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The night before was absolutely amazing. I can remember the tiniest of details. I am laying on my couch still feeling the emotions of last night. Still feeling the hotness in my body. The wetness that was still there.

Her kiss still lingering on my lips. Her touch still there on my body. I am getting so turned on by this. I start to think back to last nights events. I just turned 21 and I was having this peculiar crush on Stephanie James. My Co-worker we work in the same section finances. She always wore tight skirts with a tight blouse and high heels. Always showing off her slender yet masculine legs.

Her blue eyes looked like the sky you could get lost in it. Her smile could kill you. She always strides through the office owning the world. I had to work late that Friday and so did she. We we’re in different offices.

Mine consisting out of a couch, two pot plants, a book case, and then my desk. My office looked out onto another building. It was already 7 o’clock. I would glance every now and then over at Stephanie’s office. Then I would look back down at my work. I had 30 more pages to go over before I could go.

I was concentrating so hard. Then I heard it a knock on my door. When I looked up I was greeted by her killer smile and her sky blue eyes. I felt my face heat up. So I tried to hide it.

“Hey, there stranger” she said. I just awkwardly waved at her. Not wanting to look up. She walked over to my desk striding as always. All I could do was look down at my desk. I saw her hands on my desk wanting to look up I caught a beautiful sight of her firm breasts. I couldn’t help but stare.

My mouth hanging open but I didn’t even notice that it was open until I felt her lips on mine without warning. She had her hands on my face stroking my face with her thumb. I just went with the motion. While I laid on the couch I traced over my lips with my thumb. I broke the kiss momentarily standing up and walking over to her.

“You casino siteleri look sexy you know, with your blue jeans and your sexy tight t shirt” she said. I could feel the wetness that wasn’t there before build up. She walked over to me but not fast nor slow. And she pushed me against the glass window.

Taking my hands into hers above my head. She looked into my eyes and then she kissed me. again but this time with more force to it and more hunger. I tried to get a steady grip but she just held my hands tighter to hers.

Her mouth went to my neck where she bit and sucked hard I started to moan a little she left a mark I could feel it. While tracing over my lips with my thumb I moved with my other hand over to the place where she had left a mark. Feeling it standing out and how tender it felt. She let go of my hands and then moved her hands down towards my breast’s.

She massaged them, squeezing them and then she clenched my nipples between her index finger and her thumb. I moved down with my hands that was tracing over my lips and feeling the hickey. To my breasts imaging it was her hands doing the same movements.

Feeling the moist between my legs. She then turned me around with one swift movement letting my breasts press against the glass of the building and my ass now facing her way.

She squeezed my ass and then slapped it passionately but yet wanting. Her hands moving up and down my back. She went to the front of my body with her hands and lifted up my shirt so that she could feel my undergarment underneath it.

And with her other hand she made her way into my jeans. Rubbing my clitoris through my panties. I lifted my shirt up and started to feel my bra doing the same movements as the night before and with my other hand in my jeans rubbing my clitoris. She then took her hand out of my pants and took my shirt off.

I am just now standing in my bra and jeans against the glass window she then unhooked my bra so that my breasts slot oyna fell free from the bra’s grip. She turned me around letting us face each other. She then led me to the couch where she laid me down gently.

Climbing on top of me. She was still wearing that sexy dress. I wanted to tear it off her. I started to take my shirt off and then my bra letting it fall onto the floor. She slowly unzipped her dress while she was on top of me letting the dress slide of her elegant body.

She had no bra on how did I not notice that I thought to myself. Her tits is perky and the perfect size too. I couldn’t stop staring at her tits until I felt her lips pressed against mine and her hands on my breasts slowly massaging them then clenching my nipples. I started to touch my breasts seducing them as if it was her doing it to me.

While she kissed me her one hand was loosening my pants making my panties more visible. She then stopped the kissing and slid down my body. I looked up as I was curious to what she was going to do next.

She went straight to my jeans taking them slowly off letting my jeans drop to the ground so that she could see how soaked my panties are. I slowly moved with my hands down my body to where my pants are and I slowly took my pants off letting it to drop to the floor.

I could feel the wetness getting worse. She then went up towards the wet spot on my panties and then licked it I was so sensitive down there that I could cum at any moment with every lick I felt through my panties “you are going to make me cum” I moaned to her.

She just smiled and kept on licking this time harder her tongue making up and down movements. I was so focused on not to cum that I didn’t even notice that she took my panties off. She was now licking and sucking on my clitoris. While her one hand was at her pussy playing with it.

She then used her other hand and started to slide her index finger up and down my slit I could hear the wetness. She then canlı casino siteleri slowly with the tip of her finger she went inside me.

She then rubbed my wet pussy walls she then inserted her middle finger making come here motions right on my G- spot. As I laid there on my couch I started to rub my pussy through my panties I can feel the wetness on my fingers then I took my panties off letting my vagina visible.

I then rubbed my clitoris making slow motions at first clockwise while my other hands fingers rubbed up and down my wet slit I then imagined it was her hand and I inserted my index and middle finger into my vagina. Making a come here motion as she did fuck this feels good.

While she was licking me and sucking me I could feel that I was close to cumming hard, harder than ever before. I could see she was close to cumming too because I could see the juices of her pussy through her panties. She fucked me harder and faster. Making me moan harder and move around more and more.

“I am going to cum!” I moaned harder. I made the come here movements harder and faster, rubbing my clit harder and faster too. “I am cumming!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. She then licked my juices up not letting it go to waste.

She still rubbed her vagina I could see it wasn’t enough for her so I went to help her. By standing up and walking around to her pussy while her ass was in the air. I slid her panties off till it reached her knees.

Her silk skin ass was now showing my way. I started to lick her vagina from behind making her moan. I then went around with my right hand and rubbed her clitoris making her even wetter I could feel her wetness on my tongue. So I kept on licking and sucking her slit, tongue fucking her from behind.

I rubbed her harder I could feel her shaking from the sensitivity of her clit.

“Franky, you are going to make me cum!!! ” she screamed. “Omg, Franky!!!” I am cumming. And she came hard I could taste her she tasted sweet and salty making me want more. She fell down on the couch out of breath. “You are fucking amazing, Franky” she said between breathes. She got up and kissed me one last time before she got dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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