Nigel’s Pet Ch. 06

Big Dicks

Part 6 of a series. Please take the time to read 1-5

Ali pushed the remote button to the door opener and pulled the 4×4 Ford pickup inside the garage and came to a stop next to her Dad’s white Lincoln.

It had been another exciting day for the 19 year young redhead.

She always enjoyed meeting with Nigel and letting him use her holes for his pleasure.

Today would have just been another secret meeting between her and Nigel, that was if Jim and Bob had not seen them fucking out in the city park.

Ali had really enjoyed dominating Jim and she knew that one day she would outgrow her submissive phase.

Jen had found a pair of blue jean shorts and a pink tank top in the bag of cloths that Nigel had packed for her. She had just finished wiggling her firm ass into the tight shorts as they entered the three stall garage that was hooked on to the massive two story farm house.

“Your house is beautiful.” Jen said to Ali “I can’t wait to meet your family.”

“Thank you Jen, I loved growing up in this old house.” Ali said as she leaned over to kiss Jen on the lips ” I am sure my family is going to enjoy meeting you too.”

Ali pushed her hand up under Jen’s tank top and playfully twisted the ring in her left nipple as they kissed.

Ali always loved to hold and kiss Jen .She could not get enough of the feeling the softness of her lips and the way Jen kissed back with her slender probing tongue exploring her mouth.

Jen knew she didn’t need to touch any other place on Ali’s body to drive the young girl wild(just the passion in her kiss’s always made Ali’s young cunt dripping wet).

Jen’s hand soon found its way under Ali’s short sundress and was rocking the ring in her pierced clit hood back and forth.

“Oh god, you know how to make my pussy wet.” Ali moaned as she broke the kiss between them.

“We better go inside before mom comes looking for us.” Ali said to her friend as she opened the door and slide out of the truck “We will have time later to finish making out.”

They gathered up Jen’s bags from the back of the truck and walked up the three steps to the entry way. Before Ali could reach down to turn the handle, her brother (Steve) opened the door from the other side.

“Where the fuck have you been all afternoon? Mom was starting to have a cow worrying that you were in a car wreck or something .” Steve shouted at his older sister.

Ali walked right up to him and gave his cock a hard squeeze. “If you are a good boy and stop your bitching, I might tell you later.” Ali replied back with her trademark naughty smile on her face.

The two girls walked through the doorway, into the kitchen with Steve right on their tails.

“Steven this is Jenny, one of my roommates from college.” Ali said “Jenny this is my little brother Steve.”

“Hi” Jenny said ” Ali has told me some wonderful things about you.”

Steve didn’t say a word back to Jen . But his eyes where busy roaming up and down her tight little body. Jen’s dark pierced nipples were showing proudly through the thin cloth of her pink blouse. Steve could feel his young prick stir as he was now focusing on Jen’s camel toe that was barely covered with not much more then two inches of blue fabric.

The girls both smiled at each other when they saw that Steven was trying to see if any of Jen’s pussy lips were showing .

Ali reached down to rub Jen’s slightly cover pussy with her hand, gently pushing the cloth in the wet v between her thighs. Ali then pulled the crotch of Jen’s shorts to one side exposing her young twat to Steven’s wandering eyes.

“Is this what you are wanting to get a better look at Steven?” Ali asked her wide eyed brother.

“Jen has the sweetest tasting pussy that I have ever eaten in my life.” Ali said to Steven

Ali playfully pushed two fingers inside Jen and slowly started finger fucking the wet hole . Jen started to moan as Ali increased the tempo of her assault on Jen’s pink slit and forcefully fucked the hole with her fingers. The scent of her sex was filling the air as she was ever so close to cumming on Ali’s hand.

Just then from the other room Jean Shanhan called out” Ali is that you?”

“We are in the kitchen Mom.” Ali replied to her mother .

Ali slowly pulled her fingers out of her friend’s wet pussy and pulled Jen’s shorts back in place. She stuck out her tongue and was just about to lick them clean of Jen’s juices( before her Mom came into the room). When Ali noticed that Steve was watching her with hungry look in his eyes.

Before he could say a word or move away Ali took her wet fingers and wiped Jen’s love juices right under his nose and across his lips.

“You better get used to that smell and taste bro.” Ali whispered to Steven as their Mom made her way into the kitchen.

“Later tonight when Mom and Dad are sleeping we are going to have some fun with you.I want to watch you eat that tender pussy of Jen’s and make her cum. Then you can fuck both of us until you can no longer get hard.” tuzla escort Ali told her younger brother

Steven’s cock was pulsing wildly from the combination of Jen’s musk under his nose and Ali’s naughty invitation of sex. He tried his best to stop it, but could not help shooting his white cum in his pants( just as his mother entered the room).His face turned bright red and he moved his hand down to cover the wet cum spot in his jeans.

” This is my best friend Jenny.” Ali said to her mom as she entered the room.

“Hi, it is very nice to meet you. Ali seldom brings friends home from college. ” Jean said.

“I have been looking forward to meeting you too.” Jen replied back.

“Steven what’s wrong? Did you know your face is all flushed and your cheeks are very red? Steven why are you bent over like that trying to cover your crotch with your hands? Are you feeling ill?J ean asked her son.

“For goodness sakes you look like a little boy holding his penis because he needs to pee. If you do have to pee Steven, be a big boy and go pee.” Jean said in a very mother like tone to Steven.

“Oh Jesus Mom.” Steven said ” I feel fine and I am not a baby anymore. My face is red because I got too much sun today and I just spilled part of a glass of milk on my pants. But thanks mother for making me feel like I was 4 again. I am going to my room to change.”

Steven quickly made his way out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs to change out of his cum filled pants.

Just as he had finishing wiping the remains of his pre-mature cum off his dick with his underwear. There was a loud knock on his bedroom door.

“What do you want?” Steven asked in a loud voice.

He could hear the two girls whispering and laughing in the hallway.

“Sorry Steve that we teased you and made you cum in your pants. I promise we will make up for it later.” Ali said to her brother.

Before he could respond, he heard more laughing and Ali’s bedroom door slam shut.

” Come over here you little cock tease.” Ali said to Jen as she pulled the young blonde closer by the hem of the pink tank top. “You are now my guest for the weekend and I am going to take care of you .”

Jen raised her arms as Ali pulled the shirt up over her head.

Ali took her firm young breasts in her hands and gently squeezed them .Jen’s tits are small but are a beautiful pear shape with hard pencil eraser nipples pierced with two large golden rings.

“You have wonderful tits.” Ali said “I love them and wish mine looked that good.”

Ali undid the button and pulled down the zipper on Jens shorts. Ali slowly pushing them down over the young blondes hips and watched Jen stepping out of the leg holes, one foot at a time.

As they move together and kissed Ali reached her hand down between Jen’s legs to again feel her pink slit. Ali cupped the young cunt in her hand and slide one finger in to test the wetness. Jen’s pussy was soaking wet from the naughty show they put on down stairs. Suddenly without warning, Ali forcefully grabbed the rings that are on each side of Jen’s wet fuck hole and pulled them down stretching out her lover’s pussy lips. Jen let out a loud moan that was being muffled by Ali’s tongue being stuffed deeper in her mouth. Jen’s pussy was being both teased and tortured by Ali . One minute she was stroking it softly and the next she would be twisting hard on the dual rings as if she were trying to tear them out of the soft flesh of Jen’s outer lips.

Ali broke off the kiss and her grip grew tighter on the rings as she started to pull Jen across the room by the pussy.

“Come with me my pet it’s bath time.” Ali announced. “We need to get that pussy and ass cleaned up for my brother’s tongue.” Ali had never dominated Jen before and it was really turning both of them on.

Ali turned the brass handles and started to fill the large white bath with warm water.

Jen had never seen a bath tub that looked like this one. It was free standing and had four supporting feet that looked like eagle’s claws.

Jen got down on her knees on the bathroom floor with her head down patiently waited for her new mistress’s orders.

Ali reached behind her neck and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

She then stepped ahead so her pussy was right in front of Jen’s bowed head.

Ali reached down under Jen’s chin and lifted it up so Jen could see directly into her eyes before she gave her next order.

“Lick my pussy and make me cum.” Ali told her new claimed slave. “Then after I give you a bath and I will return the favor.” Ali open up her thighs as she put her hand on the top of Jen’s head and pulled her to the wet and waiting pussy.

Jen took one long lick from the back of Ali’s rear passage up and over her wet slit, not stopping until her was at Ali’s pierced navel where she slowly started to fuck her belly button hole with her tongue.

Jen’s hands cupped Ali’s ass cheeks to pull her closer to the tongue fucking she was giving her belly.

Jen tuzla escort bayan slowly kissed her way back down over Ali’s slit and pushed her tongue deep into Ali’s tight fuck hole .

Jen was using her nose to make little circles around Ali’s swollen clit as her tongue went in and out of her tight pussy.

“Suck my clit with that tongue.” Ali screamed as Jen placed the broad middle part of her tongue on her clit and slowly rock it back and forth in its protective hood. She gently worked one of her fingers into Ali’s ass as she tongue fucked her pussy deeper and deeper.

When she knew Ali was very close to Cumming . Jen started to work two fingers into her ass while she licked the hard clit ever so softly with just the tip of her tongue.

Ali reached down and grabbed Jen by the hair as she was trying to force Jen’s tongue back into her pulsing pussy.”

“I am Cumming.” Ali screamed at the top of her lungs.

(When Ali cums hard she will shoot streams of clear cum out of her pussy.)

“Eat my cum you blonde whore.” Ali ordered her lover.

Jen sucked hard on the hole trying to capture as much of the clear fluid as she could. But most escaped and coated her face in the clear scented liquid.

When Ali looked down at Jen she could see that her face covered with pussy juice and her body was quivering from her own hard cum.

The problem was that her new mistress never said she could cum yet.

“Get on your hands and knees you ungrateful little bitch.” Ali snapped at Jen.

“I said in good time I would make you cum. I never said you could cum from eating my pussy.”

Ali reached over to vanity by the sink and collected in her hands two wooden hair brushes.

“Count to ten, bitch. Lose count and get ten more.” Ali said as the first smack of the wooden brush hit Jen’s upraised ass. Ali alternated from cheek to cheek and made large red welts on her tender white ass.

“” Jen said back as she excepted the punishment .

After she finished spanking Jen’s ass Ali turned the brushes over and ran the stiff bristles over her red ass ,scratching the tender flesh.

Ali then reached down and pulled Jen’s ass cheeks apart.

Jen could feel the pressure of the handle of one brush being placed on her tight rosebud.

Ali leaned over and spit on Jen’s open ass as she started to work the tip of the brush hand in.

Deeper and deeper she fucked the wooden handle into Jen’s bum until it was buried up to the bristles.

Ali reached between Jen’s open thighs to rub on the young girl’s clit as she started to fuck her pussy hole with the handle of other brush.”


“Yes whore, you can cum for your mistress now.” Ali said

Jen reached back and rubbed her clit as Ali fucked both of her holes with the twin brushes.

“AHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS.” Jen screamed “Thank you mistress.”

Ali whisper in Jen’s ear as she kissed her cheek. “Did me dominating you turn you on?”

“Yes I loved it, especially when you fucked my ass and pussy with those brushes.” Jen said.

“What ever came over you? Jen asked.

“I felt a power earlier today (when Nigel let me take Jim’s ass)that I have never felt before. I can see now what great pleasure he receives and I want more.” Ali replied

“Get into the tub with me and lets get each other cleaned up.” Ali said as she helped Jen into the warm water.

They moved up to their knees in the tub and carefully washed each others young firm breast with a sweet smelling strawberry scented body wash.

Ali took great care to scrub away any residue of today’s love making that might have still been trapped in the folds of pussy skin between Jen’s thighs.

Ali stood up and grabbed the edge of the tub for support.

She reached back and grabbed one of her firm butt cheeks to expose her asshole and pussy to Jen. So Jen could squirt a little soap on her tight holes and wash them clean.

After padded each other dry with big fluffy white towels. They moved back into Ali’s bedroom and laid naked in each others arms on the bed. Both enjoying the moment and softly kissing each other on the lips.

Ali rolled over on top and slide her leg between her lover’s slender thighs until she could feel Jen’s wet snatch rubbing on her thigh as she was rubbing wet crack on Jen’s leg.

“God you make me hot you little whore.” Ali said to her female lover ” I can smell the scent of your pussy on my leg and I need a taste of that sweet nectar.”

Ali moved down between Jen’s now wide open thighs and took in a deep breath to take in Jen’s scent. With her tongue she traced an out line all away around the seeping pink hole.

Jen lifted her legs up higher and spread them out wider as Ali’s tongue started to probe her wet hole.

Ali was on her hands and knees on the bed with her ass high in the air, her fingers were rubbing on her own clit as she leaned down to rock Jen’s erect bud with the tip of her escort tuzla tongue.

There were two quick knocks and then the door to Ali’s bedroom swung open wide.

There in the doorway stood Jean Shanhan with a basket piled high with fresh folded clothes.

“Ali I have your laundry done.” Jean said to Ali.

As she lowered the basket of cloths she could see her naked daughter eating her young friend’s pussy.

“Oh my goodness .” Jean exclaimed ” I am sorry girls. I should have not just barged in like that.”

All the blood from Jean’s brain must have been sent right down between her legs. Because her pussy felt like it was on fire and every heart beat make her wet snatch throb.

“That’s ok Mom.” Ali said ” I am willing to share if you want to join us.”

Ali had never thought of her mother in a sexual way before .But her Mom was pretty enough and still in good shape with just a little fat on her butt.

Ali got a big smile on her face as she then tested her Mom for a reaction.

She lowered her head between Jen’s thighs and took one long slow lick of Jen’s wet slit.

“Her pussy is fresh washed and clean Mom.” Ali taunted Jean ” I will move aside so you can have a taste.”

Before she could utter another word. Ali could feel the weight of her Mom getting on the bed.

“You two are so young and beautiful.” Jean said to the two young women “I have not had a chance to eat pussy since I married your father. He is kind of uptight about such things.”

Jean made her way up between Jen’s open thighs and squeezed her small breasts in her hands as she looked down at the young blonds exposed sex.

Jean said to Jen “You have beautiful skin dear so soft and warm.” Her hands both moved down over her firm belly to feel Jen’s swollen pussy lips and gently rubbed them back and forth.

When she got to the rings in the young twat, she pulled on them and questioned “Is this something new having your sex pierced? Ali I see you are pierced too. What is the purpose of doing that?” Jean asked the girls

Ali moved up next to her mom and took one of her hands off Jen’s twat and place it on hers.

“Put a little pressure on it mother and then rock it. Ah, the feeling in my clit right now is unbelievable.” Ali said as Jean started to explore her daughters piercing.

“Plus when guys fuck us, they like the pressure from the rings on their dicks.” Jenny said

“God Mom you have a nice touch” Ali said as Jean was now rubbing harder on the two young women pussys.

“Taste Jenny’s pussy .You will find that it is as sweet as honey.” Ali told her mother.

When Jean bent down and took her first taste of Jen’s pussy. Ali moved behind her on the bed and lifted her house dress over hips and pulled Jean’s panties off her well rounded ass exposing a very hairy cunt.

Jean moaned as her daughters fingers found her dripping hole.

Ali used two fingers and fucked her mom from behind as Jean tired hard to gather up the all the juice that was running out of Jen’s tight fuck hole.

Ali soon went from two to four fingers in her mom’s wet and floppy hole.

Jean stopped eating Jen’s hole long enough to blurt out ” God that feels so good Ali.Please put your whole hand in my old cunt because I love to be fisted.”

Ali pulled her hand back and folded in her thumb and slowly worked her hand back and forth until her mom’s pussy opened up to take her whole hand.

She kept fucking the wet hole until most of her wrist was imbedded deep inside the womb she came out of.

“Oh my goodness” Jean screamed ” That feels so good. Finger fuck my ass too .”

Ali seen that this was her chance to dominated her Mom.

Jean just about bit Jen’s clit off when she felt the first slap of Ali’s hand on her ass.

Jean tried to move ahead and dislodge Ali’s fist from her cunt. But Ali reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair to hold her still.

“Hold still you old cunt.” Ali barked at her mother ” I am in charge and I will say what holes get fucked and when are done.”

“You need to tell me what kind of dirty old whore lets her daughter fist her pussy.”

When she didn’t answer right away.

Jean felt several more hard slaps on her ass cheeks that turned them both a matching bright red.

“You are right I am a dirty whore that needs to be punished.” Jean sobbed ” No good mother has sex with her son and daughter.”

Her comment totally surprised Ali. “You have been fucking Steven?” Ali questioned her mother

“Yes she has.” Steven said from the open doorway

“I caught your mother fucking one of the hired men right after you left for college. I told her if she didn’t fuck me when I wanted it that I would tell Dad.”

“You fisting her old cunt looks so fucking hot. Keep fucking her with your hand while cum in her ass.” Steven told his sister.

Steven moved up behind his Mom and with one push was buried nuts deep inside. The pressure of Ali’s hand in her twat made her ass tight as a vise on her son’s cock and after just a few pumps Steven shot his load his mother’s bowels.

“Hold it in her and I will make her cum.” Ali told Steven.

“Oh yes Steve leave your cock in your whore mothers ass.” Jean begged her son.

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