Night stalker pevert of note continued…


Night stalker pevert of note continued…I awaken with a throbbing headache. My senses are suddenly reeling, where am I, what has happened? I become acutely aware of the fact that I am restrained, spreadeagled over a very uncomfortable barrel.I slowly open my eyes almost afraid to take in my surroundings. As I focus in the dimly lit room, it seems as if I find myself in a cellar as the air has a certain damp smell to it. I suddenly sense that I am not alone in the room.Your boyfreind is standing looking down at me naked as the day he was born. He has a humongous erection standing out in front of his huge frame, he smiles at me and comes over close to my face.He says we have not been properly introduced yet, I am George and for the nexty few hours we are going to get to know each other quite intamitely…you thought you could just come over and fuck my girlfreind without any consequences to your greedy actions? Well I am afraid you were sadly mistaken.Rebecca is here and she will guide me as to what treatment you must recieve for your greedy actions earlier tonight. As you will have noticed, you are no longer in the cosy bedroom, but rather in the cellar, way below the house. Screaming for help is not going bahis siteleri to be of any avail, so take what is comming your way like a man, or should I say, like the little bitch you about to become…our little bitch.At this point Rebecca says to me that I must suck Georges cock and lick his balls, George steps forward and places his erect monster in front of my mouth. I try to twist my head to the side to avoid getting his monster shoved in my mouth, but Rebecca grabs hold of my hair and pulls me to face him, at the same time she angrily hisses in my face “try anything like that again, and there will be consequences”! “Consequences you will not like”! Do you understand, Bitch?I slowly nod my head, my mouth engulfed with a monsterous dick. George starts fucking my face, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth, as it passes through my throat I feel the urge to gag and am immediately warned by Rebecca to man up and take it like a bitch. As Geoerge is face fucking me, I realise that breathing is the key to stopping the gag reflex and start working with George in his quest to cum, thinking that the sooner I get him to Cum the sooner this ordeal will be over.After a few minutes of furious face fucking, George canlı bahis gets told by Rebecca to stop and go around the barrel to my rear. At the same time Rebecca takes up position in front of my face, I notice that she is also naked, she tells me to start sucking her Clitt, as I get into my new task (and just start enjoying it) I suddenly feel an immense burning pain in my arse and I realise that I no longer have a man virgin, I am being butt fucked by George.The pain is immense, I feel burning as if a hot poker has been inserted into my rectum, I feel my insides been churned around by that monstrosity that George refers to as his snake. I feel the urge to defecate, but instinctively know that there will be consequences to such an action.Again I realise that if I relax my sphincher the pain is not so intense, and as I start relaxing, I feel that I am busy getting an erection, the pain of being butt fucked is actually turning into pleasure. Without realising it, I actually start anticipating George`s thrusts and start taking them in my stride, I lift my buttocks in anticipation of the next thrust and George yells out to me, “Thats right my little Bitch, take daddys cock”! Take Daddys cock right up güvenilir bahis your little virgin arse, I see that your bood is lubbing you well!Rebecca starts rubbing her mound furiously into my mouth commanding me to lick and suck her cunt passionately!I am now really enjoying my humiliation, it has become immensely pleasurable, I realise that I am cumming without any stimulation to my dick, my arse is throbbing, my prostate is pulsating, I am squirting Cum like a leaking faucet. Suddenly George lets out a hard yell, “Oh God Yes, Yes, Yes…I AM CUMMING!, Rebecca also starts moaning and and erupts some thick gooyee muscious liquid into my mouth and face. I feel George`s warm Cum squirting out his pulsating cock straight into the very depths of my stomach and once again I quiver and shoot an involuntary load onto the barrel.Rebecca walks over to George and says, “Come George my darling, the weekend is still long. We still have plenty time to rest and come and use our little bitch again for our pleasure.”They leave the cellar and I become acutely aware that my ordeal is still not over. I suddenly feel ashamed that I actually enjoyed being ****d by a man, yet at the same time feel a quiver run up my spine as I lay in anticipation of their next visit to the cellar.I try to get my hands loose from their restraints but feel the futility of the excercise, Thus I relax and start dreaming of what is happen next? My cock starts dripping….

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