Mystery Caller

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I’ll admit it: the first six months after my divorce I was like a blind dog on Viagra , ready, willing, and able to jump on anything female. You see, I’d been married for almost 10 years to a good-looking but very uptight and very frigid woman; at 37, I was finally free and clear and happy. I was determined to have a good time, and I did.

My childhood friend Stoney was also recently divorced. Together we hit every singles bar in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and most in Manhattan. We’d arrive together but almost every night, we’d leave separately. In the heart of winter, Stoney decided to have a Valentine’s Day Party at his house and invite only the best-looking women we could find. The night of the party, I put on my sharp black Armani suit, loaded up with flowers, grabbed a bottle of champagne, and drove across Brooklyn to Stoney’s house.

The party was in full swing and I quickly focused my attention on this tall outrageously curvy brunette. She was half-Italian and half-Puerto Rican and one-hundred percent stone cold fox. Unfortunately, I think she was looking for a doctor or lawyer and not a simple NYPD detective like me. I took a break from the hunt to chat with some colleagues from the force. Stoney’s mom, who was catering the party, offered some incredibly tasty pasta pesto. While I ate and talked, I plotted my next move. No luck. The brunette left with a couple of her friends just as I was getting ready for my next assault. I drank some more, ate some more, gabbed some more, and left about 2 in the morning.

A couple of nights later I was watching the Knicks in my underwear and a bathrobe when the phone rang.

“Hi Lenny,” the female voice on the other end said in low, sultry tones.

“Who’s this?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Lenny,” the woman said in a breathy voice. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Okay,” I laughed. I could almost recognize the voice, but just couldn’t attach it to a name.

“You looked really good at the party, Lenny,” she continued.

“Oh yeah,” I answered. “You too.”

She laughed.

“No,” she continued. “I mean really good. Good enough to eat. You know what I mean?”

Now things were getting interesting. Her voice was getting more excited, and the sound of it started to send a tingle up my spine.

“You like eating Italian?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she said with a laugh. “I love eating Italian. What are you wearing Lenny?”

I told her I was naked under by bathrobe, and I heard her take a deep breath.

“Hmmmm,” she continued. “I bet you look good under that bathrobe.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

There was a pause.

“Hey baby,” I whispered. “Tell me what you’re wearing.”

“I got a black lacy bra and some really sexy black panties on,” she answered.

“Nice,” I answered. “Very nice. I bet you look hot.”

She mumbled something.

“If I were there with you,” I continued. “You wouldn’t have those panties on for long.”

“Oh yeah,” she answered with a sigh.

“Yeah,” I said. “Have you got nice big juicy tits?”

“Oh yeah,” my phone caller answered with a little moan. “Really big. 36D. Nice and big and firm. Hmmmm. I’m holding them in my hands right now.”

“Oh baby,” I said as I started to slowly stroke my cock. “I’d love to suck on those titties of yours. Run my tongue around your nipples. Squeeze them with my hands while I nibble on those puffy nipples.”

I heard her moan.

“Would you like that?” I asked.

“Oh yeah baby,” she answered with a little moan. “Oh yeah.”

“Hmmmm,” I said as I began to really work my cock into a full erection. “Yeah. I’d manga on those tits and then run my tongue down across your belly . . .down to the top of those panties . . .and sloooowly pull them down. You like that?”

My caller moaned in reply.

“Then I’d run my mouth across your cunt and lick those fat lips of yours and take my nice long tongue and run it along your pussy crack . . .”

“Ohhhhhhh baby,” she moaned. “Yessssssss.”

“And then,” I continued, nursing my dick. “I’d find that clitty of yours and suck on it . . .nibble on it . . .stroke it with my tongue.”

I could tell my mysterious caller was playing with herself. Her moans had become low and rhythmic.

“That’s it baby. Play with your pussy for me.”

Meanwhile, I was slapping my meat to the tune of her moans.

“Oh, baby,” I said. “I got this big ol’ cock here in my hands and its getting harder and harder. Hmmmm. What am I gonna do with it?”

My caller moaned louder. She was getting close to orgasm.

“Hmmmmm.” I said. “I’m gonna have to slip this nice fat 8 inch cock all the way up you. One fat inch at a time. Whaddya think?.”

Now my caller was gasping, moaning, expressing her mounting pleasure with deep grunts from the back of her throat.

“Yeah,” I said. “All the way in and all the way out. In and out. Hmmmm. Till I’m riding you like a swing. And then . . .”

Before I could continue, the woman on the phone reached climax, moaning and ümraniye escort gasping convulsively. I too was ready to cum. I could feel the jism boiling up in my balls. The sounds of her orgasm were bringing me closer and closer.

“Ohh, yeah, baby,” I grunted. “I’m getting ready to cum. Ready to cum.”

The woman’s moans doubled in intensity and then reached a crescendo. I heard the phone drop and she began to let loose with a series of loud moans. I started cumming, squeezing my cock as I heard her almost shouting in joy on the other end of the line. As I shot my load and waves of pleasure rolled over my crotch, I heard her orgasm start to subside. Groaning in pleasure, I dropped the phone to wrestle every ounce of pleasure out of my cock. As cum sprayed over my couch and carpet, I slumped back in total release, feeling stunned and drained. I sat on the couch for a couple of seconds, regaining my senses and then picked up the phone. My caller had hung up. There was only a dial tone.

It was weird. My body felt great. My cock was slowly pulsing with post-climax vibes. But the dead phone made me feel kinda used, and kinda lonely. Why hadn’t she stayed on the line? Why couldn’t we get together and do the nasty in real life?

“Bitch,” I muttered, putting the phone back in its cradle.

I cleaned up, turned the sound back up on the Knicks, and watched the rest of the game in a kind of daze.

The next morning I called up Stoney and we laughed about the phonesex surprise. We must have spent a half hour trying to figure out who my mystery caller was. Stoney was convinced it had to be Maureen, an ex-girlfriend of his who always had the hots for me. I didn’t think so, but I still couldn’t place the voice.

A couple of nights later I was at home when the phone rang again.

“Hi Lenny.”

It was my mystery caller. Again we brought each other to climax, this time taking things slower and me explaining in close detail how I’d tit fuck her. This went on for weeks. Every couple of nights the phone would ring and, bingo, we’d be talking and moaning each other into climax. At first I was a little frustrated, preferring to fuck her live rather than via Ma Bell. But after a week or so I started really getting into it, daydreaming fantasies at work and then playing them out at night. The phone seemed to free both of us up and we talked some wild shit.

Three or four weeks after the first call, the phone rang.

“Hi Lenny”

“Hi baby,” I answered. “I been thinking about you all day.”

“Oh yeah, me too honey,” she answered. “But listen, before we get going . . .are you going to be at Jack’s party on Friday?”

Jack was another cop I used to partner with. He was having a party that Friday to celebrate his victory in the Department’s boxing tournament. I was planning on going.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m gonna be there.”

“Great,” she said. “Bring your cell phone.”

“Whoa,” I said in surprise. “At the party?”

“No,” she said. “Maybe we’ll do something special”

“Tell me more,” I answered.

“Later,” she said. “Now, I’m wearing that thong you talked about the other night . . .and I’ve been thinking about that long, hard cock of yours all day.”

With that, we were off to the races. After we hung up, I sat back and thought about Jack’s party and what might happen. I had no idea but I sure wasn’t going to miss anything.

Friday came around, and I drove over to Jack’s. The party was going great guns – – lots of broads, good booze, and Jack, fucked up on tequila, giving us an instant replay of his championship match. I searched the faces but couldn’t find any flickers of recognition. Stoney was there and so was the good-looking babe from his party. I started to chat her up but struck out again. Stoney’s mom was catering this party too, and as I headed for the bar she stopped to offer me something from a plate of nachos.

A little while later, I was trying to hit on this chubby Polish gal from the force when my cell phone rang. Excusing myself, I retreated to a corner and activated the phone.

“Hey baby.”

It was her. I scanned the room, looking for anyone using a cell phone. I could see Joey B, an old neighborhood friend, shouting excitedly into a phone across the room. No way.

“What’s up lover?” I asked. “You here at the party?”

“Uh huh,” she answered. “I’m waiting for you.”

“What?” I asked. “Waiting. Where?”

There was a pause. I heard my phonelover take a deep breath.

“Jack’s bedroom.”

I smiled. “Where’s that? I never been in Jack’s bed.”

“Not until tonight,” she said with a laugh. “Go up the stairs, take a right. It’s the door at the end of the hall. Don’t turn on any lights.”

“See you in one minute,” I said as I heard her phone click off.

I made my way through the crowd, angling for the staircase. Once there, I walked up slowly, trying not to draw any attention. It was dark upstairs but I got to the top and took a right and then practically üsküdar escort sprinted down the hall.

At the door, I knocked lightly. Nobody answered. I opened the door slowly and peered in. It was too dark to see anything. I took a step or two into Jack’s bedroom.

“Hey,” I whispered. “I’m here honey.”

Still no reply. I walked slowly toward the center of the room. I heard the door being closed slowly behind me.

“Shit,” I whispered. “Where the hell are you?”

I felt someone close by.

“Right here, big boy,” she whispered in my ear as I felt her arms snake around my neck.

We crushed our lips together and she crammed her tongue into my mouth. Almost whimpering with excitement, I plunged my tongue into her mouth. Soon, we were like a couple of carnivores, trying desperately and furiously to devour each others’ mouths, our tongues lashing back and forth, each of us jockeying for position to get deeper and deeper penetration. She pressed me against the wall with her body and I circled my arms around her waist, pulling her hard and tight against me. I scooped up her firm, abundant ass in my hands and pulled her crotch against my hardening dick. She moaned as I rubbed her pussy mound against my cock. I could feel her big tits pressed against my lower chest. Quickly, I reached my hands down between her thighs and pulled her legs up over my hips.

“OH God, Lenny,” she moaned. “Oh baby”

My body felt on fire. I stumbled forward looking for the bed as she clamped her thighs around my waist.

“Uh, uh . .. baby . .come on,” she gasped.

I couldn’t find the damned bed, so I sank to my knees on the floor and lowered her onto her back, our mouths still mashed together. I was neatly positioned between her legs so I reached down to pull her skirt up over her hips. Frantically, grunting in animal hunger, I reached up under her skirt to pull down her panties.

“Oh yes, baby,” she groaned as she unlatched her lips from mine and leaned her head back. “That’s it . . .oooohhhh.”

I managed to pull her panties halfway down her thighs and then quickly unbuckled my belt, unzipped, and pulled my cock out.

“Let me . .let me,” she whispered excitedly as she grasped my cock in both her hands. “You’re so big. Oh . . .baby . . .ahhhhh.”

She began pulling on my dick while I groaned in ecstasy. Before I knew it, she was maneuvering my cock between her legs and then right to the edge of her pussy. I licked her neck and almost swallowed a charm she wore on her necklace. I could feel her cunt, hot and wet, beckoning the tip of my cock.

“Let’s do it,” I whispered hoarsely. “Come on, let’s fuck.”

I jerked my hips forward, but she parried my cock, letting it run across her bush.

“Yeah, yeah, ok,” she said. “Let me just hold it for a minute.”

With one hand still on my cock, her other hand slid under my balls and started to squeeze and massage them. I groaned in agony.

“Oh lover,” she whispered. “I love your cock. I love it . . hmmmm.”

It was too much. I reached down, yanked her hand off my dick, and took matters into my own hand. I started feeding my cock into her hot pussy. She groaned with every inch I slowly plugged in. Her cunt was tight and the feeling of my dick parting her cuntwalls was incredible.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “Ohhhhh, yesssss. All the way . . .uhhhhh . .all the way baby . . .oh.”

Once I was in up to my pubes, I stopped for a moment, relishing the feel of her cunt wrapped tight around my cock, relishing how perfect the fit was. She began twisting her hips and kicking her heels against my ass. I reached down and pushed her blouse up over her bra. I ran my hands over her bra-encased tits, squeezing them roughly, pinching the nipples. Her tits were big, really big, and soft.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she gasped, putting her hands over mine. “That’s it . . .oh yes . ohhhhh.”

I could feel an orgasm starting to run its way down her cunt, vibrating along my cock. That was all the inspiration I needed. Slowly, I withdrew my cock until just the tip was lodged in her cunt. Then steadily, I plunged my dick back into her. As I entered her again, she let out a surprised squeak. She clamped one hand over her mouth, and I could hear her muffled moaning. I began to pump slowly and steadily, running my cock in and out of her, my whole body awash in the pleasure generated by the friction between my cock and her cunt.

“Mmmmm, mmmf, mmmf,” my lover moaned in rhythm to my fucking. “Ohhhhh . .ohhhh . . .yeah.”

We settled into a steady rocking, my dick pounding in and out of her, as she grunted in rhythm. I felt her hands on my ass cheeks, pushing me in deeper on the down stroke, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand on the out stroke. My cock was getting harder and harder. It was incredibly stiff, like I had an axe handle attached to my groin. Slowly I could feel the jizm churning in my balls. I was getting close to climax. I leaned down and stuffed my tongue into her mouth, and my lover, sensing ataşehir elit escort my climax, wrapped her arms around my neck, crushing our mouths together, even as she began humping her hips up faster and faster to meet my speeding cock. I began to fuck furiously now, my hips torquing and twisting to ram my cock into her pussy as far and fast as I could. Panting, I lowered my head to her tits to concentrate on the searing pleasure running through my dick. As I banged away, she began pulling on my hair. I was lost in the pure pleasure of rabbit-fucking and felt nothing except my cock bloating and fattening with pleasure.

As I felt the cum starting to course through my dick, I raised myself back up on my elbows and started a series of long, hard deep stabs into her pussy.

“Ohhhh. . yeah,” she whimpered, her own orgasm adding a tremor to her voice, “That’s it baby . . .oh yeah . .cum baby . . .cum baby.”

With her chant in my ear, my cock begain jerking load after load of jiz into her. My dick was exploding in pleasure. It was an orgasm that seemed to go on and on, minutes or maybe hours, as I emptied myself into her. I groaned and grunted with each spasm of pleasure, my face buried in the carpet next to her hair.

“Oh . . Lenny,” she squealed. “Oh baby . . uhhhhhhh . ..yeahhhh.”

She tightened her legs around my ass and pulled her hips tight against my crotch. With a last jerk, I finished fucking her and my hips sank down onto hers. We lay there together in stunned, exhausted silence, our chests heaving against each other. I took a deep breath and felt my whole body fall into deep, almost drugged relaxation. My lover barely moved at all except for her heaving tits moving in tune to her deep breathing.

“Oh honey,” I finally whispered, dragging myself up out of the stupor I had fallen into. “Oh . . .that was some fucking good fucking.”

She gasped a little laugh.

“And how,” she said as she ran her hands over my shoulders and down along my back. “That was worth the wait.”

I sighed and rolled off of her onto the carpet. The cold air embraced my wet cock, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t have moved a muscle if somebody had a gun to my head.

“Hmmmmm,” my lover grumbled, pulling her knees up. “You wait here sweetie. I’ll be right back.”

I mumbled something in reply and saw her shadowy form slip through the bathroom door in the corner of the room. The bathroom light came on after she closed the door, and I remember thinking that I would finally catch a glimpse of my phonesex goddess when she came back out. I felt really drowsy and dopey. I recall dimly feeling her pull my boxers and my pants back up over my hips, and then the sound of my zipper as she redid my fly.

The next thing I knew bright light flooded my eyes and I could hear Jack drunkenly shout, “Get off my fuckin’ floor you fuckin’ wasted asshole.”

I groaned, put my arm across my eyes and rolled over. Jack kicked me.

“Get your fuckin’ ass off my freakin’ bedroom floor,” he grumbled with a laugh. “Invite you fuckin’ Italian assholes over for a party and you wanna camp out on my fuckin’ floor. Ya fuckin’ Sicilian guinea, dago, fuckin’ wop.”

I groaned again and told him to fuck off. Then, I heard him stumble into bed. I opened my eyes to Jack’s bedroom, shook my head, and groped my way to my feet.

Where had she gone? Shit, I thought to myself. Where the hell is that bitch? I stumbled out of the bedroom, down the hall, and walked down the stairs holding on to the staircase railing. I was groggy and sleepy. Downstairs, the party was over, bottles and glasses and ashtrays littered Jack’s living room.

Shit, I muttered to myself and headed out the front door.

I drove home with the sun rising in my face. Who the hell was this woman? I kept asking myself. Groggily, I recalled her body – – its thick but firm abundance, those massive tits, the wide hips and shapely legs. Jesus, I didn’t even know what color her hair was. She could have been anyone. For a moment, I remembered the charm I’d almost swallowed as I kissed her neck. Was it shaped like a heart? or some kind of oval? I couldn’t be sure. I pulled into my driveway, headed inside, and barely managed to make it to my couch. Maybe the phone would ring, I thought to myself as I drifted into a heavy sleep.

I slept in late the next day. I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Scrambling across my bed, I picked up the receiver expecting to hear my mystery woman. It was my friend, Stoney.

“Yo Lenny,” Stoney practically shouted. “What’s up with you, ya dick!”

“Wha?” I answered groggily. “What you talking about? Waking me up like this.”

Stoney laughed.

“Where the fuck’d you go last night?” Stoney asked. “Rog and me was looking for you. We jetted early from Jack’s. We went to BabyDoll.”

BabyDoll was a local strip club. Slowly, I explained to Stoney how I’d fucked the brains out of my phonelover in a pitch black room. He almost died laughing. We spent a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out who it was, yet again. Stoney was convinced it had to be Luz, a thick, dark-skinned female cop whose ass and tits we often admired. I knew it wasn’t Luz. Before I hung up, Stoney invited me over for dinner at his house that night. I agreed because his mom made kickass pasta.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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