My Younger Brother’s Friend Part 5: Artie Finale

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After our amazing day of fucking, Artie & I got together as much as humanly possible. I rarely got to see Phil anymore. I wasn’t as close with his brother, and Phil was always busy with sports. Artie, however spent his time off like a regular 15 year old, hanging out at home and not doing too much.

Me and Artie fucked whenever one of us had an open house, but we only got to see eachother about four more times before it was time for me to leave for college. Three days before leaving for school, Artie texted me that his parents were going to Atlantic City over night, and he was going to be home alone. His parents had some money, and were very modern. At 15, they felt that he could take care of himself, and I knew this would be our last opportunity together. I lied to my parents and told them I was sleeping at my friend Rob’s house, and headed there after picking up some pot for us.

I liked to smoke pot from time to time, it chills me out, and I heard it also makes orgasms so much better. I only started smoking pot early senior year of high school, so I was semi new to it. I picked up a dub, which was more than we needed but I figured we could get really high and enjoy the night.

Artie’s only smoked a few times in his life at this point, but he told me he wanted to try fucking while we were high. When I got to his house, I rang the bell and he answered in nothing but his boxers and socks. My eyes instantly went to his semi-hard buldge.

“What are you lookin’ at?” he giggled
“Just a little package,” I said, grabbing it a little and kissing him hard on the mouth.

I pulled out the dub and the dutch, ,making him really güvenilir bahis excited. I started to roll the blunt, which I will say was pretty good for only the second one I’ve ever rolled. It was even harder to roll with Artie constantly touching and feeling me up. When I finished, I started to head outside when Artie stopped me.

“O no, you’re going out in your underwear too.” said Artie
“Fine by me,” I told him. There was a heatwave the entire week, and it had to be at least 90 degrees that night anyway. Besides, when do I get to smoke in my underwear with a hot boy.

I kicked off my sneakers, and pulled down my shorts and white tee. It was one of the rare occasions that I was wearing boxer briefs opposed to just boxers. They were snug to my body and drove Artie crazy. He got us a few of his parents beers to drink as we headed outside. We sat on the backyard porch as I sparked the blunt. About halfway through, we were already stoned, and started exhaling our hits into eachothers mouth. It’s called a shotty and your not usually supposed to touch lips, but not only did our lips touch, everytime we shared our hit we would make out a little. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done.

We finished our blunt and beers and I was feeling great, and I knew he was too. Artie was so lovey and touchy. We started making out right on his back porch. He started feeling my cock through my boxer briefs and eventually we started jerking eachother. Arties yard was pretty big, it had an inground pool and a nice trampoline, which started our fun.

“I got the best idea!!” Artie exclaimed.
“Yeahh?” I breathed in between kisses
“Lets go türkçe bahis play on the trampoline!” he said
“Race you!”

We both start running there, and of course I beat him. I start jumping on the trampoline and he soon got on. We started play fighting and jumping and doing flips. At one point we just started kissing as we jumped, and tired ourselves out quickly. We lyed down on the trampoline in nothing but our underwear and socks and started going at it. Being high with him was great. Our makeout sessions felt like they were from the gods. Our mouths explored every crevise like never before. Soon enough my underwear was down and artie was licking my rock hard shaft.

He was sucking me the best he ever has, as if it was a going away present. We got into a 69 position and I started sucking his dick and fingering his ass. I started licking his asshole and really eating it. I got deep in there with my tongue, sending him in a moaning fit. The pot must have really turned him on because before I knew it he was cumming all over my chest, but after the first burst I took his dick into my mouth and swallowed several more loads of his boy cum.

He got off my dick as I layed flat except for my bent knees, and he slowly put his ass over my dick. It was almost a tease as he slowly lowered himself more and more until he finally had all 7.5 inches inside him. He started riding me up and down furiously, as the trampoline moved with us. The high, mixed with the trampoline bobbing up and down at the pace of our fucking made me feel as if we were one. It was the best sex I’ve ever had and it was so hot. Artie was breathing extremely heavily and moaning furiously güvenilir bahis siteleri while he rode on my dick like it was a ride.

Artie rode my dick fast and the trampoline moved up and down. He leaned forward and we made out while he grabbed my balls as my dick was pumping his wet asshole. We stayed in this position for about five minutes until I wanted him to have the sensation of being on bottom, touching the trampoline and feeling its vibration.

I grabbed onto him and kept my dick in his ass as I flipped us over, with his back now on the trampoline, and me on top of him. I started to pound his hole and kiss him. His soft socked feet cradled my lower back and he held onto my shoulders as I fucked him. I was really close to cumming, and so was he because he started to scratch my shoulders and back as I fucked him. He was nearly screaming with pleasure, but they were muffled by my kisses.

I let out a moan as I shot at least 10 ropes of cum into his sexy bubble boy ass. He came all over the trampoline and our bodies too. I licked off all the cum that landed on him and sucked his nipples.

“I love you,” he told me.
“I fuckin love you too,” I responded back stunned. We kissed and finally separated our bodies.
“We need to always smoke and fuck,” he laughed
“I knew it’d be great.”

That night we drank several more beers and I fucked my boy in his pool and bed. I left early the next morning to avoid any chance of his parents catching me. He knew I was leaving, so we fucked once more while showering right before I left. I gave him my boxer briefs from our night, and he gave me his boxers. I kissed him hard and left, knowing I wouldn’t see him for a while. Later that day I jerked off into his underwear, and I’m sure he did the same.


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