. The sound of the front door opening and closing followed. My feet were in motion and I ran down down the stairs in search of the letter. There it was, placed on the kitchen counter. I walked over and picked it up. ****Marcia’s letter**** My darling, Richard. I was lonely and vulnerable. All those nights of you being away from home placed a strain on our marriage. I did not know how to express my unhappiness to a clueless man. Before I continue, you should know that I will always love you. However, a lot of things were said and done by both of us. My desire is for us to somehow work things out. We have a beautiful daughter and it would rip her apart to see us fighting. I had my transgressions and you surely appear to be having your own fun. What I am about to tell you is in no way an excuse but I strongly feel that it’s something you should know. It all started about a week into your last work assignment, Richard. We had just wrapped up one of our nightly phone sex sessions and my pussy was aching for your cock. My panties alsancak escort bayan were completely drenched and I had to change them. I remember slipping into my pyjamas and it was raining quite heavily at the time. The night went on and I found myself on the couch, watching jeopardy. I had just made myself a cup of tea when the doorbell rang. I was scared because it was after 10:00 pm. Ellie was at my mom’s house and I was all alone, with you being God knows where at the time. I peeped through the window and saw a truck in the driveway. I recognised it. It was Lucas’. My mind raced, wondering what he was doing here at such an hour.Well, I opened the door and asked what he wanted. He seemed sad, so I asked him to come in. He was having his usual problems with the ladies. A bimbo had left him for another guy. He asked if I could leave the house and chat with him at the bar at the end of the block. Being inquisitive, I wanted to know why the bar was suggested. He said that he doubted that we had anything strong enough to drink and I nodded in agreement. I was a bit reluctant at first, but Lucas was your best friend and he needed someone to talk to. I went upstairs and changed into something comfortable. I slipped into a little black dress. The dress that I am speaking of, was quite tiny and figure hugging. A bad choice, now that I recall. It was the one that you asked me to wear when we went shopping in Manhattan last Christmas. My watch read 10:30 pm when we got to the bar. There were about ten other lost souls, drowning their sorrows in hard liquor. I convinced Lucas to not have any strong drinks, but our choice of drink still managed to fuck us. We each had 3 or 4 glasses of Jack Daniel’s and coke. Lucas had two other drinks but I’m not sure what. He blabbed about his problems and I told him how I felt about you being away from home so often. We were having fun and didn’t even realise it. I was loving the attention Lucas was giving me, but thoughts of cheating were never on my mind. So, I guess you’re wondering how it got to the point where your best friend of thirty years ended up fucking me. It was around 11:30 when an interesting man interrupted our conversation. He appeared to be in his early or mid fifties and about six feet-five inches in height. escort alsancak His voice was quite raspy. I remember Lucas asking him what he wanted. He said that he noticed that Lucas was in the construction business, judging from his dirty boots, which he came straight from work in. The guy asked if Lucas was looking to buy a transformer and a couple of brick bolsters. Lucas told him that he must have been heaven sent, as he was looking for a new transformer. He asked the man with the raspy voice what his name was. “Archer, your God from heaven” he quipped. They continued speaking for another minute before Archer said he was from Suffolk County, Long Island. He said that the tools were there, in his shed. I listened as Lucas told Archer that he was very much interested and that he actually needed the tools quite urgently. He told Archer that he had the cash in the truck. Archer suggested that we trail him to his house, to get the tools. I was very reluctant about doing so but Lucas assured me that he would protect me and said that the guy seemed harmless. We went off on a long trip to Suffolk County and arrived about one hour- ten minutes later. Archer’s house was huge! In fact, it appeared to be the largest in the area. He invited us in and we accepted. However, a strange feeling came over me as we entered his house. I think Lucas shared that feeling. Things got interesting when a woman dressed in black lingerie paraded in front of us with a masquerade mask on. I averaged that she must have been in her mid-twenties even though she concealed her identity. She asked if we wanted anything to drink. We both told her water would be fine. We were told to have a seat in the living room while Archer went to get the tools. The woman returned a couple minutes later with sparkling water, stating that’s all they had left. We did not object and took the water. The woman with the masquerade mask was then joined by two others and they danced suggestively in front of Lucas. They were speaking another language, sounded like Russian. I was a little tipsy at this stage, thanks to the amount of alcohol that I had consumed earlier. As for Lucas, he was a bit out of it. The first woman that we saw in the masquerade mask pressed herself against Lucas. She got on his lap and started to grind her hips on his crotch. Amazed, I just sat there and watched for the first couple of minutes. The woman then unbuckled Lucas’ pants as he half-heartedly resisted. I attempted to intervene, knowing he was a bit drunk. This attempt was suddenly stopped when I felt a man’s hand grab me from behind. He told me not to fight the feeling.

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