Nicholas Turns


At the age of twenty four, Nicholas stood six foot, his body shaped like a Greek athlete. His supple muscles and tanned body made a woman watching him ache for a date with him. But after a recent bad relationship, Robert wasn’t looking for a relationship. His twin brother had introduced him to the world of homosexuality years before, and though Robert wasn’t particularly interested in men, he wasn’t against not looking at men either.

One late evening, his mother and step father had some friends over from the company they owned and though his mother and his step father had retired for the evening, she extended the invitation to continue to use the pool. Nicholas up to this point had had the pool to himself. He was sitting in the shadows in one of the lounge chairs with his swimming trunks pulled down in the front and he was stroking his seven inch cock. He wasn’t thinking of anything or anyone in particular, but was erect and wanting. A man emerged from the house in swimming trunks and after looking back towards the house, took off his swimming trunks. Nicholas couldn’t believe his eyes! This man’s cock was mammoth and wasn’t even erect. Nicholas recognized the man. Kyle was his name. Nicholas wasn’t sure what he did with the company, but actually what did it matter. Nicholas watched Kyle sit on the stairs of the pool and start to stroke his cock. As it became erect, it seemed even bigger than it had been to start with.

“Quite a nice man-tool you have there.” Nicholas said from the shadows. Kyle jerked and peered towards where the voice had come from.

Kyle said, “Come take a closer look if you are so inclined.”

Nicholas rose off the lounge chair, leaving his trunks down and walked over to Kyle. Reaching Kyle, Kyle pulled Nicholas’s trunks down to his feet, and Nicholas flipped them off into the pool. Nicholas walked down the pool steps, and then turned around to face Kyle who had moved to the side of the pool and had his legs open and trailing into the water. Nicholas walked over and moved between his legs. His hand reached out and stroked Kyle’s large swollen cock. The width of it was at least two inches, and his length was about eight inches long. Still stroking it, Nicholas moved in closer and then took it within his mouth. It was an extremely big mouthful Nicholas thought to himself. But unable to stop himself, he sucked at Kyle’s cock with enthusiasm. Kyle braced his hands on the side of the pool, breathing heavily silivri escort as this young stud made his cock feel alive! Nicholas sucked Kyle’s cock for all he was worth. His mind was thinking of how it would feel other places too, but the problem would be where. They had to have condoms, they had to have KY because no amount of pushing would help without it. Kyle’s breathing increased as he struggled not to cum quickly, but Nicholas’s mouth was increasing in speed and pressure. Gasping, Kyle took a hold of the top of Nicholas’s head and held it. His hips jerked forward and the cum exploded from him, splattering inside of Nicholas’s mouth, and down in throat. His hands released Nicholas’s head, but didn’t drop his hands. He continued to cum and Nicholas continued to swallow until there was no more to be had. Nicholas backed up from Kyle and grinned.

“Mmmm, that was worth hiding in the shadows for! “, he said. Kyle looked at him thru slitted eyes. “You all done with me then? Kyle said”.

Nicholas looked at Kyle, and shook his head. “Not if you don’t want to be done with me, but we need a place to go. We can’t continue here! If my parents bust us, we both could be in trouble!”

Kyle grabbed his swimming trunks, and got up and put them on.

“Go grab some clothes and meet me out front…we can go to my place if you’d like”, Kyle said.

Nicholas left his trunks on the pool bottom, and dashed off into the house and up to his room. He dressed in a tight pair of jeans, and a polo shirt. He slipped his feet into a pair of sneakers, grabbed a box of condoms and KY and stuff it into his pocket and ran downstairs and out to the front. The house was quiet and dark. Kyle was waiting for him in his black convertible mustang. Nicholas jumped into the car, and Kyle started the motor and pulled away. Kyle reached over and stroked Nicholas’s bulge as he drove. Nicholas could barely keep from squirming in his seat. He was excited beyond anything he’d ever been before. He knew he was in for a night of intense pleasure and most likely some pain, but he looked forward to it! Nicholas placed his hand on Kyle’s crotch, and could feel Kyle’s cock straining within his jeans also. They had gone about 30 miles when Kyle pulled into a driveway with a semi-modest home. The backyard Nicholas could see was blocked by a six foot privacy fence. Kyle pulled into the garage and shut the door. Reaching şirinevler escort for Nicholas, his hand went up to his zipper on his pant, and he pulled it down. Pulling Nicholas’s cock out, he sucked it for a few minutes and then turned and got out of the car. Nicholas followed, leaving his cock dangling from his jeans. They went into the house.

Kyle said “I’ll give the tour tomorrow, for now, I have more hardening ideas for the rest of the night.”

They went down to a room at the end of the hall, and Kyle snapped on some low lights revealing a king sized bed in an obvious bachelor bedroom. Kyle took a hold of Nicholas and pulled him into his arms. His hands immediately undressing Nicholas, and Nicholas undressing Kyle. They were both rock hard and extremely excited. Nicholas pulled the rubbers and KY out of his pants as Kyle watched and laughed. Pulling Nicholas down on the bed, Kyle started kissing Nicholas as his hands trailed down his body. He pinched, pulled and twisted Nicholas’s nipples until Nicholas was squirming around the bed. Breathing hard, he bucked his body upwards and towards Kyle. Kyle moved his mouth to where his fingers had just been and his hand gripped Nicholas’s cock. Stroking up and down on his cock, Kyle suckled his nipples. Finally he moved his mouth down to Nicholas’s cock, and proceeded to suck him with fierce abandonment. Nicholas bucked his hips up and down and came way too quickly in his opinion. Kyle laughingly took the KY where it had fallen, and the condoms.

Kyle said I have the same items in a drawer by the bed.”

Kyle put a condom over his cock, and rolled Nicholas onto his stomach. Opening the KY, he liberally spread it onto his anal pucker. Pushing one, then two, then three fingers up inside of him, he got Nicholas greased and ready as he’d ever be. Breathing hard in anticipation, Kyle urged Nicholas up and onto his knees. Kyle quickly followed, and placed the head of his massive cock against Nicholas’s opening. Knowing that going slowly would only prolong the agony.

Kyle asked, “Nicholas, you ready?”

Nicholas gave a grunt of a go ahead, Kyle slammed his hips forward putting his cock all the way up within Nicholas. Nicholas couldn’t believe the pain he felt from this massive man-tool, and yet he wanted Kyle more than ever. Kyle was surprised how intensely he already wanted to cum, but holding off moving for a bit lessened şişli escort the urge. Nicholas began shoving backwards against Kyle, and Kyle taking the hint stroked back and forth. Slowly at first and then faster and faster until he exploded within Nicholas. Over and over Kyle took Nicholas that night. Not much sleep, but they enjoyed being together.

Nicholas awoke to an empty bed and turning over and sitting up proved to be a sore experience. He got up and got dressed and went to find Kyle, who was in the kitchen making breakfast. Nicholas went over to Kyle who was only wearing a robe and kissed him. Nicholas’s hand found it’s way to Kyle’s cock, which immediately rose to the occasion. Setting the breakfast on low, Kyle picked up Nicholas and placing him on the counter. He peeled off his jeans and drove his cock deep up again within Nicholas. Kyle screwed him for about twenty minutes and came within him. Kyle would have loved to have turned off breakfast and continued his screwing with Nicholas, but work was fast approaching. With the breakfast cooked, they ate and talked of the previous night. Nicholas was sore, but still very much turned on by Kyle! Knowing they both had to go to work, Kyle went to get dressed and Nicholas went and sat in the driver’s seat with his feet sticking out the door. Kyle walked out into the garage, and walked up to the car.

“You look very sexy sitting there in my car!” Kyle told him. “So sexy in fact, that I wonder what would happen if I did this…”

Kyle walked up to the car and unzipped his pants and leaned his cock towards Nicholas’s face. Nicholas immediately drew Kyle cock within his mouth and began to suck on it. Kyle moaned and moved his hips back and forth pushing his cock in and out of Nicholas’s mouth. Groaning he thrust once more within his mouth and emptied his load. Pulling Nicholas out of the car, he twisted him away from him and into the side of the car. Pulling him down towards the trunk, Kyle reached around and pulled down Nicholas’s jeans and pushed his cock against his ass.

Growling, he said, “You are so sexy Nicholas and in fact I can’t get enough of you! I want one more time before I let you go home!”

Kyle forced himself inside of Nicholas’s ass. Nicholas strained against the car, and cried out from the pain as Kyle moved within him without lube. But he also wanted Kyle. Anyone driving past might wonder at the two men moving against the back of the car, but at the moment, it was the furthest from both of their minds. They arched against each other and the car. Kyle’s cock assaulted Nicholas’s ass over and over and yet Nicholas enjoyed the assault. His ass was raw and enlarged, but he would never be the same. He wanted a permanent relationship with Kyle, and this was only the beginning.

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