Ned Flanders surprised visitor Part 1

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Daddy Daughter

Ned Flanders had just finished having sex with Lisa Simpson the daughter of his neighbours Homer & Marjorie Marge Simpson. He had cum and was standing by the bed milking the remaining cum out of his cock and she was laying on the bed naked recovering from a vigorous fuck when her mother marge walked in on them.

Ned and his wife Maude and 2 sons Rod & Todd had been living next door to the simpsons for about 5 years now and had often invited the family to join maude and myself in our pool. Lisa the daughter often used the pool during the day and sun tanned herself naked. Ned had first noticed lisa a month or so earlier when he had been working at home and she obviously was unaware he was home. Ned’s study overlooked the yard and he watched her lay there and masturbate twice during the hour or so lisa was there. She has a great body and her performance turned him on and he got quite aroused myself.

It took ned a while to get the courage to walk out to the pool naked as if he was unaware lisa was there. Ned gathered she was sexually active and he knew lisa was not involved in a romance at the time. Ned had hoped she might be interested in a bit of nonsense – in fact in his case adultery. Both Ned and his wife had been involved in a swinging group in the district and often shared different partners in the group not that anyone one would have guessed of the bible thumpers.

As ned walked out he tried to make out he was unaware of lisa’s presence and as he approached her she became agitated at being found there naked. Ned said oh shit I didnt realise you were here lisa – I was just going to have a skinny dip. Lisa had not worn any swimmers and was lying on her towel. Lisa tried to cover her pubic region and ned said don’t bother I have seen it all before.

She said I didnt know you were home Mr Flanders – how long have you been watching me.

Ned said long enough lisa long enough .

You put on a good show.

What ned didnt realise was that as he was standing there looking down at lisa’s body and having seen her finger herself his cock was firming gaziantep travesti up.

He didn’t know why as he had seen many a woman naked and had experienced sex with many at the swinging meetings. Lisa saw ned firm up and said – shit that thing of yours is getting bigger than i ever seen – you are not thinking of fucking me are you Mr Flanders.

Ned said give me a chance lisa and I don’t think I will refuse. Lisa said you are married Mr Flanders – you wouldn’t ..would you.

Ned laughed and said given a chance he would give lisa the fuck of her life – believe me maude and I are not exactly models of virtue – we may be married but that doesn’t mean we don’t share it about a bit not that anyone would know.

Lisa said what are you telling me Mr Flanders – if I agreed.. you would fuck me.

Ned said you are very perceptive lisa – I wouldn’t hesitate and by now his cock was rigid and displaying it full ten inches of hard manhood.

Lisa said – holy cow look at it Mr Flanders – I havnt seen one as long as that in real life before – its huge much bigger than homers the last bit she managed not to say out loud.

Mr Flanders said it has made a lot of women happy and it can satisfy that little pussy of yours too if you would like me to lisa . It seems your pussy likes a bit of excitement from what I have seen in the last hour or so.

Oh shit lisa said – you saw me do that Mr Flanders .

Twice – and I am hoping you might enjoy a third time lisa, but using something better than your finger.

Lisa had relaxed a bit and was still sitting on the lounge. Mr Flanders stood directly in front of lisa with his erect cock almost at her eye level. Lisa said well where do we go from here then Mr Flanders that thing is magnificent can I feel it.

Mr Flanders said call me ned lisa not Mr Flanders and if you want to feel it go ahead then she put her hand on it and stroked it a few times.

I have never had one that big before.

Ned said nows your chance then lisa and without another word lisa just looked him in the eye and said if you are game I am Mr Flanders sorry ned.

Ned said let it be my pleasure lisa and he took her hand and stood her up and kissed and fondled her on her breasts. He lowered his head and began lashing lisa’s rosy nipples with his tongue and lisa responded and in moments they were kissing passionately and after a minute lisa said come on i want it now.

Lisa lay down and opened her legs and Flanders immediately got down over her and without any ceremony or pre-emptive ceremony slipped his cock in between lisa’s legs and deep into her moist cunt.

As ned slid his rock hard cock into lisa’s tight cunt he felt the walls of her tight cunt contract around his rock hard cock, lisa sighed the sigh of a contented woman and it was obvious lisa knew exactly what she was doing and enjoying it. She was no novice as homer and bart had been doing it too her without the 2 of them know that she had given herself to both of them over the last few months.

Ned Flanders fucked lisa for the best part of 15 too 20 minutes and both enjoyed what they were doing and she often sighed or moaned with the delight of the biggest cock she had ever had up her vagina. The most lisa could take into her was about 7 inches as if I went right up her and in deep she squirmed a bit and ned recognised that lisa was uncomfortable and said am I hurtting you lisa.

Lisa said yes it is a bit uncomfortable when you are in up to the hilt, I never realised that I could only take so much cock up into me – I have never had one that long in me before.

Ned said I have to admit most women want the full length of me inside them but not many realise that their cunt is not a fathomless pit, I have bruised quite a few women who want to take all of me up them. Fortunately maude has no problem with my length she can take it all in both up her and orally she is great at deep throat.

Lisa said you do oral sex as well.

I said I can teach you that too if you wish lisa.

Lisa said not today maybe some other time .

Ned was left believing she had never given or received oral sex .

Ned said whats the chance of you cumming.

Lisa said pretty good I don’t think I am far off give me minute and I think I can make it.

They stopped talking and Flanders fucked lisa hard and fast and she came with a rush and was quite loud with her orgasm. As soon as she was almost over it Flanders came too and filled her insides with the wonderful ejaculation of warm milky cum out of my cock – spurting four or five loads of baby juice up her and deep inside her.

After Ned had finished cumming he lay on top of lisa and they were both gasping for breath and were soaking wet with sweat. It had been a good fuck from Ned’s point of view.

When Ned pulled his limp cock out of lisa she began dripping cum out as well, and it was running down between the cheeks of her ass.

Lisa sat up and looked down at her now well fucked cunt dripping cum onto the pool surround and said – shit I cant remember having that much cum up me before – It normally takes a few minutes to flow back and out of me – how much cum did you fill me with a litre

Ned Flanders laughed and said only women who fuck well get that much lisa – how long have you been fucking. Lisa said not that long just a few months you won’t tell anyone.

Then lisa said what will happen if maude finds out you have fucked me .

Ned said she will be very interested to find out what sort of a fuck you where. What you don’t realise is we are in a local swinging group and we have both shared ourselves about with about 10 other couples from around here – you would be surprised who fucks who around here. There are a couple of nymphomaniacs amongst the married women here and my guess is they are getting sex from two or three other husbands as well as their own. I know I can have it with them any time I want and on a couple of occasions one has had a threesome with maude and I.

You never know lisa we may even invite you to one if you are interested and you’d be very surprised who maybe their.

Lisa said I will have to give that some thought I never realise older people did things like that.

End Of Part One

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