New Beginnings CH03 The Weekend (Penetration Time)

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New Beginnings The weekend Ch 3


I awoke Friday morning after a night of wishful lustful dreams. I could not believe Friday was finally here at last. Today was the homecoming game so school would get out at lunch today. Unfortunately Adam had to stay and work out and get ready for the game tonight. I was also going to run home grab a shower and make sure I was smooth as possible for my upcoming weekend. I was so excited I skipped my morning shower since I was going to get one once home, I was sure I would need to masturbate by then. I quickly dressed and headed into the kitchen. Mom said morning sweetie, so your going to the game tonight? Yes ma’am I said, it is supposed to be a good one. Are you riding with Adam and his mom? His mom Adam will be staying after school today because he is on the team. Oh really, that’s cool, I am so proud you have a friend and he seems to of had a great influence on you. I’m so glad you are finally enjoying school the way teens are supposed to. I said yeah Adam is great and all of his friends really like me too. Oh really so you both chasing after the girls together. I smiled and turned a little red, kinda is all I said. What would she think if I was the one he was chasing after and then I realized he had me so I guess the chase is over. You have fun and remember to be on your best behavior while over at their house this weekend. I promise I will mom. I will call you tomorrow when I get up to let you know I’m good. I trust you dear that’s why I’m going to be away this weekend. I did not want to upset you but I kinda have a date with a coworker this weekend. We are going to the lake and spend some time together. That’s great mom I’m proud of you for getting out there. She laughed and son you are really coming out of your shell. Adam and high school has been really good for you. Thanks mom, I’m headed to school have fun this weekend, love you. You too sweetie, love you, see you Monday after work. I smiled and headed out the door full of anticipation. I sprinted to Adams house and they were just exiting the front door. His mom said morning Tim you ready for this weekend. Oh yes ma’am I sure am. Adam smiled and said your weekend will depend on how we do tonight. We are playing our rivals and we better win or I’ll be in bad mood for my birthday weekend. I was stunned it’s your birthday? He said it will be tomorrow, that’s what the party is for. Cool I said, I have to find a gift for you. He giggled and said don’t worry I know what I want. My gift is you and you will finally lose that virgin status. His mom just giggled and turned flush red. Hop in boys we gotta get going. I sat in the back still feeling red from embarrassment and trying to figure out what else I could get him for his big day. I then realized oh no this may not happen if he loses his game tonight. I had seen them after workout and our team was big but, that was by scrawny boy impression. I think we can win because all the kids seem very sure. Oh no what if something happens and we do lose. My weekend would be ruined. We arrived at school and Adam leaned into back seat and said go home and get ready as soon as school get out and my mom will pick you up at 6. The game starts at 6:30 and there is a chance we get rained out tonight. I will be ready to go I promise. His breath in my ear was making me hard and as he pulled back he reached and grabbed my crotch and whisper I love you. I freaking melted, he jumped out and I followed suit. See you tonight, I want be late. OK baby you two have a great day and good luck tonight honey. The day went by fast, I sat in all my classes trying to figure out a gift for him and fantasizing about him. We had to attend a pep rally before we got out. I seen them all file in the entire football team. They where really big guys. I did not see Adam, where could he be, then the cheerleaders shouted on their megaphones and your team captain, Adam. He ran in and took the microphone asked are we gonna win tonight everyone? YES WE ARE, the audience replied. That’s right Adam said, and he handed the mic back to the principle and ran over and greeted all is team mates with a smack on the bottom. Oh I wish I was in that line. The pep rally was exhilarating and once it was over the players disappeared. I left out of the gym and headed home. I was thinking what could I get or do for Adam on his special day. Once I arrived home I went to my room and looked for something to wear to the game and packed a bag with clothes for the party. I could not find my shirt I really wanted to wear. I ran to the laundry room and looked through the clean laundry and seen a hot pink g string. Wow mom when did you get this. I stripped and tried them on. I found my shirt and head back up stairs. I stopped in from to my mirror and thought wow I bet Adam would love these. So I took them off and put them in my back pack for party night. I jumped in the shower and started soaping my body and rubbing my little pecker. I thought no I should wait and save all my juice for the party. I quick rinsed the soap away and then applied shaving cream and shaved myself smooth once again. I got out dried off and applied the lotion April had given me. I got dressed packed my bag and headed to Adam’s house. I wanted to ask her about my gift idea and if she thought Adam would like them. I ran to his house and knocked on the door. She opened it and said well your early. I wanted to ask you about a gift idea for Adam. She said what you got? I pulled out the pink g string, and said I was thinking this. She took it and said wow that’s nice. But they are little big on you aren’t they? A little I said. She said hold on I got you something when Adam told me he had said anything to you about his birthday because he did no want you to worry about getting him anything. Come with me. We went to the left of the living room and entered a huge room. It was her bedroom and it was massive. She said I’ll get it for you. She returned from her massive closet and handed me a bag. I reached in and pulled out a french maids outfit, a Japanese school girl outfit, and a cheerleader outfit. She said which of these do you like. I remembered some of the comic books I had seen in his room and some of her posters I seen and said the Japanese school girl one. She giggled and said you will make his birthday if you wear this for him. I smiled and wanted to please Adam and I would proudly wear this. I placed the outfit in my bag and she said lets ride we will go eat and then go to the game. We headed out of the drive and down the road a piece and pulled into the pizzeria at the other end of the block. I noticed two of out school buses parked out front. The team meets here and eats before every game. I smiled and gushed. She said just stay out of their way, these boy’s turn into animals on game day. My mind fell right off in the gutter. We entered and went to a table and I heard mom Tim ya came. He hugged her and patted me on the head. He then said I gotta get back. We took a table and I sat where I could watch Adam. He and his teammates joked around and goofed off. Our pizza came and we ate the team had finished and was lining up to leave and the coach yelled ya go say goodbye and then load up. Thats when I realized this is a family thing and the other players parents were there as well. Adam came to the table kissed his mom and told her he loved her. Then leaned down pushed something into my pocket. He leaned back and said go to the bathroom and put this in and leave it. Yes sir, came without hesitation. He whispered I love you as he stood up and roared go Cats and ran off with the team in tow. I quickly excused myself and went to the rest room and fished the item out of my pocket and thought how the hell did he get this in my pocket, I finally pulled it out and realized it was a dildo, but short and stubby with a flat base. I went into a stall and dropped my pants. I moistened my finger and shoved in up my butt. I finger it and then tried to insert the dildo. It would not go. I removed it and put it in my mouth and sucked on it. I then tried again to no avail. I finally pushed it as far as I could take it and then lowed the toilet seat and sat down forcing it into my ass with a pop. I winced in pain, and realized this was small how was his huge cock going to feel. I sat a minute and it became more comfortable and then I stood and pulled up my undies and my pants. I washed my hands and headed back to the table. I felt like I was walking funny or something. I was sure it was just my imagination. I got back and noticed most parents where gone. Adam’s mom asked if I was ready. Yes ma’am, lets go. We got to the stadium and went inside and they had a little ceremony for the king and queen on the field. They cleared it off and then loud music started playing and the teams started streaming out from both ends of the field. They met in the middle did a coin toss and then kicked off to us and immediate touch down. Wow, Adam is going to be happy this weekend. The game was pretty one sided and was over before I knew it. We headed out the gate güvenilir bahis and she said lets get home Adam will not be there for little while. My heart sunk for a second, lets give him a warm welcome when he gets home. I was happy and thinking naughty thoughts again. We got to the house and I asked what could I do. She said lets make him a little after game snack. We were working in the kitchen when the front door opened and in came Adam. Honey what you doing home already. I did not want to stay, I needed to come home and celebrate. I said congratulation Adam I’m so happy for you. He smiled and said I need a shower. Come join me Tim. I ran to his room excited and ready for a great weekend. He walked in still in his dirty uniform. He smiled and said did you get it in. yes sir I did. Good come undress me. I walked to him and removed his jersey and then started removing his pads. His musk was strong and intoxicating. I licked his nipple as I removed his shoulder pads. He groaned a little and I dropped to my knees and undid the draw string from his pants and they dropped to the floor. His jock strap and cup stared me in the face. I reached in and removed his cup and then sniffed it. The smell was horrid but I could not get enough. I removed his jock strap and it was wet with sweat and grime. They plopped as I dropped them to the floor. I then took his cock in my mouth and sucked it slowly. He moaned and pushed my head further down on his shaft. He leaned over and pushed on the dildo and then smacked it. I moaned from the sensation. He pulled me up and kissed me deeply and said undress for me and stood back. I pulled off my t shirt and the my shoes and socks. I unbuttoned my pants and he said turn around first. I turned and slid my pants down my thighs and down to my ankles and then removed them. He said now come here and finish what you started. As I tuned around and took his cock in my mouth again, he leaned over and smacked my dildo again. He said you like your little but plug. Yes Sir, I said. Good he said I have another one for you later. He pulled out my anal plug and then thrust it back in. I yelped and he said very nice. He stood up and took me by the ears and began thrusting his cock into my mouth. He fucked my throat for a few minutes and then with a quake of his body he shot a huge load into my mouth. I happily slurped it all down. He lifted me up looked into my eyes and then kissed me deep. He then led me into the shower I washed his body and got him squeaky clean. I was admiring his physique as he soaped up his hands and started cleaning me. He then turned me around and said put your hands on the wall. He then reached over to the vanity and grabbed a little tube. He pulled my butt plug out and applied lube to it and my hole. He then pushed it back in then removed it and slid it in again. He said I want you to push it out after I push it in. I pushed and it popped out and he immediately slapped it back in. This went on for several minutes and I felt my cock pulse and shoot onto the wall of the shower. He said now I want it to stay and pushed it back in. we got out and dried off and he kissed me again and said you are a special person my love. I lit up with excitement and said I love you too Adam and I will do whatever you ask of me. We headed to the bed and my plug fell out. Good he said now its time for your next one. I was excited and could not wait. I crawled into the bed and stayed on all fours and posed my ass up in the air for him. Sexy little bitch, you really want it don’t you. I said yes please fuck me, please. He laughed and said your not ready for this cock just yet, but you will be by tomorrow night. Do whatever it takes I want to feel your cock in my pussy. He returned to the bathroom and got the little tube of lube. He said stay on all fours. He knelt on the floor behind me and kissed me little hole and then trust his tongue into my hole. I was moaning loudly, and started begging for his cock in my ass again. He pulled back and said go pick up your little butt plug and bring it here. I retrieved the plug and he said it hurt the first time didn’t it? Yes sir. Now lay it on top of my cock. As I did I realized how large his cock actually was, it dwarfed the plug. Now let get your new plug in and go eat something. He pulled out one twice the size of the small one, but still smaller than his cock. He lubed it up and handed me the lube yand said lube your little twat for me. I immediately gobbed a wad of lube on and in my hole, he laughed and said whoa baby a little goes a long way with that stuff. He then rubbed the head of the plug on my ass and paused on my hole and rolled it in the lube and slowly pushed it in. I struggled at first then he said try pushing it out like earlier. I did and it popped in and I lightly yelped and he removed it and pushed it in again. I hurt a little but I was growing use to it. He smacked it a couple of times and kissed my butt all over. He stood up and said lets get dressed. He threw me a night shirt and said you can wear this. He pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and led me to the kitchen. His mom has already went to bed so we had the kitchen to ourselves. He sat at the bar and motioned me over and placed me on his lap as we ate the snack foods. We finished the snacks and went back to his room and crawled into bed. He pulled me on top of him and realized he had removed his boxers. I removed my night shirt and cuddled up to him and he caressed my body and we fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up the next morning and opened my eyes to see him sitting on side of bed just watching me sleep. I smiled and he said good morning sexy, and gave me a kiss. Get up and get dressed we have a lot to do before the party. As we entered the kitchen his mom was super busy and your finally up would ya go get the ice out of the car please. We retrieved the ice chest and when we came back in I noticed it was already after noon. We slept that long. Shortly later on people started showing up. We all talked and listened to music and ate snack foods and drank sodas. His mom called for everyone attention and said who’s ready for cake. Everyone yelled yes and started singing happy birthday. She brought in the cake and candles. Adam blew them out and everyone started handing him presents. He got some really good one too. April told him hers was for him to open later in private. Jennifer gave him a gift card and a small bag with the same instructions. I was talking to April and Jennifer later on and they said we are fixing to leave Tim and we are going to get rid of everyone so you two can be alone for your special night. She kissed my cheek and said have fun he really like you. I smiled and felt warm and happy everyone would soon be leaving. After everyone left we started cleaning up and It did not take long at all. His mom said you two go have some fun, I’ll get this taken care of. Tonight we will have your birthday supper. We exited to the bedroom and I excused myself for a moment.

I went into the bathroom and took my backpack and got changed as quick as I could. I heard him tell me from the bedroom one of these is for you too. I stepped out in my plaid skirt, white panties, and black blazer over a white button up shirt. His eyes got big and he smiled at me and said wow, I love it. Come here you sexy little thing. I walked to him and asked what was your private gifts. He said well April got me a furry outfit for you and Jennifer gave us a bottle of anal ease. It helps numb the pain a little bit. Cool I said, what is furry. He laughed and said you’ll see later I am sure you will like it. Come here and sit with me. I sat on the love seat beside him. He leaned in and kissed me and stroked my crotch. He said stand up. I stood up and he removed my white panties. Then he pulled my plug out with a plop. He said come with me and led me to the bathroom. He instructed me to put my hands on the wall over the toilet. He lifted my skirt and parted my cheeks. He then produced the anal ease and applied some to my little hole. He inserted two fingers in my ass and fucked me with them, he pulled them out and pulled out his massive cock and said I’m gonna clean you out. He pushed his cock head against my hole and began pushing harder. The anal ease was helping but the pressure was moving me forward. He said push me out, as I did his cock head pushed into my ass. He stopped and said when I’m done I want you to clamp your ass tight and hold it till I tell you to release. I was trying to contemplate what he was saying when my insides got warm and I realized he was pissing inside me. My insides where swelling I could feel pressure building in me. He had finished and my stomach was pooched way out. He said now hold it it. I clenched my ass as he pulled out and was able to hold it all except for a trickle I lost as he pulled out. He said hold it now and I will tell you when you can sit and empty your self out. I heard him pull up his zipper. I was straining to hold all the piss in my ass. He said ok now turn around and sit down. I slowly turned around and sat and it came flooding out of türkçe bahis me. He watched until I was done, he then handed a bottle and said clean the piss out of all with this. And left the bathroom. I looked at the bottle and it was douche, I inserted to spout into my ass and emptied the bottle into my ass. I waited and then let it go and emptied myself out and grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned ass up good.

I entered the bedroom and he said get undressed. I removed my little school girl uniform and stood awaiting his next order. He undressed completely and said I need you to come drain my cock I want to last a long time when I fuck you. I hurried to my knees and crawled over to him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked feverishly. I wanted to him to fuck me and make me his little sex toy. I was going so fast he did not last long and shot into my throat. I swallowed it quickly and looked up awaiting me next orders. He said the anal ease will help you some but this is going to hurt to start with, but by the time you go back home your little ass will be open and ready for my cock. Yes sir any thing for you. Go to the counter top in the kitchen just like before. I went into the kitchen and bent over the counter top he came in and secured my arms and legs again. This is it I’m going to get his cock in my ass. He knelt down behind me and parted my cheeks and began eating my ass out ferociously. I moaned louder and louder. I was lost in a swirl of sensation and the want of his cock inside me. He stood up and leaned over my body and kissed my neck. He applied a dollop of anal ease to my hole and worked it in with his finger and worked my little hole. He kissed me again and said remember I love you and it gets way better once you get broken in. He stood up and applied a different lube to his cock and said you want this cock. Yes I said please fuck my pussy sir. I felt the head of his cock rubbing my hole. I felt the pressure of him pushing into me and I pushed back and his cock head popped in. He pushed a few inches and pulled back out there was a little pain but I was enjoying having his meat in me. He kept shallow fucking me then started going a little deeper slowly. He had half his shaft in me and asked if I was ready. I said give it to me all of it. He pulled back and then thrust every inch into me and I screamed in pain. He eased out to the head and then thrust all in once again. I once again shrieked from pain. He started pounded me deep and hard. The pain was more than I ever imagined, I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes. I was sobbing in pain and slowly started feeling a weird sensation in me. I started moaning as I was sobbing. He kept pounding away at my hole for what seemed like an hour. He pulled out and my ass slammed shut. He quickly shoved it all back inside me I yelped once again and he began pounding my ass again. He went deep and stopped and I felt his weight on top to my body and he was deep in me doing short little thrust. I was moaning again and found myself saying cum in my ass. Fuck me hard, he stood up and pulled out and plunged into me again and then pulled out and did it again. I was moaning and sobbing at the dick stabbing my ass deep. He pickup the pace and was really fucking my good when I felt him drop his weight on top of me and he laid there deep in my ass I could feel his cock twitching as he emptied his cum in me. He slowly stood up and pulled out and moved to the front of me and presented his cock to my mouth and took his flacid spent cock in my mouth and gagged a little from the taste of the lube. He said I’ll get some flavored lube for you soon. I cleaned his cock completely. He unstrapped me and took me into his arms and held me. We stood there in an embrace for a few minutes when he pulled me back and thrust his tongue into my mouth and kissed me with passion and told me he loved me. He led me to the main room and took my night shirt from the night before and pulled it over my head and pulled on his boxers and took my hand and led me into the kitchen up stairs. As we entered his mom was placing the dinner plates on the bar top. He asked me to get some glasses and I reached up to the cabinet and pulled two out. I then noticed my legs and thighs where covered in cum and blood. I freaked a little when I seen blood. I was embarrassed because I knew his mom could see this as well. She said happy birthday Adam, you boys enjoy the food I’m going out tonight so I will see you two tomorrow. And kissed us both on the cheek and as she kissed my cheek she said its fine nothing to be afraid it was your first time honey. I was embarrassed but it eased my mind and put me at ease. She left and we heard the front door close and car crank up and leave. He put his arm around me and said you are amazing I can’t wait to fuck you again I will fuck you all weekend. He must have had an appetite because he finished his food quickly. He said come to me when you finish. I was hungry too so I continued eating. I finished and put our dishes in the sink and returned to the bedroom to find him on the love seat completely naked. He said come here sexy and sit in my lap. I sat in his lap and he said no face me and straddle me. I stood up and removed my shirt and straddled him. He kissed me and rubbed my ass. We made out for a while and I felt his cock swelling. He said raise up. I did as instructed and he applied more lube to my hole and spit on the head of his cock. I want you to ride my cock. I slid up further and lined my ass up with his cock and he help it in place as I slid down on it. My little ass was sore but I managed to get half way down before I stopped and started coming back up. He had his hands on my hips guiding me. I started down again and about halfway I stopped and he thrust his hips up and plunged ¾ of his cock into my ass. I moaned and grunted a little and finally just let go and dropped all the way down on his shaft. He moaned and his eyes rolled back. I help in place and rocked my hips and his moan got louder. He finally could not take it anymore and picked me up and laid me on the table and started plowing my ass hard and deep. I was feeling his cock rubbing my prostate and I was moaning very loudly. He did not last long this time I felt him release into my hole. He pulled out and helped me up and said I want to show you something. I sat in his lap as he pulled out a remote and clicked. A screen lowered from the ceiling and a video started playing. I realized it was me why the girl was here shaving me and dressing me. He said look at your puckered little hole. I smiled and he said keep watching it was me on the counter top it was opened more from the butt plugs. I kept watching as he expertly ate my ass out. I could almost feel it again. I put my arms around him and kissed his cheek. It was up to the point he was about to enter me. His huge cock head beside my tight little hole. I was amazed that he ever got it in me. I watched in amazement as he pushed the head in my pucker being pushed in. I seen the point when he told me to push him out and sank his massive shaft into my hole. My ass was wrapped around his shaft being pushed and pulled with his thrust. The first time he pulled out and thrust back into me my hole was opened good and wide. It was then I noticed the blood oozing from my hole. I watched as he continuously fucked me. I noticed the joy on his face as he fucked me and seen a little sadness when he pulled out and seen the blood oozing from me. We watched to the end and he clicked it off and raised the screen and said come with me. We went into the bathroom and got into the shower and he cleaned me up. Helped me out and dried me off. He took me to the bed and laid me down and got on top and kissed me as he held me. He moved down and rubbed my little pecker. He rubbed my inner thighs and slid his hands under my legs and pushed my legs back to my head and rolled me up with ass spread wide. He placed a gentle kiss on my sore hole. The caressed my hole gently with his tongue. I was moaning and cooing as he licked my hole. He stuck his tongue out and licked from my hole all the way to my balls and engulfed my cock and balls all at once and sucked and licked at them until I came. He let my legs down and pulled the covers back and slid into bed beside me and pulled the covers over us and wrapped his arms around me. He held my crotch in his hand and I could feel his member swelling again. He pulled his hips back and I feel his cock entering my ass again. He had the head in when he put his arms around me and pulled me into him. His cock was fully in side me and he said I love you goodnight baby. I said good night I love you very much Adam. I drifted off to sleep fully impaled on his beautiful cock and had best night sleep I ever had.

I woke up the next morning in Adams arms and could feel his cock still inside me. I kissed his bicep and felt him stir and heard good morning baby. I said smiled and said morning you ready to get up I gotta pee. He said hold it and wrapped his arms around me and then lifted me with his cock still inside my ass. güvenilir bahis siteleri He carried me like like a cock coozie into the bathroom and lowered me to the floor in front of the commode. He told me to assume the position and placed my hands on the wall and felt the warmth of his piss filling me. He held my pecker head pinched so I could not piss. He emptied his bladder into my stomach and pushed me down and slid out of me and told me to empty his piss out of me ass. I did as he asked as he turned the shower on. He helped me up and I entered the shower ahead of him. He faced me and embraced me then reached between us and made sure my little pecker was pointed up and said piss. He kissed me and I could feel my piss streaming up my chest and it finally hit our faces with an extra push I gave. He kissed me deeper while squeezing my ass cheeks. When I finished pissing he stood back and said suck my cock. I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth and began sucking his cock head. He took my head and held it steady, I felt a warm liquid, he apparently did not finish emptying his bladder and was pissing into my mouth. I did not even hesitate to drink his piss. After he stopped pissing he released my head and I went back to sucking his head and he was getting really hard now. I took him down my throat and started sucking him fast and hard. He stopped me and pulled me up and said save my cum for your pussy. We finished showering and stepped out and he said you still wondering about furry life. Yes sir I am really curious. He grinned and said I think you will love it baby. In front of the couch he put puppy dog ears on my head. He then put a spiked collar on me, then he put furry gloves on that looked like doggie paws. He said now on all fours. I dropped to the floor and arched my ass upwards. He moved behind me and spread my cheeks and I felt something cold enter me. He then clicked a leash to the collar and led me across the room. We reached the floor mirror and I seen I had a puppy tail sticking out of my ass. He walked me to the living room. He sat on the couch in his gym shorts and pulled me up across his lap. He said we did not take care of your demerits yesterday. I had completely forgotten about those. He rolled up a new paper and rubbed it across my ass in a circular motion. And sailed a smack onto my ass cheek, then came another, then another then he paused. I do not hear you counting. Sorry sir, that was three. No they only count when you count. Yes sir, I said. He smacked me again and it hurt a little this time I said one. About that time I heard the front door open and his mom said hey boy’s your up. Smack, two I said, smack three I said. I heard his mom enter and heard her say come on in. Whoa who is coming in and going to see me getting spanked with a dog tail sticking out of my ass. Smack, three I said and then came four, five, six, seven, and a pause. Oh hey miss June how are you? I’m good Adam, Happy Birthday, I see you found a replacement for Bobby. Oh my god this is bobby’s mom. I know this person for many years, oh my god she would probably tell my mom. Bobby says he misses you, he misses you too Tim. Maybe he will come visit ya before long. I was petrified. Adam swung the paper again and smack, with instinct I cried out eight, nine, ten. He stopped and rubbed my butt, he then pulled me up. I was beet red and his mom said hey baby, how is your weekend going? It’s going great I stammered. She smiled and said, nothing to be embarrassed about sweetie. Adam turned me to the floor and pushed me back on all fours and stood up and said ladies we will return. He pulled the leash and popped me on the ass with the newspaper and led me back down the stairs. He then led me to the couch and pulled me up onto the arm and then forward so I was leaning over the arm with my face in couch cushion. He grabbed my puppy tail and yanked it out, I whimpered a little bit because my hole had dried up a little. I felt him spit on my hole and then he spat again and could here him slicking his cock up. I felt the warmth of his cock head as it neared my hole. He rubbed it up and down my crack and I felt it pierce my entrance. He thrush his entire cock into me in one powerful thrust and yelped in pain and he fell on top of me and held his cock deep in me. He raised up and started slow strokes in and out. He then was pulling almost out of me and then thrust all his manhood as deep as it would go. He continued pumping my ass deep and long strokes for several minutes and I felt him pull out. He knelt down and spread my cheeks and spit on my hole again. He stood up and shoved it all in again and pulled out completely again. He did this several more times before grabbing my hips and fucking me faster and faster as deep as he could get. I felt his cum shooting hard into my ass. He kept fuck me harder and harder. I was moaning so load, I was certain they could hear me down the street. He kept going and going and he shot another load into my ass. He stood there as his cock twitched in my ass. He pulled out and then I felt him enter again deep thrust driving his cock to the hilt into me and stopping. He did it again and then pulled out and moved in front of me and knelt on the couch and I took his cock into my mouth and sucked my ass juices, his spit, and cum from his cock shaft as he moaned and rubbed my back. I was in heaven and never wanted to leave his room. He stood up and helped me up and then reached for his shorts and pulled them on and as I turned around I noticed his bedroom door was wide open. I now had no doubt they had heard everything. He pulled of my ears and tossed them on the table and said here put these on and threw me a pair of his black boxers. I pulled them on with pride and he said lets go eat. I was in no hurry to face the Bobby’s mom after she heard me being fucked like a little girl and moaning like a little slut. But, i did what ever Adam ask of me, and gladly followed him upstairs. His mom always seem to have food ready when we came up stairs. That’s when I realized she had heard us every time. We entered the kitchen and on the bar top was orange juice and eggs and toast and bacon. It smells good I said and Adam said yes it does and we have a massive appetite. We stood at the bar and ate out breakfast, I was surprised how hungry I was, but I had been really physical since I had been here. I finished before Adam this time but not by much. He took out plates and put them in the sink and then kissed his mom and said thank you mom it was great. I thanked her and Adam grabbed my hand and led me down to his bedroom. When we arrived I said to Adam I really like these boxers of yours. He said you can keep them if you like, since there stained anyways. I looked confused and he led me to the mirror and turned my backside to the mirror and the boxers were sopping with the cum leaking from my hole. He smacked my ass and said you can take them off now. You don’t need clothes in this room. He fucked my ass three more times that day. We went to bed he had me suck him hard again and he shoved his cock back in my ass pulled me close and said goodnight baby, I love you. I love you too Adam. I wish it could last forever. He said yeah tomorrow school is back in session and you’ll be sleeping your own bed alone tomorrow. He had a little sadness in his voice and I felt like I would not make it without his cock in my as I slept. I drifted of to sleep and dreamed of him and I living alone and constantly fucking. I woke the next morning and his cock was not there. I turned over and caught him coming out of the shower. Your up, come on get a shower and get dressed we gotta get to school. I jumped up and asked if I could suck his dick while I showered. He said baby, you need to rest your body and I have to build back my cum supply. You drained me good this weekend. If you are a good girl and get a shower and get dressed I might have something for you after school. I jumped in the shower and washed and masturbated and felt really bad about it. I should only cum when he causes it. I stepped into the bedroom and he handed my little briefs and jeans. I got dressed and pulled on my shirt. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply and looked deep in my eyes and said I love you so much Tim. We headed upstairs and his mom was waiting by the door to take us to school. We were in the car on the way to school and Adam turned to look at me in the back seat and said Tim I will not be here this afternoon or for the rest of the week. My heart dropped. He explained the seniors had a field trip to Washington and he would be with them. I will be back as soon as I can. His mom said you can come hang out with me if you get bored. I was sad all day and school seemed to drag. It was finally over and I headed home and entered my empty house and went to my room and jumped into my bed and sobbed. I fell asleep and was awakened by my mom pulling into the driveway. I got up and washed my face. I went out to meet her. She hugged my neck and said how was your weekend. I felt a huge smile cross my face. I said it was great mom. I had the time of my life. That is great honey, I’m going to fix supper you want to help me? Yes ma-am. It was going to be a long week so may as well do what I can to take my mind off it.

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