My Wifes Cousin


My Wifes CousinAs long as I’ve known my wife’s cousin, she’s had problems with her boyfriend. He’s extremely possessive and has been known to follow her when she’s out with her friends. After a night of fighting, she called us in tears asking to come and get her. Of course we did. We loaded up her clothes and belongings into my car while he was at work, and moved her into our spare bedroom. Lucia is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. She’s of Spanish decent and has light brown skin tone. Long hair that comes almost to her waist, and the tiniest body I’ve ever seen. I have always loved tiny, petite, women, and she definitely fits that description. She’s 5’1″ and about 100lbs soaking wet. I’m guessing she has 32B breasts. She has the face of an angel too and is in her early twenties. I had taken my wife to work and sat down on the sofa to watch the morning edition of Sports center. I could hear the shower running upstairs. Ten minutes later, I heard footsteps on the stairs and turned to look. “Buenos dias” she said. Her long hair was tied above her head and was wearing only a black g- string and a white t-shirt that was several sizes too small. No bra underneath. Her small breasts strained against the cotton but still managed to bounce a little as she came down the steps. She walked up behind me and touched me on the shoulder. She leaned in and started rubbing her breasts on the back of my neck, one of her hands reached down to rub my chest. I could feel her nipples harden on my skin. I turned to face her and she gave me a big kiss on the lips. Her tongue forced my lips apart and swirled around with my tongue. She released her kiss and walked around in front of me, her hand never leaving my chest. This was the first chance I’d had to see her close up. I could see every detail of her nipples thru her shirt. My hands caressed her sides, and moved down past her ass and down her legs. She must have been a little bit ticklish as she let out a little giggle. She had a little goosebumps on her arms and her nipples got a little harder. She turned a full 180 degrees so I could see her perfect ass. The g- string was the only thing covering her. This was the most perfect ass I’d ever seen. Tight, firm, and small. Not an ounce of extra fat. I ran my hands over the curves of her back and butt, gently caressing her inner thigh from behind. She turned back to face me, leaning in to kiss me again. Her kisses moved over to my ear and down my neck. She unbuttoned my shirt as her kisses traveled lower. She paused for a few second at each nipple, but continued down my chest to just above my belt. She stopped there and looked at me with the most devilish grin. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. My cock was straining against the material of my underwear; she pulled them down until my cock popped out of its confinement. She didn’t waste a heartbeat as she took the tip into her mouth. She worked just the head of my cock with her tongue for several minutes, but then worked her way down the shaft to my balls. She cupped my testicles in her hand and kissed them gently as she stroked my cock. It wasn’t long before I could feel the pressure building. She must have sensed this because she took all of my cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down in rhythm, grandbetting yeni giriş my breathing becoming heavier. She increased the pressure and soon my toes started to curl, my eyes rolled back into my head, and my cock erupted into her mouth. Her strokes increased and she sucked every drop out of me until there was no more. She smiled at me and opened her mouth, showing me every drop of my cum on her tongue. She swallowed and opened her mouth with a loud smack. “Yummy”, she said, grinning from ear to ear. She gave the head of my penis a kiss and as it softened after my ejaculation. Lucia stood up and moved towards me again, sitting on my lap with each knee on either side of my hips. Her g-string covered pussy was just half an inch above my cock, her chest against my chest, her lips pressed into mine. I could taste the salty flavor of my cum still left in her mouth, but I didn’t mind too much. After all, my wife would never have done that! I reached my hands up the side of her white t- shirt, and without hesitation, lifted her arms above her head. I took her top and lifted it over her, tossing it on the seat next to me. Her small breasts bounced freely now and she rubbed her nipples against mine. She kissed me passionately as she ground her crotch into mine, and her breasts on to my chest. I kissed her deeply and moved my way over to her ear, down her chin and to her neck. I moved my head lower onto her chest, and kissed my way between her breasts. She rose up a little taller so I could reach them, playfully moving one breast across my lips. I pulled her close to me, her nipple firmly between my lips. My tongue darted across the nipple and made small circles around the tip. Her nipples could not have gotten any harder! I moved my face from one nipple to the other, sucking, licking and gently biting on them. She let out a little scream as I bit one too hard, but I don’t think she minded. She grabbed the back of my head and held me to her breast. My mouth was between the two as she rubbed them on either side of my face. I cupped my hands on each of her tiny ass cheeks and lifted her higher. Now, she was standing with each knee on either side of my shoulders. I could smell the aroma of her wet pussy just inches in front of my face. I slid her g-string to one side, exposing a perfectly shaved crotch. Her labia were red and swollen and a drop of dew started to slide down her thigh. I pulled her to me and started kissing her inner thigh, gently biting and licking my way up. I stopped just short of the prize and licked the drops of her juices off her leg. I continued to kiss my way up her legs. She must have been ticklish here too. She started to giggle again and pushed my head away in protest. But I was stronger than her and thrust my head back into her crotch, this time my lips locked firmly on her swollen clit. I slid one hand around to the front to spread her lips while my other hand still supported her weight. My tongue traced the outline of her labia, gently touching. Almost not touching at all, just enough to tease her. I licked the inside of her vagina; I must have found a little pocket, because pussy juice dripped on to my tongue and into my mouth. I continued to lick her on the inside of her labia, tracing circles all the way back grandbetting giriş up to her clitoris. Trying not to loose balance, she grabbed the back of my head again and pushed herself to me. She ground her pussy into my face in perfect rhythm with the pressure of my tongue. I stuck my thumb briefly into her pussy, just enough to moisten it, removed it, and inserted it into her ass. She jumped at first out of surprise, but didn’t object at all. In fact, she pushed herself down onto my hand. I returned the pressure, burying my thumb to the hilt. Now, she was really getting hot. The sweat was starting to glisten on her forehead, and her palms were wet on the back of my neck. I knew she was close, so I bared down on her clit. I took her clitoris gently between my teeth and started fluttering my tongue against it. Her stomach started to quiver, but I didn’t let up. I increased the pressure and speed of my licks, then grabbed her clit with my lips and started to suck. She was starting to loose her balance as her orgasm neared so I had to steady her with my one hand and she doubled over to grab the sofa. Her whole body was trembling and with one incredible shout of pleasure, lost control. The entire weight of her tiny body pressed down on my face, but I pushed back, grinding my mouth into her pussy, not letting a single second of her orgasm go without me continuing the pressure of my tongue against her clit. Her breathing started to subside and with one final quiver, finished off her orgasm. I think she must have lost control of her legs because she immediately slid back down to a kneeling position, her chest against mine once again. She was still panting quite heavily, but laughing at the power of her orgasm. Half of her hair had fallen out of its clip and fell across her face and chest. It was just long enough to cover her nipple. Still lightly heaving, she brought her head in to kiss me again. This time she got to taste her own juices on my tongue. She kissed me more passionately and more deeply than ever. I swear she was licking my tonsils trying to get to her taste in my mouth. She threw her head back to shake out the rest of her hair and it all fell around her face. Her forehead touched mine and looked me directly in the eyes, her hair creating a blanket of privacy around our faces. After a moment, she laid her head on my shoulder as if she needed a break. She hugged me tightly and kissed my neck, letting out a sigh of post orgasm contentment. “Te quiero mucho,” she said in a soft breath and proceeded to rest a moment. But I wasn’t about to let her rest! My cock was hard again and ready to go! I cupped her tiny bottom in my hands and lowered her down onto my cock. It slid in quite easily and her eyes widened in amazement. She started to protest that I hadn’t given her a chance to catch her breath, but didn’t complain any further as my first thrusts reached deep into her pussy. Both our sweaty bodies rubbed together, I loved the feeling of her naked breasts against my hairy chest. Her skin was soft like silk, her breath warm and welcoming, and her eyes stared and pierced into my very being. She had just started to get her breath back when I started to thrust my cock into her pussy. She lowered herself to meet me and we rocked on the sofa in perfect grandbetting güvenilirmi rhythm. I increased the strength and speed of our sex and she grabbed me tightly around my neck, my balls slapping against her ass. It wasn’t long and we both started breathing hard and sweating a bit more. Her chest was glistening and her face was red and flushed. I dug my fingers into the flesh of her ass as she started to lose her rhythm. She dug her teeth into my shoulder as she felt both our orgasms starting to rise. She whispered in my ear in Spanish, “I want to feel you in my ass.” We both stood up and she leaned over the arm of the sofa. This was my first good look at her fantastic ass. Her pussy was glistening and I knelt down behind her. I buried my face in her pussy from behind, but just for a moment. I loved the way she smelled. I lifted my face just an inch and started to lick her little ass hole. She started to squirm and push her ass back towards my face. But I wouldn’t torture her for too long. I stood up and positioned myself behind her, guiding my cock to the edge of her ass hole. I paused to line up my cock with her, resting it right at the door. I started to push gently. It gave some resistance at first, but shortly the head of my cock disappeared inside. She let out a little squeak and gasp, and her muscles tightened around me. Slowly, she relaxed and I was able to enter her further. Softly, I started the thrusts of sex. Not too fast or hard, just enough to get us going. She soon relaxed entirely and started to rock back and forth to meet me. I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands, twirling her nipples between my fingers. She threw her head back and her hair flew up into my face for a moment, she reached back and kissed me awkwardly. She buried her tongue with mine as my cock trust inside her. We moved in perfect symmetry, forward and backward, push meets thrust. She was starting to breath harder now, so was I. Our tempo increased and she pushed herself back to meet me with greater enthusiasm. She bit her lip and looked back at me over her shoulder, I could see the look of exhausted pleasure on her face. She started to tremble wildly as her second orgasm started to over take her. Her face flushed again and she reached down between her legs to touch herself, setting her over the edge. She buried her head in the pillows to muffle her screams as she came. Her legs were truly trembling beneath her and couldn’t maintain her balance. I slid my cock out of her as she slumped to her knees. She turned to me and grabbed my cock and continued to stroke to the same rhythm. She brought her face up to it and licked the head while her hand worked the shaft. It was only a matter of minutes until my balls crawled up inside and I released my second load of cum. She opened her mouth and put her tongue right below, to catch every drop. Streams of jizm shot across her face, hitting on her cheek and in her mouth. Some even dribbled down her chin. She continued to stroke me until she had taken it all. Again, she grinned and swallowed, cleaning off her face with her fingers. I reached down and grabbed her shirt to clean off my exhausted cock. We both fell into a sweaty mass on the sofa, and slept in each other’s arms for the rest of the morning. She spent the rest of the day on the phone making up with her boyfriend. They decided to give it another try. So when my wife came home from work, we packed up her belongings and took her back to her house. Lucia gave me a little kiss on the cheek and thanked me for taking care of her today. My wife had no idea.

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