Nasty Cousin Sarah


There I was with that all to familiar taste on my tongue and the moans of pleasure filling my room. This girl wasn’t like the normal girls I found in my bed. She was a petite 34B – 24 – 34 with brilliant blue eyes and the very long legs. Typically the women in my bed had 38c or larger breasts and big spank-able-ass. I think I’m getting ahead of my self so let me start at the beginning.

It all started on the 4th of July weekend when I was 23 and my 18 year old cousin Sarah had just graduated high school. Her family was there for the holidays. This created a dangerous situation, a house load of women and loss of much needed sexual release. Sexual frustration would set in after a few days. Going from nightly Sex to nothing would get to anyone.

I am still the typical 20 year old going out with my friends almost nightly and that Friday was no different. It started out with us watching the summer blockbuster movie. After It was over we decided it was time to hit the bars, and for us that was the neighborhood bar. You know the one where you walk in the door and they know you buy name. The night started with the usual pulled pork and a good dark beer. Next came the hard stuff Jamison on the rocks, vodka shots, and vodka and red bulls. This was usually the time that we would be looking around to find our girl for the night. (Fuck) I remembered that I couldn’t bring anyone home. So the boys and I decided to go back to my place and have some cigars and beer. When everyone was done smoking and was drunk the DD. drove my friends home.

I clumsily opened the door with intentions of not waking anyone up as I went up the stairs to my room. My attempts were unsuccessful because Sarah ended up following me up the stairs to talk about this and that. We ended staying up really late till I eventually passing out. The next morning I tried to walk threw what happened and the last thing I remember was my friends leaving. It was strange because I felt so exhausted.

When I got down stairs everyone was already eating and had decided that we were going to stay at the house and swim in the pool. So I changes and was floating in the deep end when my cousin opened the door and walked out in the smallest black bikini I had ever seen. My jaw dropped just for a second but will all my relatives around I had to keep it hidden. The cousins all decided on playing pool games like Marco Polo, volleyball, and other similar games. It all started innocent enough but every chance Sarah got she would rub up against my crotch trying to get me worked up. After a few hours of this I decided that It was time to go inside to get ready for another UFC fight night with the boys.

We eryaman escort spent another night at the neighborhood bar this time running into some very fine looking women. They kept us out till all hours of the night but again I had no place to bring Emma back to so I got her number and planed on calling her later. So again the boys and I decided on going back to my place to have cigars and beer all of us getting drunk before we parted ways. I again tried unsuccessfully to not wake anyone up as I went to bed.

This time I had no idea that I had been followed upstairs by Sarah. This time she waited until I was passed out and then she pounced. I awoke with this strange feeling the next morning and there was something on my genitals that I could not put my finger on. I decided it would be best if I got in the shower and cleaned up. After I got dressed I went down stairs to eat breakfast with the family. The whole time I was trying to figure out what had happened last night. I knew I didn’t bring a girl home but did noticed there was a new number in my phone so it must have been a good night. I then noticed out of the corner of my eye that on Sarah’s face there was a knowing smile. This just puzzled me more she must have known something about what happened.

Today was another pool day with the same little games that happened yesterday. Making me really wonder what might have happened last night. My confusion didn’t last long because my phone rang and the boys decided to go back over to the bar and have another night out. This time I decided to drink only beer and only got a buzz. We repeated the same cigar and beer routine of the previous nights. This time I managed to get up in bed without being followed but that’s because there was someone already in my room waiting for her opportunity.

She waited until she thought I was sleeping and again started out slow. First pulling my comforter down slowly to my feet then she pulled my sheets down slowly. Passing my chest and slowly down to my waist where she paused maybe rethinking what she had done the past two days. Then without hesitation she flipped the sheets onto my feet. Releasing my average six and a half inches which started to react to the air. Next she reached out her slender hand to my cock and started to slowly work the shaft. She got it harder then it had ever been before she placed her mouth around the head and slowly started to suck. This was all it took for me to let out a low moan and to cause me to wake.

I tried to gather my bearings and find out what was going on without moving and giving myself away. I kept a nice even breath but Sarah was so into her blow etimesgut escort job that it wouldn’t of mattered. When all of a sudden she stopped and froze almost contemplating something. For a moment I thought that she was thinking about stopping but she instead striped off her skin tight shirts. Leaving her in just a black thong and very little between us. She then continued to blow me but this time she attempted to deep throat me. She was only able to get partially down the first time. But after a few more tries she had her nose firmly planted into my pubic area, which caused me to groan a lot louder then the first time. Sarah flinch and cough on my cock allowing her teeth to scratched my shaft which caused me to revile that I was awake.

So there we were Sarah looking like a deer in headlights staring me directly in the eyes. Next she start saying I’m sorry over and over trying to justify her action but with her hand still on my cock there was very little that I could say but to tell her everything is fine. Nothing could break threw her trance though, she was in shock. So finally I just pulled her head down and kissed her. This finally got her attention and she looked me in the eyes and I flipped her over onto her back rolling between her legs. I bent down and kissed her again on the lips. Next I started my way down her neck and down to her right nipple. I started there by biting it and sucking it in till it was hard. After it was nice and stiff I moved over to her left nipple and repeated the process. Now that both nipples were hard enough to cut glass I proceeded to kiss my way down to her abdomen.

I stopped briefly to reach up and pull here thong down taking it of and bringing it up to here nose letting her in hail her own sent. She took a deep breath and let out a soft moan that let me know she was into it. I proceeded back down her body to the little landing strip of peach fuzz that I found below. This lead me to the ultimate prize and it didn’t take me long to take advantage of it. I started slowly by sucking the little nub getting it nice and hard. As I was working the clit I inserted my first two fingers into her tight snatch in search of her G-Spot. It only took a few minuets of this before she started to whimper and writhe in pleasure. I kept on going wracking her small frame with pleasure until all of a sudden she stiffened up and shook violently in an inaudible scream. Her extremely tight pussy became a vice that started massaging my fingers.

I couldn’t take any more of this I moved up her body and slowly plunged the head of my cock between her moist pussy lips. God she was tight and so wet I didn’t think etlik escort that I would fit but the moisture let me slip in. I slowly started to piston in and out and damn it felt good. I didn’t know how long I could last with this tight cunt wrapped around my dick. She wrapped her legs around me and started humping back into me driving my cock into her much harder. I then stop and she gives me this puzzled look but I grab hold of her around the waist and spun onto my back pulling her on top.

It was time for her to push the pace it started slow she seemed hesitant in her movements. So I drove up into her with 10 quick thrusts causing her to almost scream out in pleasure but she held back by biting her lip. She instinctively picked up the pace slamming down into me with renewed vigor. She was on the verge of her second orgasm and her pussy started to spasm bringing the both of us closer and closer to release. This caused me to start slamming back up into her harder as she pushed down faster. She fell over the edge first and started to whimper struggling not to scream out loud waking up the house. My orgasm started shortly after hers with spurt after spurt flooding her channel as her fluids splashed over my cock and balls.

When our orgasms subsided we kissed passionately before she flopped down on to my chest and we let my cock soften and slip from her pussy. We moved into a spooning position with my soft cock placed between her lips. Soon Sarah fell asleep with my hands massaging her breasts. A few hours later I reluctantly had to wake her up and tell her to sneak down to the basement to get cleaned up without waking everyone else. I on the other hand wiped my self up rolled over and attempted to fall asleep. Wishing that she could have stayed in my bed all night.

Beep beep beep smack (damn alarm) 9am already shit I just fell asleep. Here I am again trying to piece together what happened last night. This time I was sure what had transpired but I just couldn’t believe that it was my cousin that was the cause of my morning confusion. I headed down stairs to breakfast where I ran into Sarah and her smile but this time I was in the loop. The family decided to go to the mall and get some new clothes to go out to the village day and fireworks down by the lake. Sarah decided that she was going to stay home and I had no reason to go shopping so I stayed.

After everyone left the house I went up to shower leaving my door unlocked like always. This time however I was more then happy that I did. I had just stepped into the shower when I heard the door latch click I figured it was just my dog barging in like she normally dose this was until I heard the curtain open and felt two sharp nipples poke me in the back. Naturally I turned around to face my attacker and before I could get all the way around there were two arms draped around my neck and lips plastered to mine.

To Be Continued.

By: Blueeyes8711

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