Nightly Infidelity

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Adriana Chechik

I was just finishing up the dinner dishes when I heard Susan’s car pull into my driveway. I smiled to myself and hurried over to the front door. She had taken to coming over as soon as her husband left for work each night. I’d found myself acting like a puppy, eager for her owner to get home. Everyday I waited for the clock to swing around to 7 and for my new lover to arrive.

I opened the door before she could knock. Susan stood there in her usual casual attire, long coat tossed over t-shirts and jeans. Her thick brown hair was brushed back in ponytail. She wasn’t really a person for dressing up, but god was she lovely.

She gave me a wide smile and threw her arms around my neck. I pulled her into my embrace, our lips brushing in a kiss as our breasts pressed together. My hands slid inside her coat, wrapping around her back, stroking along the curve of her spine, cupping the swell of her ass. She purred into my kiss and then walked me back into the kitchen, never breaking our contact. She reached behind her and closed the door.

We’d been friends for about a year, then lovers for the past two months. We’d met at mutual friend’s party and later I’d started hanging out with her and her husband. I was giving her longing looks from the start. Over time, as we grew closer, she’d admitted her past experiences with other women. I took my chances and kissed her, a few minutes later we were pulling off our clothes and pulling each other to the floor. Now we got together every chance we got.

We quit our embrace at last and I stepped away from her. I looked into her pale blue eyes then reached up to stroke her cheek. She took my hand in hers squeezing it tightly. She led me to the living room. We were both grinning like kids at Christmas.

At the doorway she pushed me to the wall. Her mouth closed over mine, devouring me. She pulled my skirt up and pressed her leg firmly between mine. For a wonderful moment she ground her thigh against my pussy. I wrapped my arms around her neck to keep my balance and pushed myself to her. I felt my breath grow short and my skin flush. I let out a deep throaty moan. Her hands moved between us, closing on my breasts. But just as I began to climb towards ecstasy she pulled away. I stared at her, pleading with my eyes. She smiled and stepped fully into the room.

We settled down together on my sofa. I lay on my side and she spooned up against me. It had become our little ritual, the thing we always did before really beginning. She wriggled her body to mine, and as always I shivered in delight when her ass came to rest against my pelvis. I let my arm drape over her, my hand resting on her stomach. We lay like that for a long moment, the sweet joy of the intimacy filling us both. I caught the scent of her, the sweetness of her skin, the perfume of her hair. I could feel my heart rush at the joy her being near me.

Susan had such a lovely body. She was tall, almost whipcord thin. She’d been a long distance runner in school and her muscles still reflected that. She was trim and taunt, with wonderful legs. Her long thighs and claves were so perfectly shaped. Next to her I always felt delicate and a little weak. It only added to the thrill to know I could make her do what I wanted. My gorgeous, almost dangerous, pet.

My fingers made little circles on her belly, slowly pushing her shirt up. I reveled in the contrast of her soft skin stretched güvenilir bahis over the firm muscles beneath. Girl Jocks have always been a passion of mine and she was the sexiest I’d ever met.

I pushed her hair aside with my face and began to nibble her slender neck. She cooed in response and turned to meet me. I paused, our lips so close, our breath mingling, flowing warm across our faces. I moved to kiss her, our mouths so tight together that I could feel my lips pushed to my teeth. Excited by this I moved my mouth, biting her lower lip playfully. She sighed and shifted her weight, leaning back into me. The warmth of her form filled me.

I let my hand wander higher, taking one of her pert breasts and squeezing it softly. Her breasts were small, in keeping with her athletic build, but they looked perfect on her. She was always worried about their small size detracting from her appearance; every chance I could I did my best to convince her they were perfect.

She reached down and pulled off her top, exposing them for me. I kissed my way from her lips, down her neck, pausing to nip at her throat again. She sighed in response. I’d discovered Susan had a thing for bites. I continued my progress along her body until my mouth closed on her nipple. I teased and sucked at it, letting the stud in my tongue slide over the sensitive skin. She purred in appreciation of the attention. I nibbled and licked both her nipples, trying to draw out her excitement.

My hand ran back down her belly, my fingertips sneaking under the waistband of her jeans and her panties. I let my nails trace through her pubic hair, lightly scratching her skin. Susan refused to shave or wax her pussy. At first I’d found it a little odd (which says something about modern fashion) but by now I found it excited me, making her seem so much more womanly. I inched my fingers down, taunting her skin with them, until the tips brushed her lips. She sighed and stiffened, lifting her hips off the sofa. Her jeans left me little room to work, so my motions were small confined, just the lightest pressures and strokes on her folds, the quickest touch on her clit. I kept up my kissing of her nipples, enjoying the way she twisted and squirmed, the sound of her breath growing more ragged.

At last in frustration she reached down and undid her fly, giving my hand room. I rewarded her by sliding my index finger inside her, curling it around the pubic arch pressing firmly on her spot. She howled in pleasure, a deep throaty sound, more like an animal than person. I slowly drew my finger out of her, pulling it across her clit as it left her folds. I repeated this motion a few times, playing her cunny like a violin, and like the instrument she sang in joy at the feeling.

Between her gasps of pleasure her she began to whisper over and over “please Beth, please lick me.”

I climbed off the sofa and knelt beside it. Together we pulled her jeans and panties off, tossing them aside. She sat up, her legs parted for me. I rose up and kissed her again, fierce this time, my teeth biting her lip without a shred of gentleness, before my tongue sought out hers. We explored each other’s mouths, our tongues rolling over the other, stroking gums and sliding on our teeth.

I ran my hands up her thighs, my nails leaving red welts on her skin. She trembled under me, arching her back. My fingertips reached her pussy and I pressed a knuckle türkçe bahis to her lips, I twisted and pushed against her folds, my thumb forced down on her clit. I was rough as could be and I could feel her responding.

Susan had told me about her past experiences, a girl friend in high school, a couple of quick lovers at the university, then she got married. None of them had been anything but vanilla sex. I loved showing her new things. One of those being how much fun it could be to get forceful and wild.

I worked a pair of fingers inside her, driving them deep. I twisted them around drawing more cries and whimpers from her with every turn. I knew by now how much she loved that little line between the joys of feeling her walls being stroked and the pain of feeling them stretched. I kept her on that cusp as long as I could.

She reached out with her hands, running her fingers through my hair. She pulled my face up to meet her gaze.

“Please hun,” she begged in that same whisper. “Please lick me.” She could be a little insistent some times.

I took hold of her hips and pulled her from the sofa. Using my hands I turned her around and guided her into kneeling, her chest resting on the cushions. She looked back at me and smiled.

I moved behind her, my fingers again stroking her legs. I squeezed and kneaded the taunt muscles of her thighs then moved to her ass cheeks. I pulled them apart with my thumbs, revealing her sex. I brought my face close to her, letting my breath hit her skin. Susan shifted her weight, bringing herself closer to my mouth.

I let my tongue dart out, just flicking across her lips. I felt her hips wriggle in response. I pushed the tip between her folds and just paused there for a second. I heard her gasp in anticipation. She started to rock back to me. I thought about pulling away, just to teach her patience, but I was too eager to wait myself.

I began to run my tongue along the length of her pussy, moving slow and languidly, tasting the sweetness of her excitement. She paid me back with a long sigh and the shivering of her body. I dove into her, my tongue seeking her wetness. I lapped at her shrine drawing forth her cries of adoration. My fingers joined by mouth, teasing, stroking, lighting her nerves with pleasure.

Then I pulled back. It was her turn to gasp in frustration, to writhe in denied pleasure. She rocked her hips, her frustration apparent.

I pulled her cheeks apart, exposing both the dripping wetness of her pussy and the tender bud of her asshole. It was time to teach Susan something new. I let my fingertips pull lightly at her bud, just touching the sensitive skin. I slid my tongue up from her pussy, over her skin and brought the tip to her hole. I felt her jump a bit as I begin to circle the ring of muscle.

I kept up the slow movements, sweeping around and around her hole. She began to sigh in response, relaxing and giving in to the new sensations. As I felt her start to loosen up, I tugged with my fingertips and she began to open for me. I curled my tongue and jabbed the point to her bud. She tensed some that that, but the slow strokes and pulls soon had me darting in. I wriggled and forced myself inside her.

Susan slumped on the sofa, a string of semi coherent words and moans leaving her lips. I loved feeling my little pet surrender herself like this.

As my tongue explored her ass, güvenilir bahis siteleri I brought my left hand back to her pussy. I wasted no time in pushing a pair of fingers into her, jabbing and turning them roughly. I made no pretense at gentleness now, demanding, savage, trying to pull her climax out by force. My sweet girl screamed out and began to wriggle and squirm.

Her ass twitched around my tongue, clenching in response to the fierce fucking she was receiving. I felt a rush as the ring grabbed for me. I needed to keep pushing this boundary, to see what she would take.

I let my thumb slide up next to my tongue. I withdrew my mouth and before she could close up again, drove my thumb into her bud. She let out an even louder cry, but didn’t pull away. Her ass squeezed my thumb, the inner ring of muscle pressing tight on my intruding digit. I began to rock my hand in and out of her, my fingers pushing and churning her pussy walls. Soon the motion had her relaxing again, and my thumb began to slide inside her ass.

I picked up the tempo, pistoning into both her holes. My free hand curled under her thigh, and my fingers began to lightly slap at her clit. I laid my head on the small of her back, feeling the increasing heat from her skin. Beneath me her whole body shook. I couldn’t understand a thing she was saying, her voice was so ragged from her panting.

I kept speeding up my assault on my lover’s body, reveling in the spasms and quakes of her flesh as she raced for climax. I knew she couldn’t last much longer. Somewhere in me a small spark of cruelty arose, and on the next backstroke of my hand I pressed my ring finger and pinky into her wetness. As I shoved them forward Herr screams filled my ears. I had never filled my pet so full and the contortions of her body showed how intense it was for her. Despite her pleas I didn’t stop; I didn’t slow down; I didn’t slacken at all. My free hand now pressed down hard on her button.

She couldn’t last any longer and I felt the muscles of her back tense up as she crossed the edge. The walls of her pussy rippled around my fingers, and I thought her ass would snap my thumb as she spasmed. I felt her pussy flood and her voice shouted out in ecstacy. I kept up my finger fucking as she trembled and subsided, slowing down my pace as her body collapsed limp under me. At last I pulled out of her and sat down beside the sofa.

She slid down beside me, limp as a rag doll. Her face was drenched in sweat and her eyes were still half closed. I brought my mouth to her and kissed her deeply.

She responded to that, her tongue on mine. Felt her hand slide between my legs, her fingers bunched in a fist. She began to flex her knuckles, driving them against my clit and my slit. She rubbed me like that with all her remaining strength. Luckily I was so hot from what I had done to her, that I found my own orgasm before she ran out of steam. I moaned my joy into her kiss as my own pussy found its release.

We fell together on the floor, our arms and limbs wrapped together. He head rested on my shoulder, and I could hear her whispering, “I love you” over and over.

I kissed her forehead and spoke for the first time since she entered my house. “Hey There.”

“hi there yourself” she said as she smiled up at me. “Wow, that was something I hadn’t expected.”

“I just want you to be happier than anyone has ever made you.”

“You’re only racing yourself, hun. No one makes me cum like you do.”

I kissed her again and we settled down, slowly catching our breath. I lay there; content in the warm mix of my own satisfaction and the knowledge of the joy I brought her.

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